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Sell More With Instagram

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Instagram to Facebook with Nathan Latka

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sell More With Instagram

Sue B. Zimmerman

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20. Instagram to Facebook with Nathan Latka


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Instagram to Facebook with Nathan Latka

I'm just thrilled and excited for our next and final guest today. Here on creativelive. I don't know if even know who this kid is. You have no Yes. Have you heard his name? Um, so Nathan Latka at HEO Team is his INSTAGRAM account. You can find him at both. And Nathan and I, as you may know, have a very tight business friendship relationship. Nathan was on my course last June. Um, we just had so much fun on stage. And he delivered so much value when he said to me, Sue, that was so much fun. I want to be on creativelive. Can you help make me happen? So I told my producer I talked to the people creativelive. I said, Nathan is so good at what he does. He is so smart. He's 24 years old and I know he's gonna rock the creative life house. So welcome, Nathan last So excited to be here so good to feel again. Do you think they're getting sick of us? Know? I hope my guys you aren't sick unless are you know, it's good to see you learning a bunch of stuff here from Sue. Right? Good good John from A...

ustralia. You got the 2.2 kilos like down like an art. We weren't sure we weren't sure what it wasn't for £2.2. We know it's about 1/3 the size of a newborn baby. That's a that's a West ex post. That's the next exposes only established. So what we really want to do here for the last segment is talk about Instagram and Facebook because, as you know, Facebook bought Instagram for almost $700,000. Some crazy amount and Nathan actually share with this with me on his show that Instagram now has 300 million active users. That's accurate. Yep. And Mark, who's the founder of Facebook and now the owner of Instagram, communicated on their last earnings call that their goal is to get Instagram up to over a 1,000,000,000. Users can't believe that a 1,000,000,000 users in the next three years, so I think it's gonna happen. It should absolutely happen. Yes, so we want to talk about the integration of Instagram to Facebook, and there's no one that knows Facebook marketing like this. Good that this guy. And so we talked a little earlier about how you can make, you know, upload to instagram and share over to Facebook Way talked about the back end of instagram, and when you upload an image, you can share it over to Facebook. So we were gonna go through the process of doing, um, a product that we're uploading to share today and then talk about the value of bringing it over to Facebook. And, you know, I hope as you guys go through this, you know, soused in a fantastic job both in her last course she taught several months ago and in this course articulating exactly how to use Instagram to build your instagram followers. But not only that to finally sell more products. And we spoke with Amy. Amy, you have a book or you're doing not necessarily physical goods like John with his chocolate. Is that accurate? I work with a variety of entrepreneurs and speakers, stage speakers and some of the entrepreneur entrepreneurs that I'm working with that have products are writing books. Um, or they have a line of skin care products or, um, so very various products. Really? So if you guys are watching online right now and you're like a me or you're one of the coaches. Maybe Sue that Amy is teaching and you're selling digital products. This you want to pay close attention to this segment just by a show hand so I can get familiar with this huge, awesome, colorful instagram fantastic audience that we have raging on? How did you guys have a digital products just out of curiosity, digital proxy and just remind me about ASHA and what's your name, Jackie. And just tell me real quick or what is Jackie Dio its beauty products? But I don't It's not knows training for cosmetology students digital product that I have is a training program to help them get hired right when they go to graduate from cosmetology school and Jackie just for everyone that's joining us in the chat room, you know, asking questions and chatting it up just so they can understand if they relate to you or not. Can you articulate the form that those digital products take? Are they podcasts or they e books or they MP three files? Interestingly, they've just changed. Originally, they were all video based, and that was not working for my target market, actually. And so what I've done is it's now being converted into a magazine, but a digital magazine with video component so interactive video in it. Great. So, Sue, maybe you can go into this story and how you've shared and used Instagram to tell the story of how you built your business, and you've culminated that into this product we're about to talk about. But first talk about how you story tell using Instagram. Yes, so you know, as we've been talking about for the past two days, it's all visual storytelling, so it's It's the image that you're uploading in the value that you're giving and you want it to be beautiful. We talked about the photography, the lighting, the merchandising and the story, the story behind what you're sharing. I actually get more engagement when I tell a microbe log post versus something like Natalie, where she's more brief. So it depends on your industry and what you dio. But when I give background to the content that I'm sharing visually, I get much more engagement on those posts. So I take a lot of time to curate the description and share the story like like I'm not just posting for the sake of posting like a lot of people say, Oh, let's instagram and there's no message below it. So the story is absolutely crucial. And if you guys just think about this in practical terms, when you you know when you turn on on Sunday mornings and you maybe you're about to watch a football game, they usually have a pre show. And what are they typically doing? They're sharing the stories of athletes toe watch, like did you know, is somebody we're turning back to their home state from their rival school and and then we all think, Well, yeah, I have rivals like I'm gonna root for this guy on this team by telling this story they get your mind share. And so if you can use instagram a show on your building, these products to capture the mind share of your audience, they've become way more likely to purchase your products once they once there it want to offer a product. So, speaking of that, so you know a lot of entrepreneurs that we work with. We discussed this backstage. They actually have troubles getting to something to sell, right? Right. So what? I want guys to do is take a second, all of you watching online and our in studio audience. I want you to write down on a sheet of paper in front of you or on your desktop, whichever you prefer. Suis selling an e book and a digital file. We're gonna talk in a second. I want you to write down what the next thing is that you want to sell again, whether it's a physical product or digital product. Go ahead and write that down now. But Angel treats saying she sells a book. She sells parked car. She sells audios online, so she's already working on some digital product. And that was angel tricks. Angel Treat Angel Street Your mind elsewhere. Nathan Range. I'm glad you got your focus down like that, and I hope all you everyone else in the chat room has that same kind of focus. So Sue again. Let's walk through exactly why you've created this product and how it's culminated over the years. Yes, so I have a digital product that's called insta awesome Super success tips. Okay, so it's an acronym for Su B. So the s stands for, um, selling cell. Now the U is understanding your market. The e is everyone matters and the B is brand consistent brand consistency. So I created this e book in the spirit of being an entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur, and wanting to share all the things that I've learned over the past 30 plus years older than this guy s o so that I because a lot of people ask me how I do what I do. And it didn't just start with me teaching Instagram. My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 13. So there's some traits and things that I do regularly that I thought were worth sharing with the world. So I created this digital book and then I also you really love this. I have a bonus with podcasters who we're gonna hear from two of them later because I knew that if I asked podcasters to give me bonuses based on the soupy tips, they would be able to do it easily because they're not afraid of speaking toe a mike. So if I asked someone else to do the like, what might do I need to do how my recording and how am I gonna send you that digital product. But if you ask a podcaster there, so they're in their element. They're so used to doing it. So in addition to my four CDs that you can listen to at any time, I also have this bonus CD from people that I've outlined with with my brand. And so you're so clear in your product. But no, I was watching Last segment I saw user named Charles T. Rowe using the hashtag insta go live tag on Twitter. You know, your question was, How do you tell a compelling story on Instagram if you feel like you don't have a story and you know So I always tell people everybody always has a story. It's just finding it and one of the most compelling things. If you're watching right now wondering anything like, what's this storytelling thing? It doesn't make any sense to me. Feature a moment where your super super vulnerable okay and this could be silly. Okay, so it might be, you know, Sues got a fantastic dog. Let's say she was. She was slaving at our home desk. You know what? Her coffee and tea should see it. She's got instant things all over the walls. It's like instant, like fireworks show over the place. Okay, let's say you were sitting there one day and you have, like, a big stack of, like, a draft of, you know, not coming book you're riding and then your dog like a doll or something. Take a photo of that. You're super vulnerable. She sad. She's upset. Those vulnerable moments help everyone else they see that instagram photo and go, Oh, my gosh, I can so relate that happen. And people can relate Su two stories when they're vulnerable versus just talking about your success all the time. John, talk about when the chocolate factory exploded, right? Or your kid, like spit in the chocolate. You don't get that run out right and you couldn't You couldn't make it Sneed dinner or something, right? You want to tell those stories? So Sue, let's go. Let's move for now, and we'll go back into the death. Well, do you want to share first exactly how you take the instagram photo and share it through to Facebook? Yeah. So, while while I'm in the phone, let's do that. Okay, so I am in my photo album right now. Let me get into instagram So we're back in the instagram app. I'm at the instigator Live, um, featured account which all of you should be following by now. And if you're not, please start following the last post you'll see is of Holly, who we just heard from I'm gonna upload the photo that's in my and I just want to bring to Everyone's attention went Holly taught us earlier in the only thing that she does toe added her photos is to use that rent. She doesn't spend any time with the filters. And I wanted to bring that to your attention. So I'm in here and she says she uses the brightness filter and she plays with that to bump it up. So I'm just gonna bumped that up a little bit, use it and actually and go to next. And what do you think Captain should be here? Well, you know, when you get to the final stage of product creation, you again, you finally have The thing has done its polished. When it's wrapped up, we want to put something here along the lines so excited I finally finished my product, which articulates exactly how I built my brand from 0 to 6. Figures over last 18 months. Comment below, if you want to learn how I did it. Family. So we're gonna do that. So, um, I'm tagging Justin. He's gonna love me. Justin, he wants some more Love the producer in the back. Okay, so going to do instigate alive. And here I strategically tag three soupy Zimmerman and the instagram expert. These air, all the accounts. I want you guys to all be following those three. And as I said earlier, you can move these around and place them anywhere you want. Okay, so we're done with our tagging. We're also gonna do the geo tag, and, um well, just put the roof deck this time because that's what we had tomorrow, and Okay, so should we be sharing this over? And then how people share this not only to instagram, but also to Facebook. Sue? Yes. So I'm gonna I'm going, Teoh, um, shared to Facebook here. And that's the button that they would click to do that. Yes. And by the way, I think what we might want to do. Let's say it's just taking a little bit of time, just okay? So here we're sharing it over to Facebook on me. What I want to do before I share it over is posted and see which page it's going to excite moderate ages so you can share it over to Facebook or Twitter after you've posted. And because it saves to the last place that you shared. And I'm not share. If sure, if I shared it to my personal or my business page, I want to check that first and then and then go from there. And this is actually a great place suited. Go back into the slide deck. We just want to make sure people understand in order to get that picture posted both on Instagram and Facebook. That button right there is the button. You want to click, right? Okay, so it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what I want to go right into the side deck. Okay? And just while we're here, one thing I want to point out, there is a direct message waiting for me. The orange notification with the one. So that's what it looks like when you get a direct message. So there it is. There's the post. There's the Post. So again. We built our products, say, over the past, Teoh. Two or three years. So let's say Jackie built this e book with one of your one of your consultants, and it's and you're teaching. Remind me again what you're teaching that Aaron Hair school nail school. Great. So you take a photo of that. However you want to present it, maybe it's holding it like suing Justin have done here. And once you've done that, you can also maybe feature as we go back into the slide deck. Uh, some other pictures of that end product say, over the next 2 to 3 weeks, right? And that called action. Always want to be, you know, engaged us if you want to learn more about the products Now, what we're about to go into is exactly how to take this instagram product that you were. You've used Instagram to tell the story and actually generate sales on Facebook that you shared Teoh with a simple by comment where people can literally type by and purchase that product. Jackie, you want to see it? Yeah, s So let's take a look first at exactly again the story that Sue has told right. Is that a good story? This is a small snapshot, A very small snapshot because we can see you posted over 3300 times. So she knows a thing or two about Instagram. Right? So this is the story she's told, and what we want to do now is break down this step by step process to of how people can sell a product are using Facebook and Instagram together. Guys, you want to take a picture of this next slide? This is the steps that you're gonna want to use. Okay? And those of you watching online if you want to do exactly what Sue did, this is the steps that suit these are the steps part of me that Soo followed. So you want to goto post dot heo dot com? There's a click try for free, but which is the one I want you guys all to use, right? And then lastly, you're gonna select the fan page that you wanna post too. So, just like Soo told her story on instagram and then shared it through tour instigator Live page. If you're watching online right now, when you also have a Facebook page this tool is perfect for you. So let's walk through these steps and what it looks like when you go to post dot hail dot com. This is what you're going to see and you wanna in the upper right click the log in with Facebook button and look, you know, we do, Sue, we've done webinars together in the past. We've done this before, and this is like What we hear is that this is the most valuable content on the webinar. So if you're like listening to me right now but what you've minimized your browser window and you're actually looking at me bringing us back up, Open it back up. OK, so you're gonna click log in with Facebook and once you do that, you'll accept the Facebook permissions and move forward to this screen. Now across the top, you're going to see your fan pages listed. So su, this is your Facebook fan page thumbnail, right? Right on dure other fan pages that your admin of right, because we just want a post to your page. That's what you would select. And that's where that post went. And that's exactly where that post went, right? So Once you select that fan page, you then want to clearly articulate the status update that will most likely help. People won't understand the product you've created and to drive sales so you'll see this. It'll be blank and you want to click right where it says Type your status update here and be sure to ask users to comment by. You can type their and edit it, and then we'll update a product description of Price and the digital file. Jackie. So for your products, you're putting it right into there. It's not a complicated back in, and it's really, really straightforward. Here's how we do that with Sue and Sue. You know, we've done this a few times, and we have started to break down the architecture of what is successfully their instagram post or status update Looks like when it comes to selling. So any tips that you've got on again a post when it comes to selling and things you should definitely articulate. Yeah, again, we've been talking about this all along is not to be too sales, but to talk about the value that you're gonna be giving in the post, and I, you know, I think that we've really hit home with this a few times because if you start sounding to sales, you were gonna lose followers and people are not gonna want to connect with you. And I want to encourage you guys to watch, you know, soon eyes friend Kim Gars does a great job of understanding content. Mix sues having her on in a segment coming up tomorrow. So you want to stay tuned and make sure you catch that segment? She talks about an 80 20% content split between content and storytelling versus selling, and you want to check that out. So what we've done here is sues put up. Okay. Want to know how I build my build? My brand from 0 to 6 figures using instagram in 18 months. Right? So that's the question. You'll catch people's attention and the call to action is exactly this simple. Okay, comment by to purchase the tactics I used for $40 now and sue, why don't you know, break down exactly what this product includes? Yes. So, normally, I sell this for $97 on our website and what it includes are the four MP threes that you. You know, basically, you learn my my top entrepreneurial secrets of how I've been so successful in all my businesses. And, um, you know, your it's me talking to you. So you heard talk with Johnny, say that I listened to Sue in her car. That's what triggered my mind to think. Oh, my goodness. I could be making money with an MP three file if someone can put it in their computer or in their car. People still like to have, um, you know, CDs. But in this instance, these air gonna be MP threes that you can just download and listen to for the $40 it's really good stuff. So if people are watching right now and you maybe have done an audio file in the past or an e book or something digital, all those kind of gentle products work great with this concept. So, Jackie, for you, this post might look something like, Hey, guys, I've worked with over 100 people or 100 makeup artists over the last two years, and I've broken down the three tactics that the most successful cosmetology folks use, and I've broken them down into a quick to use MP three style format. The first thing you're gonna learn is exactly how to get your foundation right to prevent oils from rising to the top. The second thing when we were doing hair and makeup in the back, she was pulling room, pulling from hair and makeup. So, you know, step to like you know how to make sure you don't get the big blush spot where one cheek looks brighter than the other. And step three is how to make sure you get the camera lighting engaging attractively with your makeup. So you still look like a normal person if you want, like a normal person. Comment Bible OTA purchase for $9 right? So my point is those you want to give folks and this goes for anyone online selling. Why? They're an artist photographer on entrepreneur, a small business owner. Break down those things. You're gonna get this you're gonna get to the mind tax. I used to jump start my business brain on command whenever I want right three and four and then, lastly, you want to re articulate the call to action and ideally, sue adding a bonus, which you've done right, Tell folks about the bonus again that you've included in this in this pack. So that way, like like you're selling Webinar voice on, is that he's so He's so good at selling. I want him in like my science remembering No So the podcasters for me, it was like I've been on every one of these podcasters as a guest as an interview. Tyson Web, Tyler Anderson, Nick Handsworth and Chris Cerone Amazing podcasters with amazing podcast voice. And I want I reached out to them and they instantly said yes to me because I did a podcast interview with them. So this is that Synergen G relationship of, you know, never knowing when you're gonna need to ask for something from someone that you have a relationship with. Well, I wanted them as my bonus because I knew they would do it. It wasn't work there in front of their mike, and it's high quality, and they're all brilliant entrepreneurs that had something to give in the spirit off my my CD, which is in the line of you know, my soup, be acronym of Success Tips. So again, by what Sue did here, she basically rewarded people that have followed her story with something extra right. It's not only a cheaper price than what's on the Web site, but it also includes bonuses that maybe you couldn't get elsewhere. That's a quick strategy you guys watching online could use as well. And so once you put that in there again, you want to re articulate that in order purchase, they'd come and buy below to purchase for the $40 and then under that, the status update. You don't want to upload that product photo, OK, whether you know, this could be If you're watching right now in your artist or photographer and you're selling a digital photo that could be used a desktop background for something, Maybe it's that photo decreed the e book cover, right? It could be the chocolate you're selling, right? Or the chocolate and nutritionally book that you've written. You didn't want to put in the, uh, the, uh and I was gonna wing off some some some headlines to that, but I know my chocolate brain has turned off right now, right? You want to getting your products title, and then a bit of a description and your price point And then all you do is you click the upload button and you upload that pdf for e book with all the course materials in it following along. Eso So we've done this. And what I want to encourage all the guys to do is now grab your phones with me. Okay? Grab your phones. Hold him in the in your right hand loop your pointer finger around the left Told your thumb up on the upper right of your phone, holding up in the air, holding up in the air. Let's see what they are. Okay, this is where we judge a little bit. Uh, okay. We're good. We're good. Okay. Take your phones and go to this link. They go up to that link bits dot l y ford slash Hey. Oh, soo. And while you guys are going to again bit dot l y ford slash Hey. Oh, Soo, What you're going to see here is this live and in action. We just posted this and you'll see again how sue spent, you know, the past 18 months building this hugely successful business on instagram. She's told her story, and she's put it in this nice, easy to consume product and you'll see it now on her Facebook page here Wanted to purchase it. Sue, what do they dio they just right by they just just literally three comment by B you. Why by it? So I encourage you even if you don't purchase, go there and check it out and get a live feeling of how it's operating and in the audience. Has anyone got anyone got to the screen? OK, John, what do you seeing? What I see one I how I build my brand from 0 to 6 figures using Instagram in 18 months comment by to purchase the tactics used for $40. Now I just typed by so you guys will see how this will operate. This is you know, we believe you know the difficulty with Instagram. So right now I don't know, maybe have a prediction of why they haven't done this But you can't include links, right? Right. You can't include links under instagram photos. Do you know like that? It makes it so It's not so you have to work to get to that link. It's not spam. If people could be putting links in comments, you would be getting so many people selling to you all day long. There's such an effort to get to where you want them to go, that when they get there, they want to be there. And you heard Gen talk about this yesterday. Jen's trends and I totally agree with her. I like that there's an effort because I know that when they land on my culture actions that they want to be there. So what were and let's go right? Actually jacket from Jackie. You've got a question, dio because I've had actually a lot of success building my list using Facebook ads. Now, could I create a Facebook ad and use this actual link the link that you get off of the this post here to direct people that are not already followers on my page, cause I'm assuming this is only you can only see this if you're already following my page. Yes. So this is a, uh what suit just posted. It's exactly like a regular status update on a Facebook page. So there's still a little boost post button on there if you want to boost it, but yes, this status update, you can put ads behind it Drive additional sales. Well, Sue, I appreciate you having me on again, right? We're excited about you guys taking some of these tactics and using them to again Dr Actual Sales using Instagram Sue. We want people to be able to say that once they create a compelling story on instagram and their get putting all this work, following your strategies and getting followers that a follower could actually translate somehow interrupted in a non sails away and not sales away.

Class Description

Instagram® is a powerful tool for marketing to potential customers – but how can business owners turn that attention into sales? Join Sue B. Zimmerman for an introduction to leveraging Instagram® to drive sales.

In this course, you’ll take advantage of the full scope of what Instagram has to offer as a tool for landing more sales. Sue will extend on lessons from her Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses class and teach you about using Instagram® to build communities and create giveaways and contests that drive traffic from Instagram to your online shop – and how to get your customers to stick around and buy once they’ve clicked over. Sue will also coach you on how to position your work to encourage commissions. You’ll also learn how to make money on Instagram using advanced features like in-app sales and analytics, ensuring you’ll be able to use this powerful platform to its fullest potential.

If you’re ready to take your Instagram followers’ likes and comments and transform them into sales, commissions, and profit, this is the class for you!



What a phenomenal course. Thank you, Ann, and the team at Creative Live for this jam-packed class. I'll be honest, when I signed up I wasn't sure how there could be three days worth of information on Instagram. However this content-rich class was filled to the brim with wonderful ideas, tools and inspiration for cultivating success on the platform. I'd been struggling with attuning as to how to best use Instagram for my business - I didn't want to be posting pictures of my lunch, cat or shoes; and I didn't want to simply recycle graphics from Facebook. What I really wanted was to learn how to fully utilize this platform to build my tribe, market my business and connect with others. This course delivered all that and more. Sue is a great teacher and her heartfelt style of marketing and sales really fits with my own approach to business. Every day I learned dozens of ideas that I could immediately implement and my mind is buzzing with inspiration and ways to authentically use Instagram to connect with my tribe. I've been recommending this class to everyone I know. I loved it so much that I purchased Sue's first class, Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses. A lovely bonus of taking Sue's classes is that you can connect with her Instagallive tribe, too. I've been meeting wonderful people and making great connections in the community. If like me, you're a solo-entrepreneur looking for a way to bring authentic marketing to your business, I highly recommend Sue's classes. (P.S. I was blessed to get to attend this class in studio at Creative Live. It was beyond amazing. If you ever get the chance to go to a Creative Live event in-studio or take one of Sue's live classes or events, do it. You will come away feeling inspired and energized for sure!)


Thank you to Sue and to Creative Life and everyone who helped for this course. I enjoyed every minute. So many great tips, amazing guests, useful informations. The amount of information is amazing! I could watched all over again. I'm so grateful for Creative Life community to have such a great course like Sell more with Instagram with Sue was. the course really have helped me grow my Instagram account. I have leared so much from the first course, but now I learned even more and I'm doing on IG better and better every day.

a Creativelive Student

Buy Sue';s course. It's a no-brainer that you will NOT regret! Sue highlights real people with real businesses and demonstrates how they are building their brands and sales on Instagram. She walks you through the process of effectively setting up your Instagram page, teaches you about different types of accounts and how to determine what is best for you, highlights how to develop strategies for growing your presence on Instagram, and shares information about how to implement engagement strategies. Also included: the importance of being authentic and how to do that, providing value to engage followers, running contests, encouraging user-generated content, creating graphics, the best apps for creating graphics and managing accounts, how to get and interpret analytics, how to improve your account based on analytics, and so much more. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you'll look forward to the new content and audience interaction in each new video. These videos are FUN to watch! Every business should be on Instagram, but first watch Sue's course to learn how to be there effectively and sell your product or service. You will not regret this purchase!