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Improve Etsy® SEO with Shopping Ads and Treasuries

If you have just set up your etc shot and uh haven't found this yet because some it's not really prevalent but if you click on your admin page you go to your admin page and you go down to the shopping engine ads um it pulls up it pulls up this uh this uh system that you can enable and you can just enable it clicking down there and it will automatically put all of your listings into thie etc system that uploads everything to all of the search engines everywhere it's amazing how this works and the more amazing thing is that it's free all you have to do is click enable I think it's the default is disabled so you definitely want to make sure that this is on for your shop you know, if I do a search for secret promise rings which is one of my best sellers it it will come up at the top of the search and that's it's only because of etc I definitely don't do that much for it no fee they do say on there I think it's like uh it's it's free for now kind of thing which I think is really interesting...

that they kind of snuck that in there so using now okay, so does anybody here like to you do you favor it and follow people on etc yeah yeah and it isn't more for like your your shopping list, or is it like tio bookmark things both? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like to follow certain designers to see what they're making. Yeah, yeah. That's really good. Well, oh, that helps that person that you're following. And you can encourage people to follow you as well on dh it's. Really easy to do it. You just go to somebody site, and there is a you can favorite. Um, we also call it a heart you get get hearted on, etc, which is really sweet. And you can actually go to individual listings within a site. And when you have her over something, it'll pop up this little, uh, this little heart, and you click on the heart and turns red, and that individual item gets put into your favorites list seeking to both. Okay. Following people when you follow somebody it's. Kind of like the social media thing, where you get to see the things that they have publicly listed, that they have favorited and followed, and on your home page, some of their things will pop up on your feet on your home page, so that just gives those people that they followed more, more reach out into the sea world. And the way to do it is you can go to the person's profile page, which is the easiest way to do it is just a click on their avatar on their little picture and then right underneath there is just going to show up the little the little button and that's it I mean, you you get to see the kinds of things that they're looking at if they're friends of yours then you know it's a great way to think about gift lists and stuff like that, but it also just encourages this inter etc support that I think is really, really important and it also helps your stuff get out more because if your favorite ing things people are going to favorite your things back and more people are going to see it it's it's kind of an underutilized tool I think so I favorited her item it shows up in my feed and I'm seeing her favorite some of her favorites right on page so I can click on that um yeah she feared little as you wish thing right there and it just tells me that this is why is showing up on my page because it's I was following it hey, you will also see suggested suggested people to follow who have collections or favors that are similar to yours andi think they they kind of determine that based on the kinds of things that you normally click on and favorite and things like that so it's a very interesting kind of social media ish thing on etc that I honestly need to use a lot more too treasuries ok, so if you've been on etc for a little while you remember the good old days treacheries were kind of a big deal it was the way we got into the front page and all of this kind of thing these days the treasuries are a little more hidden there they're not as in front of everyone as they used to be but there are a great tool for inter etc linking so what you would do is you go to the treasury page when treasuries first came around they where it was really kind of looked down upon to create a treasury that was all your stuff you know it was because it was kind of self serving and all of that kind of thing but now the treasury's air kind of hidden let's see the admin has have actually got to say it's totally okay use them however you want it's a tool for you you can create treasuries and share them on your web sites. You can put your all of your listings in it making like a home a new home page for your stuff you could put all your favorites on there so on the home page is is the etc home page and it looks much prettier on your computer at home and there's this little area here and it has categories. Gift cards, he concert by color, which is why color tags are important. You can also look shop local locally in your area and it's also where you find the treasury link. So when you click on treasuries, it will pull up all of these different treasuries, and they're normally sorted by hotness, which means the treasuries that most people are looking at right now, and you can. You can look on some of the treasury's to see what kinds of listings air people actually choosing to go into their treasuries. I tend to sort of overlook the ones that are team oriented, because they generally kind of have to treasury each other. But the ones that are, you know, obviously themed, you know, they off they had to do a search to find things within that theme. So if you see a treasury that has a bunch of stuff that sort of along the lines of your theme, you should check it out. Check out some of the tags that are in those listings just to see how did they get to the top of this person's list. So I created a treasury just for creative live, and I went ahead and tagged everything that I could think of that was related to this, and generally treasuries are. Collections based upon a theme and it could be color or its that it could be you know, kind of subject oriented but they're really really easy to put together what you would need to do is do a search and find the there's a listing number in the euro tag and you're a hothead er sorry on do you copy that little number from thie earl and pasted into the treasury and it will pop up automatically into the treasury there is a tool I have on here this is another great thing about treasuries is the social media thing you have the social media on your home page on do you have it on your your treasury so you can share you can tweet you can put put more links out there and you can again you can create a treasury of all of your own stuff and then you can use that to pin it and get it all out there on social media which will then bring more links back to your shop and this is people are following me and I created treasury it's going to pop up the first four pictures which I didn't know it pops that the first four pictures on their pages if they're following you so it's something to keep in mind you know I think if I knew ahead of time I would have changed the categories and made them or categories vertically um then horizontally always learning okay, so photography it's funny because I knew that it was important to talk about photography but photography for specifically for a ceo is not necessarily relevant but if you're going to go through all of this work and all of this effort to go ahead and try to get people to your store it's really in your best interest to have the best photography possible because once people get to your store they need to have really great pictures to understand that what they're buying and so they're more likely to buy you know there's nothing worse than thing kind of coming upon a shop and then seeing their photos and not really being able to make out what it is that that they're trying to sell the other thing is the etc aps you know the retina displays and all that kind of stuff it just amplifies everything about your photos so it really, really is important tio get those photos together in terms of s ceo and a larger scale not for etc because again it's he does change or file names for your photos automatically so that they can work within their system but best practice would be to take key words for your photos that you use on etc and make sure that they the key words are within your titles for your your five year save titles because that becomes the all tag that becomes the all tech for your photos so if you were tio, post a photo on your web site or on a blogger or or share it somewhere you know that that all tag the name for that photo goes along with it and when that hits the internet that becomes a searchable the string of keywords hey, so just best practice would be to just get into the habit of always naming your photos with keyword rich tags and that way we're of whatever you do with them you'll be covered right um with the with the class the asio class I include my small a trick photography e book that I wrote it it kind of encompasses a lot of the the classes that I put together over the years and just kind of gives you some really good ideas on how to, you know, wanted kind of a d I y budget taking better photos and just some tips on that so that's included in the e book also included in the class materials or the is the full slide deck everything that you see in the the presentation is included there there the ceo keyword um, uh the work but the many workbook that I put in there um they're in my other class thie etc wanna one class actually have more of that kind of thing? I have a tag and keyword research many workbook in the fc, one o one class and a fully book on pricing for your work to. So you might want to check that out while you're on creative life.

Class Description

There are specific, tactical things you can do to help more people find your products on Etsy®. In SEO for Etsy®, Marlo Miyashiro will detail the non-scary, non-techy actions you take to help put your goods in front of more people online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds complex, but it is actually a pretty simple series of steps you can take to make sure your pages and products appear when a buyer is looking for something like you sell. In this class, Marlo will show you how to tweak information in your Etsy® shop so your products are more likely to turn up in searches. You’ll learn how to:

  • Write search-friendly titles
  • Put the best words in product tags
  • Craft smart descriptions

You’ll also learn how branding and marketing work alongside your SEO initiatives to bring attention to your Etsy® store. Marlo will cover branding basics so you can be confident that all of the work you are doing fits together. You’ll get tips on blogging, using social media, and tying it all back to your Etsy® shop.

Marlo has been making and selling for more than twenty years. In this class, she’ll offer practical, effective insights that will help you increase traffic to your Etsy® shop and grow your handmade business.