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Lesson 11 from: Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

Mei Pak

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11. Q&A

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Maybe we can take some questions since we have some extra time right? Yes but it doesn't want to hear of any questions about the second segment on photos a graphics so what happened you put your comment so comment sold to buy so how does that work from there like does that does that go to this the spree z or the soul z or the whatever when that you choose yet yes yes so whatever you choose if it's sold see I have this photo already then all I do is logging into sole c then I start uploading my product listing information so I take that graphic I just made I put it on there and then I start typing in the description I type in how many quantities I have for each product but basically yes then I just take that into the program and I believe the same works for spree z as well hi. Um I was wondering do you quarter mark your regular instagram posts and what sort of after use for that? So I that's a great question I'm kind of I have mixed feelings about it. So if your watermark is it looks go...

od and it's not it's not getting in the way of your main photo that's the best thing you can do so if you can make your watermark kind of transparent a little bit you know not something that is totally taking over your photo so if you can create a watermark that's like that that would be the best thing to do on dh yes I do agree that is a great idea actually for a lot of my posts whenever I can I actually even spell out my girl where people can shop for my for my jewelry so that way if your post gets reposted or if on facebook if it's get sharing around at least people seeing that no people don't read a lot you know we were a version where were very visual people so we like to see photos and until ah photo can engages we're not going to read the text right so I like to put text overlays onto my pictures so adding my you're all assholes something you can do what I actually have is I have saved on there a picture off my watermark so it's the regular size of the post I normally posts and it's normally about six hundred pixels square and then I have and it's all white and the only thing on that picture is my watermark which is on the bottom right corner is just the local off it was just a picture of my local and then what I do then using some of these aps you can take that and put it on top of the photos you have and then turned down well you can set it to um, the blend layer to multiply. Have you heard of that? I think some maps will let you set the blend layer, and then you want to do multiply and what that does is it takes the white and it makes the photo completely see through. So you're seeing the photo, but the little part where your logo was showing through will show right through it. And I believe you can do that with some of these aps, but I'd normally do that with photo shop or with the free program. I talked about gimp or jim power. You say that. So whenever you can use water marks, I recommend you do it because but make it look pretty. Basically, you want people to be able to share it easily. Any other questions in our audience today? There's a few questions online. May I, um a couple of questions people had questions about shipping costs were doing the comment, buying one asked how does shipping work isn't included? And someone is sonia be asked, can you include the shipping ads? I mean, shipping costs. Can you add those in seoul ssi so insulting? Yes, it's part of your settings where you tell you, I believe you can do wait shipping you khun do flat rate shipping you khun do shipping for and that's what I normally do because my jewelry is so light but it's basically yes it's in the settings you can set it up ahead of time and then when people go through that purchasing process they're going to be prompted with showing you what shipping options you want and with sold so you can do all sorts of things like fru shipping after a certain amount or you can give them different varieties like first class mail priority mail or express mail and just let them choose you can also give them free shipping if you want s o for something like that then of course you know you either eat the costs or you would at the cost to the product and then you would say it's free shipping but yeah it's all in the settings for sould see it's probably the same way with crazy too but I haven't used it myself and we had some general questions about about what we're talking about from this morning so I didn't want teo address some of those boy girl party wanted to know how much time a week do you spend on facebook where it's his other aspects of your business I'm doing in doing this kind of work well I don't spend any time on facebook anymore because I have a virtual assistant that handled the call for me so susie hi, thanks for watching that's boy girl girl party she's a friend so with facebook, the bulk of the time that you will spend on is in finding the content in posting the content, but I have a really cool app that I use and I have a subscription for its called edgar and you can find this at meet edgar dot com and what I really like about this app is it. Remember how we talked about that photo and content library that you've accumulated for all your studio pictures? You can put all of that into edgar and you can categorize your posts, right? You can put in studio cattle you khun have in studio pictures as a category you can have other people's content as a category could have product promotions as a category, and then you can tell edgar you can give it a schedule for went to post what on what day at what time and automatically schedule it for you so one it's a skip it it's schedules your post in advance, but what I really love about it and what I feel it's worth the price for is once it runs out of posts in each category, it will start recycling and it's all totally random, so I never have to actually go into facebook and manually as I showed you earlier like you know, actually put the post in actually kick click schedule and actually select the time and date because that all takes a lot of time with edgar I do it just once and we'll start randomly just picking from all these different categories and automatically send it off for me. So a lot of my time I actually now spend most of my time on instagram but with facebook it's pretty much hands off and then all my virtual assistant does when I first got up with when I first started off with edgar I told her to go through all the past post that she's done for me manually and all of that content put it into edgar you can even do it with other people's content too which is really cool about it even it like blah posts if your shop has a blawg you can import your block posts and half that randomly scheduled out and sending automatically for you onto facebook it also does it for twitter so this is the whole thing with social media it's kind of this beast that you have to continuously feed every day and that's what I don't like about it is that it's just you know that piece of work that you have to keep maintaining every day for as long as you're in business so edgar really helps with taking that pressure off of you so it's like this is also a good point that I want to make his ones once you've gone through all of the post, you have for example, if you have like, a hundred different photos off, you're in studio photos once you start recycling that don't worry about people saying like, oh, you've posted that before, like, you can't do that, sure you can, they're not going to remember that you posted it like three or four months ago, well, maybe three or four months might be a little bit too short, so maybe do it six months until you start recycling, so make sure you you want to you keep giving it content, but it also takes a lot of the pressure off of you to have to keep going in there to manually schedule it. One more question from the morning shannon one seven two wanted to know how do your tactics of regular sales on social media work for products that arm or expensive, one of a kind products? And related to that a couple people asked if you're doing such frequent sales, is that devalue your product? Because people might dissuade for the sale to buy? Okay, if it's like every week for instance, yeah, sure so to answer your ladder question when I was actually doing sales, you know, the word sales can also mean like discount, right? What I was doing was I wasn't discounting the products well I was for some of them, so let me break that down for every time I did a sale, I sold five different products, one of which was an exclusive product that I made just for the sale and for that product I would actually increase the price for that because people were getting in kind of a pre order, they were getting first dibs, I thought that meant that they had to pay a little bit of premium for that for the other products of the other four I was taking it from my regular product line and I was just discounting it by like, three dollars, so it's not a big deal it's like ten percent off and in fact, when I was doing a sailor day, the best items that I was selling with the exclusive products soto answer, I believe that was your first question higher prices and more one of a kind pieces if you have one of a kind pieces there are exclusive, your product is going to do really well selling on social media because there's that social pressure and that sense of urgency when someone sees that other people have commented sold on your products and they've bought your stuff, they're going to feel like, oh my gosh, there's on ly one available and you're not going to make any more I have to, you know make sure that I get your sail on time and be the first person to comment soul because otherwise someone's going to buy it before me. When it comes to premium products, I have found that there can be a sweet spot for the products that you're selling. I don't think it's impossible. I know that there are people there is a company out there that that sells bicycles on social media on facebook, and they do really well. I found that prices under one hundred dollars do pretty good and then this does depend on your customer as long as they are expecting that this is your regular price point, they're used to it that's going to be that's going to be fine, but I have definitely for my own products. You know, my general price ranges between twenty two, maybe thirty dollars, but I don't know if you remember at the start of this workshop I showed you a picture of what I would do is a charm bracelet where you can choose to me to five different charms. You know, if I'm selling one term for twenty to thirty dollars, a three charm bracelet or five charm bracelet is going to add up, right? So I started at three charms at seventy five dollars. So even for my customers, that's, more than they normally spend on. But even for a sale like that, I can normally sell five bracelets and make five hundred dollars in one evening. So it's definitely possible. Yeah.

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