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Sell More With Instagram

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The 7 Steps to Instagram

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sell More With Instagram

Sue B. Zimmerman

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2. The 7 Steps to Instagram
People want to connect with YOU! Make your Instagram® profile shine with these seven, easy steps from Sue.


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The 7 Steps to Instagram

So what I really want to do is a brief overview of my seven steps to Instagram's success. I covered them in the first course, dove deep in them here. I'm gonna brush over them quickly through the slides on. Definitely. Can you know if this questions as they come up, direct them to me. But the starting point here on Instagram is, is people land on your bio, and it's really important to have a bio that represents you were talking about branding. So this is your personal avatar investing in that professional photo or your logo? If that's what you want to use. I always recommend for small business owners to have your smiling face to invest in your space, your face, because people want to do business with you and they want to see your face. So put your face in smiling at Caroline and Service because they're photographers. And I said to both of them, your photographers, you need great pictures with your camera or, you know, show what you dio, um, in your avatar if you can fit it in there. So...

if you can hold a camera for your photographer, that's great. And if not. You just really want to make sure that it's a clean photo. You also have, um, 30 characters across the top. So this is a very exciting thing that you are all gonna learn. So if you're if you're if you're on your computers, you absolutely want to see this side really big, because this is a big ninja tip and service. It just told me before we got online that this tip, she just did it to her account. And it's changed everything. So I'm I'm pointing out that on your name, it's your name on Instagram does not have to match up to your user name. It can be whatever you want it to be. So here are examples. I pulled all these examples I took screenshots for you guys. These are examples of accounts all who have a user name which you see in bold and then in the, um, lighter text is what they write in their bio for who they are, so that when you show up in the feed you see marketing consultants for limelight. You see echo tape. We love tape. So you see Michael Port who did it show here last month. He couldn't get his name. He couldn't get Michael Port. Someone else had it. He's like, Okay, I'm taking I am Michael Port. So that was a work around, and he decided to put his website where the user name is Keith, who you just heard from. He has his website there as well. Rachel Luna, a friend of my, couldn't get her name, so she added TV because she does a lot of video. There's always a work around with your name. Whether you add a dot or an underscore, you can make it work and get that name to be what it wants. So here's serous a so so recent two days ago because I had done a ninja tip on one of my accounts on, and she saw that so a Merce Photography great, that's her business name. But it's not all that compelling, and it's hard to remember. You might not spell it right, And so for her to put her name Ceresa, then use an emoji and put the camera and then say she's a photographer, not even a photography. She's your photographer, so everything She's smart. She's just mark. So every time you see her photo. That's what you see. So, Caroline, someone probably had your name, right, Caroline. So you did you read it? If it Oh, when it's your twitter handle, he matched up to Twitter. So that's another great strategies to match up to Twitter, if you can. So, Caroline, who you going to be hearing from soon? Um uses Caroline w photo cause her middle. Her last name's white, and then she spelled out Caroline White protect because she couldn't get it is a user name. So she did kind of the reverse on that. And then sheriff style Blawg, you're going to be hearing from her later on today. She she has her personal name, but she is a fashion blogger. Um, and then Watteau online. That's another one. That's kind of like, What do you do? Who are you like, what's the delineation of that account? And then he said, he's a distinctive metal. Where is what they dio. So these are just examples of how you can get eyeballs on what you want it to be. So if you're a coach, you want to be that if you're you know, So let me hear from some of you. Who here in the audience has done this like Syriza has And Caroline and Chocolate, Donny. Okay, So who needs help with this? Anybody need help figuring out what? Yes. So introduce yourself and let me know what you dio and let me know what your challenge might be with your name. Um, So my name is Tomeka, and I'm from Los Angeles, where I am a dog walker and pet sitter. Business owner. Love it. Love animals. So currently, I have out for a walk to as my Bolden name, but my personal name is the lighter colored number. And what is it in lighter it Did you have the same user name and in the bio desert your name? It's my name. But I didn't realize it should That there should be, like, some consistency. I had No, no, it doesn't have eso. It doesn't have to have consistency. But here's the opportunity to have your name and that you're a dog Walker. Okay, because out for a walk to is your handle, because you probably couldn't get out for a walk. You added the two. So, um, is that your twitter handle is Well, I don't have Twitter. Okay, so there's a way to actually improve your handle by getting rid of the two. Because it's a little confusing on May be putting out for using an underscore or using a dot Okay, so I say don't use numbers unless they match up to Twitter because people that use numbers, you can tell they couldn't get their name like, so they're doing 12 So So I just say there's a work around, So whether you're adding TV or it's me or I am, you can have it be that. But because you have a certain business, let people know that your dog Walker okay? And you can, if you can't you have 30 characters that you can use in that space. So you don't have to put your first and last name. Just put your first name because people call your first name. Yes, right. Does anybody in the back that need a mike have ah challenge with their name, or do they know they have their profession with it? You guys are smile at me. Yeah. Introduce yourself. Grab a mic. Everyone in the back make sure you always have a mike. Hi. I'm Laurel Bleeding buffet. Great. So glad to be here for that, have you? Um, so my company name is illuminating souls. And underneath that I have laurel bleeding buffet, which is an incredibly long name, but I don't know, you know, that's what you do. So what I do is I'm a spiritual teacher and mentor, and I help people connect with their angels. So wow, Angels So spiritual teacher or angel connector, whichever resonates more with you, It sounds like you and Asia have a lot in common. We do, you know, Um, so So definitely want to get that in there. We don't need your whole name. Okay. You definitely don't need first name is fine. Unless your name is part of your business. Don't need it. So this is something that so few people do, and it's really estate for you to broadcast. Who you are right in your bio. Okay, great. Thank you. Okay. So, um and then and then the last thing about that bio you You want to write your keywords of what you do, and then you have one call to action? Yes. One more thing. That because you know, my last name is so hard for people to remember. But if you can talk about that because I know that there's other people that also like, you know, people can't remember their last name. So what would you recommend? I would recommend rent, recommend not using it if you If people always miss, say it or can't spell it. And you definitely have that situation. I think having spiritually teacher a coach or mentor is your first name in its four letters. And it's perfect. Yes. Hi. I have a question about starting out with an account that's basically personal. And then, you know, after the last class, some fact Thank you, um, featured account, you know, was on the most do list. Well, I created the featured account, and it's basically the name that I wanted to have. But what's the best way to sort of get people who are on your social account? Yeah, because I was sort of using it for business. Okay, so I'm gonna talk about that. I'm gonna talk about tagging at mentioning and strategically getting people eyeballs on those featured accounts. But but just to answer your question, not leave you hanging. I mean There's lots of ways to get in there. And as I mentioned, I have six accounts and I strategically get people over to those accounts so that they will start following me on those accounts. So there's absolutely strategy that we're gonna be talking about to do that. So very good. Crest and race Wait to see you in the audience against you see? Okay, so that's the bio. I have seven steps to go through. So we're gonna be we're gonna kind of most of the again. All of this is in the download that you get when you register. So I'm just kind of give you good screenshots to take if you want and good, You know, quick, quick posting strategies and hashtag strategies. And I'm gonna go through this. So for me for posting tries. And I'd love to hear if all of you could be thinking about this while I'm talking about this. Like, what is your favorite posting strategy? So everyone here in the live audience, I would just want you to raise your hand and say what? It's so so for me, it's very strategic. So I love to give I'm gonna talk about the INSTAGRAM expert right now, so that one is where I share tips, tools and strategies daily on how to use Instagram to grow your business. So sharing the latest news on instagram sharing success stories, having an insta bio Friday where celebrate some new bios that we've done for people giving my hashtag su bi tips, but having strategies that are consistent so that people keep coming back for more of the same value that you give because people want value when they go to your featured account. And if you're not giving value and it's all about you and it's not about them and what they're going to get, they're not gonna keep following you. They're gonna unfollowed you. So you want to give value so so real quick with the audience I would love to hear, especially Johnny, like, What's your best posting strategy, where you're getting the most engagement on your So I'm I'm really lucky. I've got the chocolate business that everyone loves chocolate. So I just take a really nice shot of the chocolate that we're making for the day. Post it put a bit of a hash tag on it, and everyone just responds to it and loves it, so that works really well. It's all about taking a really nice fight of what I sell and what I do. That's great. So for me, being a photographer, it's so important to connect with people on a personal level. So the photos that I get the most engagement or when it's stupid photos of me doing something like taking my dog to Starbucks or yesterday I got on the airplane, I had my life's all wife's because I was going to kill the germs. But, hey, I'm not getting sick, So But I mean, that's the quirky me thing, and I get humanizing. Yeah, two. And I said, Because when people look at it, this is This is your interview. This is your, you know, resume. People are looking to hire you. They're looking to see that you're human person. So you know that the personal things are huge for me and then from a business, you know, standpoint, as a photographer, what I will dio weddings is big for me. And so a strategy that I have with that is especially five done their engagement photos and we I sit down with my bride Anchorman like, Okay, let's talk Hashtags strategy and they get me like I'm crazy. We come up with one for their wedding. So then what I do on their wedding day is they'll put their hash tag that day and post it So it's getting that personal side in the business. That is good. So humanizing. Yes, absolutely. So for those of you listening that are stuck with strategies like you can put together a content calendar, you know, motivational Mondays, something Kim Gars talked about yesterday on Nathan show where she uses that on Twitter. But you can come up with, ah, fun, playful way each day to have a certain theme If you work well off of themes or you can do behind people love behind the scenes. So but so for you, Johnny, Like when you're making chocolate, I want to see I want to see you as Willy Wonka That's actually on the list because I remember you saying to May when we had a chat. Every day is gonna be a theme and we are now known for freckle Friday in Australia. We do freckles and I've got now customers coming in and saying, Can I have a photo? It's freckle Friday, and then they they sit there with a freckle like Biggs cheesy smile. But I love it, and that's called user generated content. And that's what everyone wants to have its there. You want your customers to be wanting to want you so so you don't have to have a fee. But if you need to have structure in your business or feel like that, you'll get it done. If you do, I recommend having quotes one day, maybe, or the books that you're reading or the podcast that you're listening to let people know what you align with with your brand because then they'll be attracted. Some people are attracted to the same thing, and they'll see that common thread with you. This is something that you helped me with is like OK, as a you know, spiritually mentor. Um, you know, it's not always about connecting with the people who are right there, but it's like, what are people doing leading up to that? And for me, it's people who do yoga because I'm a yogi, too. So when I post yoga related things, um, there's there's there's sort of like a bridge of Well, if you're doing yoga, there's something that you're wanting, Um, and it may be something you know deeper, right? That may relate to what I do, right? So you're taking yoga and using that to find a target market, because the same people that attracted to what you do that's great strategy, Yes, So let's talk about the hashtag strategy real quick, so you get 30 hashtags per post. And if you're new to Instagram, I recommend using mawr hashtags than less. Because when you start out, you need to figure out what are those relevant hashtags that you want to use now? We did create a bonus four creative live audience that has to do with all the categories. If you're an artist, a designer, a photographer, a crafter, we equipped you with all the relevant the most pop, the relevant hashtag that would work for you. You want to stay away from the big broad hashtags because everyone else is using them. So the emotion love is the most popular hashtag on instagram. In the second you use it, it's down the hashtag feed 200 down, so the more you can get really specific with what you think your ideal customer will be searching to find you those of the hashtag that you want to start using, and it takes some time to figure out what they are. We have strategies that we put in place to keep them in our notes so that we know how we can easily access them, grab them and put him in and put him in the comments. And you want to make sure that you put them in the secondary comments, not the initial description, as I said earlier, so that you can refresh them with new hashtags so that when you do them in groups, I use groups of six. You can refresh them five times and bring your post toe. Life is what I call it once you do refresh your hashtags. Um, so on Instagram, I have a I mentioned this. So this is one of my hashtags Scooby tips. So if you search that on instagram, you'll see a lot of different tips, and we've also put together a great bonus of 20 tips that tell you, um, in a ward swag graphic that you could actually use for your instagram account, um, ways to really use instagram and small, succinct bite size tips so that you can take action right away and start having success. And the seventh is the most important. And I love you know, Keith talked about this on the Google hang out, and I've been hearing it with Johnny and Ceresa. And Asia is the engagement. So the engagement should be authentic and real. And if someone made you smile, if they taught you something new, if there's some inspiration to your day, take the 30 seconds and tell them why. You know, double tapping is so easy, and it's what all the teenagers do, and it's all they care about is how many likes air on their pictures. The likes air great. And yes, they do get you more eyeballs on your post. But it's that magical engagement when you see the orange notification pop up that someone actually commented that someone took the time to say what it is about what you decided to share that gave them value. And the more you do that with other people on Instagram, the more they will do it back to you. I can't read. I mean this to me is the secret sauce of success on Instagram. Now, I'm gonna take a pause for a second and just talk about engagement with people that is trying to get likes on their posts. Because I know we all have them on our feeds. People that just say, nice picture Come follow me. Look at my bio. Like I call them Instagram Spammers. Um, and they annoy you, and there's ways that you can block them. And there's ways that you can report them if they're really, really bothering you. But I just want to let you know that, you know, don't let that bother your experience on Instagram know that you can make them go away. Has anyone in the audience experience that you're all nodding? And does anyone have a solution to the problem you guys doesn't know? Not a block and delete. Yeah, so on YouTube, I have my super Zimmerman YouTube channel. I have a playlist of small little tutorials. One of them the most popular over 16,000 views is how to delete a comment so you can go find it there if you need to understand how to do that. So geo tagging. Um, geo tagging is a great strategy. If you have a brick and mortar or if you travel around in your business and you want people to know that you are there, you show up in that geo tag feed. You could be part of the conversation, and it sits on instagram as the little location tab. And when you touch it, it's above your feed. The you know, the little dude. It looks like a dewdrop when you touch on that, do drop every picture that you have. Geo tagged shows up and this is just a small little snapshot of my photos cause I got lots of photos on Instagram. So what's cool? Hair is Yea, I was in Sydney, Australia, and you're gonna hear all about that soon. I was also in Toronto and I travel a lot and I take a lot of pictures. So if I would have tapped on that photo album in that geo tag, I would see all of my pictures there. So you're really keeping a digital scrapbook of where your geo tagging So you have to geo tag for it to show up in the geo tag feet now to use Geo Tech strategically for business is, um is something that I strongly recommend people doing, especially everyone sitting here nodding at me if you're gonna be inst agreement instagramming while you're here, it creativelive you absolutely want a geo tag creative life. You will show up in the creative live geo tag and be part of the community of people that use that the attack that have sat in the seats that you're sitting in. So it's a way to find your communities that you are a part of. So if you go to a live events, you often see that there's not only a hashtag for the live event, But I always say, Geo tag the live event because when you do, you never know. You're going to meet at that event that you didn't know was gonna be there because you saw them in the geo tag, and I'm gonna talk about that a little bit as well. So Step seven of the six is direct messaging, and I'm not going to go deep in it here. I'm talking about it again on day three, but I want everyone to know that the direct message feature on Instagram is amazing if you know how to use it. It is the little, um, envelope of Final Box. It shows up at the top right hand corner when you press your home button and you know you got a direct message when you see an orange notification there, and it's really special when you do, it's kind of like you've got mail or it's Valentine's Day and someone send you a love letter and you absolutely want to go in there and click on it, because so few people use direct messaging. So it is a great way to strategically thank your new followers with the video or to give coupons and discounts. Um, and I'm gonna go in deep with how to use direct messaging. But if it's not part of your instagram strategy for business, you absolutely should be using it. Has anyone here Have you used it? Had a success with it? Um, my name is Paul and I am an adventurer traveler, an outdoors person, and I try and inspire people to go outdoors more. My instagram is at awesomely humble, and what I do with direct messaging is well, going back to engagement. I've engaged with so many people and bet a lot of people on trips and hikes. And with direct messaging it helps to organize trips with the groups so you can tag them. I think you could do up to 15 15 total. Yeah, and then So each one will comment and And we can organize carpool or or the ship so it helps out a lot. That's great. That's a really good way to use anybody else in the back that wants Mike. I m Melissa from color Me happy and a jewelry designer and artist. Um, I use it all the time when I meet other artists at fairs that I do across New England, up in Maine, in the area. So I'm able to connect directly with them and find out what other shows that they're doing to that I'm interested in. So that has been really helpful. And do you find that people respond to your direct message quicker than any? Absolutely. I mean, I use it. I used it with you, but I just feel like it's easier than email texting, right? Boom. Yeah, The results are very bad. I love it, right. I love it. I'm gonna talk more about direct messaging, but it's absolutely should be one of the seven strategies that you have in place. I was just at one more thing that I've noticed that for my clients who are like families and Mama's and things like that where they're not actively on instagram as a business, Sometimes they're not familiar with direct messaging. So if I send them something, I don't get a response within 24 hours. All comments on one of their photos, like, Hey, go check your direct messages and they either dio right. Are they right back in there? Like what? What? That's great. That's a great traded. So if you've sent a direct message and someone hasn't respond right away or within a day, it means they have no idea how to use a direct message. So what services said that she did is exactly what I do is check your direct message because it's a private message, which you can send toe one person at a time or like Paul said up to 15. So you definitely want to call that to their attention. And once they experience a direct message, the first comment back is Oh my God, that's so cool. I'm so glad you told me about it because it's like a little. It's a little feature that so few people access. So this is a great time for questions came from Deb Rose online and Deborah saying it. Once you've added the geo tech, is there a way to deactivate the location on your from the post from the posts? No. So once you've posted it, you cannot. You can delete the post. You can always delete a post on instagram and so you can delete a post if you don't want the geo tech to show if you haven't. If you wanted to have a post with the geo tag, you have tow, delete it and add the geo techs have one shot at adding it, and the way to get rid of it is to delete it. Another view is watching, saying on a bio. When you're using key words, do you use the hashtag with the keywords? Okay, so the only time in a bio that I recommend using a keyword a hashtag is if it's your unique hashtag so on instigate alive. I have the hashtag insta gala because I want people to know Teoh. Either go find that hashtag or use it when they comment because I have a hashtag hub is what I call a unique hash tag under Instigate Alive, which has almost 3000 uploads with that hashtag. So that's you, the community adding photos using the hash tag and scallop. But I want to see that, like sore toe thousands today or something. 1000 more eso. It's so the hash tag two in the bio is great to add if it if it means something to your brand, they're not hyperlinks in your bio. So using them there if you use a lock, looks like you're kind of desperate for attention. And it's in the wrong way. So, um, that answers that question. Yeah, and I was like, Is anyone in here using a unique hashtag that's worked to create a hub within their business? You you said freckle. Friday Friday has anyone else using that except a few people. But perfection. Chocolates was the 1st 1 which is the company, and people are now starting to use it, and it's getting on your behalf as user generated content. But But it's all that whole hub of freckle Friday of people watching where to go? Look at that. Would Onley see? Yeah. Petrilli now stole with freckled, literally wearing freckles on their heads. Love it. Yes, I'm just starting with it. But spare upgrade has been one that, like my clients have been using. And then I've seen other people do. Yeah, so that's spirit and great. Yeah, for you. Yeah. And so are you the only one so far you see using it? Is that what you're saying, Right? So I started using it, and then now my clients are using and then other people who you know, I don't know who they are, but I give him a shout out, you know, for connecting to that. Yes. So? So coming up with your own unique hashtag is somewhat of a challenge. And we can totally chat about this more. And I can help each one of you come up with your own unique hashtag. I love doing that, especially if you have. You know, if you have a product or service when you throw in your initials or for me, it su B, if I ever add Sue be onto a word like Sue be insta coach or sue bee says, Um, it works because that's my name and very no one else is using on Instagram. So the hash tags that everyone is using our the general ones. So when you start getting content within your hashtag hub, it's really exciting. It's like you're organically growing a community that who knows who you are, and you guys can feel that energy when you click into instigate alive. For sure, people are curious. What is your personal call to action Strategies were talking about on Step six there on me to get a direct question as well, saying I can sue describe the difference between a court action that is connecting rather than selling. Yes, so I have a different started to, depending on which account I'm on. So questions come up a lot. Carol's asking, Why do you have so I way? There's a reason to the madness. Trust May. So I, The store, as I mentioned it's called Sue Be Doo, and it's on Cape Cod. So someone had Sue BDO. They're not using it, so I did the next best thing. I put a dot and Cape Cod because that's the location of my store. I wanted that account to just attract people that love to shop at my store that love Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, the new the New England look and feel of the products that I sell. So clothing, jewelry and accessories. So that's why I have that account. Because people that followed my INSTAGRAM account aren't interested in Sioux BDO. I mean, the only people interested in my store really people that have visited my store. So it's back to that hyper focused niche. Um, and then I have the INSTAGRAM expert because that's where I'm sharing just instagram tips on. And then my personal is the third, and I talked about the quotes already, Um, one of the ones that is kind of dormant right now that I'm gonna be starting is an instagram academy called insta DOT Academy. So I curated that account and get an account. You just need a new email address, but I think it opens up an opportunity to test market an idea and get a response from your target market to see how receptive they are to it. So before spending money or building out a website cause you've got this great new business idea. You can start on Instagram and build out a new account with your new idea. So we strategically use each account depending on the market that I'm serving, doing what I'm doing because I am a small business owner and I also teach Instagram to the world. So I want to make sure that I don't mix all that up in one account, because then it would be too confusing what I do, because I do. I do a lot of different things, So I think it's a way to really focus the market. You're trying to serve in the business that you have. And I know a lot of small business owners have multiple streams of revenue and they might teach yoga. They also might do nutrition, and they might walk their dogs. So there's three different things and they put them all in one account. I mean, the yoga and nutrition totally would work well together, but the dog and with that, it be like I don't know what I'm following anymore. Where's the value? I have a question over here. Hi, Sue. Hey, Jackie. How are you? Good to see you. So we haven't met in person till Not No, no, no. Online. I see your smiling thinking. I'm so happy to be here. Thank you so much. So I have a question, um, regarding the same topic, but for for a business owner who may not have multiple streams and so the brand for me, I am my brand in some way. And so regarding various instagram accounts, personal versus business I just wonder what you would say about having them is one I think you are fine. Toe. Have this one. I think you need to be careful about what you're posting because you are your brand and you are beautiful. And I want to see pictures of you with the products that you sell and not just the products that you sell. And if you're gonna put a picture of a suitcase going off to creativelive and put value behind that post, you know what I mean? So because a suitcase on instagram, unless it's hand painted and sparkly and has messaging on it is not a post that you're going to get a lot of likes and comments on, but if it's something that you personally want a post to celebrate what you're doing, this a way to say it in the comments so that you might get a bit more engagement. Awesome. Is that how? Yes. Absolutely. Okay. Thank you. Yes, Paul. I'm also my own brand on instagram. You do a great job. Oh, thank you. I am trying to make sure I stay relevance to the message that I wanna put out. Um, as opposed to just putting out any photo of me, Whatever I'm doing throughout my day. So I want to make sure that I'm branding maybe a specific message or, um, inspiration to people. And so I try and stay relevant to that as far as personal branding. Yes. So, um, I think you do a fabulous job at show, showing all your awesome adventures, your upside down, you're hanging on cliffs. I mean, you get awesomely underscore. Humble. Yeah. So people really need to check out your account. But I I like your account, and you get to 200 likes and a lot of engagement, right? Surprisingly, I've been getting featured a lot, and I've been getting a lot of followers that way and a lot of engagement, especially with people all over the country. And I've been because I'm traveling. I get to meet up with them and then going back the direct messages we get to meet up and, yeah, so you have a lot of opportunities because you are traveling doing what you love. So you have this whole geo tag opportunity and I love your direct message strategy. I think that's brilliant. And I I'm like, impressed with all the physical things that you do when you're doing these adventures. A lot of them are on cliffs, right? Like who else watching know? Sort of like hang from a clip but not only be hanging from a cliff, He's upside down doing a head stand with us with your Yeah. Okay, so So he's adventure guy that you want to like, Say, where you going next? I think you do a great job, and the reason you're sitting here is because I was You know, I was. Did you? You watch the first course and we connected right, and especially when I started Instagram. I don't know anything about it, and you showed a picture of what it looks like this. It okay, that buttons that And then Okay, this is my profile, and I don't know anything. So you watch the first creativelive course. Learned everything, then? Yeah, and I just through there, I've never had one. And so I was thinking, Oh, okay. I want, you know, market and learn about social media. And then So since that day is when I started it, that was June 6. Did you watch for three days? Oh, yeah. What you want now and apart participated us questions. It was in the chat room. Okay on, then. Just do you have now. I'm actually hoping to get 2000 close to 900. You'll get there. Everyone watching is kind of follow up here. Yeah, so that that's so exciting. So you are a true success story of so many people watching. You took action. You watch the course for 18 hours. Did you have it minimized? Did you have it? Ought like where you like, engage The whole time you were with me the whole time. Okay? This is great. I love hearing this. And you and you didn't even know what Instagram was. What got you so we? Are you a photographer? That got you on that? No, I just happened to Dio all these adventures and I want to share it with people. I'm on Twitter. I'm on a few other, But you want creative lives list? Like, did you know that course was coming up? Oh, yeah. So you got notification. Okay, So you got on you, You signed up. And are you? You're on other platforms. So is it your favorite? Like, let's talk about what is this fear line? Make sure because I also follow what Gary Vaynerchuk says in a lot of my brother's books and watches keynote speeches. And I make sure I use each one with respect to its platform. Like it was saying Yes. Yes. And with Instagram, I'm on there a lot. Because with the photos and engaging with people and it's fun and it's a lot of fun. Um, so that Zeppelin, my favorite. So what success is for you have come out of it since since $1000 because I'm my own personal brand. I've gotten sponsorships from them from different products, and so they provide me with products through that. Wait, So wait, you got sponsorships because you're attacked because you're tagging them. Because just watching because they see my engagement with the community and my, um, adventures the travels that ideo. And so we connected that way. And then so now because they have a reached through me. Okay, so let's talk. About what? The sponsorships? A little bit. So you are. They're asking for you to shows their business on your feet. So even if you look on my my gallery, you can see I have one photo. I was up on the mountain top, and I have one of the bars, for example, of the problem part tonight. What, you not them? Yeah, right. And that's why I posted it or put it there on the rock abuse. Yeah. So when this happens, are they paying you proposed to? They pain you? There is just part of the agreement. And so they give me free product and and I provide them. Part of the game is maybe once a month that all feature their products. Okay, so let's just talk about this for a minute. So if so, to get featured on someone's account is when you at mention them in your account, you're giving a shout out. This is an authentic shout out with no one asking you shout out for showed out like for like he is authentically attracting the people that he that you're serving in your post. And so they reached out to you, which is thistles like huge success. I mean, I'm I'm so excited for you. This is exactly what a lot of people work so hard at trying to have happen. And it's happened organically for you. So in this case, it's an energy bar, right? And you are strategically placed it wherever you did it, the picture. And now you're getting free energy bars. Did you bring some for all? That's great. Congratulations. I'm really excited and even feature accounts, just the photos that I post of the feature, and I'll say, Oh, this is what this guy's doing around here. And then this is his photo that he took. Um, and I get a lot of followers and engagement that way, and it's just there's so many different avenues to go on this. Graham, when you say avenues, what do you mean different, maybe strategies or or uses right? Instead of just posting a picture. So when you have that first success, because it doesn't happen right away, Paul, like, this is amazing. I'm really excited for you, but a lot of it has to do with the types of photos he's posting. I mean, you guys look at his feet like with guys like really adventurous. So? So those photos, nature photos, photos like adventure, surfing, like people doing crazy stuff definitely get eyeballs on it cause it's entertaining. It's like, you know, that's your little feet of flipping through a magazine and getting entertainment, and he is attracting his ideal follower that way. And I just love that you had all these sponsorships. So it's the tagging, and so it. So the point is, this used. This takes time, but this is what you should all kind of aspire to have happening within your niche. Who can I partner with? And there's some partners here in the room I can already see by the smiling and you saw me. I've partnered with so many of you that watched I've purchased products from the artists that are producing them because and I'm tagging them on my post now and helping them grow their business, and we can all do this together. There's no competition here. This is everybody doing what they love. Making money, doing what they love and helping each other do it and making money in a way that is fun, right? And not being sales e We had a quick question here. They want to do. I dio Hi, Jacki Bernardi and I'm a beauty industry business trainer. And I have the exact opposite. Problem are I took the three day course, the first class, and I was very excited about it. And I got so much out of it. My stumbling block. My biggest stumbling block with Instagram is I feel like I can't find anything interesting that's gonna connect with my audience. My audience is not my demographic. My age demographic. My audience air 17 to 26 year olds. Largely I'm no longer in that world. I you know, I still actually type out texts like, did you have any kids? And I do a 15 year old. Okay, so here's what I would do because I have teenagers. They're 18. You're gonna meet one of them on Friday. So you better be staying tune on Friday, she's coming on stage to talk about her featured account. I would get in a focus group with your daughter and their friends and ask them questions. What do you like to see on Instagram in the space of beauty? Beauty supplies? Because they love watching YouTube videos on how to apply makeup and in they're all over YouTube and that you could take some of those elements. But I would talk to your demographics. You need to understand how they're thinking, how they're searching and what makes them stop in their tracks. Too engaged. So you really need to understand your target. This is going back to your target market, and what words are they searching to find them? So take them out for pizza or whatever you want to dio and sit them down and say, OK, and a little business lesson from all of you because you're my target market. Tell me your instagram habits because they are on instagram and find out from them because I watch what my teenagers do all the time. The reason I am teaching Instagram to the world is because my teenagers were on it. Here's the story they were on it and they weren't on their phone. They weren't looking at their phone Like everyone says, Put your phone down. They were just scrolling. And I had no idea what that movement waas This was two years ago and I'm like, What are you doing? And they're like, Mom were on instagram. Don't you dare get on it because then you're gonna start teaching out True story. And I'm like, I love social media. I'm on all the platforms and the minute I started using instagram and seeing success in my store, my sales increasing 40%. I knew I had to teach that to the world toe other small business owners, because that is a big number. So for you, it's understanding your hashtag strategy and your target market. So that's why you're kind of dead in your tracks. And you don't have Mr Awesome hanging from cliffs. But you have you can. There's beauty, there's beauty that you could be showing, and you need to be following and finding brands that resonate for you

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What a phenomenal course. Thank you, Ann, and the team at Creative Live for this jam-packed class. I'll be honest, when I signed up I wasn't sure how there could be three days worth of information on Instagram. However this content-rich class was filled to the brim with wonderful ideas, tools and inspiration for cultivating success on the platform. I'd been struggling with attuning as to how to best use Instagram for my business - I didn't want to be posting pictures of my lunch, cat or shoes; and I didn't want to simply recycle graphics from Facebook. What I really wanted was to learn how to fully utilize this platform to build my tribe, market my business and connect with others. This course delivered all that and more. Sue is a great teacher and her heartfelt style of marketing and sales really fits with my own approach to business. Every day I learned dozens of ideas that I could immediately implement and my mind is buzzing with inspiration and ways to authentically use Instagram to connect with my tribe. I've been recommending this class to everyone I know. I loved it so much that I purchased Sue's first class, Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses. A lovely bonus of taking Sue's classes is that you can connect with her Instagallive tribe, too. I've been meeting wonderful people and making great connections in the community. If like me, you're a solo-entrepreneur looking for a way to bring authentic marketing to your business, I highly recommend Sue's classes. (P.S. I was blessed to get to attend this class in studio at Creative Live. It was beyond amazing. If you ever get the chance to go to a Creative Live event in-studio or take one of Sue's live classes or events, do it. You will come away feeling inspired and energized for sure!)


Thank you to Sue and to Creative Life and everyone who helped for this course. I enjoyed every minute. So many great tips, amazing guests, useful informations. The amount of information is amazing! I could watched all over again. I'm so grateful for Creative Life community to have such a great course like Sell more with Instagram with Sue was. the course really have helped me grow my Instagram account. I have leared so much from the first course, but now I learned even more and I'm doing on IG better and better every day.

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Buy Sue';s course. It's a no-brainer that you will NOT regret! Sue highlights real people with real businesses and demonstrates how they are building their brands and sales on Instagram. She walks you through the process of effectively setting up your Instagram page, teaches you about different types of accounts and how to determine what is best for you, highlights how to develop strategies for growing your presence on Instagram, and shares information about how to implement engagement strategies. Also included: the importance of being authentic and how to do that, providing value to engage followers, running contests, encouraging user-generated content, creating graphics, the best apps for creating graphics and managing accounts, how to get and interpret analytics, how to improve your account based on analytics, and so much more. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you'll look forward to the new content and audience interaction in each new video. These videos are FUN to watch! Every business should be on Instagram, but first watch Sue's course to learn how to be there effectively and sell your product or service. You will not regret this purchase!