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Image Optimization

Lesson 24 from: SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

Kelly Murphy

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24. Image Optimization

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Image Optimization

every site features key visuals, even if they're not selling any products and these provide further opportunities for optimization. Image, all tags or site tags that allow room for a description of what the image is so that they appear in relevant image searches make a list from screaming frog of all pages with images unaccompanied by image tags. So again when we look at raghu dot com, If we scroll to images and we go to missing all text, they've got 204 images missing all text, so you want to export that. So you have a list of those pages, save it and provide it to the client. You'll then need to write unique all tags for each of these images. Best practices to follow here are two briefly but accurately describe the image at hand. So if we look at an example here from Ragu, this looks like an image of chicken parm meatballs. So what we would want to do is simply describe the image. So that could be something like chicken parm meatballs. And you'll want to refer back to the keyword res...

earch you performed to write the initial metadata to make sure that you have the right keywords in place. I then like to include a pipe symbol and then the brand name. So this example would be chicken parm meatballs. Then you would put the pipe symbol and then you would put Ragu. This way if someone comes across your client's image in google image search results or an external site like Pinterest, they'll know exactly where that visual or product is from. It can't hurt. Lastly, you want to upload these tags in the CMS or pass them along to the developer to do so.

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