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How to Sit & Sleep Better

Questions mean studio from kelly? Go for it. Right that they were gonna get him a mike. I won't back down. He said about coming with your own mike plan ahead. You want to go back to something you said about the correct position? When you are able to teach someone like their daily life pedestrian type positions holding their kid, holding the camera, working as a coach, sometimes I can coach them into a much better position. But they have the reaction that you mentioned, which is this is way harder. So I was wondering about how you sort of, uh, communicate to someone about how to spend those six, eight, ten hours when they are doing their craft. That yeah, we're not asking you to be in this, like snow stripped strong, no position that requires a ton of war. You are a whip. Be a whip. Yeah, and be efficient about this. I just wanted you wondering if you could talk a little bit toward that. What? One of things that is, you know, I think it's crucial. Can we reset? You know, when the buddha...

was talking about, you know, cultivating awareness and we talk about that, do you think it was just monkey brain, or do you think it was monkey body? And I think I just coined that monkey, but I don't think I've ever come with all right, but I think the concept here is why don't you bring awareness to how you're standing? You know, the first one of the first things we teaching yoga is called to dawson right, which is standing posture, which is say imitation of feet need to be straightforward big toes on the ground my weight is balanced through there, you know, I'm screwing my feet into the ground a little bit, you know? I organize my shoulders now I've just reset myself right rib cages down abs on a little bit, but on a little bit very simple we talked a lot of that this on creative life we talked about how to treat some of the abs and the gut, so as with our friend jill miller on the creative life peace super awesome segment, the key here is that well, if I'm bent over one of these I can do is that when I finish I can reset for myself for a second I literally do that and it is totally it has completely changed my game, I find myself doing this right I did it for ten years and that's the position to be in right and then when I'm not I'm like, ok, great even just standing here in this show you probably if you if you ever first second took your eyes off this hunk of man and looked at me per second, I'm constantly trying to like reorganize because the awareness of our standing in the only way that I could get through the day it takes about seven to nine months, we think to turn over all the fashion, your body it takes a while that all the connective tissue starts to cycle through itself and it takes about a year, year and a half to turn your whole skeleton and so you can look different. And so the bringing this awareness a posture when we work and do before and after photos in structure, immigration and what we see is radical changes at six months, radical changes at twelve months and in eighteen months you look like a different human. In fact, you didn't look like a different human on radiograph on x ray because your structures have actually changed your bones start to reform, the pattern changes, it's remarkable all we have, we have one more athletes just came in and she's a she's a superstar she's like I got an inch taller this last year and I'm like that's weird, you're a forty five year old woman. Like, I don't know how that happened and she's like, yeah, how did happen? I was I don't know what happened, you know, an inch taller, how does that possibly happen? So I think the key is, you know, it's a practice bring awareness, you know, you're gonna hold your kids and be in a bad position? Well, if you can optimize that position, do so and then when you feel yourself drift out, come back and we started put that in awareness into it really is life changing? Like, if there's this other thing that's going on in my mind, which is when I'm doing these little things on an ongoing basis? It's not like I have, like, this whole mind, you know? I got to go to the gym, I got to do the thing it's like throughout the day, even when I'm you know I'm on set or if I'm hosting executive meeting here, if I'm standing, I can feel like I'm doing work while I'm living as opposed to having to have to compartmentalize although there's this work over here, that happens and then there's, that stuff that I do every day there's a couple of things that we should talk about four around time in this segment that first is you've got to drink some water and you got absorbed the water drinking so drinking mineral water great, but you cannot just boulis your kidneys of u p clear. Who likes to be clear? You're like, yeah, that's actually a problem. You know what that means? Hiss? You've either poisoned yourself and your buys, dumping all the water to unpleasant yourself. Or you just put so much water to your kidneys that your body is like, whatever shut it out. And he just your piece of yellow is they were never heard that before. Isn't that where the gop is? Not yellow that's? Actually. Ah, problem we're seeing is that people are trying to the right things. Like a bottle of water. They're not actually absorbing the water. They're drinking people, drinking freakish amounts of water. Women are baselines about two leaders today and men, maybe big men, three leaders. So but the issue is that you need to drink around your food and its people beaten cleaner and cleaner there. Not any any electrolytes. They pulled the salts out there. What diet on? They're not adjoining water. A pinch of sea salt, a pinch of, well, gold side of sodium chloride or homily in, you know, some because because we're yuppies, you know, it will allow you to absorb the water you're drinking makes a huge difference, noon tabs, all dehydration, there's a whole bunch of products out there that make a big difference. Absorbing water will actually allow your body to handle these positions, but assumes you fly and you get a little hydrated, you get sucked into meetings and just worked all day, and you sweat your balls off. You're not going to realize that how dehydrate you are, we know that affects function, thanks brain clarity, dr emotion, the whole thing. The whole system wilts little water to make a big difference, so do that. I used to think that living the rock star like jim morrison lifestyle in their twenties, like that's, how you got really creative and I've actually done completely one eighty, which is by getting a ton of sleep, meditating and being at your best that you're my personal brain functions a lot better. I'm literally I feel smarter. My creative ideas come more readily on dh. You know, a few years ago, when you were child, we didn't know any better, and now we do know better, and now the internet and, you know, pieces like real life, has made the information so available that if we don't act on this and don't believe us see for yourself, see how this goes to yourself, like, you know, drink some water on the other big thing that we talked about tied back into the kid is that if you just mitigate some of these noxious positions, get goto kia, get yourself a crappy five dollars table and put it on your count, and now you've a standing desk and, you know, and if you're ever going to these places called bars, you were gone there. I know you have jury heard of it, right? She's from boston's, you're not better than me, and all you need to do is put your foot up on the bar. You're kidding about the captain morgan post, but what is the captain morgan pose about? What bartenders figure along time ago is that if I put my foot up on something, it took the extension load out of my back, and then I could stand, it looks a lot like tree pose, and, you know, he doesn't know what happens in excuse me is this allows me to stand without load on my spine put foot goes up, and now I've mitigated so much of like, I'm standing my back is killing me, you know, I'm fidgeting, no problem, so automatically you've taken so much of the problem out of it if you're going to be an over bed over your work, because that's, what you have to do well, don't spend the rest of your time at work, then over get into a better position, those those block position you know, we started looking at the sitting time in our athletes at colleges that were sitting kids are seeing told the forcing, the great segment I travel a lot, I sit my flips off there's everyone in the audience is sitting right there, sitting twelve to fourteen hours a day, these division when players like you like going to class and playing xbox, nintendo, whatever you play, you know, back in the qatari sixty for ana metal. So the key here is that when we start just popping up and changing that let's, mitigate the amount of saying you're going to be forced to sit so you could do the best you can, and you could undo the flight from by rolling and having moving practice, but the rest of it, the sort of non force sitting get rid of it. You don't need to sit all the time. You stand up me breakfast, and I'm in the e mails have a standing death care changes, things that have switched to walking meetings it's amazing any time if I don't need a chalkboard or white border some sort of computer I will grab an executive repeated here we'll just go for a walk and talk and we don't have to walk far always walk outside what there's a great park right here and walk around there in twenty minutes not only have we got everything accomplished that we need to, but I am actually yeah, I'm not center I feel sharper juliette when she has a serious meeting on the phone, she walks around, she paces and I'm like, oh, juliet is in the he because she's patient like a tigris, right? And she does not say this is really important to barack obama to sit down, right and what's happened is that we started to see and notice that. Wow, well online calculator juliet stands during work, she brings an extra fifty to one hundred thousand dollars a year that's thirty three marathons so never you can run thirty three marathons come on where you stand and I'm telling you this is this is a fast track just getting additional load, you have to have the load, the physiologic air's air disaster now this is a key piece on time back in is that we started saying, hey, we're standing our athletes or standing our military standing here who is not standing our kids and this year julian and I started a nonprofit called stand up kids and we just adopted our child's fourth grade class is a standard classroom and all kids stand all day long fourteen fifteen minutes they move around they consider on these wobbly stool that sit on the floor but we've just taken that I guess what happened already my kid is leaning out even more she's more active her shoulders position she's blocked when she went on the tablets no one slouches over and here's the best part they have this thing called the fidget bar we call it fidget parts of bar at the bottom and the bar swings and all day long the kids like like nervous little like crack addict swinging like like maybe the skinner bars better right like little grass cotton cage on the skinner bar hitting the skinner bar you know I'm talking about t j so what's greatest georgia yesterday came home she's like dad and went toe our class into science another room we all sat down and everyone started to go to sleep and all the kids like him so so maybe and the teachers like what's wrong and kids like we just shut down these air fourth graders who are figured out they all love it and that's a simple is this we want simple hacks that you can change in your life sleep in a dark room it's got to be pitch black could make it cold. No iphone in the room how dare you have your technology in the room that makes a disaster? You know, dana spirit takes a little pieces of tape and puts it over on the every light object in the room. It should be pitch black, drink some water, start rolling life changes. That is phenomenal questions. Yeah, we didn't get mike, and then we're also when you're done with your question, going to go to the internet, because I know that some folks I think I hear new york calling or something like that. So I love all these little hacks and, like as simple as possible to make it is easiest possible to rehab or to improve performance. I run a company and I trained ballet like twenty hours a week, my sister's got a two year old and she's a full time professor in l a like, how do you manage sleep? Because that seems like I'd love to get nine hours every night, but then I either work less or, you know, I'm like I turn my computer off at six p m, but I still get to bed at eleven and get up at six, so how do you manage sleep as a tiny hack we mentioned was tight hackers? This try to hit seven is a baseline if you're doing seven that's not nine but it's not five it's not for right and then we really look at the quality of your sleep because if you save nine hours and it's crappy it's crappy right so are you really are you falling asleep and blacking out? Are you doing the best that you need to have a time with your partner at some point right? You work all day and then you need to be like with your loved ones and that usually happens between eight and eleven so really focusing on the quality of your sleep is everything and then on the weekends kenyan app can can you do a little micro boost? I know you're probably master of the ten minute nap one in twenty women that I can tell juliet last but I can fall asleep anywhere any time for ten minutes like if you ask me falsely by here like could be like a skin I could do it right and it's awkward but you know what's happened though is the key is to one focus on the quality of your sleep you know that you're not having caffeine after after midday really the sleep is dense their ways to track that one number two you have to be a little squeak your nutrition so that means you have less arable so one of my friends I got a blood test when I was traveling a lot and not sleeping a lot and so my blood chemistry start to go wacky and I email one of my friends at harvard and he was like, you know what, kelly? You can eat cookies or drink red wine when you travel was like no, this is this is b s sarge lives, you know? And uh you know, how dare you, sir? And it turns out I don't drink trying to drink travel mitigate that and I know that's tough sometimes because the wind is a cultural thing and where you have a glass, right? And then I really pulled out all the desserts and I love dessert so I mean, I think you've got to tighten up some of those other things on my drinking enough to have a move of practice and we take care of my tissues and then I can go for it and you can stretch it you have to at some point the sleeping part all that stuff actually falls and like you do those things and I sleep infinitely better I have one one glass of wine or zero glasses of wine my night sleep is infinitely better oh yeah, you know there's a long time rival we laugh because I'm a fast cabinet caffeine metabolism I found out like I burn it up so I have a cup of coffee before going to bed like for dinner with coffee and wants a coffin, joe it's, like you're crazy and I would fall asleep. And then I would wake up because I was cabin ated, right? And I noticed and have one. You know, self awareness as I grew up in, became a man from a child. I did notice that I should not drink coffee, it's seven o'clock tonight. So I think the problem is you should be getting sleepy at night. You know, we advocate for big blood testing, you know, their places out there. We can really see what's going on. You're doing a good job with nutrition and then do the best you can. That's. What we want you to do is not it's, not a doomsday message optimize. You know, you people mess around on the tv. There should be no tv in your bedroom. Get off the tv, put down the facebook right and you probably can sneak in an extra twenty minutes here. That makes a difference. That's great, great question. That's a good question and I'd love to go to the internet cause I heard something coming in from new york and maybe make something from london. But let's hear it, this one comes from envy and drill, and they say is there an optimal sleep posture to avoid stiffness in the morning? Yes, well your man semester stiffness on the reason I didn't roll that in there is this actually a good sign of hormonal health for men? Is that if you don't wake up my really standing next to you something's wrong with you I mean literally that you're seeing is a hormonally you're you're not doing well and you could see the quality of sleep it's really simple here's your best position right? I need to sleep and it should look like that so how many pillows don't need enough pillow to support this? If I lay down and then it goes like this how many pillows so I need to support this neutral spine and suddenly becomes very simple sleeping on your stomach is just toxic because how are you gonna breathe? You're gonna close your neck down and overextend and you're going to lean on those joints I had a woman as a physical young physical therapy student had migraines for fifteen years every surgery doctor and I was like, hey, I know I'm just a student adhesive on your stomach and she's a cat I was like this to me a favor just just don't for a week and she came back was like what do you know? It was that simple I was like hi c my career on uh I think the key is maintain a good position one of these we do see is that most of us are extension sensitive, which means because we're sitting, we're standing we're doing all these things and they were not factory workers tornadic dis were on the other side of the equation now and what we do have found is that we're making mattress recommendations typically were based on the old factor work a guy like my dad, you know? And he needed to sleeping extensions he had five herniated discs, right? And instead most of us need to sleep on a little bit softer bed or like a hammock because it gets this out of extension restores those emotions so you know, the main thing is your mattress you should wake up feeling awesome and you should have enough pillow to support the neck and you shouldn't save understand those are typically islands it should be cold cold in your room huge many of us have the same sort of we find ourselves in the same sort of terrible positions if you're holding a camera for a living something heavy a baby you're at a desk a lot you're clicking on your mouse shoulders forward working on a computer we all have a lot of simple problems that this is from you there I'm hearing from you that weaken just by addressing them fifteen minutes a day going to the paint area like explicitly, what I'm suggesting is you check out kelly's classical, maintaining your body on creative live uh, that's going to get you going in the right direction. We also talked about sort of travel and sleep and also this this sitting stuff and, well, you know, we've got a couple more questions, we got time for maybe one more before we take a break and come back in the next segment and talk about running, which is something that we've been talking about running the whole time. Good to know, because the reason you're getting injured running is you're making errors on this side. Good, this is good to know. So one more question before we go to break, so I'm a french horn player, and we sit in the symphony and all of us need to have better breathing when we're sitting, but I'm especially interested in how we can get our diaphragm working in these blocked or, you know, suboptimal positions, sure. So first, is that you? None of you sit in the back of the chair when you play, did what he said, some of us through trying he's on the front of chair yeah, s o c o the front the chair allows you to not be blocked in that position, which is means that you automatically start hacking. The other thing is, you know the diaphragm is just a muscle like any other die for him and you can take a softball or kids kick ball and you can rule around in your knife ram and guess what? It is shocking but we see abject stiffness I mean look at the dancer posture right? And this is poor functioning this is overextended diaphragm doesn't you know and the dancers and the gymnasts are the best that this kind of die from out of control and breath but this is a system like any other system when we look at some of those breathing especially our horn players your neck inflates like a gecko thing you know and you get short here short and they're just muscular systems check out our peace and create life we also have a web site called mobility wad six, maybe six hundred free videos there about how to treat yourself. We've written a book called becoming a supple leopard we have pro content but starting and we've seen a lot we've talked a lot about the diaphragm it's, a hidden hidden gem of mobilizing and my life depend on breathing like everyone's but it was professionally right I was an olympic rower or horn player same I would absolutely be spending five minutes a night working just willing on the diaphragm and we do that for the tv we watch the other night last last less lovers left alive the vampire movie, right? We're like these vampires. Awesome. I can't tell how awesome they are, because this is so ugly as they roll on my friend and it's really simple to just get a softball and start working on that miraculous change. Onda problem is, we haven't gone like, you know, out of our sphere of influence. These problems have been solved for us already. Just because you're a creative, brilliant person, or sit for living or use your brain doesn't mean you we can't prove it. It's all that's, the huge takeaway for me and becoming from the view a couple of years ago that you can start today, have tom, you have to.

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