Segment 9 - Senior Portrait Experience: Plan the Shoot


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Segment 9 - Senior Portrait Experience: Plan the Shoot

Now, I know we're going to really get into this when we shoot live in the morning, but I just wanted to touch on this because it is part of the process is part of that experience. So you've done a great job of getting to know your client, you've given them all the information they need to make an educated decision to book you on dh now, it's, time for the shoot. So you really need teo give them the chance to plan that shoot according to them, and continue thinking of that experience. Maybe you bring water to the shoot, maybe bring a little cooler with water, maybe bring music liked my does maybe you bring fashion tape, which keeps things in place, but that's a little touch of something you maybe you give them a little goody, I'd like some lip gloss because maybe they booked the sheik session, so the hair makeup arse isn't coming with us. So maybe you give him a look loss so they can re apply during the shoot. You know, whatever you can do to add something a little bit different to thei...

r session and their photo shoot is really how you're going to continue that experience, take care of them during the sheep. Make them feel good you know I keep going back to that that make them feel good the whole time and take care of them so like I say takes him baba will get you some bottled water put you a label on it that says you're you're photography name and take that maybe take a little snack you know maybe take them a t shirt or a sticker or you know, some little something that has your logo on it that you can give them after the shoot is over but just continue to remember that experience throughout the photoshoot thes air behind the scenes shots of the concept shoot that we're going to be showing a day a day three concept shoot three s o we're going to show you the actual results of this but my friend jenny came and helped me on the shoot so she captured those two images of me working with the girls again I'm laughing with you them here so that's you know, helping improve their experience I was pretending like I knew what I was doing like doing this crazy model pose they thought it was hilarious and then show him in the back of the camera I know one of you guys mentioned that earlier throughout the shoot showing him that back of that camera is going to add to their experience because they're going to know throughout the shoot that there they're doing a good job and that you're capturing something amazing, you know that feeling self conscious or any of those type things, they're not feeling awkward to go back to that you know, that moment when all the girls that I you know, ask questions they didn't want to fill awkward, so that helps because they could see it they can see that they're not awkward that you're you know you're making them look beautiful, which is what they want teo so okay, so planning the chute playing the shoot according to the questionnaire, I knew I've touched on this a little bit when I was going over the questions that I ask and why I asked them but this is where you put that to you you take their answers and you really go into the why, you know what they answered and how you can incorporate that into their shoot, you know, like I say, they mentioned they love thie field and they really want that and that's what? You know that ok, I've got to do a field for this girl, okay? If they mention their favorite coffee shop or ice cream shop or something like that, maybe you could call that ice cream shop for that coffee shop and say, hey, do you mind if we come take some photos here and you can build an entire session based off of that so that's important to pick locations based on the answers match locations to their outfits you know, again I mentioned this earlier if their country you want to make sure they aren't in a no crazy urban locations just not gonna match not going to fit their personality right? So use that questionnaire to tell you those things remember their style when you're posing them when you're when you're interacting with them you know, maybe there's somebody that is not super glamorous so maybe the pose that is way half fashion is maybe not propose for them to remember that because you don't want them to feel awkward so you want to give them the right experience and give them one that's specific to them so you want to play off of their strength and their comfortable level you know all that good stuff and then always always always continue that experience any little thing you can do to make them remember that the time they had on their to me that's even more important than the photos you know? I mean like I think maybe there's a way I think I hope I don't get any backlash for this, but I think that a person that's not a photographer might love a photo that's not technically correct because you gave them an experience that is so amazing that's what they remember when they're looking at that photo they're not going oh well she blew out the sky. This sucks. I mean, they're not looking at that there going oh, my god, I remember when I was standing there and I remember how fun that was to do and I remember this, so I feel like that's almost even mohr important and will make you stand out then your photos because again, there's a ton of people that can take good photos or even okay photos. So what are you going to do, tow and that up? And you're going to give them a memory and experience that they can say, oh, that was so much fun then they're going to talk about you to the friends that's giving them a reason to talk about you to their friends and they just got photos and they didn't have a good time and photos are fine, you know, whatever that may be even great, but they didn't have some great experience. I promise you they won't recommend you to their friends, so keep that in mind no matter what you're doing through the shoot through the com communication with their student with your students, I'm looking at you with your seniors, you know, all that staff so okay, so do we have any questions so far? Because so a question that came up earlier from stephanie johnson was with regard to the issue welcome guy did you create your own guide or are there any templates that'll be sure there are templates and pretty sure there are but I made my own but I don't know off the top of my head any because that in buying but I'm sure there are mean I can't even put mine out there somebody wants it that's totally fine yeah I created it I you know decided how many pages don't want decided what I wanted plugged in my photos it's not hard to create one it is time consuming so template would be great if there are some out there I think that's a great way to go but I did I did create mild cool how about you guys who had won designer go oh yeah yeah and I used there a lot of their wording and really totally redid it this year but I love doing templates and stuff myself on so I think oh, snap yeah I think they do too yeah you're right oh snap great staff yeah, they really do have some stuff so yeah look into that oh oh snap boutique dot com right e I love it fantastic. All right let's get some more questions going this was from after dark earlier in the segment. Once you send that information email back to the first step of this experience if you hear nothing back at all from somebody do you go ahead and do go ahead and contact them or do you just let it go without knowing why or how does that we'll follow up and you know, you may get an answer and you may not get an answer, but I follow up in fact, just this week I had a mom contact me I went through those you know, the steps I never heard so I e mailed and hey, you know, do you have any further questions? Are you still deciding you know, can I help you with anything? So she mailed me back a question so I think she had been trying to, you know, think about this but didn't know the answer whatever, so then she e mailed me back and I am sort of questions and then I didn't hear anything, so I e mailed her again because at this point I was starting to get somebody that wanted that date that I had already told this person that was available and so I e mailed her nothing hey, no rush, but I just want I just want to follow up with you. I do have somebody else interested in that date, so if you're not interested, if you could just let me know or if you're still deciding, let me know that on dh she actually came back and said that they weren't prepared to spend the money and that's fine, but I found out I got to the source of it and then offered the data up to the next person so yeah definitely follow up again you can only control so much so you know, follow up don't be annoying maybe follow up one or two times that they don't they don't even value back then at that point I would say yeah, you're probably not getting booked and you move on but if you can try to find out I definitely do great any questions in here all right let's say we've got a lot of questions that have been coming in about wardrobe and styling and what do you do with the style closet when the couple are not all a size two and write questions everybody that is what we're going to be talking about in our next segment hold tight on all of those questions this is an interesting one from heather townsend who asked how do you deal with overbearing moms that make this session more about what they want rather than the near themselves writer that happened that death only happens for sure and you know you've got to be the professional and you've got to tell the mom you know, sometimes the moms on the shoot with us and she is being overbearing and she's like, oh her arm looks dumb there, whatever they might say well, then you gotta kindly say to the mom you know what? We're going to step over here I'm going to take her away and do some things without having you you know, look at or whatever might make her feel conscious subconscious you know, they don't necessarily love an audience or whatever, so I'm going to do that we'll be right back give them on something to do have her hold the reflector you know, anything you can do to distract her is always a good thing, you know, sometimes I get mom's that come but then they sit in the car and that's fine, but they are being overbearing at some point you are going to have to say something because the senior will only remember that their mom told her that you know, her arm looked bad or whatever you know, and I'm sure their moms out there that say stuff like that which is awful but I'm sure it happened so at that point I would step in and protect my senior um and just in the nicest way possible because of course you don't want have been the mother at at all but you know, oh gosh, she looks thirsty do you mind running down to the stinks and, you know, grabbing her water whatever cinema run a print, do something you know, just so that the poor signor doesn't have toe because they get stressed, you know? Yeah and then sometimes when you're educating the clients they will ask him to parents come and I'll say, well, you know, a lot of times the seniors feel more comfortable without an audience but absolutely you're welcome to come I get it it's your daughter you might not feel comfortable with her with a stranger a lot of times though I've done enough getting to know people and e mails and did our came from word of mouth or this that the other that they feel comfortable enough to let their daughter come but I definitely have some that don't on dh that's fine so you just let him know that hey, you know I love for you to come on and they put you to work have you hold the reflector or I may just you know you can always just wait in the car and let us do our thing could sometimes the girls feel more comfortable without mom looking on just answer it that way giving me flashbacks I love my mom hi, mom, but you know high school is a tough guy with no to your relationship with your mom. Another one I've heard it is behind the scenes photos have the mom give that totally and say yeah come on let's capture this put him to work that's where they get all them they're like well, I don't want him this or what the girl's looking like exactly I don't want to do too much mom bash in here way but we did have another question from w m a lead in studios who said I just took an order from a senior session client and the mom would not order anything for herself or allow the daughter tio to order anything that she liked. Have you ever had this situation and any recommendation on how to handle that? Their mom just controlled the ordering session the whole time mom would not let her daughter order anything for herself from my sharp it's just again because there were images that she didn't like like you just talked about right? Well, I will say that I definitely moms usually pick out something different thing than the scene yes down, but most of my clients will let the senior pick out one or two and she'll pick out one or two you know, like a lot of times they're buying from digitals said the senior will pick out the digital because they're the ones that want that more than anything else the mom will pick out the wall print that shouldn't hang in her own house if she wants the one she likes, so there is some difference in which one's girls picking which one's mom stick in general it's a smile that the mom will pick and it's amore you know, not so smiley smiles, ng time, but fashionable, right, right, yeah, totally that's right now, I'm re reading the question, and that was it was she would only order the ones that the mom would only order the ones that she liked, right, and not the ones that the that a girl like, well, I encourage them in the ordering session would you'll see I encourage them to look at the photos together toe both star the things that they both like, and then you can go through the ones they start, and a lot of times that that'll be okay. Well, you like, you know, ten, and I liked however many, and maybe we can get all these, or maybe we have some of yours down so I could get some get some. So if you can, try to encourage them to do some specifically for the senior and for the mom than everybody's, happy, so that's what I would do

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I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.