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Get to Know Your Senior Client: Questionnaires

Another part of the experience is to offer unique sessions that are different okay, so you know, way back when hair makeup wasn't the thing it is now the way back then that was something you can add to your sessions to make it different right now a style closets what I add to make it different, what can you add to make it different things that stand out that will make them book with you and know they're going to get something different? So the war drive is what makes mine different, so I have three different options again, I go back to the fact that I don't like to tell them what they have to do, so I give them options that's me that's who I am so you know, if you are somebody that just says look, this is it that's fine, you can totally be that way I'm just not that way so I try to give him options, you know again it also helps educate because with like with hair makeup started out having it as an option and then the more educated the more girls did it it became the norm same thing wit...

h these different sessions I think eventually the norm is going to be the top of the middle or the top because people are going to start to see the photos look better when you have my help getting the wardrobe and the this and the other right, so it doesn't necessarily have to be wardrobe, but it could be anything that you can think of that is a little bit different that you can offer eso with mine I had the sheikh session the style session, the fashion session, she excesses just the basic session hair make up, period. Then you get up to the next one and you have options. Teo borrow stuff from the style closet on do you have a wardrobe consultation? So that's the big thing that's different with that on dh then the third session is hair makeup session, the wardrobe consultation option to use anything at the style closet in and the hair makeup artist comes with me on the shoot, so that's another element, so you know, every now and then I'll get girls that wanna wear their hair curly for some, they wanna wear their hair straight for some with hair and makeup artist has got to do that, you know, so offer those different options and there's other things that maybe you can come up with yourself, that would stand out. But this is just what I do is for a session so that gives me are my clients and unique experience, so I'm giving them options to pick what experience they want to do. Now, if it's even the sheik session because I'm so in the wardrobe, I might do something simple, like text me your outfits because that doesn't take that much time, and I can still kind of helped them a little bit, but nothing too much because I don't want to infringe on the ones that get in the middle on the top, but it still allows me to help them a little bit, you know? So that's up to you is what you want to include, and I dont included every time it just depends on the girl. If she says, I really want to help, I can only do that the sheik session or whatever I might say. Well, you know what? I can at least give you offer suggestions if you want to text me a feta and leave it at that because that really doesn't take that much more time. The the different pricing is to incorporate the different pricing from a makeup artist and for the paying for the style closet, because, of course, that takes money to purchase. So I'm lucky in the fact that my makeup artists happens to have giving me a good deal s o aa lot of my session isn't eaten up by having to pay the hair makeup artist if you have to pay your hair make up. Artists hundreds of dollars you need up these prices? I mean, you know me andi of course it depends on your market maybe your markets used to paying a lot more again. It's still relatively new in the grand scheme of things in my market so I can't charge from astronomical amount because they're not used to doing it you know the name so those are the different sessions and that's how you can set yourself apart give your seniors a different experience. The next thing is tio cast a couple questions on that in particular going move on okay, a picture take a girl along with six more booze if hair makeup is included in the package is what do you do for guys even if you do offer hair makeup which somebody else had asked do you many would prefer probably to not do it? So what then since it's built into your package was that what I got? Well, again, my clientele is not got so mine is girls rarely have that that I mean, I don't really ever get that. So if you do maybe you come up with the session feed is just for guys because they are gonna want hair makeup I mean, god alone may be some some might mean you never know, but yeah, I would just didn't have a different a different option impunity to cover acne yeah, no nose you know, yeah, exactly, but but, you know, in general, I don't get guys, so I don't have that trouble or that trouble, but that that doesn't ever come up. But if you do, I would just have a fourth session for guys and have a price for that and just include the session and, you know, wardrobe changes because they probably will bring that right on dh you know how many different locations you're not including that session and leave it at that so that's, how I would address that something separate, and just to clarify for a number of folks that the session fee is just for the session and does not include any additional product, right? Yeah, yeah. Now, granted, if you know it's your business, you can you can include a one stop shop type thing where it's an all inclusive my problem with that is that all you're ever going to make? I mean, you know, maybe if you charge let's, say, you charge five hundred dollars and they get product and session and everything well, you're never going up charge that you were going to up sell them, you know? We're gonna get more than five hundred, they're just going to spend five hundred, you're done, and if you're okay with that that's great but you know, at least with the session see and I'm getting the session fee for my time and then I'm making money on products and things like that that I can, you know, sell them collections plus allah card or whatever so mine is just the session basically into cover hair makeup and again my hair makeup artist is not super expensive so that's why I don't have a huge expense right there because I'm not I'm not having to pay her very much so does that answer that? Thank you ok, you ok says the next part of given them that ultimate senior fortunately experiences questionnaire getting to know your seniors this is really important because this is how you can start to build your relationships with them and start to personalize their experience. I think that's what really important because you know, with teenagers they do wanna have the same experiences they're friends the word of mouth but they also want to be unique so getting to know them well let you give them that same overall experience, making them feel great all that stuff that their friend got but maybe your location is different for them or maybe their wardrobe is different or maybe you brought some props that help tell who they were get to know them so you can so you can do that you can give them more of a personal experience so questions to ask on this you can ask all kinds of stuff I have a very detailed questionnaire because I want to know all kinds of stuff about them I send it to them digitally through a company the company's name is ap nitro the form is called mock form or mac for miss m a c h for me it's just a digital wayto you could also do surveymonkey I think is another one this this is easy they don't have to print it out and mail it in your scanning in an email it back or any of that stuff I just send it to him the answer right there they hit submit and it comes right to my email so that's important questions that I ask obviously you want to get the basics right? You want to know their name to follow number their email, facebook link, their instagram length or twitter, they're pinterest get all of that information the basic information so you have all of that in one place and you can contact them follow them you know, communicate with them anyway. I also asked him what the best way to communicate with them is because maybe they're texture maybe the area are a phone call person you know whatever most of them are going to tech a lot of them don't even check email anymore, which is kind of funny but so find out that so you know how to communicate with him because you know, you you want to be on their level and you want to, you know, if they're never checking their email it's not going to be good that you're sending them emails so maybe you tell them ahead of time hey, I am going to send you these emails police check it, but then after that, you can communicate with them through text, which is the way they may communicate. Yes, well in hand, you can just click put a link on there and just text it to him so they never have to check their email. They just respond to it via text message that's perfect. Yeah, that's perfect. Yeah, you can totally do that that's awesome, because, yeah, you're right. Most of them are textures, they don't they don't have time to sit there, read an email or kidding. They got bored, more important things that okay, so I asked them their birthday because I'd like to wish him a happy birthday. A make sure again build that relationship has nothing to do with me trying to sell them anything, or trying to take their photos or anything like that. It's just me genuinely wanted wanting to say happy birthday today or whatever, you know so ask him that, of course, you could always send him a gift if you wanted to do something like that, just something small on their birthday which will make him feel extra special, which improves your senior portrait experience for them. Okay, so then we have school fax where they go to high school, where they graduating, you know, all that stuff, what they like to do, hobby wise, our extracurricular activity lies at school. This again will help you kind of get to know who they are. These air great talking points to talk to them about during their photo session. So you're not just here with the camera the whole time you can actually talk to them and carry on a conversation. You might notice something on here that's an answer to their question that you also like that bonds you guys together and talk about it specifically school stuff. What are they? Where do they want to go to college, where they what do they want? Toe? What do they want to study those air also great things that you connect and bond with them. A lot of my girls go too south carolina where I went to school, so I immediately say, hey, are you going to rush I could get you some recommendations, you know we can talk about that where you lived and I lived in patterson oh my gosh is so much different now than it used to be it looks like a hotel and used a little like a yucky ole dorm you know, like talks and then they think that's funny I can say I lived on the ninth floor you get tonight or let me know, you know all these things so I like to know where they're going to school also might be something you can incorporate into their session maybe they wanna wear the you know, the the school colors in their session. You caroline and clemson are huge in my state and they all clemson fans were orange like nobody's business so they almost all will bring something orange or purple because that's their colors so you know, you may want to incorporate that I had some girls that are both going toe usc. They brought their usc football jersey and war with their cute little like cut off jean shorts and cowboy boots. That was them, they wanted a picture of that and then they hung them in their dorm because it was their best friends and I'm going to carolina anyway, things like that these are all like things that you can connect with them about they're going off to school you can talk to them about oh my gosh that's so cool you know that's so brave of you to go somewhere you've never been before why did you choose that school and all of these things airway you can really just get into knowing who they are then after school stuff you want to know style staff that's where it gets real fine for me they tell me a little bit about their style, their personal style what they might think about wearing for their session are they have a section in here where they can tell me their favorite place to shop what their favorite thing in their closet because maybe you want to say we bring that because that would be fun to use in your session maybe they have a favorite hat or something maybe the grandfather gave them their hat with his hat whenever they were young and they've kept it all this you know, whatever and they want to incorporate that into a session because it's a really cool old hat or whatever necklace that might mean something to them things like that you find that out here what do they not like to wear? I kind of want to know that just because it kind of tells me who they are you know I mean, are they somebody that would never wear flats because they think heels or the only thing that they should wear where they never wear heels because they only think flat. That kind of tells you, you know. Okay, so maybe if they wear flats all the time, they might not be like in tow sequins and heels and stuff like that, right? Things like that tell you who they are. Favorite place to shop. I love this question, especially when I was trying to find a booty to partner with. I can't looking at questionnaires over and over again, trying to find out the most popular answer because that was who you wanted to go see if they fit in with my brand to connect with andi said that was informative. Uh, you know, if I ever want to do something with somebody else, I can get these answers and really use those teo connect with another boutique if I want to pull step for if I want to get new stuff for my style closet, maybe I go to that boutique and buy something sail toe, add to my style closet because I know it's a popular boutiques. That means most girls probably like what's in there, you know, domain s o that's important favorite color to wear liketo ask that because maybe we can incorporate that into their session also, when I'm thinking of locations you may be a color would make you pick a location over another location because you kind of wanted all the mash I mean, you know, you don't want to put urban grunge girl in all black in the middle of a field of poppy's probably not. I mean, it might look good, but, you know, I mean, it doesn't really fit with her personality, so you want to know that on? Do you know if they could think of anything they wanted to wear dream outfit that they wanted to wear, what would it be? And I like that because they might get a little more in interest, and maybe one of their outfits could be a little more concept, you know, the main, maybe they would love to wear, like a complete boho look, but that might not be every outfit so that's where they might mention that so we can start to work on building and outfit, maybe from the style closet or maybe from their own wardrobe that will give them that cool, unique, something different. Maybe they're dancer and they wanna wear there, you know, dance outfit in toe shoes because that's who they are, that might be the place they put that, and then I'll notice to create a session accordingly on dh then, you know, what's your favorite season mentioned this a little bit earlier when I said that girls come and they ask me, you know oh, you know what? What season should get my photos done and I always said, bring it back to fashion and say, well, what do you liketo wear the most? Are you a summer girl that, like, sun dresses? Well, then maybe that's the key to you doing your session in that time frame are you somebody that loves to layer and scarves and hats and boots and stuff like that with him? Fall is probably your best bet because you certainly don't want to take a summer photo in south carolina wearing all that stuff you would die anyway, so ask him that, you know, ask him what? What what's in there what is in their closet? Is it bright and colorful? Is it more neutral? Is it this that the other? Because again you want to stick with who they are? So you want to know who they are seeking help to plan that session plan a location accordingly, etcetera. Then I asked him what style profile they sort of fit into. Are they let's? Go back style propel it's kinda hard to see but pretty preppy boho, urban, glamorous what is their style profile they may check more than one and that's fine so maybe you want to incorporate several outfits that kind of show all their aspect of their personality you know domain so I ask that as well exactly yeah exactly create your own take some of these questions add your own questions whatever you get longer shorter whatever you want it doesn't need to be for you but like I say this is mine this is what I send the more I know about the people you know people in photographing the better off I am as a person more comfortable I feel more comfortable they feel that that's why I do it so on dh then I asked for the link to their pinterest page because most often they have penned outfit and things like that so that's important so I could go look and you know see what they've pinned I can maybe say ok I can play in a session they really pinned a whole lot of free people right? So I'm going to definitely think about a field uh you know domain because three people is like chloe and you think of like, you know, on the beach or out in the field or whatever so pinchers really will give us a lot of insight into who they are especially fashion wise okay so then you know, asking what they're thinking about as faras outfits and just to describe those so I get them started thinking about you know what they might wear and that doesn't mean that's what they're going to end up wearing but it's what they might wear you know some girls have very distinct I'm wearing this some girls are like I don't know yet or I might need help with that or whatever so you find that out what? Describe your perfect photo shoot location wise props you know what what are you looking for? Because again I want to plan a session that is very unique to that girl so maybe they say well I saw my friend get her photos taken and they were in a field s o I want something like that but I want something different or maybe they have something very very specific and there I want to take my photos on my family's farm that has been in my family for years and years and years and bubba bubba bar whatever this is a place for them to tell me that said that helps is well sometimes they say I don't know you know I'ma leave it up to you and that's fine teo so find that out as well on dh then okay so which which location best fits your style again? You ask them earlier you know are they preppy or they are they urban or they what? Well, now you want to know what location best if it's their style you can determine that or you can ask them and get their opinions as well. So because again somebody that's urban hipster type probably not gonna look good next to a barn you know, not the best location for them that wouldn't match somebody that's a little more country chic or you know, once the wear country like kala loves her cowboy boots and cute dress and whatever well, then yeah field a farm you know something like that would fit so find that out again helping you plan that experience that is more specific to know. Ok, so personal fax this is where I just asking questions to get to know them. This is where you might use some of these answers to do a block post about them whenever you share their photos from the session you know what's their favorite music what? And tonight she she mentioned earlier she plays music on their sessions. Well, this is where you want to know what kind of music they want because then she can download center itunes and you play the right thing s o that's important you know what? What do they like to eat me silly questions but it's just part of getting to know them. What do they like to eat? What they were a favorite music what's their favorite movie what's your favorite book you know things like that again just personal facts that aren't super personal, but you know something people are willing to share and you can again make a block post out of it talking points during your session about it. Oh my god, I saw that your favorite food was pizza pizza duty. Oh, you know anything you can get them talking and interacting with you on that federal shoot is going to have have a great effect on them because they're going to feel comfortable, which may well lead to better photos because they're comfortable and not feeling awkward or nervous or whatever said little things like this go a long way to talking to them about anything and everything. Now I could talk to, you know, a wall, but some of us might not can sew these things will help give you some tips on what to talk to him about. Okay, still favorite magazine office stuff. Favorite favorite memories from high school I love that because a lot of times they'll have acute story that I could be like, oh my god, that was so funny or then I can tell them about the time in high school. One time I fell on my head at pep rally front of the entire school yes, I did not kidding do I tell them that they laughed at me because it's funny, I think I shouldn't get hurt, but it's true so that is my only memory from high school at the time that I was doing a round off back handspring in front of the entire school in the gym and fellow so they might have a fun story like that, you know? And then we can just laugh and have a good time. So that's, why I asked him that, okay, secession backs, do you like to have your photo was taken? I asked him that because if they're nervous, they'll say, well, I don't really have them taking that often. Well, then I know I gotta work a little bit harder to make them feel comfortable. Oh, I have my photo taken all the time. I'm a dancer. I'm a competition dancers, so I haven't taken all the time. Well, then I know that. Okay? She's comfortable in front of camera. I might not have to do a cz much bringing her out of her cell. She's probably going to be totally comfortable, so things like that will help you prepare for the session. And then I start asking what you and your family won't like. Why are you booking this session? Are you booking it? Because you want to document this time in your life what type of products they're looking for? Is your mom interested in gift prints for grandma? Are you interested in more of an album do you want the digitals these things help you more so than anything else know how to shoot so if they check an album then okay well maybe you take a little more detail shots than you typically would because a detail shot they're not frame and put on there well that it might be a fun little added or background of an album page or whatever is to find that out maybe they haven't even thought about it yet but I list all the possibilities you know while prince give friends campus gallery wraps albums grad announcements all these things because that way I know to start taking photos with those things in mind okay, so other maybe they've heard of something from somebody else that maybe I don't even offer maybe that's a good thing that I could look into right so that's important on dh then you know asking them if they have a favorite proper anything they want to bring because if they say yes and you definitely want to incorporate that you know if they have a favorite hobby if they play the guitar they play the valium land you know maybe you wanna have them bring that because again that tells who they are mean things like music and and you know, dancing and things like that it's a huge part of somebody you know makes up who they are they usually spend years doing it so having that incorporated into at least some of the photo shoot will make it specific and very personal to down so that's important and then how'd you hear about leslie caron photography? Of course I just want to know so I know I'm marketing and things were working and what's working and what's getting me out there in front of them you know all that stuff so so again thiss questionnaire is downloaded when you are c p s o case you couldn't see the actual words it was a lot of information to try to fit on a slide but yeah, you can get that so does anybody else hear or even out there send out a questionnaire and do you do you feel that helps you are her to you or whatever? So if anybody wants to chime and you guess having questions I do and it's it's not as in depth as here, right? I like that it's really but it is really helpful exactly. So even if it's a shortened version you still get some information that you can ease your unit to help you give that senior portrait experience your client's right? Yes yeah okay do you have any questions that I don't have on here that are good no, I don't I don't think so if you think something little that would love to hear that kennedy doesn't have anything out there absolutely well have some comments and then the question is for you from joanie who's been with us all day what percentage of the seniors return the questionnaire to you? Sometimes she gets clients who keep forgetting to send it back is one issue but then also we have from blue manette do the kids ever resist actually filling out the questionnaire as of its homework? So how do you deal with? Well, okay, first of all, I've never had no I've never had someone not return it s so if you're having that I guess you just really we're going to have to get in get in their heads about look there's a reason why I'm doing this and what that reason is and you know, I really want this back so I could help plan your session and it's better for you in the end if I know these things etcetera, I've never had someone not send it back, but I have had somebody one person not book because the father didn't want hurt his daughter answering these questions and I thought that is the strangest thing I've ever heard of but hey it's, his prerogative he's apparent he felt that it was way too personal and I was like okay what? She eats something you know but hey, that was his opinion and I respected that he was I will say he was a lawyer so I think he was a little overprotective and I did point out to him that do you realize your daughter is on on social media? So most of these things that I'm asking are things I could probably figure out well still you know and I said, well, you know what? Not my ideal plan probably better that they chose to not do it that's fine I think he might have been worried that I would use the information to put somewhere so make sure when you send this you include and they're this on lee used for leslie kerrigan photography it's used for this reason and this reason on lee it's on ly for me to better your experience it's on ly for me to get to know you but forehands so that we both feel comfortable on your photo shoot and I will not share it and I'm not you know whatever so you know if you ever have somebody that's uncomfortable with filling it out you definitely need to let them know that hey I'm not I'm not using this for anything did you have a question going to say I sent out a really small question island years is more end up but I sent it along with my contract so when the parents sign then it's all one form through mark for anxiety mine on the end has that yeah yeah so they kind of have toe yeah fill it out that's what you know when I mentioned earlier about well how do you know the mom you know red you're welcome guide or whatever at the very end of this it says the parents section that I mentioned earlier so it says have you read you know the welcome god do you understand the policies and procedures do you you know I understand that your daughter was having these photos taken the model releases and they're saying you know, I have permission to use them on my website in my portfolio, etcetera and it is just a one stop place because I don't want to have to send that I don't have toe print something out have them sign and what if they forget stuff like that? Usually the digital is pretty good about returning it I've never had anybody not return it for that reason so yeah it's anything else removal you did ask about music? Correct? Because we had asked a question about the the top ten songs on your ipod of the tithe to good things most played yeah, I think mine just ask you know what your favorite music or band something like that you could ask them to put their top ten that'd be great because session especially going play music on a session you're probably going play more than one song so maybe you want to know a couple of you know ten or five or ten songs that you khun have you known your ipad or whatever and now with this wireless speakers oh my god there's so little you know taken wherever you weigh exactly so from sarah megan just teo just to clarify so this question air goes out do you go over it in a console to or it goes out you send it to them and they send it back and then she says I have a basic question there right now, but I find that sometimes it's difficult to get the answers when especially when the mom is the one booking I know that I'm probably the only one in my area doing a questionnaire so part of it is educating them about why I like you talked about but I can't help but feeling a little creepy asking all these questions when no one else is in her area. So what do you say that maybe spinning it as your I'm inge well, I mean to me I don't know creepy because again my main thing is that I want to build a relationship only way and I am a journalist by nature so I asked questions I mean, you know, all you can say is no so to me it doesn't feel creepy because that's who I am but again it just goes about educating you are talking to the mom, the moms and one booking then I explained to the mom and eat your daughter to fill this out this is why I'm going to send it to you please share it with your daughter on have her fill it out at her earliest convenience so you know it's really all about just educating my clients and I don't feel that any of this stuff is too personal I mean, you know, I'm not asking them anything that and I'm not and I'm asking them with a purpose that's not creepy do you know domain like my purposes not malicious or creepy or anything like that? I genuinely want to know who they are genuinely know that if I know who they are, I can provide them a better experience. So for me that's that's the way I look at it and that's the way I need tio educate my clients about it now as faras the consul tw precession consultations are great, they're absolutely great they give you a chance to get to know the client even more in depth than than the questionnaire my thing is it is I already do a wardrobe consultation and I really don't want to dio a pre concert you know, precession consultation, word of consultation session, the ordering session etcetera so I kind of I love my so called precession consultation in the form of a questionnaire and the wardrobe consultation so I will continue to get to know them during that wardrobe consultation I will meet them face to face but it is really specific about wardrobe whereas a pre session consultation might be a little bit more let's meet for coffee and find out who you are me at your studio whatever I think they're great but again with my business it's just not the way I have a structure because you know I'm a mom you know busy whatever I want to give them a great experience but I also have to keep in mind my restrictions and what I have time for so but yeah if you have time I think it's great because any time you get in front of the client before you put that camera in their face you're going to get a better result no hands down that's the way it is so but I think like you said it's important identifying what what is that time spent in the value that you get out of it and which which pieces right for you for you for you like joni's comment I spent it as I'm offering a custom photography experience so again this is a custom questionnaire customize your experience I'm planning your festering according to who you are that's exactly right yes you were trying to give them a very specific customized session and experience based on who they are. So while they may have come to you because they heard, you know, their best friends, so and so had a great experience. And you did such a sense for that girl. You're going to do something a little bit different as far as the actual session and what you incorporate into it for the next one, maybe your location changes. Maybe this that the other, but that's. What this questionnaires about. So, yeah, totally.

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I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.