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Researching Etsy® Keywords and Tag Research

There are many ways to research key words out there tons of ways but we're going to focus on just a few of them google adwords is kind of the big you know grand daddy of all the keyword searches so we're going to cover that um there's a website called tag wars this is the first I've ever heard of this actually when I was putting this class together and like tag wars for one that's a great name for a site I want to see this tag war do you have you guys heard of this before oh this's awesome you're going to love this all right I just got goose bumps okay um while e it's actually a part of the same website well yeah ok see it thie it's it helps you figure out if your tags are relevant yeah we're going to get into that it's pretty darn cool at sea search searching on etsy itself using the the search tool that they have on their website and competition review competition in my definition competition is just somebody else who is making something similar it's not necessarily somebody I need t...

o beat down or or win or anything like that it's just something that I can someone I can learn from ok so we're going toe talk a little bit about that as well. So the first thing keyword planner has anybody ever has anybody ever used this before? The cure planner okay the interesting thing about the keyword planner is that it's it's really honestly geared toward people who are buying ads on google, so when you do a google search in those little ads that pop up at the top of the search, these air, the this's where the people who buy those ads get the information to try to show up on those kind of searches but for our purposes we're just going to use it to find words hey, so when you sign in and he is your google account, it kind of that all encompassing google sinan male um and then you go to the very top. So this is what the the initial search comes up, and so I used since I make sterling silver promise rings course, I wanted to find out how highly those search phrases that that sort freij ranked the first thing that you come to when you click on the the search button did you come to this, which is a group ad group ideas and again, this is geared toward ad purchasers, but it is interesting to see the kinds of terms that it comes up with in relation to your key word, and within these it has additional key words that are related to that top level keyword group we're going to go over to key word ideas and kind of drill down a little more um, a little more on on what the key words are that google deems relevant to this, so if you notice at the top there my search for sterling silver promise ring, it shows you an average monthly search for that exact phrase looks like one hundred forty people in all of google them are searching for sterling silver promise ring, so that was, you know, it seems to me I have to work on my key word a little bit, so it pops up everything that's sort of related, and it also tells you what your average monthly searches are for that particular key word phrase you will notice if I just added an s to the end of rings all of a sudden, my search is go up to seven hundred twenty a month that tells me that people are necessarily searching for a singular promise rings or singular things that I'm making that they're looking for multiples. That's really good information promise rings as a term that's, my main he word it's the one that I use all the time. I make sure that my strongest keyword is always present on every listing that I have and, you know, two hundred thousand searchers can't can't go wrong, right? So you want to be at least among those, so this area here the competition that's again for the people who are purchasing adds this is telling you that there are many, many people there's high competition for using this particular key word in this way you can you consort this list by hi keywords median keywords and low key words so I went ahead and did a re sort for low key words so the interesting thing is the term sterling silver as a search term as it relates to sterling silver promise ring has a fairly high number of searches but not very many people are actually using that those two words together as key words because there's low competition okay, so that means that if you're using a low competition keyword it's you have a better chance at showing up a little higher on the list ok, these are all just research purposes I think I should probably mention right now that s ceo is kind of a moving target um search engines change constantly the information that we learned today you might be obsolete in a year or two bless hopefully not s o it's it's within your best interest to really kind of keep up with where s ceo is going and how it's changing it's changed quite a bit even than last three years so just keep all of that in mind when we're when we're looking at these specific it's okay to jewelry with two l's kind of the the european version of jewelry I've never thought of using jewelry with two l's in my mind now because there's six thousand people looking at looking for double l jewelry every month ok so when youre doing searches for your things, look for those kinds of numbers and how they balance out with each other my favorite one egg wars ok brilliant so if you go to tools for number four etc dot com slash tag wars the's are the same people who developed the the bulk editing told betsy b t s I that you can look up it's very handy as well they created this tool that helps you compare two different tags and I love research so this is awesome you want to get to the when you go to this this is the home page when you go to this link when you go down to the bottom there's actually more links on educating yourself on s e o how to get better descriptions and tags and how to be found on etsy is a really, really great resource as well. All right, so I'm going to compare my two top keywords promise rings and wedding rings I alternate the use of them within my listings I have multiple listings of the same thing and so I keyword them in different ways just to see if one is going to work better than the other so this website actually helps me just see straight out that how they compared to each other okay so I have my two k works plugged in and I just clicked compare now exclamation points and it comes up with a two full lists of results the pictures that you will get will not be pixelated but we could not get in cut with every single person so but each of those squares represents a listing that uses that key word so you could actually click on that that picture and go directly to the length are to the to the listing on etsy to see what it is about their site that made them show up so high in the search results and according to this and these are of listings that air on etsy ok so it's all just searching within etc itself there in nineteen thousand eight hundred thirty two promise ring listings and fifty thousand plus wedding wings it's good information for me to know because as faras wedding rings go if search somebody searching for wedding rings they're going to come back with a sort of fifty thousand and unless I am able to somehow get my rings up into the first two to five pages he knows likely nobody's ever going to see them this is why it's so difficult to be found on etc but it's what we have to work with okay so the first what is that? Eight eight uh tags that come up on either side the first remember, they're the count number refers to relevancy and that's how many tags our display or how many tags air using that this exact phrase uh the average views per day and that's how many times people actually look at pages that contain this key word phrase the popularity it accumulate count of use for listings display so it's just the big the big number this is how popular in general this key word is and probability is used to find the number of occurrence of an event of possible outcomes probability percentage calculation equals number of views for an item divided by total views for all items displayed. So it's basically telling you how likely it is it's going toe get that certain tag word tag is going to come up look at that s o it's a lot of information, but we could really use it. Um, there are thirties I found it's kind of unbelievable there thirty six listings using the actual two word ted keep the promise ring there are less using wedding ring, but they're very they're comparable ous faras views per day so what that tells me is that my maya, my strategy of using some that's, a promise ring and some that's a wedding ring is probably a good strategy because there's no one better than the other and obvious better um, ring when related to promise ring there's way more views a day because people are searching for the term promised spring and on the wedding side there's there's a lot fewer and my only guess would be that sometimes people are searching more for wedding wedding something wedding this than wedding ring so andi all of that is just a guess honestly like you know um wally so this helps you determine your relevancy of your key words okay, so you have your search relevancy that's that's the default search you khun search by most recent key were the most recent listings that have come up under that particular key word any consort by price highest hello as lowest to highest okay, so I did want to read this out loud do we do not recommend to you what are the best tags he's instead we display known key data that the relevancy searches using so you can make an informed decision on what's best for you and you're listening to make your listings more relevant the actual formula and data used on the relevancy search engines mostly unknown by anyone again so sort of you know these air just all they're using the fbi to do these searches to bring back information and it's it's really the best we can do you know because we can't go inside of etc and find out hey what is everybody looking for? Um so let's try it all I did want to mention that a cake so etsy has done a new category system they kind of rolled it out um not telling anybody but it is it is in place on every body shop now so what that means is if you haven't been to your shop in a while so if you have been to the admin section for a while you're going to want to check your listings t make sure that they are in the proper categories because they did estimations on what category your listings are are fitting but they didn't do the extended categories and so you want to go in unfortunately to go in and check your listings they do have a bulk editing tool now that you can pick a bunch of listings at one time and then update the categories to all of those listings after a while of looking at some of my listings I just thought you know what? I'm just going toe bulk edit them all and is redo the categories from scratch and it was easy I didn't have to look at each individual listing and it was done so you might want to try that out okay so I did a search for promise rings and so it's is it determines relevancy you know based on your shop and how it compares to others right that's the relevancy part of it and how it compares to the search um of twenty six thousand nine hundred listings. Two of them are mine in the promise man category, which is really weird because all of my things have promise rings in them like the words promise me. So that was kind of interesting. So I wanted to find out why that wass, um, promise ring. There are six hundred thirty listings with promise rings as a tag as a prominent tag, and there are almost as many with the with in the title is well, so this is something interesting to keep an eye out for. Because, um, if you are using the keyword within your description, but not in your title but it shows up really high on this list you might want to consider actually sticking that keyword into your title. Okay, there's. Lots of use for the term promise ring. I do get lots of use for that particular, um, thing, there's. Lots of hearts, people favorite ing promise rings under in people shops. And this is when you do a search. This is how high on the list it comes up. And this is the position in that list that it that it shows up in so on my listings there, so my two by two listening that showed up on the list s o this one shows up on page twelve if somebody's really really looking for me than they might find me on page twelve in position thirty nine and the other one is paid fifteen on twenty nine, so they're clearly I need to do a little bit of work on my key words the seller categories is that's the category that that we are putting our our listing into and then the buyer search category is the new category system that they're talking about and it is kind of a broader a broader search forbes for buyers and it's what it's trying to do is is trying to be more closely relevant to what they're actually searching for s o in the top one I am actually that listing is in the jewelry rings, wedding and engagement and wedding bands categories all for those so that's probably what showing up a little higher and this one is just in the jewelry rings and bands kind of thing. Did you have a question? How did they pick the earth? Do you go in and set the buyer search category or does he do that through the ceo? You know, as far as I know from what I found it's it's what we the first the first categories that we choose in the listing when we're setting it up yet and then there are extended categories that we choose to kind of put get put into the buyer category by our search category um let's see what was the other thing having the s is tio does that uh there's a little bit of confusion about that does that increase search results just by adding s you see sometimes sometimes that's for certain things yes yes it's definitely not for everything right but when you're doing your research it's it's really important that you look for different variations on your key words so you know you can look up you know, scarf and scarves and you can you know, look up yeah yeah different kind of versions of it because sometimes you'll find that like this you know, the plural was a much higher search result than the singular you've got to do for each thing you have to do research and actually figure out what people are looking for yeah, yeah, but that's the great thing about these tools is that it it does bring up a full list so I found about the promise rings plural because it was on the google adwords list, right? Um so I had to look at my uh my title tags were very different between the two um they're you know, they're they're just based on what I found on google adwords and the tag wars, I clearly have tio sort of rearrange my my tags and be a little more specific about three categories, and I'm placing these rings in it'll just give me a better I have been a result, okay, etc search s so how have you guys use the sea search bar to kind of search for key words and stuff like that? Yeah, I really like it. I mean, there they make it pretty pretty easy to try to research what it's buyers are actually searching for on the web site. So what you dio is you go the home page and you put in a word it brings down. It automatically brings down a list of the different search phrases that people are looking for. Um, this was interesting promise, but no space after it brought up this list with promise in different positions in the in the search result, and all I did was hit the space bar, and it pulled out a totally different list. Eso um, you know, I really like that there's this couple's promise ring thing? I didn't. I wouldn't think of using that in that way. A lot of the ones with promise ring. At the beginning, I thought I had thought of, but it was interesting to see just the difference in just using a space or no space, okay, so something you can do to make this easier on yourself is if you know how to take a screen shot on your computer do searches take a bunch of screen shots and then you can compare them side by side on your on your photo editor yeah otherwise it's really hard to keep writing down different lists okay what are we doing okay so this is a search that is happening within my shop um I wanted to see if the tags were going to come up differently if somebody was looking while they were I happen to be on my shop a supposed to on the home page so I put in promise and notice here promise in the shop look for the key were promise in the shop is one of the options and again it brings up a bunch of different kind of key words just suggested searches but that particular search brought back something that is just staying with in my shop I search for promise ring a more general thing and now it's telling them you can look for it in the shop you can look for it in hand made you can look for it in vintage because promise ring is available in all of those different categories andi it also tells you that you can look for shop names containing promise ring if you want to okay we just need to be aware of what s e is showing our customers so that when we are focusing in on our key words, we can try to do our best to keep their interest in our shop when they're there oh yeah and I did this search for the plural just to see what would happened um and yeah I mean it came up with a few it came up with a fewer fewer keywords which I thought was really interesting because in the google adwords it was like more so what this says to me is that the sea surge within etc is very different than the internet search hey is very true we have to kind of keep both of them in mind when we're working on our shop um because depending on where your traffic normally comes from, if it comes from within etc and you can find that out by checking out your stats then you might want to focus a little more on honing your etc searches but if it's mostly coming from outside of etc then you can kind of reverse that and focus on what google wants. Okay, I found this kind of by accident home as I was clicking around and doing my research I found that I wanted to see I have a listing in my toe to go shop that was expired and I just happen to want to see like what is this listing looked like but it brought me this page this item is unavailable because it was expired totally understandable but I don't have anything that's active in that shop right now normally if I had something if I had more listings in the shop than it would just bring up items from my shop to put onto this page but since I didn't have enough listings to fill this page they brought out some some other cellar and so I got to see some things that were actually very similar to what I dio on dh so I was able to go into that person's listings and kind of see why're they I wanted to know why are they showing up on my search you know are they showing up on my page you know, looking at their tags looking at the way they write their descriptions especially their titles you can do this with other people in your category making similar things you know it's everybody does it I mean we all learn from each other you know? We definitely we want to give ourselves the best chance so I mean I really recommend you can do the same thing if you go to a sold item in your shop and you click on the description for your sold item it'll pop up the same kind of list so it's worth checking out again to see what s e is showing your potential customers ok ok so this is all about your shop home page and this is the page that you land on when you enter in your your shop name your shop titlist super super duper importance um it becomes the all tag or the all key word for your entire shop this is the thing that google reads their crawlers that are going out there looking for information this is what they read. So this is what you're telling the search engines this is what my shop is about, so this shop title needs to be very on point. It has to have many key word riches they call it used to be keyword rich and it needs tio really be focused toward those search results. So etsy tagged that see tag character limit is twenty many popular relevant searches are longer than that example steampunk tree topper how can you? I think there is a perfect example it really, really can you work around? That is our work around there is unfortunately no work around the limit because the limit is definitely the limit. The best we can do is used to keep two tags for that is the steam punk and the tree topper. If there's any way to shorten that phrase into something that somebody in that community might look for great but again we have we have limits and, you know we kind of have to do work with them

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There are specific, tactical things you can do to help more people find your products on Etsy®. In SEO for Etsy®, Marlo Miyashiro will detail the non-scary, non-techy actions you take to help put your goods in front of more people online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds complex, but it is actually a pretty simple series of steps you can take to make sure your pages and products appear when a buyer is looking for something like you sell. In this class, Marlo will show you how to tweak information in your Etsy® shop so your products are more likely to turn up in searches. You’ll learn how to:

  • Write search-friendly titles
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You’ll also learn how branding and marketing work alongside your SEO initiatives to bring attention to your Etsy® store. Marlo will cover branding basics so you can be confident that all of the work you are doing fits together. You’ll get tips on blogging, using social media, and tying it all back to your Etsy® shop.

Marlo has been making and selling for more than twenty years. In this class, she’ll offer practical, effective insights that will help you increase traffic to your Etsy® shop and grow your handmade business.