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Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

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Best Practices With Pitching

Mei Pak

Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

Mei Pak

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20. Best Practices With Pitching

Lesson Info

Best Practices With Pitching

So let's talk about some of the best practices with pitching um and this is all going to be available in the checklist if you purchase the course so you want to keep your email pitch under ten lines if at all possible what this helps is when when an influencer our blogger opens her e mail so you have a great subject line right? So they click on it and they open your e mail if they're bombard it with this huge novel they're going to be like I ain't got time for this they're going to close it and they're goingto procrastinate they're going to say I'm going to read it later and then they're going to forget about it so keep it under ten lines if at all possible and also space out your paragraphs so try to for like everyone to two sentences do a double enter so you start at a new line and that helps keep things a lot more a lot easier to read there's kind of this I don't know any of you guys play music but I started learning how to play the violin and you know what kind of music notes right...

it's kind of scary when you see their soul new music notes on the manuscript and I'm like, oh my gosh, I don't think I can play that it's kind of like when you're reading an email and it's a huge chunk of text in one huge block it's even if it's not even if it's ten lines it might seem like it's easy to read but just seeing at huge block of text can be a turnoff for some people so space it out and as a closing sentence a closing line in your email include a very specific call to action on dh if possible include making a question mark so ask them I would love for you teo I would love to send you a free gift or free necklace from my shop um head on over to my shop and which specific necklace jumps out at you so question mark which specific necklace jumps out at you which is your favorite piece question mark so instead of ending with like, let me know or looking forward to working with you try ending with a very specific one singular goal question mark called to action and here's the thing when you're pitching to bloggers and influencers chances are they're not going to answer in that first email that you sent out to them so if after one to two weeks you don't hear back from them follow up and then follow up again after one to two weeks so I do have an entire course that teaches you how to do email pitching and how to reach out to bloggers and influencers and it's called in the limelight in the limelight e course dot com um but this is a lot of this stuff is pretty good for you two to start with, but if you're needing extra information on that, I do teach him or end up a course on that and I do give you feedback on your pitches but a great app that I want you to install actually there to really good ones one of them's called boomerang if you guys use gmail, what this does is if your email you can tell it to say that if your email doesn't get open after a certain number of days it it will kind of boomerang that email back to you so you know to send that person ahh fall of email it's kind of just a simple it's a system for you to send out reminders because if you don't have systems that's really easy for you to forget or lose track on who do I need to send fall up to next? You know, so definitely you want teo implement as many systems to help you with this process. Another really great app is called streak dot com s t r e k dot com and what I love about streak is you can have it send you reminders off when to send follow ups and what's really, really sneaky about it too is you can turn on email tracking with that so you can see when someone has opened your email and you can see like even get really specific to like where they opened the email with what device they opened their email, what time, how often they opened their email and that will really help you strategize on how to follow up with them. So for example, if you know that they haven't opened your email than what you could do instead of sending a follow up you khun just resend the entire email the same email as a new email but change out your subject line because if they haven't opened your email, chances are it's because the subject line didn't catch their attention. Another great example for how you can use streak in this email tracking to your benefit is in the example of there have been times where I've sent out pitches to people and I can see that they've opened it like twenty times in the last twenty four hours but they haven't responded to me, so to me that means they're really interested but they haven't taken the time to respond to me yet, so in that way I know that I can tailor my follow up to be really simple all I need is just low, gentle much to ask them like, oh, I just wanted to follow up to see if you'd be interested in, you know you know, just reiterate your initial email and most of the time just giving them that little nudge is going to get them to respond to you, and I talked about this two, and if you can't get their attention over email, reach out to them on social media, twitter is a really great place to build connections and relationships with people you want to collaborate with and if, if not twitter, instagram is also a great place to do that facebook tends to get a little diluted it because people get tons of comments, eso, instagram and twitter are great places to build that relationship. So once you start creating these relationships of people that you can work with potentially, you could schedule all of these sails out in advance to remember I talked about that calendar where you're planning and designing out all of your sales events what you're going to be selling when you're going to be selling, you could add the's collaborators into your calendar, you know, and make it real. And, as I mentioned, consider also offering them to design for them exclusive custom products that are only available for their audience. And this is going to be a huge cell for you because people love getting custom stuff, even big celebrities and influencers they love getting like they just love getting custom versions of their brand or off unique. Themes or designs that are unique to their brand. So, like I was working with this influence or this blogger, she makes these spiral rainbow cookies with sprinkles around them. I don't even know what they're called, but I had never seen this cookie before and she's a food blogger, so maybe she designed this baked good herself on dh then we could because I had a relationship with her. She asked me to make her a custom necklace for her shop based off of her actual food design. Eso they're they're definitely ways for you to consider doing that. Consider offering exclusive products to your influencers, and then again, you know, with spreadsheets with streak with boomerang whateveryou can you definitely want to be organized with this process? This is definitely a great way for you to really scale up your social sales, so really be on top with managing your relationships. This is something that can be really easy for youto kind of stopped doing or to forget doing because it is. If you don't have systems to remind you, it can be really easy to forget on dh to stay on top of, like who do I fall up to next, and who do I need to reach out to again?

Class Description

Sell to your customers where they already spend their time – on social media!

All of the major platforms are introducing ways to buy in-stream, but few businesses take advantage of these cutting edge features. Find out how you can reach your target market and move more product in Selling On Social: A Complete Guide with Mei Pak.

Mei is a veteran maker, artist, and designer and in this class, she’ll share her step­-by­-step framework for mapping out and executing a social sales campaign. 

You’ll learn:

  • The right way to get your fans ready for a sale
  • How to create buzz and promote your sales event
  • Product photography and graphic design basics
  • What to do on the actual sale day and how to follow up

Mei will show you a variety of super simple ways to sell directly on social media (even if you don’t have a huge fan base or e-commerce website).

If you sell clothes, accessories, jewelry, gifts, art, or­­ even food – Selling On Social: A Complete Guide will show you how to turn your fans and followers into loyal, paying customers.

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Ting Yuen

I really enjoyed this class. Mei Pak is a fantastic teacher, she is easy to understand and extremely knowledgeable. I have learned a lot from this course, if anyone that is not hands on with selling through social media this is definitely the course to take. Thank you Mei for your expertise.


I vowed I would never purchase another course again because every course I've ever purchased was filled with fluff. After doing a google search regarding comment selling I came across Creative Live. Mei's honesty sold me. I am BEYOND over the moon that for only $79. Mei provided a step by step with actual reasoning behind Selling Social. I highly recommend this course!!! As needed, I will purchase courses from Mei and the future and provide you all with my honest feedback. Thank you Mei. Yoli Rapp


I'm so thankful that I could attend. Mei is an excellent Mentor and explained each step of the way. I left refreshed and renewed and ready to do the needed tasks to position myself towards my goals. I'm listening again while I work!