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Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress

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Christine Haynes

Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress

Christine Haynes

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1. Instructor & Class Overview

Lesson Info

Instructor & Class Overview

I'm christine haines welcome to my los angeles studio I started to so when I learned from my mom when I was around ten years old I came from a long line of sewers she was a really good sour still is good so I should say both my grandmothers were really brilliant seamstresses as well and I showed some interest when I was a little girl with my mom picked up on that and taught me how to so I really didn't do a whole lot with that until I was eighteen and I left the house I bought my first surgery er I started part time working in a fabric store it was pretty much done for from that point on I knew that sewing would be part of my life from that moment forward but I didn't anticipate that I would be doing this for a living and teaching people to love selling as much as I d'oh my selling career started when I decided to sell vintage inspired wrap skirts at the second renegade path fair in chicago many years ago that launched a small ready to wear collection that I sold in boutiques around th...

e world and that led to my first book deal for my book sheikhoun simple sewing which I have here this came out in two thousand nine it's a syriza patterns for beginners mostly dresses and skirts and some other items and that launched my love of p teen a friend of mine opened up a store and asked if I wanted to be her sewing teacher um and though I had never done it before, I said yes and learned along the way how to teach people from that point it made sense for me to continue to write and do so in patterns as well and now have my own line of patterns, which is what we're going to make my dress from today. This is the sylvie dress. Um, you might have seen the emory dress is super popular it's a classic fit and flare on another one of my dresses that's really popular is the marianne, which is a show if knit dress um I've also written a few other books that I have here my love of garment construction comes out in this reference book, which is the complete photo guide to clothing construction. I love reference books because they're timeless, so this book is full of all kinds of techniques also comes in german, which is pretty rad. I also have another reference book, how to speak fluent sewing, which is more like a dictionary style and another pattern based book, which is skirts and dresses for first time sours so throughout all of this I learned how to teach students as well as how to communicate what I have to say in a written form and I love working with my students because turning that light fall on for them and going from the desire to so to becoming full time sours such and insanely rewarding experience I hope that for some of you watching today that's going to be the same experience for you and the question always comes up like why should I even so in the first place there is plenty of garments out on the market to buy so why do we even so for me personally I love working with my hands I started out as an art major I knew that I would always be doing something creative with my hands and my love of art just comes out in my selling but not very few of my students are in that ilk that they came from an art background most of them are lawyers and business people and they're looking for a creative outlet in their everyday lives there's something incredibly rewarding about making clothing for yourself and freeing yourself up from the confines of buying something at the store whether that's because you don't want to support that industry or whether that's because it doesn't fit your body quite right which is the main thing for a lot of us making your own clothes you learn to love your body he learned to understand your body and I find that it's really liberating for mostly I teach women so I can say from a woman's perspective that they learned to appreciate their curves and what maybe was seen as an imperfection as something that they embrace and when ready to wear clothing doesn't fit you perfectly it's easy to just assume it's because you are body isn't right like, well, it doesn't fit because I have these curves here and they're not supposed to be there, but that's not true at all. The reality is that you just need to learn how to make something fit your awesome body and that you just want to free yourself from all of those stigmas that your body isn't right for all the stuff down at the mall, but we don't have to buy stuff at tomorrow, we're going to make our own clothes, so in this so long for the sylvie dress, we're going to learn a handful of things. Obviously we're going to learn how to actually make the dress this dress we're going tohave bias finding on the neckline and on the armholes we're going to have darts at the bust darts up the back and if you're doing, bubi will have darts in the pencil skirt. We're going to learn how to work with interfacing and lining for the waistband if you're going to make this view, which is view a will learn how to do hand gathering for the skirt and our patch pockets make sure that they're straight and symmetrical both views have, ah, hem, that we're going to top stitch. And, of course, close it all up in the back. We haven't invisible zipper. So all of those details we're going to cover in this class. We're also going to talk about my favorite tools. Howto work with all of those tools how to deal with a pdf pattern, which is a common way to receive your pattern these days. What the appropriate fabric is for this style of dress, and because this is my pattern, I know it inside and out, and I'm going to help you. So it with tremendous success.

Class Description

Add advanced techniques to your sewing skill-set without worrying about ruining fabric and wasting money in Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress with Christine Haynes.

Every purchase includes an easy-to-use, printable PDF version of the Sylvie Dress pattern.

Christine makes vintage-inspired patterns for the modern seamstress and in this class she’ll guide you step-by-step through the dressmaking process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make a variety of darts, the correct way
  • Incorporate an invisible zipper 
  • Line up a lot of intersecting seams
  • Create both views of the pattern

In this class, you’ll have the maker of the pattern talking you through best practices and offering expert tips on tailoring it to your preferences. You’ll also get insights on choosing the best size for your measurements.

Don't waste time working on something that won't ultimately look right, learn the best way to follow a pattern and make sophisticated dress in Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress with Christine Haynes.

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Christine Haynes - Sylvie Dress Instructions.pdf

Christine Haynes - Sylvie Dress Pattern.pdf

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Esther Gonzalez

Great lessons, very detailed and explained clearly. Patterns are easy to work with. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves sewing or is even new to sewing because it won't leave you confused

Maureen Nevers

I loved Christine's clear, pleasant style of instruction. Unfortunately I had to stop watching 1/2 way through - is there really a dog barking in the background through the whole video recording?! Even if I could tune it out (it was pretty faint mostly), my 2 cocker spaniels were not fooled! Perhaps I'll try to resume watching with headphones ... Wish that had been addressed at the time of recording or editing, though 😐

Chelvy Braggs