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Improve Your Etsy® Listing Materials Section

Your item materials we'll narwhal so cute um it shows up right underneath your listing title and you want tio use these like he words as well. So if you're using thie well, you're not only using wool but also felted wool fibers you kind of want to expand on. The idea is that people would might search for and the material section it is definitely a not as importance, but again, everything kind of accumulates when you're putting together a really great listing you want to think about what people are searching for, but you don't want it again do a whole string of just words, words, words or try to feel things that don't belong in a material section because that just makes your shop look not very nice. So, you know, be honest and specific on dh just focus on making sure that your customer understands what it is that you you use to make your work categories and tags. Okay, so these are the top level categories that s e has created that's fairly new at this point for our shops, so what you w...

ant to do is this is actually the link that goes directly to the full list of categories and their subcategories within it. It was a really hard link to find s o it's it's going to be in the class materials in the pdf on on the slide it's going tio be live so you'll be able to click right on it um and it's it's just another way for you to kind of search and hone in on the kinds of things that people are looking for um the way you kind of research your categories is you can go to the home page it etc and click on browse and it'll drop down this first ten uh top level categories ok? And then you'll bring those categories up and you'll figure out where your items fit into what it sees definition of that particular category is they have done away with a few categories that were really specific s o we have to kind of think in terms of mohr of a item use and the style of the item rather than the I think they did away with the geico curry category which is tough for a lot of people but those end up being more gifts housewares things like that I found it interesting that they actually had a separate mobile accessories category that is just specifically mobile accessories but you know in a way it totally makes sense I mean it's a it's a great gift item right eso these air just kind of just in example of what you would see when you click on some of the browse categories yeah it's really important to kind of understand how etc sees your things as well for your listing tags, these are the words that show up at the bottom of your of your listing. When you're putting your listening together, you put in your thirteen tags and want to make sure to use all of them and it's the short word it's a phrase, and it matches the shoppers searches so again, being in the mind of your shopper to think about these these tags it definitely it helps in in a lot of different ways for two, try to get the attention of the cellar and of the sea search to try to get your listings in front of the in front of the customer, the categories that you choose when you create your listing, it actually becomes your first three tags, so if you look at the bottom, you'll notice the first tweet tags are automatically put there so you don't have to repeat the actual category, so I don't have to put in jewelry as one of my thirteen tags. It's just a waste of tag space, so, you know, use those tags for for better things short descriptive phrases, they're much better than single word phrases, because people naturally tend to search for phrases rather than words s o now you just want to use what people call a long tail. Keyword is just the longer he word that's, more descriptive tags up to twenty characters yes on and it is it is an unfortunate limitation we can't use a giant keyword there so it just forces us to be a little more creative about how we use them and maybe we end up splitting up some of our long tail keywords into separate key words so you want to make sure that that all of your tags air really like you don't want to take your tags and try to use the most popular tags you know I see some people do this like it's not you know just because you're somebody else is having really a lot of success in your category but they're making something that you're not making using their tag is really not helpful for anybody it's definitely not helpful for your business eso just be aware that you know everything that you do should be very descriptive according to what it is that you are offering you can't use punctuation other than the trademark and the copyright uh symbol so just be aware of that and but if you are the I guess you can use the special characters if you're doing the french and german tag so yeah tex ok so here is a great example of listening tags here um as long as you do some really good research to figure out where where your customers air looking all of those the tag words thing and the while lee and the he's searched you know they all really help quite a bit using those multiple keywords and again the single key words don't really help a lot eso it's much better to it sorry it's much better to use multiple so she uses here the's first three are her the categories they're automatically listed not only this year's ipad but ipad sleeve ipad smart cover cover for ipad these are all things that people are looking for right when you're when you're looking for something specific ipad one two three I'm not really sure what that means, but that must mean something on something specific she knows her customer in other words um an ipad case dot is interesting because it's kind of that pertains to the style of the fabric case for ipad owls ipad case cute ipad sleeve nerd chick nerd cheek eyeglasses optometry I've had wow that is really specific but you know what? Hey, if I'm looking for a different optometry is I might actually look for the keyword optometry wrist and that could come up and I've had retina display just relating to ipad in general so again be very, very specific use all thirteen key words and you can be really kind of creative and just kind of capture that you know, exclusive optometry market so um yes so you talked about the categories you don't want to repeat them I used to do that and it I didn't realize how much it was hurting, hurting my search engine optimization on, etc so just be sure you do that. Yes, you want to do you want to tag either your name? If people search for you on etsy has your name you might want to use some of your listings to put your name on there I occasionally will put marlow em on there just teo on some of my listening just cause people sometimes look for me that way your shop named your location I'll put in seattle in some of my tags because people are looking for things specifically foresee in seattle and for some reason the the search doesn't actually look at the location in your in your shop. So in order to show up as a search for seattle, you need to have that in your tags it's ok to repeat the words again and again on did just kind of reinforces all of your tags. So you know the way the thie algorithms change constantly and it's because they're just looking for ways for for their search engines who were closely matched the human experience and they want to get that closer and closer, so you know, the more we try to game the system, you know, and tried a hack the system into using strings of viewers that just don't have any business being next to each other the search engines are pretty smart, and they will probably throw those out because it's, like, well, nobody searches for things like that. That doesn't make any sense to me. I'm just going toe rank that a lot lower. So it is very important.

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There are specific, tactical things you can do to help more people find your products on Etsy®. In SEO for Etsy®, Marlo Miyashiro will detail the non-scary, non-techy actions you take to help put your goods in front of more people online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds complex, but it is actually a pretty simple series of steps you can take to make sure your pages and products appear when a buyer is looking for something like you sell. In this class, Marlo will show you how to tweak information in your Etsy® shop so your products are more likely to turn up in searches. You’ll learn how to:

  • Write search-friendly titles
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You’ll also learn how branding and marketing work alongside your SEO initiatives to bring attention to your Etsy® store. Marlo will cover branding basics so you can be confident that all of the work you are doing fits together. You’ll get tips on blogging, using social media, and tying it all back to your Etsy® shop.

Marlo has been making and selling for more than twenty years. In this class, she’ll offer practical, effective insights that will help you increase traffic to your Etsy® shop and grow your handmade business.