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Photoshop & Efficient File Structure

My wife was very generous and trust me when it comes to the photo shop an average session that I do again, we're delivering forty to sixty images she'll take a complete session that I do a senior session, I give you the card, she downloads it, she edits every single image first she calls through the images throws out the ones we don't want, she edits every single image, and when I say at it, I don't mean just like, you know, one little thing, I mean, she hoax the images up makes him look spectacular, and they're ready, they're done twenty five minutes or so she's got a whole session edited, finished, done gone, so I asked her I said, you know, since you're so good at what you do, would you mind putting together a video of a sequence of videos on how you handle files, how you do some of your general editing? And she said, oh, gosh, player, I don't know if I can do that. I don't know if I want to be I don't know if I want my voice on camera, so everyone had to leave work and she went bac...

k up to where she went backto work that night, and she said, all right, I'm going to do this and she wouldn't let anybody in the room while she was doing it but she is so cute how she was doing everything and she picks on me for saying the same words over and over like I say when I'm going into something else I'll say so it's so funny because she does the same thing so right right back right back at you so let's talk a little about photo shop and let's talk about how to maximize our profits through photo shop and the good thing about it is a seaside behind have your note pads but you're not even gonna need you note pads because you have the class available to you right afterwards as well on dh that's the good thing about creative live is you don't have to cram with notes because you can go back and watch it over and over and over again and let's talk about organizing your files again you have to be in a certain system that every time you go into photoshopped you do the same sequence of events leading up to the point where you're actually going to start photoshopping images right? So this next one I'm going to show you a video and this is her talking about how to structure your files howto once you import your card how do you set up all your files? What do you what do you do? So this next video is going to show you exactly that it's about three to four minutes long so I think it'll add ah lot of profit to your organization if you follow these steps so let's check out this video okay? The first thing I do and blair gives me and media car it's not open up to windows that you see here they have a file structure which is this voter right here that I organized all of our images and all of our files exactly we need thio server I'm going to explain to you have got this file set up on my gear it keeps on my desktop the till dasan right in front of clot name all that does is the till dasan keeps is very top so athletically is the first thing you see so beer easy client name a sub folder inside that is session a sub folder inside that is master one master to order product review social media vendors in video let me explain to you exactly how I got this set up master won and master two folders what that is and those are the images that blair shot on his card so here the oven is right here we'll take all of them select all drive them over to master one and drive them over to master shake now what that does is master one I don't touch again I don't delete anything from there I don't do any sort of anything any sort of color anything in master one stays exactly from what was shot over here on the car master too master tu folder is what I'm going to edit that's what? I'm going to delete the ones I don't like I'm gonna mess with color on the ones that they light master too will be renamed master tube will be what the client sees they will never see master one files as you know there's a j pick shooter so when I say brought files I mean straight from camera just as they are my clients will never see masha when voters they will on ly see master two folders the or photo er the product voter ruby social media vendors and video folders all days are extras that air in this client folder and basically this is to help us organize things the order photo is simply what it is when adam gets out of the sales room and they order from master change let's just say they order ten items ten pictures those ten pictures will be coffee into the order folder that way when I order it's an easy sweet I'll have to do is upload that whole folder those images are retouched but just for a tad bit I'm looking for stray hairs bumps anything like that I may spend thirty minutes thirty seconds on the images they actually order as a final touch up order and grab that folder uploaded teo because it easy, sweet and order right from there that saves me from picking through the entire master to folder of the ones they actually ordered the product voters exactly what it is is any sort of product. It could be a graduation announcement. It could be a folio typically psd that's where I keep him are in the product folder, so if I wanted to get back and change something on a graduation that's when I misspelled the name that yesterday is going to resign right in this product, voter room view is exactly one of the client send us images of their home using that sticker that you simply talk about in the pricing section that's where those images will go. So when they email us or text us that's where those images will land in the room, the voter off their client voter that lands on our server social media there's a couple of different subcategories in social media, you've got block images, facebook images and four images it's just forty years as I'm editing these images, if I see one that's worthy for a block, I throw it in the blocks in the block folder of social media if I see one that like for facebook, same thing for there. Forum and then some people our own forums if you ever have an image that you love from a session, throw it in there, just saying she from having to go back to the master to boulder and hand pick out things. So as I'm ending the images of the throw them into the sub categories of social media, vendor's vendors is typically on lee used for ways, so as I said again, if I'm editing a wedding and I come across a fantastic image of the flowers thrown in there and send it to the florist or cake or the dresses for a venue, anything like that would have been with vendors category I throw in there isn't anything, so I don't have to go back against that master to voter and hand pick out the ones I want to email facebook, whatever to the vendors, the video, which is a huge part of our business, they got several subcategories as well in a motor compressed and roll finish it's exactly what it is again animate will land in there the compress and raul that's typically when we're shooting with a bigger camera, things that you seem blair do video marking when the things we most used in this subcategory will be that's where the animal lanes so hopefully that helps with a little bit of file structure on just generally how to set up folders and that way you can go back and access everything there's no guessing there's no guesswork and you know it helps with metadata the way that she does everything so she could just go right back find everything is super super easy so again if you don't have everything organized from the conception of when you first begin and how in the world are you going to keep up with it on the back end right, any questions about any of that that she that she did there see if I can help you I get what's his time as far as like getting everything organized before you start doing that but do you when you said she was the euro images also but I guess that kind of flows in the way you see it it's also have you guys talked about what type of right you may do? Yeah and you know, a lot of people have a really tough time with that and they say, well, if I shoot him I want to make sure edited the way that I want him edited you know, with me her brand is my brand my brand is her brand you know we're both very much a similar style and you know, when we first started we started this thing together and we've built it all the way through together so you know, we both have similar characteristics of what we like and you know, occasionally I may go in and say you know what that one action is you're using really I'm not not really crazy about that one and just say no problem we'll find something else but for the most part she has one hundred percent control to do whatever she wants I mean she's she's a woman she's going to do pretty much what she wants to anyways I'm just kidding I'm kidding but no you know she has a hundred percent control and I'm not emotionally attached to my images like a lot of people maybe on dino that may sound kind of kind of bad but you know I'm not emotionally attached to those images I'm a photographer that has to work and I have to make money so I don't get concerned if she erases an image that I really really like why did you believe that that was one of my favorites? The best thing for me to do is to give it to her because she's way better at it than I am so I leave it up to her and then I go and do something that I know that I'm good at so yeah let others let other people being control and it's not the end of the world another thing the reason she stays so efficient and so quick as she sets up hot keys that means if you want to run a certain action you can set it up so that all you have to do is press f one or two three or four and then you can shit you can hit shift f one and that'll run in action so you can assign all of your actions to ah hot keys they don't have to scroll through down through it find it and hit play I'll show you how to do a little bit of that here we're going to talk about choosing your files so how do you choose your files when they're all loaded up? What are you going to do to choose all of them? How are you gonna cold through the image is what you're gonna do from there so she was nice enough to put another video together for us that will watch next and this is going to be own how to choose your files what are you doing but going backto hot keys duo you can do a google search I'm telling you there are nine year old kids on youtube that know how to do way more than we do way more so said just do a google search how to set up hot keys and photoshopped there'll be some nine year old kid showing you how to do it but this next video is how to choose your image is how to get rid of ones you won't what'd you do with the ones that you do want okay so what's in this folder do exactly what isthe client name being lauren the next says read about in a session okay it's the senior underscore year ma the master one images of their master challenges ey're there now here's what we would do next in their folder that we've got here measurable in master tate they're exactly alike at this point I'm merely copy the images from the card to master one and two master to the next step would be to get a bridge in bridge I'm going to purge call a lot of people call it different things basically I'm getting rid of the images don't want so I'm in this kind of wearing the stuff voter master xu again right now these images look just like master one I'm going to delete the one adult will out of the master tree folder which is like hitting on my desktop a lot of people will say how did you choose you have to get rid of some of the ones you like how long do you spend on for me it is a very good instinct another one's on life and other ones that don't it is very simple it's very easy I'll show you have quickened years to go through and get rid of the ones you don't want in this particular session blair shot two hundred and twenty nine images I will show you how quick he is to get rid of okay, so the reason I like that one better because I like simply because I like his exposure better that mr dar I don't like her mouth. I've been there, I like her was a little bit of a smile like you're serious well where you under stars? That one? Miss qin alright, I like mouth closed again. All I'm doing is I'm going back and forth on these images under expires like that exposure like that look with your math life of adult there I like the arm up, so get rid of this one I don't necessarily like that position, so we're gonna go ahead and get rid of there's images I like your smile in there like that expression better. I like that angle better full in there. Really? Yeah, and basically all I'm doing it's an ongoing story only got instinct on what I like, what I don't like blair definitely trust me on this, you have to have mutual trust and mutual respect for who's sharing and who is editing your images here blow all right, horizontal better you don't like exposure on their like they're so what you don't like smile or your hand chin down there you're a girl, my car so what you guys are saying is straight from layers camera and this is what I get to work with, which is fantastic, and then here's, where he shot green screens, I'm going to go ahead and leak out these for the moment he'll go over that later on no, we have to move forward twice to get to that one, but you see how quickly she's editing through those she doesn't seem to have a big emotional attachment, it's just like if you were going to pick out a shirt at a clothing store, you're not gonna you're not gonna look for that look through that shirt for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever, maybe you will, maybe you're indecisive, but if you were doing it as your job, you would pick a shirt and you would roll on just like if you had just, you know, stop in a coffee shop in the morning, get coffee, you wouldn't sit there and contemplate for thirty five minutes at what type of coffee to get get you, coffee your roll on right and get you coffee and roll same thing with this don't put don't second guess yourself when you're editing through your files, if you like it, keep it, if you don't like it, get rid of it, we're gonna go into a an actual editing video and she's going to show you just how she throws some some action zone how she cleans a little bit up and just make things really really easy so we'll go back to another video take me just a second to find it so bear with me just one second here let's go back forward here part of the ones that I do not want we're going to get back to my desktop folder and you will notice that my master one folder has been untouched it's still made me think that saying a master too there are forty one image is in there so now what I do is I run a script over all of these portraiture basically what portrait curious is it is a plenty in two photoshopped it softened skin the way you like it you can do it a whole lot you can do it just a little bit you can do in the middle I could run this for teacher ever every image that player shoots so how you do it foul script changed one a skrill instead of and a batch I like the way this script of yours use some folders again and I will show you how to do that so first you have to make an action for portraiture which is a very simple task and I can show you that in just yet but I'm going to file script image processor I'm going to choose my desktop lawrence smith, senior master to folder when you do this for the first time you're gonna have to set it is to make sure the quality is on twelve run action blair phillips photography senior portraiture is my action then you hit run okay, so I ran all of my images three portraiture and this is what the file will look like it gives me a script would give me a self older sundays are fortunate baser non portrait iran and they had portraiture of flatulent so what I'm gonna do is select all the ones that I've had forty two replied to it slide over and all replaced you didn't just trash this folder so basically what I've got here in the master to folder I have deleted the ones I don't want I have ran portraiture over the ones that I do want and now they're ready teo to be edited when I have their key things that you need you know first of all you need to know you need to be familiar with your actions when I have a new set of actions overthrew him pick out the ones I like let's just say I found a branding action that I love I tried on an under expose image overexposed image a studio portrait now door portrait trying multiple widening that layered us because if I find one action that I love old studio portrait if it's here we'll honoring light or it may look terrible outdoors but it may look fantastic under exposed so other early years I found that what only could tio my actions it's final then test those actions? No your actions I probably have tien's favorite actions that I go teo and that's it. I know you probably talk about branding a lot of the past few days and it's very true I don't want my customers to be confused with thirty or forty different actions that have been applied to different images that way they know what they're in, it just looked like they had the color treatment done they know exactly what they're going to expect to come in here and not some crazy looking action that they've never seen before on the website earl our facebook or in the gallery they know what to expect because on lee used their tents and I know there's ten inside now the quickest thing that you could ever do for yourself or set up hot keys hockey's are the function keys like the f one fto non those keys at the top of your keyboard has set a function at hockey would be something to the nature of this one day she double click on the side function he you choose your function key so f three and shift basically what these remains is this is saying when I had three is saying you are out of action is used for every but she three is available so you set up your function key so the next time I run this action, all I have to do is hit shift and f three that actual run then as you go along and as you do this so home you can do with your ass clothes I could sit here and edit an entire session talking with someone on the phone with probably with my eyes closed and know all the shortcut keys with my function keys what I'm doing so here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna add it there's forty one images I'm gonna flash through up I'm going to show you I'm not gonna say anything flat room I'm going to show you exactly how quick it can be if you know your actions if you know your I got your hockey set up it'll father so here's how open up images I go through bridge and I will make it where I could give you five time over not one, two, three, four rows of five town that's just my magic number and I will open in fed a shot wait, wait we could edit forty one images, but no one your actions and setting up your hot piece you get is fifty three how are you wait, we all need houses hey okay, it's six of one so in just a few short minutes that's what it is for me to end it to breathe through and edit forty one of claire's images it can be done. Yeah, so yes, it's amazing to see you know, I think a lot of times we put a little too much thought into him. Let me say this to you know, if a client wears dirty about forty this still still go back in whether maybe a couple little tweaks will do on the final order but those and we wanted to see them in a finnish state. We don't want to see them raul from camera or in a regular jape, eh form but as you saw its really important my even my images straight from camera, they were not the best images in the world, but they were pretty dang good, you know, she didn't have to go back and do a thanh of damage repair get himto where she can add photo shop actions to them. So with that being said that's why you got to clean up for shooting, you know, make it count, make it stick, make a stick and then find someone other than my wife but just like my wife that can that can really make it happen for you you have a question, yes, because the you say these air presets or accents that you put together in photo shop first and then from this you can just kind of go in and yeah it's basically we have a disc of actions and we load these in our computer you need one we know what it's your lucky day because book up because coming to create alive you hooked up with all kinds of cool little goodies so we've actually got but yeah, we load our actions or we load these actions in the computer and then that's what we go by it's a simple is that they're preset they're pre made their pre done all you have to do is just click on it and it will just do all the work to your picture it's kind of it's really like cheating it's really like cheating I think now would be a great time as well really want to see what you have to say and then we'll cue the internet and we'll see what they have to say I just want to know how long do you keep your files? Yeah that's a great question how long do we keep our files? We don't express that we're going to keep the files for any certain number of time because I don't want the liability of having to make sure that I have them but on the average I mean I've got files from seven years ago do I need to keep them that long? Absolutely not. I would say on average, it would probably good teo to keep your files for a year, you know? I mean, I don't see any need to keep him longer than that, but I'd say a year to a year and a half because storage gets expensive, you know, it gets expensive, so let's see what mr randy has to say? I know photographers that will sell their files afterwards, you know, like after the one here you call the kind of okay, you already dumped us. Do you want to buy it, right? Do you do that way? Do that with our weddings, especially we don't necessarily do it with, you know, with all the files because I think what happens is I do such a large volume word will get around town and they'll say, well, you know, hey, look, just wait until, like, a year and he'll call you can buy every foul for one hundred bucks, so you know, big kind of be kind of cautious of how you do that, but I think that's a great idea. We do that with sample prince with sample prints in our studio will call those clients at the end of the year and say, hey, we can offer this print you know, because obviously we get it it's such a good deal from asian age color lab we can pass it on to them and still actually make money on it great questions and let's see what our lovely internet viewers have to say? All right, everyone is wondering if she'd come on and do a creative left class first of all you go, you go you have a big fan club happening right now and the next question up are from quite a few people in the chat room right now asking how can I buy those actions? What actions are those? I'm glad that they said that we use a lot of very simple life camera actions, live camera actions and what I've done is let me scroll forward over here back to the screen because I've put together ah little deal for everybody if you want them, let me scroll forward backto over here and check this out twenty percent off the entire store so you use use this code here twenty percent off of everything there's, different levels of actions there's different sets of actions and these are the easiest to that found to use and what I like about these as they have textures built into them as a layer mask and you could just go in and just brush off the texture off of the part of the image that you don't want so this is various fits my style to a team, but she brush off all the texture and it could be clean and pretty to match any brand so definitely check these guys out there awesome right on all right royal college park photos asking what if you can't afford another person or are married to another person for example to do your photo shop then you gotta you gotta you gotta hit the dating scene I mean you've got to get out there and make it work, man I mean, you know, that's not you know, if you can't hire anybody that's when you know, picking that handful of actions like my wife said, you know, picked ten of your favorite actions that you work with and make that you own that so you just supplying those actions to those you know, those ten actions? I think what happens is we try and get too many different looks when really if we just hold it back in and keep it right here, people are gonna like that, you know, you don't have to appeal to everybody but having every single look you know, so practicing, keeping your systems consistent and simplifying it and honestly not thinking about it too much we overthink are editing way too much means just saw she did forty something images and eight minutes completely finished now she's been doing it for a long time and I give her some pretty good images to work with but she makes me look really really good so you don't spend a lot of time on it own it practice it shoot it added it repetitious li and your times will start to go down they will start to go down yeah way have to have one more one more a few questions and keeping going to keep it if you don't mind shutting him out to represent the global audience all right so just to confirm and this from two nitti versus is blair's wife deleting as she goes or just marking them can you re explain that problem for sure we are when she loads them up and some people call it calling the images some people call it the leading are marking or whatever she is actually physically the leading those images to never be seen again while she's editing so instead of marking them because think about it if you're marking them that means ok I'm going to sweep this power over here but I know I'm gonna have to come over here and do something with it later so what we're doing is we're going ahead and sweeping them up and we're throwing him out because I don't want to clog my mind and make me start to second guess myself so delete it it's done work with the good stuff okay cool and then you have the others backed up just right exactly if we ever need to go back to them that we can for sure okay cool and then pro photographer and kobe one two three four five are wondering about me she was going through and calling so quickly it was like completely pro of professional but when she calls we knows that she didn't check out one hundred percent for focus or sharpness and why is that it's because uh I'm always own kidding kidding because I will shoot you know normally too you know one or two of the same image I may get a smile I make it a serious and honestly though I mean I'm not rarely out I'm really out of focus just because of doing it so much and if you practice it and you're very subconscious about it you know I know that in my camera I sent my focus selector constantly up and down left and right and I always set my focus selector so that falls right on the eyes and I pressed that button and the ghost did it it beeps and lets me know hey nikon I got night khan's got you back it's in focus so you know it's just by practice by lots of practice and making sure before you push that button don't just get crazy if you push that button try to make it count trying to make it count

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Are you ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join award-winning photographer Blair Phillips for an introduction to everything you need to know about taking portraits for high school seniors.

In this three-day course, you’ll learn about how to market yourself to the high school audience, no matter where you live or who you know. Blair will discuss his signature techniques for effortless, versatile posing. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about both off-camera and natural lighting, including how to create foolproof lighting setups, even if you’re working without an assistant. Blair will also cover strategies for creating a productive workflow and working confidently in a wide variety of settings.

By the end of this course, you’ll have be equipped with the core marketing techniques and one-of-a-kind photography skills needed to connect with high school seniors, give them results they’ll love, and grow your business.


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Blair is great. This class is packed full of great info and is a genuine good hearted person.. Really like his approach with high school seniors. I recommend it.


Loved watching Blair Phillips. He has so much energy and is very entertaining to watch. He was extremely well prepared and did a fantastic job.