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Finding Images with Sensei

Lesson 1 from: Sharing, Publishing, and Archiving in Lightroom Desktop

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

1. Finding Images with Sensei

Lesson Info

Finding Images with Sensei

Once you're finished editing your images, they're going to rest here inside of light room desktop. As long as you keep them here, you can obviously get rid of them. If you like, you could delete images, but remember, when you delete an image, it's going to lead. Delete it from the cloud and delete it from all of your other devices. Because light room desktop is essentially a Web based system, so it's a really it's integral to an overall ecosystem. So when you're looking through your images, you are going to be, uh, you're going to keep adding images to this vast collection of images. And that's great because you can look at them from anywhere you happen to be and you can organize. And while you're on your IPad, you can be selecting images and putting them into albums. And then when you come back to your desktop, you can do further work on that same album, and you can add more images or you can take images out of that album, and you could do the same thing on your phone. So the ecosyste...

m is great for that because you can search anywhere you happen to be. And speaking of searching when you're searching your images after you've done all of your adjustments and you just want to start sharing those images, the first way you're going to do that is by searching and searching. Your images comes to several different ways. The first way is to search here through a Nalbandian, look in a specific albums, scan through and say, OK, this is a album full of portfolio work, but I can also go to an album that's specifically for a portrait session. So maybe I just want to look at the images from this portrait session, or I want to look at a set of images for my portfolio. This is a collection I've been making for a while, Um, and so I have all these images. But within this portfolio segment here, I want to search for specific things. And the great thing about all light room desktop light room on the IPad on the IPhone and on other Android mobile devices and even on the Web is that the search tools arm or than just searching keywords? They're not so in light room classic you actually had to enter in the keywords in order for you to find things. But here, inside of light room desktop, you have the ability to search visually for things. So, uh, what's happening is because all these images air in the cloud. Sen. SE, which is an intelligent learning system in the cloud, is looking in on those images, and it has intelligent artificial intelligence. And so it's learning its got machine learning. And it's got crowdsourcing happening to because people are interacting with its decisions. And so it's learning from us, and I can just search for things. For instance, Aiken search for a forest and hit Enter, and it's gonna show me places that it thinks has a forest. And none of these have a keyword of forest. They're just forests. So here's a forest here. Here's a forest here this, it thinks, is a forest. But maybe there's forests on the mountain, but I don't know, but it thinks there's a forest there. This is a forest of um, it's not a forest, it's a forest of cactus. But it thinks it's a forest. It looks like a forest that has snow. Here's some trees, so it thinks that's for us. But it it confined things that look like forests to it. I can also look for various like I could look for flowers and there we go. I've got three flowers, one is a cactus and the other tour flowers. But it's very easy for me to find things simply because send, say, is actually looking at these images visually and artificial intelligence is telling it what a flower looks like or what address looks like, or even what a girl looks like or what a hat looks like, and that makes it a lot easier to find your images. Now if we're looking for images and we want to share those images the best way that I found to do and I love doing this, I search for a given image, forests or whatever. The in fact, there was a today, there was an opportunity to post something that had a forest in it, and so I was like, Oh, I'll post a forest image to So I just had to search for Forest, and I found, like, five or six images that had forests in them. And so then I All I did is I just got the images so If I was doing that for Flowers, I would highlight all of these images here and simply go back up to my albums area here and just click Adhere to create an album. Or I could go over here and right click a folder and add an album inside that folder. And I'm gonna call that album Flowers to Share and then I'm in include the selected three photos and I'm gonna put it inside of this day for folder and hit Create. And now it's just created an album that has those three images in it. And then I can keep adding images to that whenever I like. Um, and the beauty of that is now it's also on my phone. So later on, when I want to share one of these flowers to Instagram, I can just pull up. That one album has the flowers that I've been searching for and just share whichever one strikes my fancy. And so that is the process of finding images inside Adobe Light Room Desktop. Because it's tied to send, say, it's very easy to find images. You also have the ability to filter those images up here in the top just click on this little funnel looking icon, and then you can choose Onley to show the you know five star images. Or you can choose to show one star and above and flagged images. And you could also say, I want them to be from a camera. Let's say I only want to see images from the the Panasonic camera. And so now I've got just the pan assign sonic images so that could be very helpful. Especially when you're looking at a lot of images and you remember something about the images you're looking for. All of these criteria will help you home that down.

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