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Marketing Tool: Concept Shoot Part 2

I didn't wantto say one other thing about the question that came about the wardrobe a lot of times you don't have to go out and buy something for a concept if you have a concept like let's say surf girl or something like that, most girls have some jean shorts and tank tops and some things like that, so there are definitely concepts that don't require going out and buying new things just have your models bring whatever they have that might fit that name and just have them bring a ton of it and just go through it and pick the best option so you know, just is an alternative to that question that came in okay, so we are going to go to a different location and you can see how how we saw this light coming through so that was the main reason why we posed her in this location wasn't necessarily the trees, but it was the light coming through, so we thought it was gorgeous and you grabbed it while it was just ah looking kind of light that check that out okay, stand right here I don't want you to...

do is I want to put your forearm right here don't you kind of dropped the shoulder and lean into it just a little bit, okay? Oh yeah that's pretty okay, but where's the reflector let's grab that we'll bounce a little bit light right in your face and that's going to go or just good looking a little bit more pop well here's what you need to be like all right yeah okay right there. Perfect that's gorgeous right there. Oh, my gosh that's really pretty I love that and it's also like hitting your shirt so it's kind of like making that pop so we've got her position we love the light coming through the trees backlighting her given her a nice hair glow but we really need a little bit more light on her face I like to see if a pop in the face we've got these two reflectors here we're going to use the white side of won the silver sight of other add a little bit of pop and we're going to put those in there and see the difference okay, so we're gonna hold this one up on dh right there and then you keep makes your face stays this way because once you turn it it gets changes the light a little bit okay, right there. That's perfect, gorgeous eleven. Okay, right there love the hands loved out on your hip that's perfect um and even if you could bring that, let the back leg let's switch legs the back one back there so we've got triangles esseker perfect so the reason we chose the white and the silver is because the sun's already a really gold so if we did the gold side of the reflector it would really make her very golden orangey almost we can demonstrate that a little bit with this um it's just not I would rather a nice clean image than I'm any sort of color tent so that's why I chose the side that I do used now this reflector has gold and silver so it's not quite as strong in color caste but it is really strong on her so you can't get to make sure not to blind your subjects if I got way up there and show this right in her face, you would be like, whoa, so I kind of try to position it and then I step back a little bit so it's not really really crazy, right? But just perfect so actually if you'll come right here and hold this, I'm gonna get a fetus a lot of times when I'm looking for a location I try to look for a lot of leading line a trail is a really good option, especially for this particular concept shoot since we are talking about a woodsy glamping camping type thing and so this trail right here is going to be a great spot to put the girls do a bunch of different poses together and by themselves oh, and have the line leading your eye right to the girls what? Girls come here. I love this path of love the sun coming through here so we're going to try to set you up now sometimes I have to put you here and moving around so just come here so I can see where I want you right there. Okay, coming here. Okay, I want you to come almost like this, ok? What exactly don't you tilt your head a little bit in and then we're gonna need a reflector. Hello? There we go. And we thought that no step with the little come and yeah, now go into her like you are there you go. Perfect. I love it and I love your closest heads and together like this they're going perfect right there. Okay, that's gorgeous girls, this lighting is a little bit different than what we were working with earlier so that I would give us a little bit of different variety to the photo that cool because you guys earlier a lot more even lit and now we've got a lot of contrast going on with your face is being pop with the reflector, but then we've got a lot of darkness in the trees and tablet is cool, okay, right, actually you know what, brooke? I like you hold that necklace if you'll do that that's awesome. All right right here. Awesome chin download it broke there you go like that is awesome. Okay, eleven this because it's totally different lighting situation than where we were earlier earlier we would do a lot of even lighting which is always great for portrait work but here we've got a lot more dimension and contrast backlighting plus we've got the pop of light in the front but then also through the trees and stuff it's a lot of shadows so it really makes for different look give a lot of different variety to our photos. Okay, now I don't want you guys teo stand separate um did you get it when you're standing always need to try to make an s curve of some sort so back there you go that's it uh weight on your back leg angles with your arms if you can sew something like yeah like that I love that like the back to back like that but I like the separation just for something different. Um I love this that's awesome and if you wanna pull that arm right there that's perfect and connor take two steps in that way toward her they're still separated but a little closer look, we got your shadow's not cool, that is love it like I think we should turn these into like okay, we're going to some walking shots I love to do these walking shots. They complain like they're on the catwalk and they're going to have a good time, get them laughing and talking a little bit of interactions that changes up our so much pose shot for more of an interactive type shot. Well, may have to run through it a couple times. Make sure we get the perfect shot, but we're going to have them just walk, look at each other and not look at the camera and interact with each other and have a good time. All right. Ready? Why? Two three good. That one's cute look. Oh, yeah, like you. All right. Last time also. Overtime. Pull this hair out of the area now try it again. Just visits on your cheek and every right that supposed tio bobby again? All right. Last time hee hee hee telling a story about when you feed in your backyard doesn't really here. Yeah. There's a vast look. Yeah, that one's cute. I like that one way had a good time on our shoot. These girls were awesome and they did a really good job just having a good time trying out new stuff again, trying out a different lighting situation and those trees might not have been my first choice because maybe I would normally look for an even lit area but a concept shoot go try it out see how it works moving around you saw me actually physically move her because it's easier for me to like look at her and move her and so going okay this way no this way no back no, no, no, no, no. You know? So if they're ok with it, I just kind of I knew the general area and I just kind of moved her and watch the light on her face so that worked out really well and I love the shots of them laughing and having a good time when you're doing those walking shots haven't talked to each other, I mean, there's no reason why they can't just do something silly and take a great photo. Okay, so now we're gonna move on to a different area that we were we used they had these big tree stumps like cut up and just kind of flowing over to the side, so I was like, oh, wow, this would be a great place to use props they hadn't really sat down except for way in the beginning on the thing that was coming out of t p so we did some stuff on the stump and that gave him a place to sit and I didn't have to have a props a lot of times oftime props on location I do like to shoot simply a lot of time so usually it's just my camera and myself in the subject maybe a reflector so when it's that I try to find places for them to see is it so I don't have to carry a chair or a bench or anything like that for this year while we were walking around checking out the location we found all these great stops which not all they're going to give us a great place for the girls to sit and posed differently but also provide texture and justin interesting element to the photo so I'm gonna have her muse is awesome tree stump for a place to sit and I like to always instead of just having him sit you know straight up and down I like to give it a little bit of a dimension have her lane ford says she's no lame forward like this and there's a couple of different things you can do with your hands just what you just did or then after I take a few can move this one to here okay and then after a few contrite both of them crisscross exactly okay so we'll run through that yeah I do I like that show a little leg you're doing awesome okay now let's crisscrossing down here? Yep perfect. Okay, I'm incoming clips okay right here oh, there you go okay, now here's another one stay right there, but what I want you to do is cross your arms like that and then lean for with one shoulder, okay? It's like you're hugging yourself a little bit and then almost changes shoulder kind of, you know, kind of like flirty like yeah, exactly. Okay, throw that. No, um put your arms together like on your stomach and then move forward. Well, now that looks like your home, your stomach? Yeah, their god and then shoulder. Okay, I have a favorite as you can see, finding a place like that is a great place to shoot because, like I say gave us some different posing just by sitting her down with natural elements. I didn't have to bring a stool that I have to bring a chair, but it gave us a couple of different places there's only so much you can do standing up. So you need somewhere from, um sit now I'm not opposed to having him sit in the grass. I will just make sure there's nothing their first. I owe my shoots when I'm specially in a field I wear well, you know hunter boots and go stomping through making sure that everything's before I go and make them do it so they use to make sure there's no aunt there's no other kinds of critters that could be in deep, you know, because we tend to shoot, like, well, this one's within, what would the area or field or something like that? So if you are sitting them on the ground, make sure they have we have fire ants to us of fire ants. Ok, well, these things hurt to make sure they yeah, make sure they're none of those no and heels, etcetera. Anyway, stops were great because they didn't have sent on the ground, but again around this something we could have them sit on. Okay, so this video is talking a little bit about styling the concept shoot. Okay, better look good after I cannot turn it. Really wait, you're going to have a little work, like right there, okay, look at it. So, like, even they could do like this one could be sitting here. Let's get the stuff like that that's. What about have any branch big enough? So part of a concept shoot is styling the shoot a lot of times that don't necessarily use a lot of props when it comes to an actual senior photo session, but we're talking about a concept shoot again, we're trying tio portray a theme or a concept, so in that case, I used props tell the story just like I do with the wardrobe just like they do with hair and make up and the location so we brought a couple of things that sort of reminded me of campaign would he feel I had these antlers that I got off at sea added a little glamour with some sparkly glitter martha stewart glitters the best it tends to stick the best then we've got lanterns and a little wood fear that I had in my house a lot of this stuff came from my house some of it about new with this shoot in mind but we envisioned the girl sitting here you know enjoying their best friend glamping weekend this apple cider okay so you can see that way a lot of props I honestly got most of that stuff from the house I did buy a couple things I bought a couple of things that we didn't use so returned them you don't have to have a lot but for me that that particular set up really kind of was about them hanging out the apple cider is what you saw in the background not champagne there seventeen but it did look like champagne but they had a good time hanging out drinking that just talking, laughing and having a good time so we just sort of set up that little that look within you if you will preserve for something different to kind of help tell that thing any ideas for people who might not have as much of a styling background as you do overtime where they should look for inspiration for how to go, what you get to that scene you're like now what? You totally well, you know, I looked at there's there's actually glamping sites for different areas that have these campground sight, so that was a good area for me to look at, you can look at magazines, obviously pinterest is a great idea or you can try to find a stylist who actually, you know, is it is more of a photo silenced that could help you put it together, maybe work with you together because the concept shoot also is a great way to connect with vendors it's a great way to work together so that you can each refer each other, so that would be my mother, my mother tip, as far as you know, because you're right, not everybody does have that. I mean, some of that stuff came from jenny was much helping me out that days some the suitcases came from her, so, you know, maybe borrow some things I mean, you can put on facebook so you may have an old suitcase I can borrow and you'll get tons and tons and tons of, you know, look on craig's list one time I did a federal shoot bubble gum and I found a bubble gum machine like a life size but we'll go machine for ten dollars off craigslist ten dollars I mean, that was I could do that we did a roller skating one a long time ago in vegas but we found some roller skates when time we didn't ice skating one in atlanta although it just had his skates kind of sitting over desire because you can't really I skate in atlanta but we found those really cheap on places like craigslist or at sea or something like that so you may spend a tiny bit that you can find ways to not spend a lot still get the props but again ask your friends if they have amassed the girls they had roller skates or ice skates or whatever you might want to incorporate so great thank you okay, so we're going to get a little bit more into the props in this video so again we like the whole interacting and like you guys touching somewhat so maybe one of you leaning down and the other one could be up like this on like her shoulder so he wants to do what you want to switch it up I got a feeling down and you're like yep exactly lean in like that I love that put your knees together like this and then like now okay, I love it and I actually like you looking off and you're looking at me okay oh that's gorgeous y'all ok perfect book you're awesome connor you're looking great we'll just turn I'm just gonna be moving around a little bit I want you guys staying in the same pose for a few minutes so I get every angle here okay connor you look at me and brooke you look off their god is perfect okay awesome love it okay gorgeous let me get one like this okay brooke right here everybody right here may so we've got this set up where they can interact and it looks like a fun little girls glamping weekend got apple cider here and mason jars which is a great tool for just about anything in the south mason jars are awesome so they're goingto have fun enjoy their apple cider and we're going to take some shots okay girls you guys mingle together interact with each other exactly exactly ah good right that's cute okay. Super cute okay let's take these out will you? You know another step take it away from you and now I just hang out and talk okay? Because you okay you know, earlier you were like a little ahead of her and you kind of look back at our laughed but I don't know if you have to blame florida little bit to do it perfect all right now let's come together and I want one of you guys just your head perfect someone right here get a wide shot actually yeah that's cute that's really cute right there. Eleven okay, arjun you want any of this because I'm good I think all right, I think there's a wrap half of you did awesome awesome awesome. Uh yeah so I was just trying to get him to interact trying to get some more lifestyle type photos toe add with more post photos so we just kind of had a good time I had a apple cider like I said on the video mason jars work for anything drinking, any type of dream flower vases, whatever and they're super chief I have like eight hundred in my garage so that was easy for me to incorporate with that so on the girls had a really good time and then jenny would pop in and get a few photos because she's a photographer for a swell and so it really worked well to kind of work together and and honestly, if you can make a connection to another photographer in your area and build a relationship with with that person and a vendor doing bigger shoots like this, you know really do help when more than one person is doing it combined props you can think of ideas you can brainstorm off one another there's no real reason why photographers can't work together to do something fun like that I it is a great thing to have somebody in your town or near you that you can you can do stuff with I mean a lot of times photography is kind of by yourself because you're working at home and your computers of concept chutes that you can kind of work together with another photographer I think you're so much fun and you you play off each other and learn from each other and I I love that kind of thing so s so we had a good time and all these people helped us put that shoot together chris was the video of her and he is from the reason I love jionni is from pink al photography she help me with reflector and you know just anything and everything we worked together and we work together on her sing your model shoot teo I wouldn't help her so we we worked together I mean she lives a rollie so it's not too tart terribly far from me so she needed me I needed her we work together and we both got, you know, one day out of it and you know you can always learn from anybody so you know, I learned from her and helping her son do some staff she learned a lot from a hopefully help me do some stuff so it really worked really well and having an assistant or shoot like this is pretty important just because you know you do maybe need somebody to hold the reflector develops ideas off of etcetera so thanks to her and then twenty twig jewelry is who provided the jewelry that you saw the girl's wearing eso we were super excited about that a love that jewelry I think it's super cool with the leather straps and the different elements from actually nature really there's there's like tree stone change their shells there's all kinds of different elements like that s so we're super excited about having then work with us and then of course hope ferguson, the makeup artist she was awesome she really took that concept and really did a great job bring it to life with the hair and make up north georgia camping tours, which is our location just fit perfect for the fame and was exactly what I was looking for and they were super helpful on super super nice and if you're ever looking for somewhere like that to go on vacation there's teepees are amazing they sleep from like to do all the way there like ten you confess they were huge and they do have their condition and they have a zip line and just all kinds of stuff that was pretty cool and they even have a little I don't know we couldn't decide if it was like an otter or ah ground hog or something that he just came came up to us throughout the shooting was like hanging out with us, so you get to see that teo on our model's, brooking connor, who are brooke graduated and connor can't remember she's graduated yet or not, they're just graduated if they had that they were from the atlanta area, so they were super awesome and exactly what to do, and they made my job pretty easy, so on they just they fit the theme really well. So there's a super fun. It just, you know, really was a chance to try some different things trial, the new location and really have some great great photos or portfolio to show off what you can do. Okay, so ideas for concept shoot just to throw some out there, maybe you guys, maybe some ideas have popped in your head. You might want to share some of those back to school. Concept is always a good concept to be able to market to kids going back to school, maybe do the shoot in july so that you have the marketing materials tio start posting, you know, around august when they're going back to school, maybe you want to run a special and having shot, that will really be an appropriate photo to put on, say, a back to school. Graphic so that's good you know any concept that has to do with the seasons a lot of times people don't think of wintertime for great play a great time of year to have their senior photos taken but maybe if you showed him a concept shoot and show them what was possible then yeah you could one time I did a concept shoot in my garage because I don't have a studio and I but I wanted to set up a backdrop and so I just got right inside my garage and I had this backdrop that looked like a birch trees covered in snow and then I had like fake snow that she kind of blue and she had scars on all kinds of you know, wintry stuff and it looked really cool on dit just showed people that it's possible to get your veteran taken maybe you take him out in the snow and you just something on their maybe you take him out ice skating and you do something fun there to really showcase that may be a season that is not typically thought of so that's a good advantage for doing that eating fashion inspired you know let's say there's a new trend and you want to really showcase that how it might look good in a senior photos who takes photos use a concept you can't do that ha be inspired to showcase how you can you know really illustrate like the music or the ballet or the whatever they're inspired build an entire concept around that to showcase to your seniors that that's a possibility for maybe they're seeing your chute and they can maybe maybe you do an elaborate showcase but maybe they do a pared down version for their actual senior session so that's always good and then you can always think of movies tv shows book that you can sort of relate to maybe that relate to that john rahming you know, hunger games or I don't know something that they are familiar with that maybe you can use as a not literal maybe interpretation that maybe some you know, wide concept idea. So do you guys have any of you guys done concept shoes? Do you have any ideas that come to mind themes or anything that would work well in a candy shop? So yeah, yeah, it was fun a lot of candidates but it was really nice because they were just opening up and so she really needed photos for for, you know, for to put on the website and so actually could I be ring and models to shoot in the store and she was gracious and it's a relationship there, so anytime that I mean candy or she knows that I'm shooting she'll you know send me a text and you need candy, you know, write some type of you know, little setup that she'll do and so she's gotten enquiries now from other photographers that want to come and shoot in or the photographers I want like a candy buffet for their shoes right? It works out really well, yeah vendor relations that concept she really got you more than just the photos it got you a continuing relationship with that venue that's also, anybody else done in a think of any you might want to do are you inspired to do any seattle rain? So get a jury and wet nobody wants photos, right? Yeah, cute make it a fun thing gets rain boots and bright colors and acute umbrella there's a place it could it might be in seattle, but there's a place that rents umbrellas specifically for federer shoots and they're like really pretty umbrellas some of them might be too fancy to even get wet but some of them are fine way rented them for the atlanta shootout that we did even though it wasn't raining I'm not really sure why I did it, but it was like a black and white yeah raining but but it was a black and white like striped umbrella that was really pretty and she had on this bright pink coat that she had on she actually had on my yellow hunter boots and it was just really cute so you could totally do someth like that and show off that you know, if we can't reschedule your session we can make the most of what we got you know, the fun thing about this is it's not just seniors are like that I dreamed it could go for anything so I could do it for kids I could do it for you know, whatever yeah family yeah come out can't you camping? I've always wanted to do a movie night one like, you know, like in the backyard maybe they set up I don't really think it would necessarily a plot of seniors, but I think as a family it would be really cool to like had the movie set up a little like blankets light, strong and stuff like that I think that would be fun so yeah, you're right it could go on all kinds of different john I think it driving would be awesome when you're talking about movies we have a drive in theater just outside of town and with seniors would be a blast they have made pop go golf out there little roller coasters and all those things I think would be a blast because you could have so many different options well, you take your rep there and do all kinds of different like that would be a good location and have, you know, maybe some of the rips dressed more for the drive in and do them there may be some for the putt putt and do that whole, you know, do an outfit that really like maybe even old school retro country club, but at a putt, but that might be kind of fun, you know, to make sweaters tied around there, you know, to make like, something cute like that would be really cute in fact, there's a skirt at nordstrom's like really tiny knife dario fashion, but there is a guard at north stones like, really tiny knife pleated white kind of shivani looking with like a t shirt and a sweater tied around their own cue right there you get this way out there having the idea the idea are flowing, I love it, our brains are full ideas, they're followings is where we want to be twenty the end of the class. I do have some questions actually that I got to get in a couple of practical ones about these concepts shoots. How do you approach local businesses to partner with for a concept shoot like you don't have people they already working with and there's a cute boutique and that is a stylist like what is your what would you recommend? Well, greg men always to go in and build sort of start building a relationship with him don't just go in say, hey, can we can we do this s o like like when I partnered with the boutique that I work with us shopped in their little why owen kind of got to know the people that work there and then started asking like oh who's your manager and do you think she would be open to this? Oh yeah you email or tell her I told you to email her so I had a connection that way and also maybe, you know, presented in a way that's beneficial to that person so when you went to the candy shop guessing you didn't say I I just really want candy and I just did it I you may be presented in a way that was beneficial for her and it turns out she was new and I could use what you were offering so that's always a good idea just make it more about them and what you can offer them because that will we you know, have a connection more what did you just walk in or how did you do it? They were opening on instagram and I just I you know, I looked it up and call I really just called and this just said, hey, you know there's, nothing wrong with that that's what I did I um there's another lady that worked with that has a boutique but I shot they're off to come so that really helps on so I can really just go in there and say, hey, I have a shoot coming up and she was going to iraq close yeah and she doesn't really count anymore but yeah, she'll just whatever and so whenever you know post you know I tag you know exactly whatever so if I need to go out somewhere, she'll style me for that or she'll stop me for another shoot you know, whatever it is that I need to do so we have a really good relationship, but I just really just took a chance worth they could say was no exactly well, I mean in this in this concept shoot we just solved that's all the jury that came there now granted, I have like some photos of theirs on facebook and I have taken photos of me wearing the necklace on tag them in it so I can I think they kind of knew who I was but other than that, I've never talked to him, but I just simply cinnamon email instead and actually sent him the e mail maybe two days before needed this stuff and I said, oh my gosh, you know, this may not happen last minute, but I've got to do this concept shoot I really think that your jewelry will be so good in this concept she and I kind of went through explaining what it wass on dh they immediately emailed me back and said absolutely we will send you five necklaces do with them what you want just nailing back so yeah cold column you can you might be surprised at what you get or build start building a relationship sounds like you do a little bit of both with both your vendors and the worst they could say is no absolutely all right another question when doing a concept shoot this is from angelique do you have to get a permit or a license for the location that you're shooting at probably probably depends on the location you were shooting at I did not but then we did when we did one in vegas we had to pay for the location that we shot at we tried teo set up one and los angeles and apparently to shoot on the beach in los angeles you gotta have a permit so I said no so I have never had to pay for it because I just chose a different route but that is definitely something that you need to consider when I called north georgia canopy tours I said I am doing a video and I'm doing a photoshoot is that okay the only thing they made me pay for with tp that we used to get dressed so I did pay for that absolutely you get checked out with anything you ever want to go on a location not knowing you know pick a location that's safe and all of that good stuff but it's always good to check especially when you're doing a concept shoot simply because it is just you and a senior grant and you don't want to take your senior anywhere you shouldn't but I'm just saying like it's not a big production whereas if you're bringing props and you're doing this and you bring here make up and all this stuff to the location you definitely want to make sure everybody's okay with that for sure so that kind of leaves into thes images are probably going to be seen out there can we just kind of wrap it up with what is the purpose of doing the concept shoot again? Are you you doing it to build brand awareness? Are you doing it tio market to those seniors as well? Are they posted in magazines or again what what what are we achieving well for me it's a little bit of all of that you know you definitely are like a safe here if you're new to the business and you need more more work you're doing it for portfolio building teo continue to figure out your style, that kind of thing so I did it in the beginning just to try to figure out my style you are doing it for marketing purposes putting it out there social media these girls they're putting it on there you know instagram and stuff like that so even though they're in atlanta that's not that far from me so I could feasibly get business through that even though that wasn't the sole purpose of that. But that's always assad didn't if it you're doing them for vendor relations. If you're somebody that wants to work with a certain vendor in town, maybe there's a maybe there's a coffee shop for an ice cream shop or something that all the kids hang out at like all that age group hangs out with maybe you go to that person, you say, hey, let me set up a concept shoot, you can use them for your advertising, I can use them for mine these kids already coming these kids are coming here anyway, they could see both sides of it and really game business. So, yeah, I would say marketing purposes for the most part, but also just to keep yourself fresh and keep shooting and keep experimenting and keep growing and learning as a photographer and to go shopping and go shopping because it all comes back to shopping. I love it, I love it. I think we are getting we're getting to the end of the program here we've had three very, very intense days with so much information and sharing, you pretty much put your heart and your soul and like everything out of your brain now. So I just I just wanted to reflect back teo, if you are somebody that has caught some of this program maybe not the whole workshop or you have sat here through the whole thing and you're still kind of feeling like this is amazing, but I'm still not really sure if I could do it right. What do you say to that person first of all say that anybody? Yes, you can do it. I've done it. I've made mistakes along the way and I, you know, just got back up and tried again and I quit the first year after doing a rep program I would not be you hear where I am today s o just keep at it, keep keep trying new things keep really putting yourself out there, keep doing the research, keep really honing in on your market on dh, figure out a way to build that relationship. This whole thing has been about a relationship with your client on dh how that can build a better experience for them. And the last thing I will just let us know. Yesterday I got a text from my hand, it makes me emotional just because he's like my little girl going off to college, hannah texted me that and she has in her dorm room, that picture of us, that that's all I have to say oh, yeah, that that sounds it up right there, my way have tears, everyone we have. Tio. It just shows you the passion in the amount of time that I put into what I do and she's gonna like that it's just us at her pageant and text she sent me. And then I took that photo of her and her best friend. I had done hannah's photo session, and then I had done lizzie's photo session, and hannah came and assisted me only these photo session, and so I gave them that lizzie has one in her dorm, and hannah has one in her dorm.

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Lynn Powell Roberts

I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.