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Social Tags

Lesson 26 from: SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

Kelly Murphy

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26. Social Tags

Lesson Info

Social Tags

both facebook and twitter offer advanced options to customize the content that you're sharing from your site. Facebook uses its open graph to obtain more metadata about the content being shared. And twitter uses twitter cards in a similar fashion. The first step for auditing social tags is to determine whether open graph and twitter cards are being leveraged. So here we're looking at Buzzfeed. If we scroll down and we look at the social sharing buttons that you're used to seeing, we click on share facebook, we can see here that there's a really nice image being used that matches with the image that we see at the top of the page. We've got a really good headline here. All of this looks aligned and clear so we can tell that they're probably using social tags for this site. So if these tags are being used, you want to review these tags to ensure they're being fully optimized for priority keywords that the client cares the most about. If these tags are not live on the site or they need upd...

ating right? New ones optimized with priority keywords. So for facebook you'll have the ability to control the title, description and image that appears when a user shares a link from your clients say here on Buzzfeed, it looks like they're not using the description options but we would definitely recommend using that option. And for more information, you can go to facebook's developer page to see what the Web masters recommend for these. Open graph tags for twitter, which we can see here for this article. You have a little bit more flexibility with the ability to add a title description and a thumbnail image, as well as a large feature image, or link directly to an app or media within the twitter feed. For more info, check out the twitter developer page and they will talk you through optimizing with these cards.

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