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SEO for Your Etsy® Item Listings

Listening title it is another super duper important thing that you I need to work on for your shop and to get your shop and your listings found b the title of your listing becomes the ult text for all of your photos, okay? And the all text is what the search engines can see when concerted his can see images they can only see words and text so it looks for the words behind the photos if if it didn't use your title for your photos than that the photo would be listed something like, you know let's see one, two, three, five, six because they just use a category number to categorize your photos on the fc servers, so instead they did something really smart and they use the title as the all tag for all of your photos. So that means that that title is repeated five times and it helps your your your listing become more relevant based on your key words. So you always want to use all five photos, you know? I mean, if you composite I mean really you can even you can repeat a photo if you really ha...

ve to you if you're kind of test preferred for another image, maybe crop it in a different way, but try to use all five because it's definitely going to help you're relevancy when it comes to searching I also want to let people know about the amazing keyword workbook victims with this course. I want you to talk a little bit about that if you purchase this course, you get a really cool keyword work book tomorrow, put together joins just saying there's, an there's an s ceo kind of tracking and listing kind of many workbook that I put together just to help you keep track of the changes that you've made in your etc shop in your listings and kind of gauge the difference between the results that comes along as a bonus material along with the yeah, heidi has it right there. Thank you. Yeah, it has a lot of the different definitions and house and links, teo and it comes in a downloadable form. So the pdf and there's live links on there that you can go to different articles and stuff like that. Yeah, yeah. So it's really fun. I had a lot of fun putting it together and hopefully it's helpful. Thank you. So the first three words you know again in your listing title just like your shop title of those first three words air really important and it helps you show up a little higher on those searches. You have a question question. Thank you, uh, so about the words in the title so I gave my product and name and so I was like putting the name and the title but it's not like a word somebody would search for it's like a name that I made up. So is that not really helpful? You know, unless it I know. Yeah, I mean, we're definitely creative and we want, you know, to have really cute names for things, but in terms of the search, I mean, unless you have an item that people are actively searching for with that specific word, then it's not going to do you any good, you know, you'll just be kicked down lower on the list because nobody searching for that word sophie, do you wanna have that in your listing? I was suggest either putting it at the very end, if you really want to have it in there or putting it in your description, but below the first few lines, okay? Because again, the very first part of everything is the most important part. Research is, yeah, it's hard because, you know, way wanted to be really creative, and we want to show our creativity, but at the same time, we need to be found in order to sell it. So we have to kind of keep your eyes on the prize on that one, but yeah, thank you. If it ever changes, I'll let you know okay, so you want to make sure that the key words that you use in your titles are reflected in your tags it's sort of that repetition, and the more times they see the exact he words listed, the more likely you're going to show up when somebody is searching for that. And again, the whole natural speech thing it's really easy to kind of get super obsessed about keywords and teo just do like the whole string of, you know, individual keywords together, but you have to remember you're actually selling to people and and ah, lot of times creatively inclined people is well, so seeing a bunch of technical terms all string next to each other doesn't really speak to me as a customer is a creative person, you know, I want to see how you can creatively use those words to put those together and still be relevant, okay? It's it's, I'm not saying it's easy, I'm just saying that we need to do it that way. So all of these listings were really, really great maxing co post very wonderful shot really, really good with the ceo because really, I think what this shows is that she knows her customer, she knows what they're searching for eso everything that comes up at the beginning are are really relevant. The other thing to remember is that even if you have things that are the same, you want to make sure to mix up your keywords within your listing set, because if you have the same key word at the front all the time all the time, then that becomes thie repetition thing where it actually starts hurting you because it's like, oh, well, you're just not you're just saying this again and again because you hope that I'm going to pay attention to it search engines like you know you're trying too hard, so try to mix it up and and it will help you. It will help you when you are putting together you're listing you have the google preview that comes up when you're writing out your listing and it's going it's going to tell you where your key words are and how they are showing up and google so this's very long title that doesn't say anything about it intended to show what happened when a very long title in google preview let's see what it shows up like this is a very low intelligence that anything is by I make you stuff, okay, andi also the description area, I did a line break to make it more readable, but you'll notice that the description doesn't pay attention to that line break, so it just continues on for the second sentence definitely is the google preview to see how it's showing up because again here where is going get cut off in a really awkward place on and that's what people are seeing okay so how to write a good listening title in the workbook for this class I put together a kind of additional keyword challenge and it basically lists out all of these questions and it's something that you can use to create to think of new new key words for your stuff so the questions are ok so what is it right what is what is the item how would somebody what would somebody call it how did you make it this is also related to key words sometimes people are looking for a certain technique it's keyword what is it made out of very important to a lot of categories okay who is it for there are sections for holidays and for specific birthdays and things like that so you kind of want to outline is this more for one category person than another you know you can make that decision what color is it um yeah there are a lot of colors out there but if your particular item is a particular color then definitely use that in your key words because you never know you know somebody can be searching for wall decor in yellow so it's like you know that'll give you a better chance descriptive keywords how much does it weigh really important for jewelry category, by the way, if it's a lightweight hearing definitely say it's lightweight airing if it's a substantial earing definitely say something like that use use those descriptors you know within your descriptions and in your key words does it have a scent or a flavor that somebody would think of to look for what style? What motif doesn't have you know, is it woodland animals may be um you know, definitely there's a lot of trends definitely come up in the style of motif section what is what's? The newest trend right now is sort of thea the southwest kind of look had that kind of thing how would they use it is a for a specific purpose, is it for, you know, use in the home? Is it for school? You know what? Where where would they use it, how they use it? And also how does it make them feel? This's one key word category that maybe we wouldn't think of immediately but, you know, sometimes people like are looking for happy wall art or something like that, you know, so think about that and it'll just help you determine better keywords and different combinations can you want to think of specific keywords? Is it foreign events or holiday? What kind of texture does it have? A lot of people are tactile shoppers right? And they don't get to feel or pick up the thing that you're selling, so maybe you can use a texture kind of word in your key words. What era is it belonged to, not just vintage? I mean, sometimes you're making something in the style of so you can use that era as a a descriptor and does it have a particular pattern? Ok, so, um, those are kind of just kind of categories to help kind of get the conversation or get the get the keyword search going for you. Um, you can search for your key words on etc. So again, again, I did this with space and the no space, I came up with two totally different results, so make sure when you're doing your keyword research on at sea especially, I don't know if this works very well for, like the edwards saying I didn't really see very many different results, but for etc in particular because they would, with their searches air looking for our what phrases people are looking for most often in relation to this key word. Hey, so that's why these lists are important to us more searches so the little cactus guy he saw there it's a cactus pin cushion, it's something that I've made it was one of the first things I put in my shop, actually and so I wanted to see how people people were searching for that at all cactus pin brought a pin cushion um but it was a very it was just one kind of search results I thought pincushion was one word but it actually is it there are no searches that come up for cactus can cushion with a one word pinkish in eso in other words nobody is searching for cactus pincushion one word same goes for you know the reverse order try your key words in the reverse order maybe that will bring up some searches and cute cute is calling you know my shop is I'm a cute stuff so I might as well search for what people are looking for and yes they actually look for cute pin cushion so I'm going to use that key word phrase somewhere in my title or in my description many different ways to search who listening description ok thie listing description the very beginning of the listen description is the most important part you know because we saw that it comes up in the google searches but we want tio definitely be as informative as possible for our customers I mean that's who were writing for first and foremost but we can include are key words within that description because google especially etc also they searched the whole thing you know so it's not just the three words at the beginning of your title or the most important they do search the whole thing, it's just the very beginning is the first thing they see so that's it that's the most relevant so make sure that all of your keywords air sort of mixed in to your into your description their first six, one hundred sixty categories that's the meta description that's, thie the words that are coming up in google that are the most relevant and you've got the preview I really look, I really love the way and this is actually your work, john they you know, when somebody searching for something from the princess bride, I mean, they're definitely going to search for a specific phrase and as you wish is one of them and yeah, most definitely so I just wanted to show is that this is a really wonderful example of a really brief description that is like super on key where? Target? Okay, um, as far as I know, the punctuation doesn't matter, I could be wrong about that, but as far as I know it doesn't it does they don't search engines don't pay attention to that. They are smart, they want tio they want to match the searches that people are doing to the phrases that you have in your shop um, we are, you know, the goal is to make sure that we're higher on those lists but thea only way we're going to really understand how people are searching for us is to know who that customer is, so when you're thinking of key words you know you're thinking of not just what it is but who's buying it you know what? Mood or then when they're shopping all that kind of stuff it it's all related to each other so, um this is a really good example of using that concept of internal linking or back linc it's within your shop because the more links that you have going to different pages on your shop, the more activity the search engine see and the more relevant your shop looks to the search engine um so it also helped her customer it helped her customers stay on your page s o if they're on if they're looking at something and they're like ok, well that's kind of nice what else do they have instead of having tio go off of your description looking on the side to see where they can click on your name or something just put the link right in there and they can go you can point it toward a specific section in your shop that's related to these things you can point you can put a link right to your home page again so they could just start from the beginning I mean it's it's a really, really great use of of the description that you, this description space that you have. And when you do put in your links, remember to include the h t t p colon, slash, slash, because that will make the link live and turn it blue in clickable. If you don't put that in it's, just going to stay a bunch of words. And they're not going to be able to do anything with it.

Class Description

There are specific, tactical things you can do to help more people find your products on Etsy®. In SEO for Etsy®, Marlo Miyashiro will detail the non-scary, non-techy actions you take to help put your goods in front of more people online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds complex, but it is actually a pretty simple series of steps you can take to make sure your pages and products appear when a buyer is looking for something like you sell. In this class, Marlo will show you how to tweak information in your Etsy® shop so your products are more likely to turn up in searches. You’ll learn how to:

  • Write search-friendly titles
  • Put the best words in product tags
  • Craft smart descriptions

You’ll also learn how branding and marketing work alongside your SEO initiatives to bring attention to your Etsy® store. Marlo will cover branding basics so you can be confident that all of the work you are doing fits together. You’ll get tips on blogging, using social media, and tying it all back to your Etsy® shop.

Marlo has been making and selling for more than twenty years. In this class, she’ll offer practical, effective insights that will help you increase traffic to your Etsy® shop and grow your handmade business.