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Senior Session: Posing Girls vs Guys

Client pose plus connection plus composition equals natural posing so there's a lot more to it than oh place her hand here to me now granted soup rice is the queen of proposing and I did not even attempt to be a cz knowledgeable as her. So this is my version of posing but in my opinion it's a lot more than just where to place a hand or howto cross the leg. I think it has to do with making your clients feel comfortable. I think it has to do with how you take the photo are you taking a horizontal or taking a vertical? Are you taking it close up? Are you taking wide shot all of those things play into posing so remember that and again, go back to the relationship that you built with your client at this point it's going to make them feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera so therefore they're going to be able to pose a little bit more comfortable and then also pay attention to your girl. If she's somebody that's not like super have fashion, do not make her do some like crazy pose...

right she's going to feel uncomfortable, so pay attention to your client and make sure that you, you know no hard her personality if she if she doesn't really get into high fashion or want to do something real modeling and she's not gonna like the image anyway so why make her do it so think about that think about what poses moms like versus what poses girls like because sometimes that is different thing girls are looking sometimes at fashion magazines so while you may not want to go over the top fashion he may want to give them a little little bit of it to make them happy and then you want to go to some traditional pose that's really cute and smiley and that kind of thing because moms are always going to like that probably better at least in my experience so remember that here's a couple of tips on natural posing again pay attention to your client that's what you know I just said so if it's somebody that's really you know I find that girl's there may be more into sports don't necessarily get into the fashion model type typos is then some girls will surprise you the girl you think is the biggest tomboy ever khun rock out a model lee typos so you gotta pay attention to that and know that I had twins one time and the girl that was really into fashion and clothes and things like that I thought would be probably more in deposing but this twin sister was really into sports and I thought oh she didn't even care to have a picture maybe she rocked out some poses like nobody's business so really, you know, getting to know your client and putting them in poses that make them feel comfortable is a is a good idea of course dancers and things like that know how to move so those air always some good poses that come naturally to them but of course you're not going to make somebody that's not into dance do some dancing pose because not natural to them make your thought clients feel comfortable again you built this relationship with them so they trust you at this point, so they're going to trust you to make sure they look good and make sure you put them in a pose that doesn't make them look awkward your composition in your style remember that when you're taking these photos and when you're doing the posing give them something to do with their hands that's huge pockets holding a jacket maybe placing it naturally near the faith not unnatural I think unless you are modeling lots of rings, you probably don't want to do something like that, you know what I mean? Because it's not natural not what they do and then I'll ask them, you know, hey, sometimes I'll stand like this do you ever do that? They're like, oh yeah, sometimes I do or I stand with my hand on my hips and told you all that yesterday that's natural to me so ask them, you know, or pay attention to when you're like checking your light or when you're doing something, how they're standing, because it's more natural to them, and to me, that is, that is more them, and they're going to relate to that better find props on location, park benches, stops, you know, curbs, anything, you could do a wall, or they can lean against the wall. Things like that will help you change up posing, but use your natural element so you don't have to bring a whole bunch of stuff. Now I do have a crate if you guys can ever get a crate. That's an easy thing to carry. I throw my reflector and they're through my bag and there and I just carry this crate. But then the crate can turn over and she can sit on it. I can turn it on its side. She could sit on it a different way. Sometimes I have them have the crates sitting on the ground have them sitting beside the crate and leaning up against it like this. That is an easy prop that you can carry, and it really goes with any location, pretty much so that probably is the only proper ever take with me used to take chairs and couches and all this stuff but oh, that was just way too much. I'd like to keep it simple me, my gear, maybe the crate and sometimes a stepladder because I am short so if ever there's a girl that's tall and she has on heels and I'm like yeah, not a not good to go up the nose right on then try to stand on my tiptoes and I'm like shaking and, you know, domain anyway, so remember that and then also remember mom and seniors so make sure you do some poses for both that's key important, especially when it comes to the ordering session and it's funny to watch him because they will inevitably like the different stuff the girls tend to like the ones where they're not smiling where's the moms like the ones where they are smiling of course there's exceptions to that I personally think I look weird when I'm not smiling so I would never like those because I have this huge mouth uh, anyway, you know, they just keep that mind and change up there smile, closed mouth, smile, big smile, make sure they do all that good stuff to change it up, okay, all right, let's show the video of the senior girls shoot okay, come a little bit out right about there the reason I pulled her out of that greenery is because if you get too far into the greenery she's goingto take on a green cast especially on a day like this just because it's overcast and sort of has a greyish green kind of cast anyway so I pull it out where I can still get the greenery behind her but her skin won't be green so okay now remember yes yes yes turn to the side tilt your head a little bit that's perfect actually can you do have a pocket front pocket ok just take your thumb on that hand and rested right there and give me that and kind of struck your shoulder there yeah that's perfect coming close okay same pose and then we get a horizontal before I move you okay? Perfect okay, now squat down for me and when you squat make sure that the back leg is a little bit higher than the front leg yep so like that and then just kind of like that big a perfect well let's see how well I can balance there huh says perfect okay, I'm coming close look right up here at me ah some the blue in your eyes is really pop it I love it well okay can you may have a big laugh can you fake it there you go look up when you kind of you know, like when you were like kind of like there you go. That's killed look the way that they go that's it right there. Okay, now come down on your stomach lay down in the grass if you don't mind we'll put your feet up they got across the river we'll fix your shirt. Okay, okay. There you go. And then arrested right there. Yeah, perfect. Super killed. Okay, take that other hand and hold this one. Yep, right there. That's. Perfect angle. Awesome. Okay, okay. So this pose is always good because mom's always love the cute smiley pose. This classic has been around forever. I think I did it when I was a cheerleader in high school, but hey, it works, so keep keep remembering that whenever you're shooting to do poses that both the senior and the mom will like and get her smiling and laughing and having a good time. Ok, hop up for second and sit on your bottom with your legs out to one side. Okay, perfect. And then maybe even write that hand across your lap like that. There you go. Can't come close. Okay, let's, try no smile part your lips just a little bit kind of breathe through your mouth, okay, and think of something happy so your eyes kind of looks, do everyone america's next top model you have so you know how she says surmising yes, smile with your eyes, not your mouth got it part beg most girls watch america's next top model so that's all I have to say perfect. Okay, don't bring up arm up right here. Yeah, maybe tilted that way. Okay, awesome. Okay, so we moved locations to give a totally different look before you would have thought we were in a field or somewhere like that. But now at the beach so it looks like we're a totally different location that literally was like ten steps, so that's a perfect location. Now we're going to have her walking so we could do some poses, like with her moving and stuff, and we've noticed that you have heard this way and then realize that the winds blowing this way so I'm simply going to work with wind and turned her turn her around and have her walk into the wind so her hair is not all in her face less photoshopped somewhat look at me and sometimes don't just like you would like kind of walk normally look out at the water, you can even kind of look down a little bit and sometimes an over exaggerated step will look more like you're actually walking on camera, okay, teo behind I'm gonna be right over here and you're going to be walking toward mason take just slow steps on and like I say, you can picture it in your pocket and just kind of walked looking a little bit down smile look out of the water and then when you get a bit closer to me just kind of stop and give me a little pose like this. Okay? Got it. I'm going back. Okay? You ready? Hang on. Good. Perfect. Uh that's awesome and the right here? Perfect. Okay, let's run through it one more time just to make sure I got it. Okay. Yeah, so good right back where you are. I'd like to do it two or three times just to make sure that I got it. That isn't focused that I got the right expressions, etcetera. So any time you're doing walking stuff, you want to make sure you run through it? Maybe two times at least. Okay, you ready? All right, hold on. Let me just my light just a little bit, okay, before you get started. But you did perfect. Okay, go. Oh, I love the hand in the hair that's perfect and then right here at me, I some okay, what kind of want you to do is come behind me and then I want you to walk kind of skin, yeah and then kind of stand out here and kind of play with the grass a little bit what we're gonna try it ok ok we're trying it all right all right just what you wanted to do it okay stay right there for a second let me get one right here yet that's perfect go ahead you don't know your senior federal we're going to take you through the jungle did you there you go right there okay look at me I got a good picture here that's right less photo shot for me and right here perfect I love it I like this location because it provides green and this like yellowy color which is really good because where I'm from everything is green and we don't have this really cool wheat grass on dh so therefore you get a lot of green cast but because this has a lot of different coloring we have less green cast on her face on but also gives more dimension and cool color and a love color so it works out perfect okay stand right there and kind of look off I'm going to get a little bit more artistic shot with the branches of the front of you so yeah you can totally use them the nature grasses etcetera to give some foreground dimensions so I've got these weeds or whatever they are in the foreground and then her in the background it looks really cool and then you can also use it to frame her if you have, um an opening in the trees or anything like that that kind of covers it it also makes a great framing of your subject. Okay, now I want to turn around that way and I want you to look over your shoulder at me like this okay yeah turn your body a little bit more with it they get right there six one here it's always better to fix the hair now then in photo shop okay, now turn your body even more toward me but not a full sit right there and pull this on the back yet right there kind of yeah, there you go there oh, that is so cute. The lights beautiful on your face your eyes are popping pull that hand up even more there right there and get that gold finger painting it looks awesome. I think it looks also okay, let me get one like this me moves I don't get the people in the background again less photo shopped for me later but I love it. Okay, perfect. Okay, so you saw interaction with the client is key having a good time that's what I do so when they look back on it I don't think they're going to remember the exact pose but they are gonna remember me and I remember when I did that was so fun and you know, it just is going to mean more to them it's going to give them that experience so ondo also guiding them in opposing you saw me do it, I probably don't do it that well, but, you know, I show up before I do it and then also another thing is sometimes you're showing them hey, I want you to stand this way, and then they go to try to get into that pose and they do something that's just a little bit different and I'll stop home and say, oh, that looks better let's do it that way because it was natural to them and I just I really don't want them to be unnatural. I want them to be as natural as possible in poses that I think will, you know, be meaningful to them and remind them of the experience they had and really do well with the parents and things like that, so pay attention to them when you are guiding them, especially in the squatting thing. A lot of times you really have to show them that or else they're squad looks like they're going to the battery. Can I say that that's what it looks like you have to make sure you tell him that's why I have them do one the one need down kind of things that and actually in the video, she did it a little bit differently than what I told her to do, but it looked good for her, so I didn't make her change it. So on. Dh there's, a fellow from the shoot there's some photos, these air great for moms. They're gonna love these. I know this this photos old school. Probably. I remember doing it when I was a cheerleader in high school, but guess what, mom still love it, so I still do it. So it doesn't have to be the trendiest suppose to sell. So that's that's always a good thing. Okay, we're gonna go ahead and go to the video of the senior guy shoot with forest. Okay, so we picked this location for forest. I like to look for places where you can sit or incorporate some element to where you don't have to bring a prop. I used to take couches and chairs and all this stuff in and drag him out to the location. And now I really just want to be showing up with a camera, a memory card in the lens and use anything. I confined the ground a log just like this. A stump iraq whatever I confined to have him sit because he's playing his guitar really works well for him to be sitting so you prop it up on this leg that we could do a couple of different things like that okay so forrest I want you to just play okay but don't sing this time only because I don't want your mouth moving in the photo okay do you have to pretend you can play I don't mind your hand movement so much you go and look definitely keep that smile there you go awesome look right here may kill kill okay we're coming close okay look right here way that killed turn your face a little bit more toward me yeah okay okay now oppose you with it okay but I wanted some action shots okay so take it off your shoulder or whatever just have it right here and rest your arms can you weigh do that do you even like me a little yeah like that exactly yeah yeah more like more like this yeah yeah well today maybe put one arm down and hold it let's say sometimes after do something before I can tell you what I don't even have a guitar but I will figure it out maybe something like this don't tilt your head because you're a guy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah just casually put more of your forearm on it they get right there give me a smile hey q q q perfect okay now um let's take this out give it tio okay now I want you to lean over just give me that yeah yeah exactly right there right there that's good no smile this perfect okay now I want you to look out okay just kind of like right this way yep and I like your hands just like that that's perfect okay so uh we never again like you are and then look out like you were and we're gonna I'll take it from right over here oh by the way I changed lenses because I wanted a little more wide shot before I was using eighty five um and now I'm using a thirty five millimeter prom linds so I moved to adjust for that because nothing okay ready yep just like that love it okay turn your face a little more tor me come there okay you really drifting off thinking about the music you're going to write right tha this time I want you to have the guitar own like you are playing it but I don't want you play and I just want youto pose with it okay we're going to use his guitar because it actually means something to him it's a great prop because it has meaning instead of using a prop for prop's staking I just bring something just to have something to use this actually tells the story of who he is he is music that is what he loves that is his passion that's actually what he's going to school for so it works out perfect. Okay have a seat right there. Okay? I just want youto yeah, I just want to sit just like that okay and look right here it may awesome okay, I'm gonna get a different angle, okay? I want youto kind of look out of the water okay right there and then now look right here. May your two young friends aren't you you know friends okay? You know how joey yeah, you know, just because you're doing and does that give me a how you doing? Okay. Now just rest your arm up there on the guitar yeah, right there. Yep. Perfect right there. Get one like this get a different angle look right down here yet a perfect one more ok, take that other keep this when we had it take this one arrested over that yeah, just kind of up and then put this one back right there. Okay, yeah mellow you doing cheerio. Ugo gets you laughin hey that's the goal right actually taken the joey and taking the laugh after the joey uh hey uh huh a little tricky tricky on you there okay, perfect. I love it okay, now can you will you come down here on the beach and what can you can I walk and talk? No anyway, yeah, can you walk and play? Okay, so we're going to that. No, you're doing good. Keep going? Yeah, you're doing awesome. I like the action shot. I got a way. Awesome. Look, I gotta get you playing good. Yeah, it was like awesome. And that go out super red look like that. Suppose you do. You don't even tell you how to pose because you're just naturally getting into your guitar, which gives me posing, so I don't even have to think about it. Okay, so you can see that when you have a guy that has a hobby such as the guitar, it really was maur him to just play the guitar and let me capture him. Now that's not always the case. You're definitely gonna have to pose some guys that maybe don't have a hobby like that. But, you know, again I got to know him. I know that he's going to school for music, and he really enjoyed his guitar. When we were shooting the girl, he was sitting over there playing, so I noticed that and thought, ok, well, this is what's important. Let me get him in his element and do more of that kind of natural posing, reading the client and no one you know how to work with that really gave me these natural shots I mean I love the one of him laughing I think that's so cute he thought the joey thing was so cheese but I really got him to laugh more than I really wanted the joey sometimes the joey works but you know for him it worked better for the laugh after the facts think about things like that okay when it comes to senior girls verses in your guys there's um you got to give him the same amount of attention you've got to give them the same amount of showing and guiding imposing you've got you know, always consider the light and the location and everything that you would consider for a girl you have to do for a guy the only difference is you may want to do more masculine poses for the guy versus feminine poses for the girl s I've got a couple examples so standing poses so with hunter here had her bring her knee in struck her shoulders a little bit, tilt her head a little bit which gave me a more feminine pose and gave her a little bit of a curve she's not standing straight on where is this guy we could do totally straight on and it work fine girls are a little more worried about you alex honey do I look this that the other so you don't really want to straight on because you know, arms are going to add with and things like that so if you turn him or you bring in a near you make curves that is going to be feminine look and then with a guy you can totally have him you know total masculine just standing there and it looks awesome so and even his little bit of a head tilt to me is a little more masculine and then hurt head tilt her cute head teo you know the name so that's that hand placement also is a little bit different between girls and guys with girls you want a little more delicate hand placement tell him ballet fingers even if they don't take ballet, you don't want them grabbing things like you don't want them chloe things you wanted a gentle hand placement also make sure you pay attention to the fingernails when they're doing things like that because again it goes back to the show up with blue finger now is you might not want it right there or the best thing is to tell them not come bluffing round step or green or whatever anyway and then with the guy you know he's got a little bit more of a masculine hand placement I'm not gonna have him do that it's not masculine and then sitting poses so I've got her sitting in a more cute see little pose that probably wouldn't work for a guy who was sitting on his knees like that, whereas a girl can't sit like that because she might have on a skirt or things like that and you don't want that for a girl when he can totally all that off because he's a guy and he probably sits like that, you know, the main eso those are important princes between girls and guys just make sure you you aren't doing the same type thing that imposes for the guys sometimes that can be hard if you are a girl because I'll do it, I would be like, well, that's kind of what I would do, but you probably wouldn't do that, so you have to remember that. Okay, so we're gonna jump to the video of both the girl and the guy where I kind of demonstrated a few different poses with each of them with a girl and a guy there's a difference imposing the guy always needs to say masculine. The girl needs to save women. Um ah, guy could do a straight on, hands in pockets typos ah, girl maybe needs a little bit more of an angle, bring her foot in tilt her head a little bit. Hand placement is also important with a girl you want her to have sort of ballet hands, keep him loose and not tense them up and grab things so just a light touch of a hand on the shoulder with a guy you want more of a a masculine post something like this so we're going to show the difference in two different like ways to put hands on the two models here okay, so amy so I want you to turn a little bit to the side and place your hand gently right here on your neck and kind of lean into it with a kind of struck your shoulder a little bit exactly let me get a couple of shots of that oh my gosh. Perfect and you kept that hand nice and loose there you go. Perfect. Okay, now, forrest, but I want you to do is something more like this maybe even put a hand in this hand in a in a pocket like this straight on and kind of give me this look right here. Yeah, exactly right there just a little bit and they've even bring that elbow out a little bit more. Okay, now once you take both hands and put it in your pocket and just stand here just like this legs apart a little bit yeah, right there. Yeah, no sure just straight on like this not just a hair there right there right there okay, so with him I can sit him keeping masculine always but I consider him to where he can lean over legs and stuff like that with a girl you may not want to do the same sort of pose she may have on a skirt you may have on a short shorts or anything like that so you don't make sure you pose her a little bit more feminine in a way that looks good on camera so amy come here so I would have you come sit second delicate more like this okay as opposed to sitting like him way want you to have a little more curving a little more amenity do you want to see it like that the that the frog pros and criss cross applesauce is always good to that skilled um so that's really key to you want to say it like that yeah that's good ugo now your program and take another one of you I'm also getting really close into her because all the rocks are goingto blur together what would be really cool and I just looked like a blue background almost a blue gray background right up here the closer I get, the more blur I get which is also okay and they're right here so yeah, you want to make sure you keep your girl and guy poses a little bit different you want to give the girls a little more curve a little more s curve you don't ever really want to stand them straight because arms automatically I mean look at me I've got with because I've got these arms and that's okay for a guy but for a girl you want to kind of turn their body you want to give them curves you want to give him angles different things like that a guy can't do a shrug your shoulder typos without looking a tiny bit feminine so you want to keep him masculine you want to keep them straight you want to kind of give him the more like the jilly how you doing? Okay, end of the shoot that day the sun started peeking out we were literally packing up our stuff and getting ready to go on dh I saw the sun peeking out and since we have been all day and overcast weather I was like wait, so pay attention to that and grab a few more shots just because it did change there at the last minute so we're going to show a little video of that it was reflecting on the water and it looked really cool so I grabbed a couple last minute shots that I felt were important enough to to stay and yet okay, so the sun's picking through so we've got to try to catch this while we can but I noticed that her face was a little bit dark because the sun's behind her so we're gonna pop a reflector in and you can see the difference away and with the reflector so lacey is going to come hold my reflector for me. You hold it right there. Lovely assistant. Exactly. Kill. Okay, do me a favor and cross your foot over and hold your arm like this. Yeah. That's it right there. I feel like you, miguel. Truck that shoulder, all of it. There you go. Perfect. All right, that's. All awesome. Uh, yeah. I'm kind of going away, but right here, come here. Can you tip your hand too far back? You can tip your hat. You know, people go. Yeah. You got that? Turn your face a little more toward may. Yeah, so cute. And now give me one not smiling. You can do with that laughing. Can you put your arm through his lean on me like that? Oh, you known each other forever, right? That's killed. I love the reflection on the water handle. That is awesome. Okay, cool. Love it. Perfect. Okay, so that is a little bit about shooting with the boy and the girl on ben here's to final final photos. You can see that the light started coming through a little bit on the water and giving us a little bit of something to work with there, so we did that there, that

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