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Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

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Systems for Comment Buying

Mei Pak

Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

Mei Pak

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9. Systems for Comment Buying

Lesson Info

Systems for Comment Buying

So welcome to segment two of this course we're going to talk about creating the actual sale, so the first thing I want teo kind of introduce to you is that there's several ways that you can do comment buying basically s o the first way is pretty much do it yourself, and I've done this too before I started using paid aps and programs, but basically, what you're doing is you're taking a picture of your product and you're putting it on facebook or instagram you're giving the price. You know, in your description, you're talking a little bit about the product, giving people a reason why you think they should buy it, and then you just give some instructions tell people that if they want to buy it, all they need to do is just comment with their papal email address, and then what you're going to do is they're going to go into your paypal, you're going to create an invoice, send it to them, and then you're just going to wait for them to pay. Um, so there are other aps out there because you prob...

ably from just hearing me say that there are a lot of imperfections with doing a d I y style, for example, what if you what if the person doesn't pay on time? What did they take their time to pay? You want some systems and some ways to encourage them to pay sooner rather than later? Right on? Do you want a way to really manage all of the people who bought your stuff? Esso in some way, if you want to create a papal invoice, make sure you're also getting their shipping address. So if you were to utilize an app, for example, like sold see, this is an app that I used when I did a sale a week and I love using it so at the time they were doing, I think I was paying like two hundred dollars a month for this and that would include commissions, so once I went past two hundred dollars a month and commissions, then I would start paying the the extra that I would need teo. But at the rate that I was going with, how many sales I was having and how much revenue always making that was totally worth it and the people at seoul see their support is amazing like they actually talk you through like how to get better engagement and how to get your fans to see more of your posts and how do advertising so you're really paying for their support as well, but some of the really cool things that you get with sold see is what's really nice is all you do, you know, going back to that? You post a photo of your picture a photo of your product online on facebook or instagram if if your customer is the first time buying from you, all you need to do is just to get them to click a link to register so they just register once and from that time on and any future sales, all they need to do is type sold if they want to buy something in the comments and sole c has like some a I programming coding, things happening in the back end, and it will it comptel when someone has typed and sold, and if you're registered, then it will automatically just send that papal invoice well it's on the papal envoys, but they'll send them an invoice with what they want on dh look really pretty and all, you'll keep them all within facebook and that's what I really like about this, you're not logging off to a different website and keeping everything in facebook I feel like helps with that conversion rate of getting someone to buy because it's it's kind of weird, but like when you think about the psychology of the people in facebook, people are really comfortable on facebook in all their surrounded by their friends their kind of their barriers are down, but that bubble that they have is down, so if you can get them to when they're most comfortable there going to be more open to buying your stuff and they're going to be if you make it easy for them to be there, checking out is going to be a lot easier. So in terms of like my conversion rate, every time someone said sold seventy five percent of those people would actually pay up. So it's a really, really high engaged conversion rate from from seoul to actually paying customer what's nice about sould see to is that if someone doesn't pay up after, say, six hours, they'll send them an invoice reminder so that's really nice it's all automatic but it helps get that sail for you it does the work for you what's also really cool a feature that they have asses waiting line feature so for example, you have one one unit of your product for sale and you have three people who want to buy it the first person who comment sold gets first dibs and if the two people who comment sold two, they get placed in the waiting line so what can happen is if that first person who commented sold doesn't pay their invoice on time then sold see it's smart enough to tell them sorry we're going toe hand this off to the next person who commented, sold and then they'll send the invoice to the second person so that's also really cool and you know, if you did this all d I y you'd have to manage this all yourself and it can get really time consuming and honestly really hard to manage so it's salty also, you basically have a hole back end where what you're doing is you're actually creating the sale post into sould see, so you're uploading photo there you're typing in the description there you're telling it how many quantities you have of your product in there and then you can tell it when to schedule the post and it will automatically send it out to instagram or two to facebook um and then once you start getting orders, all of that information your customer's address or customers email address what the customer bought is all in this one platform that you just log into and it's really easy for you to just print all of the orders that you want so you know what to ship out to who another great example that I think just came out recently because when I was using sold in two thousand fourteen I wasn't aware that this existed, and maybe they did, but I wasn't looking for a new solution, right? So spree z dot com is exactly like sole c, but it's free, which is what's really great about it, so it's, almost identical, I personally haven't used it myself, so I can't really tell you what the experience is like, but what I'm really excited about is that the co founder of spree see spencer costanzo he's going to be joining us later in this workshop for an interview, and he's going to share a lot of great tips on some of the thousands of makers that he's worked with on dh, how they've gotten really great success with their own social media sales. So I really encourage you to check out spray z dot com as a free option, I think it's crazy that it's all free, but you know better for us right now, it's, just this guy spencer and his partner, brayden, who are coating this program, and it's it's really fleshed out it's really, really solid service on and it's free to use, so really take advantage of that. Another example is have tohave it? This is where it turns your instagram feed into kind of a shop, a ble feed where it will connect let's say you take a picture of one of your products and let's say it's, a lifestyle picture is just sitting on your desk, you can connect it to the product that is in your shop and then when someone's clicking around on instagram or tapping around on instagram, they will be redirected to your shop and they will they will get sent directly to that that product listing, so that makes it easier for them to shop from you. I haven't used this myself either, and personally I am not. I'm not sceptical, but I'm I'm not sure how this will really help in terms of the instagram sales. I think I'd recommend that you try out spree ze first because we'd have to have it. You still kind of have to get off of instagram and then still go to your website and then still go through that, you know, lengthy checkout process that we talked about at the very beginning of this workshop, but the's air options for you to check out, you know they're available to you. So do your research if you want to and and see what they look like.

Class Description

Sell to your customers where they already spend their time – on social media!

All of the major platforms are introducing ways to buy in-stream, but few businesses take advantage of these cutting edge features. Find out how you can reach your target market and move more product in Selling On Social: A Complete Guide with Mei Pak.

Mei is a veteran maker, artist, and designer and in this class, she’ll share her step­-by­-step framework for mapping out and executing a social sales campaign. 

You’ll learn:

  • The right way to get your fans ready for a sale
  • How to create buzz and promote your sales event
  • Product photography and graphic design basics
  • What to do on the actual sale day and how to follow up

Mei will show you a variety of super simple ways to sell directly on social media (even if you don’t have a huge fan base or e-commerce website).

If you sell clothes, accessories, jewelry, gifts, art, or­­ even food – Selling On Social: A Complete Guide will show you how to turn your fans and followers into loyal, paying customers.


Ting Yuen

I really enjoyed this class. Mei Pak is a fantastic teacher, she is easy to understand and extremely knowledgeable. I have learned a lot from this course, if anyone that is not hands on with selling through social media this is definitely the course to take. Thank you Mei for your expertise.


I vowed I would never purchase another course again because every course I've ever purchased was filled with fluff. After doing a google search regarding comment selling I came across Creative Live. Mei's honesty sold me. I am BEYOND over the moon that for only $79. Mei provided a step by step with actual reasoning behind Selling Social. I highly recommend this course!!! As needed, I will purchase courses from Mei and the future and provide you all with my honest feedback. Thank you Mei. Yoli Rapp


I'm so thankful that I could attend. Mei is an excellent Mentor and explained each step of the way. I left refreshed and renewed and ready to do the needed tasks to position myself towards my goals. I'm listening again while I work!