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Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress

Lesson 22 of 22

Modeling the Skirt

Christine Haynes

Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress

Christine Haynes

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Lesson Info

22. Modeling the Skirt

Lesson Info

Modeling the Skirt

Congratulations on making it all the way to the end. We are now complete with both of you a and bubi of the silvery address. I really encourage you to continue on if you made view, eh make you be next time and the other way around change of the fabric put piping in and mix it up and make it different each time depending on how you changed the fabric up and do a border print, you could make a whole bunch of them all unique for different occasions. Um I would love to see what you guys make with my patterns. It is the most rewarding part of my job as a pattern maker to see how you use the patterns so hashtag on instagram or on twitter is just silvia dress or you can also hash tag me just christine haynes or christine haynes patterns um if you're not on any of those social media spots, email me photos of your dress my website is just my name is christine haynes dot com and my blogging is city stitching dot com and I hope to find you on all of those spots huge things to creative live this c...

rew behind the cameras you're all awesome and also a huge things to cloud nine fabrics for supplying all this amazing fabric that I've been working with the entire class there's more behind me, the dress that I was wearing and the dress on the form. And then the other fabric that I was working with for view, be all supplied by the awesome company. Cloud nine it's, all organic cotton. So it's, super ego friendly, which was really awesome as well. So thank you again. So much for joining me, and we'll see you again.

Class Description

Add advanced techniques to your sewing skill-set without worrying about ruining fabric and wasting money in Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress with Christine Haynes.

Every purchase includes an easy-to-use, printable PDF version of the Sylvie Dress pattern.

Christine makes vintage-inspired patterns for the modern seamstress and in this class she’ll guide you step-by-step through the dressmaking process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make a variety of darts, the correct way
  • Incorporate an invisible zipper 
  • Line up a lot of intersecting seams
  • Create both views of the pattern

In this class, you’ll have the maker of the pattern talking you through best practices and offering expert tips on tailoring it to your preferences. You’ll also get insights on choosing the best size for your measurements.

Don't waste time working on something that won't ultimately look right, learn the best way to follow a pattern and make sophisticated dress in Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress with Christine Haynes.

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Christine Haynes - Sylvie Dress Instructions.pdf

Christine Haynes - Sylvie Dress Pattern.pdf

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Esther Gonzalez

Great lessons, very detailed and explained clearly. Patterns are easy to work with. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves sewing or is even new to sewing because it won't leave you confused

Maureen Nevers

I loved Christine's clear, pleasant style of instruction. Unfortunately I had to stop watching 1/2 way through - is there really a dog barking in the background through the whole video recording?! Even if I could tune it out (it was pretty faint mostly), my 2 cocker spaniels were not fooled! Perhaps I'll try to resume watching with headphones ... Wish that had been addressed at the time of recording or editing, though 😐

Chelvy Braggs