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Lesson 18 from: SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

Kelly Murphy

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we know that online security is non negotiable current best practice for websites is to deploy H. T. T. P. S rather than the non secure http to all pages on the site. The designation of the page as H. T. T. P. S means the transfers between your browser and the website are encrypted and don't like secure information like user data or credit card numbers in your screaming frog crawl check that almost every page on the site is H. T. T. P. S. So what we'll do is we will go to our screaming frog crawl and we will scroll down until we get to protocol and then we will see here. So in the Glossier example, almost 99% of the pages on the site are H. T. T. P. S. And that's great news. So we want to look and see what the pages are that are H. T. T. P. So we can see here that they are primarily relatively unimportant pages. They're not on the site, for example, instagram, but we'll want to understand why two of these product pages here are not under https. Those seem to be outliers. And ideally we...

would want all of the product pages to be on a secure protocol and some other types of pages like a login page don't need to or can't fall under the secure protocol. But again, most pages should. So what you want to do here is quantify and note how many non secure pages appear on the site screaming frog makes that easy to do. So here we can see it six. And then determine whether there's a pattern among them. So we can see that there is a pattern among these two product pages. Then we create a document that the client can hand off to their developers to either force the entire domain or those specific pages to be H T T P. S. The ideal option is for the developers to force the whole domain to be https. So particularly if you're working on a new site launch, you want to instruct the developers before they even start that the whole domain should be forced to be H T T P s.

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