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Rooftop Shoot: Senior Girl Part 2

We were talking about this this morning, actually, thiss question came from colleen davis, how many images do usually capture on the average session? And then how many do you show your client? Right? So usually I try to stick with a four gig card and they may use a little bit of another four good cards, so that works out because I'm cheating were all that works out to be maybe around two hundred I think it's one ninety eight to be exact on my four gig and then I may take, you know, fifty more on on a new card if I feel like I need it, I don't want you, yeah, it also depends on the outfits they bring a lot of outfits, I may end up taking mohr and the night top session that I offer that get that where they make up artist comes on the shoot and changes their look, those tend to result in a little bit more images because I've got a lot more variety there to take. But one thing I will say that sometimes I catch myself doing that I need to improve on is the fact that I'll start that first ou...

tfit and I'll get in my groove and then I'll remember, oh, shoot, I've got four more outfit. And so the time spent on the last three are for a little bit shorter than what I did on that first outfit, so I would say, you know, make sure not only you know how many images you're taking, but make sure you space it out amongst the number of outfits I don't like to shoot a time, because I don't frankly want to go through that many images. I think that was when I first started. That was the hardest. Yeah, I think for me with to know when to stop exactly because I would come home from a shoe and have seven hundred, eight hundred thousand images from three hours to our shoot, right? So the amount of time that it tate at tio just catalog those light room don't bruise starring, exactly, so getting to that point where, you know, when you've got it, how do you tell yourself, how do you know when you've got it? Well, I look it I mean, I'm constantly look in the back of the camera, I'm showing her engaging, her reaction to which I think is always a good way because you can immediately get their reaction that way they can immediately feel comfortable on, though, okay, I don't look weird, so I think that's all some, I also think the more you shoot the more comfortable you are with your shot therefor you may not feel the need to shoot as many, and then I also think that I'm not feeling like you have to be on in front of your senior, you know, just telling them, hey, you know what? I've got to check my lining, change my settings that got to do this that the other you don't have to be shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot ng. They're not judging you by that right? Take your time and know that you set up a shot, you took a shot and you can move on now. I do have my camera set to where I think I take about three photos and sequence. I don't know why it's free, but it just ends up that way, so I do have three quick shots, you know? I took my time and I had her pose the way I wanted her time to take the hair out of her face, and I made sure all of that was right. Well, then I don't have to have fifty images of that. Your new name, right? So it's all about, like you said, being intentional and what you're doing, and then you know, you've got it, move on, exactly. But you know we're always photographers like but maybe better effect, right? Yeah oh this's another one that we were talking about while we're watching one of the videos from doug mall notice that you are taking a lot of portrait oriented shot versus lance yeah, what seems to be your standard ratio and change depending on whether it's a boy or a girl I wouldn't say it necessarily changes depending on whether it's a boy or girl would say the location and the fact that up here I'm not gonna take a lot because we've got all these wires and stepped I was trying to not have to have a lot of stuff I think there are certain locations that look amazing as a wide shot and I will then tend to take it, but for the most part my images are vertical that's just what I like to look at, I will say that my favorite image is a very close up okay vertical shot so I'm probably going to take more of those just because that's personally what I like I don't know what other self yeah, well, I mean, I think they get used to my work regardless, so yeah, I mean, I don't think they ever I've never had a customers say, oh god, I wish that was horizontal or anything like that again it goes back to the trust thing and the style thing and they know what to expect from me and that's what they're looking at portfolio will say when you're doing the concept shoot or things like that, I tend to take more wide shots with negative space because those air great for marketing purposes, so having that in your catalog is a great thing, and then I consciously have to remind myself to take horizontal photos, right? I really do just because I don't know why it's just more natural for me to take a vertical photo, but I definitely think you need that variety, so definitely remind yourself, whatever you have to do it if you have to go through the in my mind, you know, vertical close up pulling three quarter horizontal close up pulling, you know, whatever. So do that if that helps you and I am constantly sort of saying that my head, so I could remind myself to take it because that's, what I was going to ask you was, do you have sort of a shot list? Get that you want to get with? Yes, sort of pose what you got in your product and shot list for today? Well, it's, just my notes, I don't think anybody else would be able to interpret it, you know the name, but to me I knew what I'm even drawn stick figures perfect remind myself, but I had shot list outfit one pink romper black heels and I had one, two, three, four, five shots that I just wanted to make sure I got andi I just, you know, described them leg crossed over one another arm across the body other arm, you know, stuff like this, which is what she did said I had that written down, you know, something like this so I had legs shoulder width apart with the event in our most shoulder children till the tour forward, yeah, you know, just things like that. Whatever will help you remember to take those shots were on and I even got on here take it horizontal take it vertical. I had that in the in the actual post so I could remember I don't typically necessarily pull it out, but just about steak of writing it down, then you have had a case on don't even think it's a bad thing to pull it out, you know, in a manger say, you know, hey, I want to make sure what I've got because you put it on your phone in your note section and you type it out and just have that for that, because sometimes you're shooting and your mind goes blank I mean, no doubt another thing is good when your mind goes blank is have the move dual walking shot because it breaks up the monotony opposing of course we couldn't do that up here because it is the roof and we can't walk around in heels and she had on heels but that's in the right way right safety first that's a great way to say you know what let's walk toward may just walk toward me I'm going to capture you moving don't really look at the camera because when you're walking you're not st staring in one direction you're kind of looking around you might look down things like that that will break up the monotony opposing and maybe reset your brain to start thinking of some other poses and I love the idea of sort of the little stick figures and because truly I especially when you're new and beginning yeah when your mind goes linc oma and you're like I don't know what to ask him to do neck exactly it's very scary it is theirs so having that on your phone I love a swell in your back pocket can't even take some of your old photos that you've done so far and put those on you're well even even doing research for example when I started teo shoot kids, for example I went and looked online and found and made my own little treat she totally printed that out I had it with me I'm so same thing totally look at magazines looking tio tio you know get some inspiration that life exactly so we have a couple more minutes while kendra is still changing lots of questions coming in good so kayla clouds at when shooting in public places how do you manage other people being in the background and fresh right by yourself? Usually I am by myself I don't usually taken assistant although I will tell you that high school girls that are interested in photography are great assistant caroline I don't carolyn's watching that caroline is a is a junior at riverside high school and she she is very much interested in photography so every now and then I'll call her sometimes it's easier not to have to worry about males schedule but you know that's a go to place maybe if your local town has a college or something like that and it has a photography school unite could always find in turn that way and they could be your assistant but yet typically may on dh typically you know sometimes I'm just having to wait till the right moment to get somebody out or I will choose a different section of wherever I am just because I'm not going to better shot people out if I can help it so it's a matter of just working with what you got now if you're going somewhere like state fair and you want to do something fun like that. You're going to have to just continue with people and maybe they're just out of focus and your persons and focus and that looks really cool. In fact, yesterday I took about five shots of a girl in seattle market or wherever the fish place called. Thank you, andre were people all over the place and cars come in and you know I would just wait grabber, go out there, take a quick shot, go out the way you know how vain you gotta work with it? Exactly. And I do find it hard. I remember being in a spot where I wanted to get a little girl on a swing. Yeah, and so I had to wait it out on the playground. And what have you and I think I asked dad could tell people have come here to swing and he gave me this look, excuse me way being aware being conscious I would say most people probably would move if you have too they don't want to be in the background of a photo. Likely. Alright, well, kendra is ready and her next out little already. Oh, my gosh. Okay, okay, dancer okay, thank you so she is a dancer, which we knew from her questionnaire, so I wanted to definitely incorporate that into her shoot s o and I thought it would be really cool to have something unusual with the pointe shoes yesterday we talked about doing the gray dress which is what we did in the wardrobe consultation but because we realize today is very gray we thought something different and actually kendra's idea so good good idea, girl but we thought the gray might not really show up as much since it is a great friday and then actually I love the fact that this one is not necessarily a predictable dress to put with toe shoes. The other one was very ballerina is looking and it would have been gorgeous but I do think sometimes it's nice to mix it up so you look also I'm going I'm going to tuck this built just so it's not sticking out there we go okay and see fashion tape would be good for that if you had some on hand you could make sure just because you don't want to be taken a photo and have that built come out but just tucking it works too ok? So we're going toe go back over here. Is that okay or do you yes way need some open room for um I'm gonna get that way okay, so we're gonna work with your valley poses, okay? So let's just do something simple that was his first first this is first okay yeah let's do that okay I used to know it is everyone like this okay yeah okay, long time since I've been a dancer girl anyway let's do the one word yet in front and then maybe you even do that traditional what does that one called yeah let's do that yes I think it's pretty okay I've got it hang tight for second cause I've gotta just my life make sure I'm getting it perfect okay, now go up on your toes same thing awesome okay, now can you do one air best calder best yeah, we'll do that okay come over a tiny bit this way I don't want to get this satellites in there if I can help it yeah come over a little bit more keep keep coming right there. Okay, ready one two three go okay one two, three oh, perfect eleven okay, we'll move and you do the same thing one more time ok one two three get far back hold on. This would be actually a good time to change lenses. Do we have that thirty five millimetre? Because I am trying to take a horizontal shot and I have limited space up here and I'm trying to get her whole body when she's doing the arabesque we're gonna change to the thirty five oh, yeah, okay, ready one, two, three awesome okay, now um just give me one where you're yeah, and you almost looking back at that leg, like, calm down. Yeah. There you go, right there. And they pull that one piece of here wanted to separate itself, and that was built back. Okay, yeah. Together. Perfect. Take that hair that's on this this shoulder and sweep it off, gorgeous. And now turn your face toward me. There you go and tilt it. Just live it. Awesome. Okay, um, show me a couple more dance moves, okay? Let's do that, okay? Because she knows dance moves. I'm trusting her on this point to really showcase her talent. It's been way too long since I've been a dancer, so I can remember the name. Okay. Ready? One till three. Awesome. Okay, let's, do it one more time. Ready? Go! Awesome. Perfect. Oh, my god. These are so cool. When's, the last time we've been on a roof dancing, only you would have that experience. Right? Okay, let's, do one where you're facing that way and then you're put your leg back and turn over your shoulder. Yup, exactly. Go. Can you pull this arm up? Yeah. There you go that much, then close and just get this all summer. Perfect okay turn your body a little bit more with it there right there I love it and let me get one like this perfect, so pretty oh my gosh okay um okay let's get angela in here and let her try couple with the dancing so you may run through those typos is again again we're really concentrating on what is comfortable for this client and who she is so trust her to show off some dance moves because most of your sight your senior clients aren't going to be dancers so this is fun for us. I know that it's fun for us to take photos of something different so yeah okay, now we're using the thirty five millimeter which would give you because I could say we don't have very much room with eighty five all this exactly let her know what you want to start with you want a you're best yes I don't know anything about dancing okay, so you just you know what don't you just try toe hold it about right here you go beautiful. Okay one time when I think you're beautiful um can you even do a torah? What can you do up? Because that was really capture. Yeah, okay let's count it off and you just shoot okay already won one teo very okay let's run through it one more time just because when you do a moving shot sometimes it take some time to make sure you get the right line was goingto get ready. Ready? One, two, three. That's. Beautiful. I need shoes. I want todo like, oh, I wish I was not grateful know they don't actually hurt and because they're flat on the inside you can somewhat stay if you have some balance but yeah. Okay. Um, do you want to do some basic closes or continue with dance? Oh, you mean with, like, some? Yeah. Yeah. Like she could be first, second, third whatever. Maybe something like this. You get that? Yeah. That's. Pretty space background. Yeah, alright. Yeah, yeah. When you have an interesting element, the background. You know, make sure you get that cover. The satellite dishes I never write e beautiful. That is beautiful. Let's do one where you're maybe, um maybe have your toe and then you're like, playing with your hair a little bit. Yeah, exactly. Exactly like that. Yeah, georgia it's. Hard to see. It is very hard to stay out here. Yeah, exactly. Probably going back in a matter of way, tio see it like that. I know. And I know I'm gonna be really in here.

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I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.