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Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

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Case Study with Spencer Costanzo Via Skype Call

Mei Pak

Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

Mei Pak

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Lesson Info

18. Case Study with Spencer Costanzo Via Skype Call

Lesson Info

Case Study with Spencer Costanzo Via Skype Call

All right, so let's um I'm going to introduce us this handsome young man here spencer costanzo he's one of two founders of spray z and they're like really nice guys and they're really young and they're doing this really amazing thing with making social selling and social media something that's really possible for all of us, right? So I'm really excited to talk to him because he has worked with thousands of people like us makers and other small business owners and he knows firsthand what works what doesn't how to get more engagement and so he's going to share with us some really practical tips so let's let's bring him on hi spencer hey, can you see me? Oh oh my god I spencer is something didn't you thank you for coming on here. We're really excited to have you on s o to start off why don't you tell us more about yourself and tell us about spray z and why we should all use your app well first, thanks so much for having me. I know you mentioned some other services there. Of course I've be...

en watching all day is really, really good course put home we're still kind of the underdog like we started ten months ago and we've helped fell in the cellars making millions of dollars already so it's just my co funder brady tonight like you said and, you know, we're kind of we're like completely free way to sell on incident in facebook so you think secrecy? You can basically turning experiment facebook into completely automated businesses, okay, so it's like three steps you khun sign up, created first product and post it and make your first sale in, like, five minutes, we try to make it as easy as possible, so I mean, from beginning, we built it with head made sellers in line, so I mean, now everyone uses it right anyone from, like, a musician who has a hundred thousand dollars eyes posting, like right now or, you know, a hand made tiller one hundred followers all across the board, but I mean so busy there's two main purchasing methods you're talking about coming buying, um, salty also, you know, does columbine, but the big difference with creasy is that there's no sign of requires so basically anyone in his room or facebook can purchase with no barrett entry, right? So all the foreigners millionaires from users become your crossword is potentially s o like, I know some people are skeptical about their customers leaving their military, but after like millions of dollars worth of sales, I can confirm that it's not a big deal that's really awesome that you don't have to have sign ups required, because I think that definitely can be a barrier because it's that one extra step that you make people go through right? So how does that work then? Do you just leave your e mail address then and that that's how you get their information? Yes so customers your customers going just come in with their email address on any of your struggle spree she posts on dh then we send them a security check out like automatically so you don't have to do with the extra work if you're selling on facebook, is it all staying within the facebook environment as well on facebook is the same thing so you can come in with your email to purchase and we send you a security check out like e mail okay, cool so we were talking a lot can you hear me? Ok, ok, yeah ok, cool. So in in our first segment of this workshop, I talked a lot about how to drum up engagement with your fans initially before we get into actually selling on social media on dh that's a that's something that I experienced myself and I know a lot of other makers struggle with that that if their engagement isn't good enough, then their people aren't really they're to comment sold do you? What do you think about that? And do you have any practical tips on how we can increase our engagement I mean, engagement is the only way that I can explain how like a merchant with five thousand followers only can outsell a merchant with two million followers, right? I like so I mean way have this chrissy has some merchants with one and a half million followers all across the board and we'll talk later about one merchant who only has seven thousand followers who is making a six year income basically beating everyone else. Yeah, eso engagement is everything I mean it's usually so I find the most successful spree see merchants. You know, they kind of build the page around themselves like around it's like one mean creator who is the focus of the page that people are going there for them. You know, it's like their journey of creating a lot of behind the scenes, you know, stuff pictures of them gathering materials I find that really effective. I know you meant before too. But imagine like when you when you see a picture of your you know this incredible cellar that you like buying stuff from when you see them gathering raw materials and then you see the final product and make it all better, I definitely have noticed that recently yes oh, engagement wise like trust you could build trust engagement, so I notice a lot of head made cellars even posting picture of their family um family life not not so much, but once in a while, a few times that we I seem that can only help with trust makes you feel a personal connection with them. Like a lot of the, uh, top earning merchant spree cr I almost feel like I'm going to a friend's feed friends instagram profile when I go to the press. So is it working now? Because we're not saying anything here? Were you really with tio choir all we're listening to you right here, so if you can't do anything, it could be because we're all just with me. Tio yeah did you have a tip? Stay, I could kind of cut you off, it will cement for sales like I find that out again. I'm thinking about this group of like the absolute top of the merchants who are earning sixty years or like figure the month started six years a year or like four or five figures a month. Yeah, they build habits for the customers. So either most common is a weekly sail at the same time every week maybe a biweekly cell uh quite popular or uh recently monthly sales are killing it like I'm seeing twenty thousand dollars in a day, right twenty five thousand dollars a day? Yeah, so I know you mentioned for example I kind of square just by taking that extra minute to find when your when your followers are most engaged like you khun to exercise a lt's so you gotta put in the time for things like that okay cool so you know in her initial phone call you mentioned that you because it's just you and braid and working on this right like these two guys I don't know how to do it if you go to this crazy website it's super polished and it's so easy to sign up in the entire experience it's really easy like as what spencer said it's just they make it really easy for you but everything's really polished everything's really solid and at the same time these guys the two of them alone are doing all the customers support all of technical support left you just you go first and they work with thousands of small business owners so it's just incredible what you do but so you've had a lot of firsthand experience working with these people do you have any case studies from like some of your top performing handmade sellers and what takeaways we can have on dh what what we can learn from you guys yeah this is the I mean this is the most exciting part right? Like I want to talk about some sellers who are earning six figure incomes on spree see alone right through their instagram or facebook pages uh when we started ten months you think I wouldn't I couldn't believe I would be saying that today s o we have enough time for maybe four sure yeah yeah do we burn? I think we have time we have we're in good time girlfriend let's do it okay, so I'll start with I mean I didn't get permission into their names so I mean I can give you any information besides that but we'll start with one handmade seller so this is a seller who is on instagram only and they have about seven thousand followers so that's not that many at least from what I see no that's not a lot of followers even getting that many and in a matter of months if you're really using your tips on it, you can have any in like a few months so yeah, I mean they're they're most recent forty eight hour monthly sale they earned about compels miller's right? So that's that's a secure income right there like if you're in more than whatever eight thousand four hundred that's a six figure income among so okay so basically they do one monthly cell um and they turned by a link so they use their spree si dot com shovel store actually didn't mention that every spring the seller gets this beautiful e commerce store of course for free everything is free with crazy but just so basically when you add a new products chrissy it's automatically out of your shell people specially store and it's just a beautiful minimally designed ah white background kind of mimics her instagram feed and so they use that store is where they direct their followers once a month to that bio link they build the hype on right and then essentially on in that minute like I watch, I love watching their sales because in that minute I look at my google analytics are their google analytics there's like eight thousand people on the store or something stupid something crazy like that s o one practical tips from them really smart I actually learned this from them and where I learned it from watching them and I tell it's a lot of sellers now, okay? So, like, one hour before their cell goes live they tell their they tell their virus teo, turn on post notifications. Um okay, uh, so I don't think you mentioned that in the course they do. Yeah. Can you explain more about that? Yeah. That's that's new door too. Okay, so yeah, so basically there's a new feature on instagram called turn on post notifications and you khun turn on push notifications for any instagrams profile so one hour before their sale they make a post like basically telling their customers go to her profile, go to the top right of the screen press that little dr dot menu you know I mean looks like three dots you press that on any profile ready the bottom it says turn on post notifications now when you press that as soon as they heard a new interim post you're gonna receive a push notification on your iphone that's like you can't get better than that when you're doing a flash sale and your customers are getting push notifications right? Yeah wow and then as soon as the sale's over there just so that you can turn it off if you want but even better if they don't agree wow! I didn't even know they exist I should tell my fans to do that teo and I mean for me it's great because I told my I tell every species tell her I can't because you know we wanted to make us many cells impossible really works um they also use oh I didn't mention the third purchasing method with secrecy it ties in to our next next to case that he's like way build automatic email it's marketing into every single post what I mean is every time your customer purchases from you once crazy we were given the option to subscribe to your store and what that means is that every time you create a new product it's added yourself will spread the store ok, I talked about that it's all we also email those oops carvers the product by email right? So it's like every single time replacement for just have the option to describe and most people do honestly so we're sending every time our top sellers are proposing products were sending we're sending their customers or thousand customers essentially check out lik e mails so they can purchase instantly and a lot of solar generating a bunch of cells from that so simple stuff right that just if you turn this thing on if you use this little feature it can help give you just that additional sales but it still fails right? So why not? Yeah that's great so let's see where was back tio this first case study um oh numbers so their last sale hates him three hundred and thirty orders in in twenty four to forty eight hours at fifty to seventy five dollars each so that's so that's like fifteen to twenty five thousand dollars in you know in two days but are you able to tell us what the product is or a general idea of the category that this falls under? Yeah it's him it wouldn't things I don't know e way we can work with that it's a cross it's a crafty thing I think you have it on your wall to really know what it was like a sign things probably a sign I think I think a lot of people do that like a physical size limit is there a physical size limit I don't think so right to what you can sell homes like a physical size measurement limit to what you can sell in squeezy no you can sell who there any product you can ever think of you can help me you can sell a house you can't sell a car whenever you want please fill your house first um s o so that's that cellar huh oh I mean just in general as far as like the six figure thing goes if you make two hundred sales at a fifty dollar price point you know that six figure income right there in a month it's like yeah so you know for doing custom I don't know whatever um and anything custom had made you can get a fifty dollar purse point and make two hundred sails at six figures it's one blowing and a lot of three cellars are doing that anyway on to the next one so this is another had made I think it's also wooden things of some sort of way you know what we're going to sell next right? Your business idea? Uh yeah I'm not really a crafter I I don't know what I do know how to help him sell I don't know what they're selling anywhere they have like thirty thousand followers so a little bit more and again they do the monthly monday so um this is a strict one day twenty four hours nothing over and they sell out every single time okay, so last sale they made you no more than ten thousand in one day uh which is incredible so yeah, I just want to go to this feat especially I feel like it's my friend um the for the entire month they're just posting incredible you know, inspirational stuff friendly stuff a lot of family pictures behind the scenes gathering the materials and it doesn't feel push it all it's like mostly a white thing um white backgrounds and whatnot and they push you know, five figures in one day every single month on but both of the last two sellers I guess they're similar but you know, they they have consistently moved I figures a month on I don't see why they wouldn't continue so but oh I guess one benefit uh but who would benefit of the multi cells I know you said in the beginning if you could do it again you would probably do monthly I'm starting toe think the same like because if the customer misses out on the multi sailed you know they're waiting thirty more days right? And I really, really excited about these multi sales that happened happening more and more so basically in their violates all throughout the month it says our sorry bio incident bios for the entire month it says next sale december fifth whatever so every new follower nose be here on december fifth yes oh that's really cool um any questions on that so I guess they're pretty similar home yeah yeah, I know, but it's really inspiring teo I definitely want to get back into doing sales on social media and especially designed this whole course has really inspired me to get back into it. Do you guys have any questions for spencer on that? How do you say that? She's going to secrecy creasy dot com es p r e s fine and you can sign up it'll take you thirty seconds you know, like people asked me is it really frees their catch? No no, I mean yes no weii we don't take any fees the only healer standard melfi's and honestly when I spoken to spencer I'm like how do you like it's? Just mind blowing we should all send like donates like, do you have a paypal button donate button on your website or something we could sending no it's so exciting I mean, I'm watching these cellars like when you get this call I'm watching thousands of incredible people actually making their living office it's wild yeah, but we're gonna monitor I'm sorry not monetize we're going teo make money eventually, but not from this course service we're gonna keep the course prison service free forever that's really great and I can't wait to see what you come up with and we can talk a little bit more about like future the future of specie in just a little bit but you mentioned you had two other case studies right that you can share with us? Yeah, I want to talk about kind of the fashion category it's not not handmade obviously, but a lot of these people are designing their own designs and printing them so it's you know, that's it kind of handmade anyway, so this is kind of like twenty shops twenty really top on experiencing fashion sellers and still that into one so all these people they post two times a week at exactly the same time, right? So they create that have it their customers know exactly when to be you know, on there it's your profile a lot of these sellers are making theirselves from the subscribe feature upon secrecy every time the post products wherever everyone's in sunday on their customers know that they'll get those emails, they don't even have to go to instagram they go to their email on wednesday and sunday and they can check out right away um so that's pretty cool and let's see um oh yeah again in their violence they say the days and the time that they they post right most of them say for example like sorry new post every wednesday and sunday at seven o'clock coming with the remoter purchase on on any post you um so these people they keep there they keep everyone in age with just super classy photos a lot of inspirational quotes that kind of stuff which get crazy engagement and this group does a lot of loops almost weekly loop giveaways I think you discussed that a little bit about giveaways but I didn't get until the doing actual loop giveaways on instagram so if you want to talk more about lou giveaways and how they're having how they're using that to bring in people for their sails so it works especially seat in the fashion world but we're like the fast fashion so but yeah, a lot of pretty sellers have gone from not having instagram profile last year to ten, two thousand followers and that's all from a big chunk of that is from instagram loops s o that luke is kind of anywhere from ten to fifty shops all pull together to give away one prize, so maybe a five hundred dollar gift card this is where I do see gift cards being really effective I know you said they weren't for for the other kind of give away her loops that air like people want to win that ball in teller's really so imagine ten shops participate it's called a loop because the first shop tag the second shop the second shop tag the third shop they'll post at the same time and the customers to enter you you have to go to each shop that's next in the loop so on down to get to the ten shop in the loop you entered to win right? So it's a really quick way to get it's a quick way to get a seller is a quick way to get exposed to the followers of nine news jobs which couldn't which could add a lot of which get a lot of revenue honestly so so they use loops to really effectively weekly loops honestly that's been working out really well for them very also was this third the fashion category did you have anything else I spent on that are, um that's good for that but the most exciting post ever on spree see, I want to talk about that case study because that was a thirty five billion dollar post one facebook post it might even be forty thousand now because it keeps selling and selling a film it's been up for like two months? Yeah way launch facebook two months ago um this cellar was like the first ever try it and it just went viral it's you know, because of the common buying and and the relatability of this this certain product so many notifications air generated like there's been seventy six thousand likes sixteen thousand shares okay and eleven thousand comments, most of which were to buy it so imagine that that's an insane amount of notifications like this post has reached who knows how many million people and the seller had thirty thousand thirty thousand facebook fans when they when they posted it but it was all from boo thing so you know about boosting better now do like I didn't realize he was actually effective until this post um this thirty five thousand dollars post but what she did was she did a huge initial booth like hundreds of dollars maybe two, three hundred dollars to the pages fans and friends offense and then just every day even until today for the last two months he's been boozing like whenever tens of dollars not that much and if one, you know, if two people buy the product she's made our money back on the boost and usually it's more like ten, twenty, thirty people buying every single day. So it's and she pointed to the teller for paige and so I mean products on facebook I've never seen like a product instagram have a lifetime like that have a lifetime a life cycle like that so facebook is I mean, I like instagram way more for selling, but we do offer facebook telling teo and yeah, I mean because of the souls that one to one social proof of your friends commenting your friends liking on facebook it generated sales that's really awesome do you are you able to tell what this category of what or what item they're selling oh yeah this was a trucker hat checker hands actually e well yeah there's I mean, I guess one thing to learn it from it was it was a seasonal products like for that exact month even on dis a little success with recruiting that success with, you know t different teams or very specific I think college teams stuff like that but it was the season one that really killed it. Okay, okay, how that's all really inspiring I don't know if you guys feel like wow, you can do this and wait if you plug in the stuff that you talk about in this course into spree see everyone to be making five sixty I mean six figures like I'm very comfortable so can you share with me for the people who have signed up this crazy and some of your top sellers? Do they also have, like marketing elsewhere like do they have mailing list? Do they have ah ah website that they normally sell it as well? Are are they solely just selling on instagram and facebook? I would say it's it's happened half so of course everyone had to have something before they sign on for spirit we were her new but half of those cases just mentioned they're using only spring so it's like used their spree seashell double store as there is their website and they used there and in the use of going through that's the that's the majority of cases for sure we're trying to replace me I want to replace websites I wanna replace at seo so I want to replace email list I wanted one reason to do it all but you know we just need a little more time and maybe a few more developers and people that's his ad job posting right there for anyone who's watching wants to contribute you have a question? Yeah, how does someone with a handmade product that gets that much volume handle that? Because let's say you've got like, suddenly you've got five hundred people, they're clamoring for your product, you as customer service? How does that like? Okay, it's backlog like four weeks now that you'll wait and how to customers still with that and curious? Um well, the great thing is I don't handle customers, it was for the shops that would wouldn't be able to do this course if I wouldn't have time to do this course if I did that, but I mean, basically you can limit how many units are selling purcell yeah, well, make sure you never over sell it's all automated but yeah, those sellers who were doing five hundred in a sale but they're doing it once a month, so the rest of the month is spent creating things kind of expand on that if you ever want to talk about getting production, helping things like that it's kind of outside the scope of this course, but it's something that I've done with my own company where, you know, making this miniature food product you have this idea that like no one else can learn how to do it the way you can but it's not true, you can definitely teach if you've taught yourself how to do what you can definitely teach and break it down for someone else to learn and then you can build a production team to help you with that volume when you get there s o spencer, I have another question for you. So if you've been watching up to this far, you know how they talk about when I was doing a sale a week I started the sales started to lose novelty for me. Andi eventually started to taper out and I stopped doing all together because with so much work, what have you seen normally with your cellars and has that happened? Is there a pattern for that? And do you have any tips for what to do better or how we can avoid ever getting into that tapering out phase I have noticed it now because it's a bit like some of our oldest sellers have been on for whatever nine months. So I noticed that turnover of customers a little bit like you said it's like how many pieces of scented food delivery can one person have? So at some mean, I guess if I were a woman, I could probably a lot, but, uh, it sounds pretty. It sounds pretty awesome, but anyway, so the top sellers are constantly every single week. Okay, devoting a tte leased a few posts to getting your followers and this the last few months I've noticed like shops lots to be really effective our share for share what everybody call it like not only is it free, but you can kind of those kind of grow with you as you get bigger. So if you only have one hundred followers now due a share for share or shops swap with someone else who has a hundred followers we have a thousand do with a thousand then you're exposing your customer base to this really awesome other softy you hand pick and you get exposed to a thousand followers of whatever ten dollars in new customers that's really effective free yes oh that's cool, but honestly, it's, like I said before, with some of these really successful exteriors there like they feel like they're your friends feeling it's your friend's not not a business, so that kind of never gets old it's like if you're building a kind of a roundabout you as the maker you know, people people stick around way longer even if they don't make this, you know, make a purchase in the third month of the nice ones maybe they'll make it in the twelfth month if you keep around so children behind the scenes the family stuff the you know, the actual making keep the pros coming you know, I mean, you have to just be authentic about it but you will like it it's not like customer they only have so much wall space only have so much on their neck and ears threw it over there, so I mean, okay, tio discouraged if you know if those customers don't keep converting, but just don't be a dick about it. You know one more thing on when the cellar I notice when sellers get to a really high level maybe when they get closer like fifty thousand followers on a lot of them split their instagrams into two pages so one for the main uh one for the man a count and then one for other flash sales or one for actually just like only for their shop, so then you can start to funnel like the whatever percentage of those fifty thousand customers or even ten billion customers whatever percentage of those people are like serious about shopping and which one is kind of just want your other content and that's actually that'll be really helpful from marketing to the different groups you could do that at any level do you have a thousand it doesn't that could be pretty effective also it's better to have two accounts in one I guess that's a really great too because that that means that when you have that separate account for just people who are interested to buy your products you can market to them a little bit more aggressively too because you know that they're open to that you know that they want to buy stuff from you this has been really awesome spencer oh my goodness I'm learning so much from this and I'm sure everyone else in the audiences to esso why don't we take the last few minutes here to tell us some of the cool features that you guys are working on for sprees e what is the future of sprays you look like what can we look forward to and as well as any links that you want applaud crispr easier any cool promotions you have going on just give it all to us sure well I mean first again like I really appreciate it so much having me on and talking about prissy like you know you don't have to do that, so thanks mae and uh, creative life that's really awesome, but I don't want to sound like an ad for a spree see, like, you know, it sounds like it'll work for you then I really hear you two try it. I think I think it will work for you, but if it doesn't it's totally free, get rid of it. You know, send me like all of our features over important features are dictated by this by the merchants. They tell us what they want and we build it even if you want a single village easily and so most relevant feature today that's coming is etc product import um, I want I want at the cellar, teo really that they can make more money on social than on that? Yeah, so we're doing, yeah, I'm really confident about that and before it will probably be released today. Like october fifteenth tomorrow? Yeah, but in general we're focusing on automating marketing so it's really hard to build email list and maintaining all that all that craziness. So we're going to build those features industry see it's going to be it's going to be the fallen one solution for social commerce um and and I hope that you know that people can actually make their full time living all have facebook and we're going to expand it to every other social network, and then we have some other interesting things coming into other sixteen that, you know, maybe you'll find out thank you so much spend surfer coming on here, I mean, it's, it's such a pleasure and honor to have you and your brains on here, too, because you had you've worked with so many of these makers, you have that first hand experience working with them, so you have a wealth of information to share, so I really appreciate you coming on, and I was just telling him on the phone when I was chatting with him, that I hope that really soon he makes a lot of money because I mean, all this stuff, I mean, he doesn't even want to talk about his spacey like guys, if you want to sign up for it, go to spree, si dot com and find some way to get his address, so you consent check or something? I they're not monetizing like eventually on eventually they're going to have to, but I, you know, it's just really amazing it's just really amazing the stuff that they're doing, so I hope that one day they will make I hope that one day you will become a millionaire from this, ok, you're doing awesome also look even if you're not it's pretty seller, I'm totally happy to help, like you only had supported spree. She dot com. Yeah, anything I can help with, especially first person cellar, even if you're not whatever. But thanks so much for having me. Wait, you're so awesome! Thank you so much, spencer.

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