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What is a Senior Model/Rep Program

Okay, so one of the major things I get asked about at own senior allergy is, how do you do a rep program? How do you do a model program, spokesmodels, whatever, you may call them all the same thing. It's a it's, a advertising and marketing campaign that helps get your name out there amongst the target market that you are trying to reach. So we're going to jump right into that because there's a lot of stuff to talk about, what is what is the model program. What is a rep program it's, a marketing and advertising campaign. It is, you know, like big companies, run marketing, advertising campaign so should wait. S o I get a lot of questions a lot of times about whether I make people pay to be in the program. I don't, because I treated as my marketing and advertising campaign last time I checked, tyra banks doesn't pay to be in victoria's secrets at campaign. They pay her right, so I that's in my mind how I explain it and how I deal with it there's nothing wrong with charging and if you can ...

do it and want to do it I think that's totally fine again we said that earlier it's your business and whatever works for you I just really want to give mine and experience that they go until their friends about and I just treated it's part of doing business it is a business expense of marketing and advertising campaign so again it's a way to get your name out there and then what's more than that it's a portfolio of building you know you keep getting and keep showing that work that you want to do you keep photographing the age group that you want to you know that your client tale that you're trying to get on dh that intern gets you business so those are the three things that I think is the gist of what a model red program is everybody makes mistakes right? And especially with the model program because some things you're going to try don't work the same thing for may I tried it and didn't have I made a lot of mistakes it didn't work the first steer it worked a little bit better the second year and then the third and fourth year starts working even more because you know you got to figure out what works for you it's it's no one saw us it's all type thing what motivates teens in your area tio it's you know say and talk about you is different than what motivates people in that area so it kind of takes a little bit of trying to figure that out and each year just growing that red programme making some adjustments, making some improvement and improving every single year on that so what are some of the things that I did when I first started kind of like I told the story about when I first started in person ordering set I just jumped in with oh I got to do this let me go let me do this I gotta do a rep program so let me just find some girls and take their photo and and that's it right I thought that that would be enough to get them to talk about me so I got four girls I spent a ton of money on hair and makeup I spent a ton of money on a stylist andi I gave them everything I gave him the disk of images and hoped they I did what I wanted him to do I didn't educate them I didn't tell them what they needed to dio I didn't motivate them other than hope they had a good time maybe they'll talk about me all of those things are things that are mistakes when it comes to see europe programs I think when I first started I thought okay this is easy the girls do the work, but in reality a senior rep program only works when you do the work there's a lot more work on your in than the river will be for them and that's the only way to make it work so yeah saying yes too many times I remember on that first model shoot the moms were you know, we were all sitting around here make up in the moms were talking and they were like, so way get the whole city of images right and I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah so you know, saying yes and being put on the spot I didn't have a plan, so I couldn't say no or what you're going to get because I don't have a plan I just jump often eso saying yes to too many things letting the rep dictate you know what they might get or what they want giving away the photos and then they don't have to work for them no accountability and spending way too much money there's all things that that our mistakes made that I personally made that lots of people have made when it comes to read program, so how can you counter act that how can you start rep program with a little more knowledge and tried to avoid some of these mistakes so that's where we're going to talk about having a plan is major jumping in with two feet and no plan is no way to do anything really, so you've gotta write it down figured out really figure out what you're going to give what you're going to make them do, write it all out and be able to educate the potential rips about what it is that you're doing and what they have to do. Um, why are you doing a red program? You've got to be able to tell them that what type of shoot are you going to do? Are you going to individual shoots for each ofyou? Wraps are going to one big shoot you need to figure that out when you're planning your rep shoot your rep program, what are the requirements the models are going to have to do? Are they going teo, you know, have to do something every single month there, they're gonna have to do something on their own time line. Are they gonna have to just post on social media? They're going to do something extra than that. What is it that you want them to do? Figured that out, write it down and stick to whatever it is you come up with so that you can educate your rats, uh, what rewards they're going to give them? Are you going to give him money for every referral I get? Are you going to give him products are you going to give them a discount or you're going to give them you know, there's all kinds of different things that give them things like ipads and you know, prize type things what are you going to give them? Figure that out when you're planning your seat you're ready part of my keep calling a shoe but it's the right program qualifications what are you looking for? What types of qualifications speak to your brand of the rip because again you want them to represent your brand. So what do you want them to have where they need to be outgoing probably or they're gonna need to be friendlier and they gonna need to be involved in stuff. What are your requirements for your girls? You need to figure out an application process. How are they going to apply to this? How are you going to get people to be ripped and then your model meeting an interview on dh then what pieces are you going to give them to help them market for you? All these things in the process of planning out your programme we're going to take each one of them stepped up s so the first thing is why why are you doing a rep program? What is your reasoning? My reasoning was because I wanted my name out there I wanted more business and that's generally the reason behind a rep program you may want to do one more for portfolio building so that you can get more photos on dh that's a good way to start is to find some people that could be your spokesmodels or rips or you're not necessarily just giving anybody and everybody a free shoot to get a portfolio but you're giving somebody that's working for you a free shoot so that you can have some some things for your portfolio so uh and then what kind of shooter you're going to do? Are you going to do a group shoot? Are you goingto individual sheet there's benefits to both you could do it depends on how many girls if you have a ton of girls in your red program, maybe a group shoot is better maybe split up a group shoot into two let's say you have fourteen girls and you do one shoot of seven and one sheet of seven and that's what you do, I do a group shoot and the reason I do it is because I feel like I've given them an individual shoot they're not really working toward a shoot by giving them a group shoot I generally have some sort of concept their theme it's a little bit different than maybe what they would typically wear so then they know toe work toward their own individual I'll shoot so that's why I do that but you can do it either way so the shoot itself it's got to be different from a regular senior session just to make it stand out in their mind to make you be able to showcase your brand and so that they then have something to work toward because mine work toward that individual photo shoot so that's why choose the same our concept this year? It was it was a garden fame and it was shot in a what do you call it? A nursery where they still in a greenhouse in the nursery where they sell flowers and then the boutique that I partner with fabric provided the clothes and I wanted a very floral thinks all the girls were spring colors floral things dresses etcetera so that was my concept that could be it could be a loose concept it could be a very distinct concept. One year I did a whole boho type thing one year I did sparkle on dh it was there was a thing called every girl deserves to sparkle in their senior year so I had everything to do with glitter there their clothes were these tulle skirts and they weigh had glitter everywhere had this thing called a glitter borrow it had all the stuff that they could you know have fun with so have a theme like, you know, I mean I could have gone with something like grow and your senior year because we were in a flower garden nursery type thing you know you may want to do that, you may want to give them the sort of a motto for the year on dh build your shoot around that looked for inspiration, obviously that's. You know, when you're trying to come up with shoot ideas, inspiration has always help awful you see something that inspires you and incorporate that into your your model shoot gather props generally to make it different than a regular photo shoot. I will have props that sort of illustrate the idea which this speaks very much to concept shooting, which we will get into in the next segment, but basically my model shoot is sort of a concept shoot that's what that's the way I treated because it's different than a regular shoot clothing, hair and makeup need thio fit along with your theme if that's what you're doing, if you're doing individuals, individual shoots for your reps, you still maybe want to provide hair and makeup? Because that way the girls that they're referring can see that process and see what that looks like and then consider your budget. What are you willing to spend on your marketing campaign for the year? Isat two hundred five hundred? Is it? You know, maur, whatever remember you've got to consider hair make up, you've got to consider close it you want a certain look or maybe you want them to bring it if you're using a stylist do you have to pay her? You're working on trade your rep cards or whatever your marketing pieces you're going to give them all of these things need to be considered when you're planning your program and planning out the chute so you don't get into it and think oh gosh I spent too much money there are definitely ways to save money when it comes to red programs here make up you can you know, work with your artist you're normal artists and say all these girls are going to come to you for their normal senior shoot all these girls are going to come to you for prompts and maybe you do some sort of discount or trade maybe you find a new makeup artist that's willing to work for trade same thing with the stylist you can definitely find somebody who's up in coming and use that as an advantage to try not to spend as much money so there definitely ways you don't have to prevent clothes. One year I did that the year I did the tulle skirts I wanted them all wearing tulle skirt so I found somewhere on ebay where there were like ten dollars apiece so I bought them each a skirt but then they war whatever spoke to their personality on the top that paired with their skirt so I budgeted for that this year are barred clothes from a boutique, so I didn't nobody had to bring anything about about anything on the fabric got all the fed, so there's a some ways that you can save only on the shoot part, especially what will you require your models to do on dh? How will you tell them what to do? So for mine? I definitely have a distinct plan and have it all written out. I decide what I want before I start recruiting them, and then I tell them throughout the process what they're going to be doing, what I expected them, and then I help them with that information by giving them suggested facebook statuses, easy peasy, they could just copy and paste and done they don't have to think about it so that's an easy thing to do given them a calendar of things they have to do throughout the year. They know ahead of time. This is what I've got to do, I'm ready, I want to do it. Also, the referral guide is a great way to communicate to them what they will get for the things that they do rewards that's what most people want to know, what you're getting, what you going to give away for the girls, right for what they do and all girls kind of motivated by something different I think when you first start a programme it's a little harder to motivate them that when you're doing it after you do it for a while it starts to catch on and people start to want to be a part of the program said that is a little bit more motivating, eh? So don't be alarmed at the first year it's not the hugest success just keep at it will catch own I mean I have people now they're you know, tenth graders there like I can't wait to be till I'm a senior I'm totally applying for that so it becomes sort of a motive you know the motivation becomes just wanting to be a part of it and not necessarily each of these individual things but these individual things are very important and again I go for things that are motivational for the teen and the parents a little bit because the parents can refer just justus muchas the girls can sew for mine the first thing that motivates them is they really want that individual senior photo session so they're going to work hard to get that and I only make him do one for that I just say you know what you gotta do is get one it makes it seem easy they don't seem stressed about it andi it's an attainable goal and you know that's worth it to me one referrals were doing another shoot they don't get photos or anything they just get the chute so that is this one referral and then two through four twenty five dollars cash which motivates I mean who doesn't want cash right and your starbucks you could go out with your friends and you know the movies all those things you know they could use that money for so if they get to you know number two referrals twenty five number three referrals twenty five number four for twenty five dollars so that's potentially seventy five dollars right there who added anyway when they get to number five they get thirty percent off of there photos from their individual session okay, so that is motivated motivational for the moms because they're not paying full price for the actual photos so a print of product order thirty percent off of that and then six through nine again in cash so we go back to the cash thing we tried tio get him excited about that and then number ten they get the digital collection so if they get a number five and they think oh, I think I can get to ten then I say okay, we'll hold off don't order yet try to get a tent so you could just get everything so that motivates them or maybe they're okay with thirty and and I'm okay with that because they're going to spend some money and that's fine and and we are all happy on dh then if they get any more that goes back to the cash and then fifteen or more which I've never had anybody get that many that's a lot I think they would get into an album so that's how I have money set up of course you can give them anything I think it's good too give things and increments so in other words, the big things are the number one, the number five, the number ten and then in between there's no cash and keep it's motivated but doesn't give away too much yeah, the obsession that they're getting for the woman girl since you have multiple different sessions for people to choose from, right, which was a succession okay? Yep, they're getting the basic session for that for one referral, they're getting the basic session. I've thought about it this year and thought, you know what? Maybe I need to do number two or number four as the middle on the top session, but that's not how I had it this year, so but right now it's just the sheik session if they want the other to, they have to pay for it also, if they don't get any referrals, I don't force them to use me, but I give them an incentive to use me even if they don't get a referral, which is half off the basic session. So if you do nothing, you can still come to me, get your senior photos taken for half off of what a normal person would pay. Do you let them order the prints from the group session? Because I saw that it says from their senior photos, yes, so this is from their senior photo session. They could order them, but because we're sharing them so much on social media, and they're getting these marketing pieces, they typically don't order from that session, because, again, they're getting them from, you know, on these marketing pieces to share on facebook, that kind of thing. When you say referral, er, is that a booking? It is a book, not just paid for sex. Girls can tell me all day long that someone call you until they call and pay for it, okay, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

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I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.