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SEO Keyword Challenge: Discover Your Item's Keywords

Okay he were telling time um so I I put a picture up here doesn't case people didn't bring anything but you brought stuff okay let's let's do this we're going to all do this together we're going to pick up a few pieces from the studio audience and we are going to work together with this key word challenge and we're going to think of some key words to help kathy with her shop catch I crops that it's a dog home uh think of keywords that will work okay so using the key were challenge eso what do we think it isthe just what what when you look at this what would you say it is a picture frame picture frame large great like that embroidery embroidery um I think I was gonna use it the board here and I just really well that over this okay um and then uh let's see so so how do you think it was made what techniques do you think um his use hand sewn one other thing I'm going to show the back because it's pretty to look at that applicator good word is it felt yes okay so so felt actually works with...

the what do you think it's made of right so is there anything else that you might think of as a descriptor of what it's made of wouldn't hoop embroidery embroidery hoop yep so let's see I'm going tio put on picture frame um wall art are these some of the key words that you already use in your in your yeah embroidery can droid dory um hand sewn is that one that you use I often use hand stitched has dished yeah this will help some people who are doing some hand stitching out there um application and felt so what else do we think it's made of I missed that last one border who are wooden? Who wouldn't who groups okay wouldn't who um who do you think it's for who is he was the cute little frame for girls little girls mom grandma right so it could be I'm for mom mom grandmother ok, so that would be kind of a, uh like a gift sort of idea and, um what color would you say it is a pink rose pink? How about pink rose or getting dusty rose just tea rose gray flannel these are all good because they're they're very descriptive and somebody would serve for like a rose paid color or a dusty rose kind of color. Okay, we're we're going to look at some of the support of other thing up here so we can do the next set. Okay, this is a beautiful cow what is the name of your shop bite loved by it's how you spell that a love like regular love and then bites his b I g h t s okay this feels really nice it's it's very soft so let's think of some key words so how much how much would you say it weighs like what? What is the weight of this piece you know weighs one hundred grams if you wantto eyes that something using to determine how much yarn so that I get the length right so I actually do you're not all of them so what? Somebody search for when you would like search for the I mean like the weight of the scar would have the medium weight see killed your weight as compared to maybe other scarves that I've seen other cowell's that I've seen I would consider this a lie lightweights grab the arm itself is lightweight yeah, I would consider it a lightweight and kind of a transitional you know from winter to spring kind of things so lightweight uh let's see oh, this is funny do you think it had a center way? But wait a minute. Isn't that lime right? Yeah, a lot of people when they search for things they search for descriptive colors that have that association so definitely lime is there another another word like I think this line would be probably the most prevalent for that shade right? Ok s so what would you say the style or the motif like what category does it belong? Tio it could be like a modern a modern style um it could be I guess you could put in a hipster category since it is a cow all I mean you know we've got to be real here right um same minimalist yeah that is that yet and that's a category two so modern minimal okay so let's see yeah that's good because it actually works for both men and women write co ed or eunice sex is something that this search for a cz well yeah um so the next one on the list is how would it make them feel how does how does somebody let's see what with a search for if they are looking for a cow or a scarf comfy I want to buy it already okay comfy warm you get that could actually be one tag to warm and cozy somebody would search for that right um that's awesome any other key words coming out from anywhere thea how would you describe this well what does that mean a place well okay yeah there's world soft wool sock it is stop very nice yes heidi that is good I love it and you know and if you have that in your description I would be more likely to buy it because I don't like scratch you'll write any other any other just key words just related to so um who do you think it's for you think it's for like who would you say immediately would be the target customer for this I'm very conflicted about that so I actually I really know yeah I mean I really would call it a man scarf you know? I mean because it is it's simple and men's things they're really hard to find so so being able to put that men scarf tag in it would help you out a lot in case that definitely use men's men scarf somehow our men's cowl try another thing he lived this ok so here's a beautiful pin kanzaki flower be a star to ours. Okay. Okay, so do you think that this is for like a specific event or maybe a holiday is there something that we can relate um a special occasion to to this piece and really I'm not saying that, um by putting a special occasion on it it's not necessarily saying that this is specifically for christmas but if it's a you know, a christmas um you know, accessory or something like that or, you know, some holiday like that, um or what texture do you think it has texture so awesome does come on, I'll have a certain texture to anybody else other than me always think of commodities is a certain appeal is that a tag that you use in your listing? Yeah, yeah, what some other tax that you use for this kind of being occasion specific prom and wedding wow that's great do you see a special occasion? Because anybody ever searched for that? Yeah, I get a lot of problem hits. Actually. So more for specific prom special occasions, john. Wrong. Yeah. So I don't think that I mentioned that I want you to use all thirteen tags. Okay, good. Because that's what you want, tio? But, you know, this is this is what you can dio when you're kind of running out of key words, you just kind of get more and more general. So yes, special occasion. If you have an actual tag and you need to use it, then go ahead and go, general. Right. Okay. Um, let's see what else what other kind of oh, so here's that here's a good on what color would you say it is? Yeah. Multicolor plate is that bread and feel like a popular right combination? Because I think depending on what you're making come, people would search for specific colors to go with their prom dress or something like that. So you want to pick out the most prominent colors within your piece to kind of showcase that in your tags? Awesome. Okay, I'm going, tio okay, so first of all, what would you say these are hey, sometimes we have to go for the most up yes I mean because I think you know we contend to get really creative overly descriptive about stuff and then we sometimes forget about the most basic tags that people would actually search for so postcard okay what other key words would you say um hopefully we're getting a shot of the collection here. Oh hey hi okay, so um what are some other key words that come to mind is based on the imagery that's on the carts um how post six people called postbox friend lou yes. Very color specific do people search for colors in your shop? Heidi um red and there are people that collect postcards that have a read detail on a black and white picture with the red detailed he's a popular thing to pull it yeah so that's all about knowing your customer yeah knowing what they're looking for what kinds of things that they're searching for yep. Um okay so let's see is there anything else that we can yeah I can't really tell unless you know but that's actually a post office those were the postal employees so post office is another popular search tag oh, nice a lot of people use that term yes that's a good one happy now think about that and how wow I haven't heard that term in a while let's bring pen pals back and let let us use postcards um okay and then I have one more thing that we're going to key word brainstorm on of course they had to bring that out I love this you guys I'm six by six arts right the number six by number six ok so um so I see because it has a word on it only actually can't tell oh they're only that it's like all right let's think of some good key words here so first of all what would you say it is floor floor sign plaque q u e right okay um and so how how do you think it was made just by looking at it I know you guys know how it was made but just by looking at it how how would you say that was made what do you think with woodcut laser later we are just going to say in the way is it wasn't asked arazi used way I never remember which one it isthe laser isn't interchangeable or is there one right way is incorrect but everybody uses it so ok how would you describe the color yellow better yellow butter yeah yeah yeah yeah but er yellow sunshine sunshine yellow is there anybody online who's like shouting keyword I'd be happy to listen to the way we want to hear your opinions too totally prompt him in the chat room and see if they yeah what do you think it's made it right? Prince s pride banana b a and thank you gwen stefani what do you think it's made out of just by looking at you were to see a picture of it. What would you assume that it's made out of it's hard to tell if it's plastic or would so yeah, that would be where the key was definitely come in handy and tell us exactly what's made it. So what is it made out of what kind of wood perch? Birch birch plywood. Wow. Ok, I'm going to do this. Well, I would do people search for that for that term like you do you see that he would come up at all, take that? Its most serious would yeah, yeah, yeah, so much is this effect. Yeah. That's good to know. Okay, so, um yeah, he were challenged. That was fun. Um, are there any questions of anybody about keywords seeks, I think might be yes. How did you figure out what somebody like if there's something has multiple names like, how do you decide what to call it or do you just try or what other people call it? I guess, like, so for example, in my like scarf, I would call it a cowl, but I feel like a lot of people call it a scar for an infinity scarf or like a circle scar for like all kinds of different names like how do you just use the searches to kind of try to figure out what people are searching for the most are you can definitely do that, but I think all of those descriptors are relevant, you know, because some people would call a cow. Some people are looking for infinity scars, and some are just looking for a plane scarves, so being able to use all of those, you're going to maximize your return on your searches for sure on do you know, as faras, um, if you're unsure which words really are relevant than ask your community, you know, if you bring it tio like a team meeting or something like that, you know, you can kind of get their initial reactions from something that you've made that's always helpful. Awesome. We have some questions from the online audience. So how long does it take for key word changes to show up in search results in google or at sea? Yeah, if you find out the definitive answer to that, please tell me I could not find anything definitive about that. The thing about it is, you know, even when you make changes to your listing on your etc shop, they say in their in their terms that it could take up to two. Went for hours for it to actually hit their servers and be searchable so we have to be a little bit patient sometimes it will show up immediately like you'll change your title and you'll go to a search and you'll find yourself at the top of the list and it's like, hey, it worked and then other days it just doesn't happen that quickly I think it just depends on how much traffic is going on on at see ondas faras you know showing up on the big google thing like that's anybody's guess like it's just we have to just do do what we can to optimize everything that we can on our shot first and then thing we contract the changes as they go along yeah a couple questions from san francisco audience should you have your shop name is a tag too also good question thank you guys thie your shop name I will occasionally put my name my shop name as a tag not all the time um only because it's somebody's going to search for me search for I make you stuff in the browse section I want some of my listings to come up, but I know that if they click on any one of them they'll be able to come to my shop because I use my thirteen tags for a lot of other things a lot of other descriptors that air mohr geared toward my keyword searches so but yes I mean you definitely give it a try and because it is kind of hard for us to be found by our shop names in fact there was there was a trick that I found online where you changed your shop title to include your shop name with spaces so you know cause etc etc names don't have spaces so I make his stuff is just one word so you put your shop title in with spaces on it and then that makes you show up in search listings I did it for about a week or so and it did make my shop show up in the searches but my views went wait like it was noticeable so I need to cater to my wedding ring or my promise ring customers because they're searching for that before they're searching for my name so it depends on where you're branding is if you are you know very well known and you have and you need people to find you by your brand name that might be a way to make it easier for people to find you directly okay so it's worth a try if that's something that you're that you need why is it important to use all five photos on your listing? Okay great because on your listing your title for your listing becomes the actual all tagger the all title for each one of those photos so in the search, the search engines will see that this relevant string of words is chilling up five times. That must mean it's very relevant. Eso, using five photos allows you to have that full five titles working for you on an s e o level.

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There are specific, tactical things you can do to help more people find your products on Etsy®. In SEO for Etsy®, Marlo Miyashiro will detail the non-scary, non-techy actions you take to help put your goods in front of more people online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds complex, but it is actually a pretty simple series of steps you can take to make sure your pages and products appear when a buyer is looking for something like you sell. In this class, Marlo will show you how to tweak information in your Etsy® shop so your products are more likely to turn up in searches. You’ll learn how to:

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