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Plan Outreach & Meet Wholesale Goals

Lesson 23 from: Sell Your Products to Retailers

Megan Auman

Plan Outreach & Meet Wholesale Goals

Lesson 23 from: Sell Your Products to Retailers

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

23. Plan Outreach & Meet Wholesale Goals

Lesson Info

Plan Outreach & Meet Wholesale Goals

Now we're gonna start to talk about planning our store outreach when should you be doing this? So as kelly anne giselle mentioned, most buyers are looking for new product all the time but there are certain times or they are more aggressively looking for product and so what we really don't want to dio is hit stores right after they've gone through major buying periods, right? Because then they don't have any money and then they're over bought in our category, so we want to be aware of, you know, when they might be doing there buying so that you know we're not hitting them right after the fact. So two things that you want to consider, what major events or seasons are your stores shopping for? And then what trade shows are your potential stores shopping at so major seasons? I'm gonna vary from category category pretty much every retailer shopping for holiday starting usually june, july august right? Some retailers have big valentine's days, so they're thinking about those products usually...

what's happening with valentine's day is they just come on holiday, they're sold through and typically with valentine's day they're hitting up their regulars like please please please do you have stuff? Can you get me something? But if you time that where you could hit someone at the beginning of january and say I can still ship for a valentine's day delivery that's going to help them especially if you're in categories like jewellery but even like the soaps anything that's going to be you know, valentine's day gift um some stores are you know, summer seasonal and they're shopping for that so you know if your tourist season is june july august you're probably shopping for that you know, january february march you're looking to buy for that summer season um you know if you're selling tio you know, obviously people have babies all year round but there do seem to be clusters of times where you're like a baby shower every weekend, eh? So make sure you're hitting your stores with those I'm same thing if you're doing things that are going to be like bridal wedding present um you know make sure you're getting those even, you know, housewarming like no one people only to move in the middle of winter so you're probably not hitting as many house warring parties then as you might be in like spring summer and fall so being aware of those things can really help out with your store the other piece our trade shows and while not every buyer is you know, as we talked about with kelly and giselle not every buyer shops trade shows ah lot of stores still dio eh? So it's important to understand how those seasons work and one buyers or shopping even if you're not doing trade shows so I create some will cheat sheets for us that we're gonna take a look at because different categories have different buying seasons, so kind of the biggest one that almost everyone I would say actually certainly everyone in our audience and almost everyone who's watching online it could probably fall into is gift so gift tends to encompass pretty much everything, so with gift we've got home, we've got lifestyle, we've got accessories, we've got baby and kid, we've got food and soap, all of those things happen at a show, any show that kind of loosely associate themselves as gift, right? So, um, typically when you see the gift show's happening and this is even happening for the most part, you know, around the world, so the january, february, july and august, those air definitely the high seasons for us gift shows, but I know we're seeing them also in those time frames in australia, the europe ones tend to skew just a little later than this season, so it usually seems like us goes and then right after those at the europe kind of gift shows happen. So if you're in europe, you might be looking at kind of late february two early march, you know, late august or early september, but they're all around this time period and at our january to february shows they're typically buying usually through june july august some stores aren't buying all the way to august because they're coming back to the august show, but I mentioned those stores that are some are seasonal they might be ordering for june, july august because they're not shopping the august show it's their high season there in the store and they don't need the product for winter because they're closed uh obviously if you're in the southern hemisphere flip that first summer seasonal and you might also have some stores who are winter season all you know ski resorts things like that they might not shop those january february stores their shows they might be july and august and then july and august that's a slightly compressed buying season because they are looking for holiday right? So july august they want september october november typically they're not ordering into december because they usually want things in the store earlier so they can do a second order for december and that's always something that I push is one we're at those july and august shows I want to get them their orders is quickly in september's I can because that usually means there's time for at least one reorder before holiday so that's our first season stationary also follows that season but the national stationery show is there major show in new york city and it takes place in may so that's going to be a big buying season for that and may is when you start to see calendars roll out so if you guys are making calendars and you're pitching to stores september and october is way too late you definitely want to be done by august but ideally you want at least have a sample something in the works for mai when you roll into stationary show home also has some over lips overlaps if you're in their home categories you know home decor it also overlaps with gift many of those kind of gift shows have home sections but we also have in may the international contemporary furniture fair which is a major fair on internationally you start to see things like the milan furniture fair the stockholm fair so if you're in furniture and high design you'll start to see those other ones pop in furniture if you're actually selling furniture that's getting manufactured that is a slightly longer lead time so you'll see shows in october like the highpoint market in north carolina it's october they're not buying for november december they're buying for the next year because they need to get those products manufactured and then fashion accessories we've got two different things going on so is kelly talked about with clothing it's long lead time so clothing shows in february and march they're buying for that next fall season july august september october clothing store or clothing shows in september and october are buying for spring so january february march right but if you're just accessories, if you're looking at some of those accessories shows they they're going to pop about those clothing shows, but you're also going to find major accessory shows that kind of right before the major gift show season happens, so if you make something like jewelry, I don't always advocate those accessory shows they tend to be a little more fashion heavy, but if you make jewelry, you want to be aware that people who are buying jewelry for their stores even if you're thinking about the gift shows and in late january in mid february, they might have gone to the early january accessory show and bought a lot in that category. So a lot of times I like to get postcards out, you know, earlier that my show is going to happen so that they know and can kind of think about me and plan in the budget. So you have any questions about any of those, and we can talk about specific trade shows a little later, I promise there's plenty of time that, um but it's important that you're aware of these and what's going to apply to you because then we don't want to hit buyers right after they've spent their money, so when I do a postcard mailing, I do too a year, so I am on the gift cycle that's it works for me I do give shows I should also mention that those of you who are in the u s american handmade shows those air happening in january and february, so they're falling into that that first part of your gift category too, and some of those air actually working much longer than so with glass and ceramics. They have those longer lead times at those january and february shows stores who are buying glass in ceramics might be buying well into the fall and well into holiday just because of the production process of those, you get a longer lead time. Uh, so I'm doing this, so what I do with my postcard out reach is I'm sending postcards sometime in january and sometime in july. This shows that I do tend to fall in the later end my shows to pull your february august, but I know that a lot of my buyers might also go someplace like the atlanta show atlanta's earlier in the season, so I like to try to get my products or my postcards out before that. At the very least, I'm setting my postcards two weeks before a show because if I'm shipping, if I'm sending them to a store I'm in, I'm on the east coast if they're going west coast stores takes a week on, I want to make sure they get there before the buyers leave for their trip now if you are not doing these thieves shows you khun still send postcards around this time it helps to do that and you can say like you might if you have been doing shows are skipping them then it's helpful to say we're taking this season off from shows please go online to see our stuff but if you haven't done shows yet, then you could just do the call to action just say go on my website request your line and it's one that kind of thinking about him planning so it's definitely helpful but you can also slot in anywhere where I probably wouldn't go in terms of postcard out reach is october november december that's too late for holiday um so make sure you're at least getting them in there by september so that they're thinking about that but then you could literally hit them up at the beginning of january, especially if you've got product for valentine's day and honestly, you know, right now if you're watching this whatever, whatever time of year it is if you're watching the recordings you know don't be afraid to just send send that first batch out there make people aware don't feel like you have to wait for this, but when you're planning you want a plan for that, the other thing you want to think about is when will you release new products and new collections so if you're a solo maker and you've got a lot on your plate, I think launching a new collection every season is a lot of work and quite frankly I don't do it so my rule for myself is I try to release new product for the august gift show I don't do it for the january and february shows and the reason is it's a shorter turnaround time from august to january and its holiday, so I'm filling more orders by design a new collection in there I would be going nuts, so I usually like to hit once a year, but maybe you're prolific maybe you design a lot I have a friend who's, a jewelry designer who I swear she makes a new collection every other week she just designs all the time it's awesome it's great for her but you want to think about one? Are you going to release new products or new collections? Because if you're planning on a new release, you're not going to send out a postcard with the old collection and then two weeks later sent out a postcard with with a new collection, right? So you want to start to think about giving yourself these deadlines of one approximately am I gonna launch the elections? I like to give myself a little slack here it's been probably a year and a half since I designed a new jewelry collection but you better believe that my next trade show I'm coming out with a whole new bunch of product you guys have been seeing some of it because I've been wearing some of it not the maya but the melissa necklace on you know, in our first segment for sure so think about when you're going to do that and then you can start to plan some of your major outreach around it because there's one thing stores like it's the word knew new products new line they like new because I can tell you that what their customers are coming in and saying is what's new and they're coming to a trade show or they're looking around they see what's new like the number one thing they might actually still buying the old stuff but the first question is always going to be what's new stores also like new because it's going to be less saturated right? So they want to be the first ones to get your new stuff so any time you're launching something new that's a good time to reach out to a store and this is a case where you do wanna launch in collections you know it's not like if you have an etsy shop and where you still like we want to get that timing out so wrote like new product every couple of days new product every couple days, you know we're not doing that here you're grouping you're thinking about something that's going to read is a collection and then you're putting that out at once you won't be making it that way you know, I've been working on this new collection I've been easing it into my and my website you know, I've been showing on instagram so going on deep interest but I haven't quite finalized it yet so the line sheets not done I'm working towards that so it doesn't mean that you have to hold it off for your retail but you do want to hold off until you've got that collection and then hit up your wholesalers and you do you also want to be aware of the best and worst months for you to focus on store outreach so you know if they're months where you have stuff going on like even though I know that there are trade shows in july I like to take most of july all that's a big downtime month for me I like summer I like sunshine I'd like to be a little easier right? So I know there's stuff going on, but I'm not gonna worry about store outreach so much in july I'll hit him up at the end of july heading you know, heading into those august shows I do new york gift it's later in august, so I'm not even wait to the first week of august to send those cards um you know, same thing if you have months where you travel you kind of thinking about that sort of plan as well it's okay to not have be full on pitching stores every single month, right? I'm a big advocate of running your business and cycles I used to have this thing where I would look at my numbers and I would say this one was good in this month was low so how do I get this month back up here now I say this month is always good how'd I get this month better and then I'll go on vacation in this month I to ride the cycles of my business instead of fighting them so much better um so you know, be aware of that and don't feel like you have to force every single month picks the months or it's going to be your focus no they were in december especially if you're selling online let the store outreach go right focus on those retail customers focus on those customers who were like I forgot to order and christmas is now five days and can you please still ship this you let your stores go now I do you know if I get a store sometimes you get a store it's like december first please please please can you just send me some more product? Yes I can but they're coming to me I'm not pushing them anymore the other thing as you're thinking about your on you know your calendar is what are your wholesale goals? So we talked about your business schools right kind of the big things that you guys want I know a lot of you and the online audience or quit your day job we want teo to get rid of those on and I think for a lot of people here you've probably got some pretty high numbers that your stride for um so we want to apply or wholesale goes goals to those because that's also going to tell you something about your outreach right if you want to pick up five new stores next year that's a very different type of outreach than if you wanna pick up one hundred right? So what are your sales goals? And we talked about this with tiffany in the previous segment, right? We said you can set a number you could look at what your minimum order is and expect you know, maybe double that to be the average life span of the average no annual dollars of a store some stores are gonna order once it's not gonna work some stores or maybe I order twice a year my trade shows and then there are some stores were in order with more regularity steven kind of average that out if my minimum is four hundred I might get eight hundred dollars a year from a store and if you know that you want to make eighty thousand that's a hundred stores, right, monica, what is the realistic goal like we're all sitting here in the middle of june for the remainder of the year? What is something that is like uh uh a realistic number stores that you think we could get into it is honestly really hard to answer that question because it's gonna look different for anyone you know, you could sit down and you could email twenty stores every day every week and you could pick up forty stores before the end of the year you become one hundred stores before the end of the year if you want it to be super aggressive about it um or maybe only pick up five or ten, so what I think is better than saying what should I expect is what do I want and what do I need? And then what do I need to do to get there? So if I need a hundred stores, I'm gonna have to pretty aggressively probably reach out to five to seven hundred not just the postcard mailing with that, but some emails cem catalog sending thinking about that, you know those trade shows, so don't think about what's reasonable because if you've got enough energy, enough time and enough money, you could hit a thousand stores next year there's really no limit it just depends on what you think you need. I think for you guys, because you you've got the manufacturing piece part of that is going to be starting to sit down and looking at the big picture of, you know, how could we manufacture and quantities that start to get us some breaks in our price? And how many stores does that translate into? And then what do we need to dio, you know, what is our outreach need to be? How aggressive do we need to be? No, we're we don't really have time in this class to talk too much about sales reps and my general thought process with sales reps, especially for makers, is do it yourself first. First of all, any sales rep is going teo want to see that you're already in some stores, they're going to want you to have a little bit of credibility, and I think you could get yourself into five stores. You get yourself into fifty stores right without having to pay that sales rep of percentage. Um, so that's, you know, a place to start, so I would say, don't start with sales reps. The one exception is if you were manufacturing because a sales rep certainly can help you reach that volume, you just have to build the rep fees into your pricing. Ten to twenty percent of the wholesale price depending on industry I don't know what it's going to be specifically for you guys but um it's ten to twenty percent um if you're using sales reps that's why for a lot of maker starting out and as some of you guys are still working on some pretty slim wholesale margins ten to twenty percent is tricky now if you know in the future that you want reps build those margins and now to your prices don't wait if you know in a year in two years even in five years that reps are part of your plan build those margins and for sure but it's okay to say you know what? I'm not gonna go that way I personally like to build those margins in and then not use reps anyway I'm my rep now that's an extra twenty percent for me right uh so you want to think about that yeah quick quick absolutely should we contact buyers just before trade shows or right after even if you're not participating in one I would do a little bit of both but always had them before okay because after a trade show they blowing their budget are they at least blown a big chunk of it and they after a trade show they're already at least they might have spent it all but they're considering certain lines so you want to make sure that you're getting considered awesome? Um so you also want to think about you know so then if you've got these goals what percentage of your annual sales are gonna come from wholesale for me and my product business right now it's like ninety ninety five percent I am all wholesale baby because I love it it works that's why I'm here right because it works uh so for some of you you might not want it to be that high so that's a consideration to maybe you have you know, a retail business that's that's kind of weird doing okay and you just want to pick up a handful of stores just to balance things out a little you also want to think about you know how many orders do you want to have a month knowing that again not every month is gonna be the same you're gonna have way more orders in september and october november then for most of us are gonna have in july even though I have you no stores that are summer seasonal still way more stores that are buying for holiday right july yeah let's take a little vacation um and then you're thinking about how the new accounts you want to pick up and this is all about working backwards this is how much money I want to bring in from wholesale this is my minimum order this is how many stores I think I need right? So what are your wholesale goals again this is not what we think it's possible it's what do you want what do you need? So who's got some holes and you guys can share online to make sure you share tell us what you're thinking about you could tell us dollar amount or you can say number of stores either way I just want to hear what you are I can see like everybody's brains turning in the audience shayla uh um to whole foods and I want to pick up creative live is my account no and what's your timeline for that way no gold need timelines teo and I was saying the next two months sixty days I need to work on my line she and on all the things you've taught us so that can position present myself properly I think I should also toss in like six years tossed like you want like three three small like specialty stores in there too little gifts or toss toss those in there wear device yesterday so you know just to check it out. Okay. Uh who else my god do you know uh our goal for the remainder of the years to get in at least thirty wholesale stores. Fantastic. Lauren I would say we're not actually producing right now but I would say but for next year I want a hundred I love it and the man this is hard from having you taken clock actually cover is good because that means it's you can get through most you know the chunk of that holiday season right yeah I'm gonna work on it now right on you can relax and take some time off when the baby comes because you've had all that money come in yeah baby beautiful great uh I think a realistic goal because I'm gonna up those prices and I'm going to be really specific I want to get into at least ten stores by the end of this year awesome um you know I would like to be in twenty five stores by next year kind of thing uh because I have my own retail business in my studio and I do a lot of online retail right? So twenty five total is actually my like end goal I think so for you it's not gonna be that a large percentage of your business it's going to be a certain a smaller percentage of urine and yeah a little list and maybe hit a few markets that you can't reach yeah otherwise yeah and so my ankles are a little bit different so I'll first of all share what my wholesale goals were for less stur which was getting one new wholesale account per month and we actually at the close of the year had secured fourteen so that was awesome and I like that strategy because it doesn't put so much pressure on me I'm like who this month I got two next month I get any so you know evened out and everything so actually my goals are to actually take a step back and refine everything of of course I need to up my prices and then refined my whole wholesale packet and everything so that I can like I said approach higher caliber and just you know, weed out the ones the council aren't working I'm actually approved toe work with whole foods but I haven't gotten any purchase orders yet, so once I do those things on the back end now I want to start approaching all of the whole foods locations that I'm approved to work with fantastic asshole new package on before we dive into hearing some from the online audience I want to actually define a term that anna just said which was purchase order so we talked about receiving orders and most of your small stores they're going to order online they're going teo you know they might shoot me an email they might even want to call you and tell you over the phone I usually just say please send me an email I can't read this down right now I'm busy uh but they might want to do that if they're like my stories and don't always like email, but you're bigger stores whether it's you know your museum stores certainly your whole foods, you're bigger chains they're going to send you something that's called a purchase order and that's basically their system their numbers they send that to you that's how they're going to place the order so if you might you might also hear them sapio right I'ma send you appeal that's what that means so I just want to clarify that term for everyone and now let's hear from our online audience let's see miss maggie is saying our goal is to be in our local west hollywood whole foods currently we're selling wholesale to japan and will soon be featured in the japan vogue in july. Congratulations that's great! For some reason the overseas market is much more receptive than the american for skin care, she says we've got a lot more is about time capital is saying they want to add at least ten you whole sell bridal stores fantastic um anna is saying she really wants to focus on trying to do n s s next year national stationery show all right ana people's toe add one new wholesale account a month and viola wants one hundred thousand dollars with fifty stores by the end of the year two thousand fifteen I write so that's fantastic that you guys have goals and I want to say that no goal is too small no goal is too big right? We want whatever works for your business but now that you know your goals, you can sit down and figure out what's gonna work best for you so you know, with anna she's if she's trying to pick up one a month all this outreach stuff that we've talked about is definitely going to work and you know, it works because you forget that you had that whole uh if your goals are more aggressive, that person who's aiming for was it hundred k could you sum like that that's a fantastic goal you're probably thinking trade show right? So let's start to talk about this do I need to do a trade show question because this is going to set us up pretty wells we're heading into our next couple of segments so first off I want to say no you don't as we just talked about, there are a ton of outreach strategies there are tons of things that you khun dio you could get up every morning you khun research that list actually we were having a great conversation with our front, our audience at the close of one of our last segments where they were talking about they had an intern who came in and the intern was that was your idea and the intern's job was to do that store outreach here's the types of stores were already and here's what we're looking for plug goes in that spreadsheet for me that's a great use for someone like an intern where you know you might not have them making your products right um you know, maybe you've got a family member who maybe they're in a cubicle and they're like I'm bored can I help you in your business? Yeah hey, can you like research some stores for me? You know, do that work um so you know you've got that list you might wake up every morning, send twenty males, son, twenty emails sent twenty emails maybe you won't even do that one week a month I know people who have built wholesale business is like that for sure what is kind of boring to me I like people I like to get out of my studio um big reason I do trade shows, but if you've got those more aggressive goals trade show is going to be really helpful for that. So this is what I have found is no, you don't need to a trade show, but for my money nothing is going to accelerate your business faster, right? So if your goals are aggressive, that is absolutely where you want to go, our trade shows and we're going to be talking about those so much more in our next segment actually our next two segments we've got a lot to talk about the trade shows including booth design here um but I want you to think about is a trade show in my future do I want it to be in my future and it doesn't have to be in the next year, you know, you might decide that I want to spend the next year or two building up refining, getting my line done and then I'm going to schedule that trade show in I'm gonna set it as a target, you know, maybe it's end of twenty fifteen beginning of twenty sixteen whatever it is I'm putting that target in there personally I'm a dive into the deep end kind of girl, right? And if you are like that awesome you're my people. Um, so if you're like, you know the only reason that I'm not thinking trade shows because it's scary I want you to put that on your calendar earlier and that's gonna be your homework as I want you to sit down and start creating that marketing calendar. So what I did for you in this handy dandy workbook pages thirty eight thirty nine I've actually given you two years here seeking plug in you know where we're at now, what next year is and you can start to pencil somethings that so, you know, make some notes of those goals like I want to be in a hundred stores by here I mean thirty stories by here and if I want those stores by november, december, july and august you know, maybe you're not doing a trade show this year, but july and august you're marking off now I'm doing that postcard mailing I'm hitting twenty stores up with catalogues and I'm gonna, you know, email three hundred stores you know this money so you could do that, but you could also look at this and say, ok, then I'm gonna head over to next year and I'm gonna have a trade show it maybe you're gonna start with something small and we're gonna talk about how to find these trade shows all that good stuff, but we know when most of them happened, right? We've got those january february shows we've got those july and august joe's for most of you that's gonna be trade show season um maybe it's may in the national stationery show I know a lot of you are looking at that it's a fantastic show, so you won't be sliding that one in national stationery show may of next year, right? Maybe you're just thinking I'm gonna dive in a trade show so I want you to start down started thinking about this and again we're going to play with those what ifs, so what if I put a trade show on my calendar for february of next year? Can I make that happen? And we're definitely gonna talk about how in the next in this next segment, we talked about how you can make that happen. So before we kind of headed out let's see, we have any other questions about when you should be doing that marketing and plugging into this calendar. A lot of people seem very daunted about the idea of traitors. The eye seems to be putting everybody off there, saying that just so it's beyond their current resource is to be able to take part in it. I am so glad that they're asking that question now, because one of the things that we're gonna tackle in the next segment is what really are the costs of trade shows because I think you guys will be surprised to find there are some actually quite affordable trade shows. They're not all as scary as you think, and we're also going to talk about some really creative ways to fund trade shows, right? So just because you don't have money now doesn't mean that you can't get a little creative and figure out how to make that happen. You just got tio talked about that? Yeah, so right, you might not have that money in the bank now and that's okay, we're gonna talk about even if cost is not working for you right now, how you could make that happen. And time capsule was asking even if you don't actually attend can you actually purchase maybe the attendees the bile buyer's list or is that really a tacky thing to typically it's not typically it's not even an option most shows don't even give you the buyers list if you do attend I gave new york gift a lot of money every year and I don't get a buyer's list s o it's just not something that happens, but it also comes down to this piece of having the full buyer's list for any trade show is not really going to save you any time because we're still gonna have to go back through that list and see if they're a good fit so at the end of the day, buying a list is going to cost you a lot better sit down and do that research that we talked about in the previous segments um do you want to take a look at some more line sheets? Yeah can we pull up? Maybe one more line? She I think yeah, I think lindsay's was next, so if you want to jump on up here yeah, so yeah you now I we heard you're married to a graphic designer, so lindsay's got a little bit of an advantage over a few of us and so that's the first thing is your graphic presentation is fantastic, okay s o really clean really great your images pop so that is all working for you the first thing that I would dio is like we talked about shift those wholesale policies to the back, okay? And set yourself up with a really strong cover image, right? And I would also shift this too, that horizontal format just so that its screen friendly because we're actually looking at two, we're looking at two pages here so you can see those a little our little gray bars around their this is two pages of lindsay's line sheep, right? So what we really want to see is shift this two horizontal I love that you're using your picture it's a great picture of you, so we want to keep that for sure just start that cover with, like, a great product image, and it could be a, you know, kind of call out just product image. You could also toss a lifestyle image in there if you want to, ok, you're calling that one? Um, you know, I think that you've got a really good job here of saying, like here's our item number and then, you know, communicating about dashes for color code, but I want to see the color code sooner because looking at this, I don't realize that I've got all of these choices, right? Okay? I like what you're doing here were on each page you're building kind of a consistent color palette that feels nice and happy it's not like things are conflicting with each other, you know? And then you kind of pop into the brighter colors I think all of that really works, but I want to know up front that each one comes in each color and I kind of actually maybe want to see just the very bottom all those color codes so I'm a buyer, right? So find a buyer in writing that order remember we don't flip back and forth five to go from this page back to the color page this page back to the color page we don't want to do that right? So putting that on the bottom of every page and if you're if you're horizontal it's actually easier usually those all out in one nice little strip and that's going to work really well, the other thing that to me is a little unclear and after I thought about it it kind of made sense but anytime we have to make buyers think too hard right? We don't like that sometimes you have chainlink sixteen to eighteen inch that mean that I have two choices or that it's adjustable oh yeah yeah, but you have two choices uh no it's not clear so and then if you do have two choices how do I indicate that is an item number? Okay, okay, so make sure that you kind of change that to clarify let's see and then in your actual line sheet you don't need to put an order form okay? That's gonna be something separate because they're not gonna they're not running this off especially if they're looking at the wine sheet if they're looking at it digital they're not using that order form and if you are selling a trade show you're gonna have separate or reform. So yes so you really just have a few small tweaks and then it's gonna be fantastic? Yeah, she also in this kino we've got some of the online fashion studio because some of those as well and thank you for uploading your please keep doing that but we'd love to see yeah, so I'm super glad we were able to come back around to the so this is sarah and sarah has a candle line called simply curated on dh so right now she's just got this simple to page line sheet and this is a case where again, sarah I would flip this horizontal think it's gonna be so much easier for your customers and what I want to do here for you is I want to see the proportion of images to text shifted I want mohr images, less text and honestly, what I really want to see is even the same amount of line sheet spread out onto four pages I know sarah I know her website is really beautiful and clean and there's so much white space and I don't get that when I look at the line sheet you know the line she doesn't give me that beautiful spacious sensibility and you want to see that because you just imagine sarah's candles and those you know this happy pinterest homes that we see where it's like all white men I know who lives there but we all want to pretend we live there right so that's what I want to get from sarah's line sheet um you know she's got all this information and honestly you could pull this out into bullet points because we're much more likely to read bullet points than blocks of text so one hundred percent soy wax is a bullet point growing in the u s bullet point dermot illogically tested to be skin safe bullet point so now I'm not hoping that they have to read or skin this tax it's like bam bam bam every piece of information I want to know and if I'm a busy buyer that isthe super helpful to me right so sarah thank you so much for letting us look at your line sheet and I think we've got one more that we're gonna take a look at so this is lisa um obviously I redacted lisa's contact information um so I believe in taking a look at this that this is actually a folded brochure, so cover interior wholesale terms and policies are the back cover so that's perfect, um, and she's got this shot that I think really clearly tells us what's going on, I think where we kind of get into the trouble here is that it just starts to be a little bit visually repetitive, so if I'm a buyer and I'm looking at this versus this versus this, I don't know that I'm looking at this and I'm thinking different product, different product, different product, I'm like what? And their beautiful so we want them to understand what's different about each one, right? So, you know, how can you maybe show if it's variation and then as a buyer, you know, is this does this change every time, and I always going to get the same beads? Those are some questions that I might have is a buyer. Um, I also noticed that, you know, you have these options for words like emerging or believe there's a couple different color options silver, bronze, gunmetal, the charms or buddha or a leaf, so you got an item number, but then you're giving buyers a lot of choices and not giving them an easy way to communicate those choices. So you know, maybe a little kind of code box where this is what they get for emerging this is what they get for believe or maybe this is a case where you actually simplify this might be a case of too many choices for buyers so what you could actually do is think about you know what in a store this is all kind of kind of read the same so what if I cut out some of these designs I cut out a few of the choices but then I started offering them in three different sizes right? Because people are different sizes some people look great with dainty and delicate some people want the big the bigger the boulder I know not everyone's wants this this gold but some people want those different scales, right? So if we cut out some of these options of you know is that this word or that word this meddler that metal this peter that bead and said it was here is, you know, three that sell great in three different sizes that's going to be super appealing to a buyer it's also going to get us three different price points which we always love that right giving the buyers the variation of price point definitely helps uh the one other thing that I would say lisa is that I noticed that can you talk about original artwork, limited editions and products so you're certainly not going to put your original artwork on here. But if you've got those limited edition prints, put those in your line sheet, too, because a store that's gonna carry this a great gift boutique might also carry some prince. You know, if you're doing a greeting carter note card, maybe you've got the note card, and then you've got the note card in a gift box. The same story is going to carry those products as well, so don't, in this case, you've got, you know, a consistent aesthetic, so don't say garriock. Those products put him on all all in one line sheet, so that stores really have that option. So thank you, lisa, for giving us your line sheet. I'm glad that we got to take a look at it.

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