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Core Components

Lesson 4 from: SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

Kelly Murphy

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4. Core Components

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Core Components

Now let's talk through the biggest factors that affect the site's visibility. The first one is site architecture. So the architecture of the site is the hierarchy of the site's content to provide maximum functionality for our purposes. The most important ranking factors for site architecture revolve around crawl ability, site speed, mobile friendliness, security and nowhere else Next is tags. So a system of site tagging is crucial to the organization of any website, just like a hashtag. A site tag highlights the details of pages, content for search engines and users. Examples of these are header tags, metadata and schema, which we'll cover later on. And then page errors can take many different forms. They may be on the server side, resulting in a broken page. When a user clicks on a link, they may be on the client side. If a web master has removed content from the site that is still appearing in search results. Some page errors deal with multiple versions of the repetitive content show...

ing up within one domain. Finally, we have usability as we discussed in the previous lesson, usability can totally make or brave a site to keep users on your site, you'll want to review site speed or the time it takes for pages to load. Mobile usability is so important that it received its own mobile friendliness tests built by google. It's free and available for anyone to use proper coding, best practices images pop ups and internal links are all site features that merit attention from a technical SEO pro, there are a million components that can be taken into account for technical S EO, but these four are ultimately the most important. Next we'll talk about results and KPI s.

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