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Bonus Video with Purchase: "Photoshop Workflow: Actions"

Okay, now we're going to get through a few of my favorite actions some of my favorite action companies would be life camera actions totally rad and kevin cambodia's actions those you're typically the ones that I go teo all their tremendous actions out there but the ones that at him tear torture from theirs three companies and like I said once I get a set of actions and know him inside now so let's get through this this is strike from players camera tonto just a quick edit on what actually fit the bright never face just a tad I'm going to run through inaction called can oh well past if I could say that so let's run through this and see what happens basically this action I use only when there's a lot of texture going on you can see what it's going to happen and that typically keep my brush set at a very fluffy soft brush at forty percent it's just something that I don't like to do I can show you what this action does and almost gives it somewhat of an h e r look and I love using it when ...

there's a lot of texture are there there's you know, a lot of a lot of stuff going on on her legs and his tights from the shoes on her necklace this furniture behind here this chair right here and if you look well taken away you can see the dimension than it gifts so I'm gonna flatten this and flat and I've got a zaha kids well, I'm going to run the action again can go back over some of their spaces you got the sides of the furniture and your tights again your outfit get the chandelier books furniture back here so you can tell what it does well, shame you before and after here is the before here's the after it just gives a little bit of pot with something that's got a lot of texture so what happens from here on flattened and then I would run a pool party on this pool party is an action that just it looks fantastic when it's natural I love it on the outside gonna flatten it and I've got a bin yet so that was the hot key you throw men yet around it what's my layer flatten it I'm going to go save it very habit a newfound favorite action for mai is called popsicle and it's from kuroda's artistic tools by on four I love what it does to an image sometimes I don't like necessarily what it does to the skin so allah do is run the action mask it off of her face her skin it just gives it another dimension another look if it's too strong for you, you can just bump it down another signature action that I love to run is called t stay, and it is from photos artistic tools, volume three I used a lot of tea stain for a lot of blair's in which is this is an actual fact that you have to watch it has to be ran are, eh? Probably exposed image. I don't like the way that it looks on an under expose image or darker image darker background, but I love the way than it looks on and overexposed images. Well, but t st I used a whole lot another signature action that we've done here in the studio is chock a lot and it's from life camera actions, vintage touch action set. This is one I actually stumbled upon because on this is an action that typically would not have chosen for our studio, but I found that on over exposed or very bright white backgrounds absolutely love it is called chaka lot. I love the way that it looks like I said don't own brighter, wider pictures. It just looks fantastic. Another action that not tightly loved it is toasty from life hammer actions is the vintage touch actions, and I love the way loves a lot the way brings a highlight of the great brings out low white I used. Tosi on about fifty percent of the black and wider the centre de saturated images used for blair tendon teo love the black and white and bronze and chocolate feel of actions from kevin cambodia own I typically will run what's called bronze god and it is from I'm sorry ever in this action before ever this image has quite still in that it is from his artistic tools find him three I'm like this because it's not a c v a it's on a black and white it looks fantastic on darker backgrounds for a more dramatic look so bronze god one is when my very favorites another one of my black and white favorites is this it is the black and white, the new mid bright it's from kevin cambodia's volume three artistic artistic tools buying three I love this one is just it's a nice claim, black and white. A lot of times I run this on the plane, she bring light, I don't like it on the darker backgrounds lovett owned the brighter backgrounds in many times what I do is I will over it's so something and then bring the levels back down with this action I'm just like the way that it looks, especially with the lighter background, so when I've got a darker background for a for a more dramatic field I'm going to bronze god won whenever it's a lighter background and just a pretty black and white I'll go with black and white the new mid bright an action that I used a tremendous amount would be derelict and it's from totally rad caffeine jolt I use this on I would say seventy percent of blair's images I don't like the way it is straight from the action that's another thing if you can play with your actions and try the capacity go with the different layers that are inside there you'll find some really cool tricks so let me show you with this image what I want teo love dear like outside inside I love it everywhere just gives it a really cool look let me brighten up her face just a tad you get so here comes daily dare like this gives it a coal look but I don't like it said only seventy percent that it comes out typically will lower down around thirty and then I don't like the white necessarily it always looks on the skin so I'm asking off and take it right off her skin because they don't love the way that it looks on her scam but I love the way that it looks everywhere else so that's derelict here's another dare lit like I said that with one understand was in a studio here's an outdoor one I love the way that looks I'm gonna bump down just passing a tad you know, masking off her face and I don't really like this action on their faces, but I love it everywhere else, so we've got virulent here I'm going to run cannot will pass and show you what it can do to something like this as well anywhere I've got texture I'll typically use this action because I love it before there's after just a few seconds to do something like that, I would say that seventy percent of blair's images that are shot outdoors would have this treatment done to it. This is not an action I could set it up is an action. This is just something that the treatment that I use um the majority of blair's images that are shot on location outdoors this is strike from cameras, so I'm going to show you exactly how it ad more and more dimension to this picture was some colorants or some quick trip we're going to copy the layer, we're going to set it on multiply we're going to mass common masco what I don't want I'm still a forty percent I don't like one hundred percent brush just because I think it is too much most of time get out to the track that most whilst tractor definitely off her, but I absolutely love what it does to sky and the ground then we'll run derelict over this right down just had taken off her and the tractor and then we're going to run a feel like there really has to bring some of it back perfect that's not typically do until a lot of blair's images that are shot outdoors when they're already pretty to begin with, I just give them some money and there we have it another signature action that our uses from life camera actions absolutely love eggshells and it is from his vintage touch actions shoot it looks like it almost gives it a blue field. I use this a whole lot and if you look at actions, enter here you can just what you don't like, so if you don't like the whole treatment you can, you can bring it down to stab if you don't like the blues a whole lot of you no more blues, you can bring it up, you bring it down, they're serving the things you can do without action if you just know if you know what means I'm out one thing I love about life camera actions not only does brett have some of the coolest color tone actions around that I feel would fit most any brand that you could you could definitely find something that fits your brand within his actions all his action sets, but one thing I love about his actions is that he implies an action with a little bit of color adjustment and then texture of the top of it was a mask with the brush set ready together I'll show you I'm gonna run cat scratch fever which is one of my favorites is from his texture pack buying one it automatically applies a texture your math with your brush said a white ready to get something going take this off her skin just had a love it just the way he is a really cool trick when you are dealing with color of tom's a player's clam sessions or of seniors have color in their jewelry of color and their hearings their outfits a really cool trick to make them pop will be something like this you created in layers choose this too soft light and then you simply come over here to your color palette we're going to play with her shattering your click on that color and breck brighten it up I keep my brush and about forty percent and we're just gonna brush on this color they need to be careful because obviously it will it will go on a color that you don't want teo but it really picks up the color that do want teo and all you have to change colors it's click on the color palette luscious they were going to use this electrically right here right up there is gonna paint it all in through here krever hearing right not out that could be it well, teo, get some grain in through here, but I see she's got some grain and her eye shadow. Hang it all up here. At a little bit more boy, she didn't know she had on green eye shadow until now. Then ring in front of her as just a tad was the color of her lips. Give a little more color to a swell so you can see, and just that little step with soft, white and new layer. What kind of color that adds to your image.

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Are you ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join award-winning photographer Blair Phillips for an introduction to everything you need to know about taking portraits for high school seniors.

In this three-day course, you’ll learn about how to market yourself to the high school audience, no matter where you live or who you know. Blair will discuss his signature techniques for effortless, versatile posing. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about both off-camera and natural lighting, including how to create foolproof lighting setups, even if you’re working without an assistant. Blair will also cover strategies for creating a productive workflow and working confidently in a wide variety of settings.

By the end of this course, you’ll have be equipped with the core marketing techniques and one-of-a-kind photography skills needed to connect with high school seniors, give them results they’ll love, and grow your business.


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Blair is great. This class is packed full of great info and is a genuine good hearted person.. Really like his approach with high school seniors. I recommend it.


Loved watching Blair Phillips. He has so much energy and is very entertaining to watch. He was extremely well prepared and did a fantastic job.