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Interview with Senior Photographer: Jared Rey

Jared is a photographer in dallas texas where you're where you are he is awesome he efforts met him through seeing urology really he is very talented photographer he's come to a couple of it that we've had through senior allergy and I'm just kind of gotten to know him through that and when we started playing in this class I thought again thinking of senior ology and what I do know that platform it's all about I'm not the only one that knows stuff there's a lot people out there can share so I thought well who else has used this or incorporated it into their business and we started thinking about jared because he's a male so how does he do it because that is a different aspect you know how does the mail talk to a female about clothes you know did he find did he do a style closet and all that good stuff so we're gonna find that out from him but he does shoot seniors in dallas texas he's actually also part of the photo land thirty crew I think jared if I'm saying that wrong you correct me ...

but I do think he is part of federal aid through peace crew which is awesome so which we talked about the beginning of today so yeah so yeah let's get him in the home hey jared hey how are you I'm doing well are you are part of federal anthropoid career, right? Yes, I guess I got that right way we talked about that at the beginning of the session so I want to make sure I did that right so shout out to katie all right? We're just going to get into the questions you ready? Um okay so when it comes to what to wear how do you educate your client? Well it's a lot of the stuff that you've been going over and talking about really I try to provide a cz many resource is as possible so one of those is definitely the what to wear guide that that you offer on your website and that in itself was just amazing resource to have because it gave me just lingo to start learning and to communicate to those clients but then I also have pinterest boards like you mentioned and then the questionnaire is also huge that that you've talked about I just picked their brain on a lot of different things just to get to know them and their fashion style so all of that just kinda helps paint a picture of who they are and helps me just prepare resource is for them toe start hoping picking out clothes awesome okay, so I know that you also use a style closet right? So how did you incorporate that into your senior sessions? I wanted teo like you said just up the game and provide a new experience so I figured helping with that style and providing clothes and accessories will just help make it more personal and just make it more fun for them making you feel really like a model for a day so I just started incorporating it into what I do and then do they have different sessions that includes the staff closet like like I do I keep it simple I just just kept it one session I raised my prices to accommodate and to purchase those pieces but it's just one session that includes you know hair and makeup andan the access to the style closet and we just make it just one big experience right and so your prices did change because you have to incorporate that style closet by the piece is right correct yes good yeah. So you guys out there just remember if you are purchasing these that's going to eat a pure profit so maybe make a uh adjustment to your session pricing to accommodate that okay? Okay so I know you worked with the stylist to actually build your closet. Can you tell me a little bit about that experience what she did for you and how you use the stylist yeah through some mutual friends and make a lot of friends with photographers in dallas one of which used here and make up artist who was also a stylist and so I reached out to her s o I could start building my own because I don't know fashion all that well and so I needed help and she loves shopping just like you. So she was more than willing to help and excited to get on board and so I just recruited her to start picking out those pieces. Okay? And so whenever you told her to pick out the pieces, did you kind of give her some guidelines about what styles and maybe you pick something the interest or maybe you pick some from the what the where guys that you did that that's exactly what I did, I just provided the same resource is that give to my seniors? So I showed her the princess board I showed her the letter where guide I made pinter sports for her that had a the same categories that you had preppy and chic and play and stuff like that. So and I we started also figuring out the type of clients that I have because some of them may not be urban. So I don't wantto start spending money on that right off the bat. So I have some spokesmodels this year that we used as kind of a template to start picking out the species because they were all a wide range of people somewhere cheerleaders, dancers, softball players and so there's a good variety there t pick from so that's what we kind of used as our groundwork okay, and then your clients don't actually work with the stylist. They work with you when it comes time to actually picking things out. Correct? That's correct. Okay, so she basically picked out some clothing so that you'd have some pieces that you could then use for your client's, right? And just you still work with her to continue to fill it up or get new items? Yes, we are. Now. At first, we just wanted to start filling it out, picking out some pieces, but now we're starting to focus on a specific seasons. So we want to start planning a hit for fall, for example, and that start getting some pieces that will accommodate those sessions. Okay, so that's, the route that we're taking now? Yeah. That's. Awesome. Okay, so when it comes to your seniors, how was both the what to wear guide and the style closet received? Did they do they like it? If you heard some feed that I know the style closet might be a little bit newer for you right now, but maybe the what the where god you've heard some feedback on is it really helped them? Yeah, absolutely. I was actually texting some of them today just to get some feedback from all the recent seniors that bad that I sent that because it goes in a welcome packet so I wanted to hear if they actually read it and I told him to be honest with me and then what they thought if they did and all the ones that I texas that that they definitely did and they thought it was so helpful they love, for example, that color wheels page where you're just going over complementary colors and that helped them start picking out some pieces and then having the different category's also help them because it just help. Like like I said, I have just a common lingo that we could use to figure out what style they were in or if they're in between and stuff like that. Okay, now tell me I know that you, uh, kind of took the temple it and made it your own how many pages does yours in the band who do you print years? Three or do you send it digitally? I used a mad cloud as well and I printed it and instead of making it the fool as soon as you mentioned that I ran to go to go get it, but it's basically half the size of a piece of paper, okay, but yeah inserted my own pictures, but it it's just a nice compact size it still has just many pages I think as you put in it though so there's still a good chunk in there? Yeah, okay good okay I mean, you do send it in the mail correct? Correct. Okay, now tell me something about because you're a guy and you shoot a lot of girls how do you work with them? What are some advice? Some advice that you could give other males when it comes to working with girls about what to wear you work strictly with the girl or do you work with parents and the girl? How does that work? It changes per klein it it depends on really whose kind of communicating more sometimes it's more the mom sometimes it's it's the senior a ce faras advice that I would give its one you're saying just be yourself if you know you're not into style on all that stuff just be honest with that. I don't pretend that I'm a stylist by any means or that I know fashion or an expert on it. I tell them like as faras the style cause is concerned we have a stylist that's picking out these pieces and she's a professional and she's awesome at it. Her name is megan, by the way, so I make on dh so I'm ford about that and I don't hide that and when I'm talking to them, uh for the pre console tte it's either going to be, like video chat like this or it's going to be be a text, and so when I'm texting them, I'm making sure that I'm very specific there's no reading in between the lines, im asking them to send me pictures of what they plan to, where I tell them, you know, you don't need to try on every outfits and that to me, but you can just laid on the bed hanging on the door include your accessories, shoes that you plan to wear, just anything and everything, and I also, before even get to that point, I'm talking to the parents and email, preparing them, like what's going to come like I'm sending out this questionnaire after I get the questionnaire I'm going, teo begin asking your child, teo, text me those those outfits as soon as possible, because those outfits are also going to be a basis for where locations I'm going to suggest, so it's it all kind of comes together, and I'm making sure that I communicate as detailed as possible, so there's act like, yeah, I like the point that you made about making sure you tell them, hey, you don't have to try it on because you don't want anybody to think you're tryingto get a picture of some girl wearing an outfit you just wanted outfit, right? Yeah, make sure you tell him that that's a good tip for other males out there. If you are trying to work with females about what to wear, have them send you the picture of just outfit hanging like jared said hanging on the door and then I imagine that you could also afford that text onto your stylist if you had a question or needed some help with any sort of suggestion, right? Absolutely. I definitely known to do that. If if I'm if I'm unsure about something or if it's how? How that's gonna look. I can definitely use her as a resource. Okay? Okay, okay. Does anybody have any questions for jared? Um, in the audience, they're out on the internet. You guys have any questions? We have girls in here, so but maybe there's some guys out there that want to ask him a question absolutely dared. This is ken over here. Thank you so much for joining us. We have a question from our own c l jim, who was another host here who is a male photographer. So how conscious are you about your own style? So leslie obvious really is very much into style and fashion and that's part of her and her brand so the way that she attracts the types of clients that she wants how about you and your wardrobe so you're attracting the type of clients that you want do you personally use the stylist or what do you do well, I've seen jared I must step in for a second and he actually does dress very well so I've seen him this he's come to events that we've seen each other in vegas trade show and stephanie is always dressed great so he does portray that to me if ever a girl I'd be like hey knows something about it because he looks good dress will so you maybe you want to answer that to you but I think you always dress well well thank you I try I said I'm not by any means a fashion expert I'll use resource is like a trunk club dot com which you have your own personal stylist that will pick out outfits for you so I have big events like people you know how it goes somewhere like that and get an outfit when I'm with clients if it's on a shoot I'm usually wearing you know something neutral or comfortable especially texas and summer I'm not concerned about that but if it's a client meeting or something like that I'll definitely dress the part yeah and your wife probably helps yes yeah we have more questions eh? So this is a question maybe for both of you but april o'hare had asked how do you keep the stock closet cost effective considering that fashion changes so rapidly right? And it definitely does again I'll go back to the fact that you don't want any of your seniors dressing too trendy anyway you want to be stylish but not trendy, so don't five pieces that are super trendy that air going out of style pretty quickly all the fashion does go out of style pretty quickly that's true, but you can also shop sales you can shop for over twenty one they're definitely some inexpensive stores out there. Target has great looks for lists but also sales I mean, I don't have it with me that I have a dress at home in my style closet that came from fabric. The boutique that I that I partner with that was on sale was nine dollars I think it started out as one hundred dollars item but I you know, I grabbed it on sale thought it would look good marshals t j maxx all of these places will have pieces that you can always add and then again I could say shop sales and then spend your money on maybe statement pieces so this necklace that I have own is mine personally, but this one is a j crew necklace as well, and I spent a little bit more money on this one but this one also goes with everything so when you spend your money maybe spending on something that would go with everything I don't have jared do you have you wanna mention anything about where you might get some stuff I know that those are all great points when meg go shopping she's not she is thrifty in mind as well so she she'll be going to thrift stores t j maxx marshalls just like you mentioned shopping for sales by now follow a lot of online boutique so I'll get e mails on sales and stuff like that so we keep track of all that and keep that in mind and then you were mentioning earlier if somebody's wearing the same thing over and over again but I would start doing in that case is just either so sell it see if somebody wants to purchase it and use that money to put it back into the style closet yeah good idea all right and also I will just mention a couple of places online shop uh oxford trunk dot com is a great place this sequin jacket doesn't want to get caught and I gotta get it was only fifty books which I think is incredible for a sequin jacket I think that's a great deal so oxford trunk is where I got it from and they do have some inexpensive items shop riff raff dot com is a great one nasty gal no offense nasty al but I don't love the name but it has great stuff, you know, anywhere from gap j crude I mean, those tight places always put stuff on sale again forever twenty one I think the key is mixing cem some different of levels of things maybe you have a higher in peace will stand the test of time that maybe you'll buy an inexpensive piece of pair with it or maybe you like like jared said, maybe we'll go to a thrift store and buy some pieces that way so there's a couple of you know, great shot bob revolved clothing where also shot piperlime is great and then check your local boutiques or sales as well. Yeah, all right, who in here is ready to go shopping you leaning? Yes about away if anybody ever wants to go shopping, give me a call I've actually had photographers simply photos things they bought for their style closet and asked me if they were okay. So cinema lt's I mean that in the photo thing kenna that people have been posted some senior photos out of a post some items that's a great idea so we have our student galleries here on the course paid for this course, so you could we're going to take a look that you're going to take a look at that, you know, when we're not during the live event but we fund to see and share what you guys are buying two awesome it's radio let's take another question for jared since we have since we have him here and that is about boys so we've been talking a lot about girls here do you photograph boys and if so how do you what do you do with regard to their style and talking about what to wear and do you have a closet for them too? No, those are all great questions I do shoot guys and I don't shoot as many guys as girl so it's that part of the business is still kind of learning and working through that so I don't have all the same materials that I do that I have a present for my girl clients but I'm going to help them just as much I'm goingto send them detailed questionnaires won't get to know them I I still ask them what they are going to plant aware and I'll still have them send me those pictures and we kind of built from there because you guys are a little bit more simpler because though usually have one pair of jeans or something like that so yeah, unfortunately god don't have many options is this girl's right? Yeah so you gotta talk them through and just make sure that they know and are planning for it and mom's on board and moms are always willing tio go out and purchase something for further boy so yeah, well, and I will say, if you are somebody that shoots a lot of guys and you want to build a style closet for the guys, I think it would be an amazing idea again, I'm like jared, I don't shoot as many s o I haven't, you know, sort of built that part, but I do think a style closet for a guy, what to wear god for a guy is something I've been thinking about doing since I already have the girl version, I was going to put out a guy version it's just a matter of taking the photos because, like I say, I don't have the photos as much because I don't shoot many, so hopefully I can get that out there, you know, that'll help, but with guys because they don't have as much variety in general, you might not need as many pieces because, you know, you could have pants that would make them bring their own because there's too many sizes that's hard, but maybe this our good layering pieces for guys, jackets for guys, maybe a couple of t shirts that have some good color, simple things like that could go a long way with the guy hat thais bow ties are huge in south carolina's, if I just have a couple of boat ties, I would be ableto you know, really incorporate that so there's definitely the opportunity to do that so yeah, I definitely think it's something and maybe gerald get that going in so we could see how he did it. Yeah, yeah so maybe this final question for both of you as well but jared because you just mentioned talking about the parents and approving what they were wearing so that was a big question that had come up w lindsay asked it are you making sure that the parents agreed tio what the girls or boys are wearing? Are they part of that consultation? I make sure that, uh that on the girls side I let them know just to be conscious of like shorts not to make sure there are too short I tell them it can limit posing and kind of something I could do with them so I if something were to come up, I haven't had that problem yet. I would make sure you know parents are onboard with certain outfits if I was worried about it, but I haven't had that issue come up yet, but for the most part the mom's definitely know what their children are wearing and they're a part of that and approve it and when the parents usually come to the session the mom to do which I don't mind and I love having them there and so they were seeing what got picked out and what we're going to I usually tell them to bring you know, six outfits and we may have time for three or four so way just kind of pick out the best out of those six that they bring yeah and remain most of the moms come to the wardrobe consultation I'm saying that so they know what what they're wearing sometimes they don't but for the most part they do like jared said you know they usually are aware of what they're they're girls are bringing I don't have anything in my style closet that would I don't think would would be offensive to any mother so I feel confident with that so that's another thing you're buying pieces do not buy things that might you know, be a little two mature or short or you know tight so just you know you're the professional if you're going to offer this this this option make sure you if you think you would be uncomfortable as a mother than they don't want to wear it I mean that's the bottom line you know, so just keep that in mind well, fantastic well I think that way we're going to move on to our next section where we are excited to have kendra and meet her and do an actual style consultation but jared can you let us know where everybody confined you online and thank you again so much for joining us yeah, my senior related website is jay ray, seniors j r e y, seniors, dot com, instagram and twitter is j r, r e y and facebook is j r e d e r e y photo. Yeah, and jeered also works with a couple other senior photographers in dallas, and they do meet ups and they just did a shoot out. So if you're in that area or anywhere near there and you want to participate, just make sure you follow jarod. Misty is also mr davis, who I mentioned earlier pink flash photography and is it lindsay yeah, lindsay horn photography. So all three of them usually get together and dio some shoot outs or meet ups or things like that. So they're awesome resource to make sure you follow them. So if you are in that area, you khun d'oh and hang out with them and do some fun stuff. So thank jared for coming on and give the male perspective and thank you, teo.

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I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.