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Clean Magazine

Lesson 1 from: Shooting a Quirky Magazine Editorial

Jeremy Cowart

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1. Clean Magazine


Lesson Info

Clean Magazine

I am not doing a shoot this morning I have a dear friend his name is johnny well have been hiding in the rocks then you haven't heard of it but otherwise he's a very well known author he's authored several books but yeah I've been hired by christianity today to do an editorial shoot of john and editorial shoots are always a little different because they only use the images once and so then you get to own the images that's the nice thing about shooting for magazine and that's how a lot of editorial photographers that shoes celebrities that's how they make money is that they shoot celebrities for the magazine and then after the embargo period in sixty eight and nineteen days those celebrity photographers get to own those images john is a dear friend we're in a mastermind group together mastermind group is just a a cool thing that's happening right now where you pick friends and different industries you get together and you each share your winds for the week where you in the purpose of sh...

aring a win is that you do acknowledge that something good is happening in your business for your life because it's easy to just focus on the negatives and so we get together we share wins for the week and then one person has the hot seat and the hot seat means that that person has an issue in their business or personal life that the rest of the group has to help solve and so there's five of us enter mastermind group john is in our is in our group and so he and I have I got to know each other really well over the last year and so it's really cool to get to work with him so he has a book that's about to come out a two time that we're filming this by the time you see this the book will have already been out you should definitely check it out it's called do over and john has such a natural funny really hysterical way of telling his story and really encouraging you so if you're at a point in your life for your needing and do over in your personal life or your career a definite recommend this book and if you've ever heard of ah marketing guy named seth godin seth cohen called john's new book the best career book ever written in the history of the world and seth cohen is like the guy that knows about this stuff so uh seth cohen even said he can't even think of a close second in terms of books being good so do over I think photography really is a do over for a lot of people because we want to go be creative we want to express ourselves when we want to work for ourselves and so even though john is in that world he's not on the photography world I think his book really would apply teo pretty much anyone watching this it's an honor to photograph him today and be a part of his journey and story. And so here we are about to get started. It isthe. Then we're done. It's a wrap. I love you guys. We're just having fun and fellowship ing. We're just, you know. Totally it's, like you just got a tweet. Uh, all right, you can. You can keep doing it. Nothing. My head. It is john dunne. No, huh, all right, so, yeah, let's, start with, uh, until so you're going to give me just direct profile that way. Yeah, you're home, but your old buddy, yeah, exactly. Get this one. And we're not not in your way. You know it's, a good question. Let me dio with them without on this form. Yeah. You're the boss, right? You're not. They get the last time again as a camera, a little more smirk. Flip the pencil, you said. Let me see that. So what, this shot, we're using multiple strobes. I'm doing a very clean advertising look that they used a lot already there side of his face. Wei have a hair light on top of his head that I'm missing a ring line. I'm using an ark to become the front, really a lot of strobes, and this one I don't usually use this many lights seem was shot that we really a very specific look. I was going for with the magazine, one that they sent me references, which kind of determined the direction I went see had two rooms on either side of his face, also a grid on the background. Teo kind of put that greedy in't behind his head, so, yeah, probably six strobes on this shot. Can you it's, really slowly, really slowly remove your pants, it's, one of my go to jokes just to make people left, especially with friends, because they know I'm kidding. Any music request today? Whose is it? Yeah, good. What? Hard name you ready? Okay, so I think I still have you ve zbyszko camp. John, do you want to use your phone to do the first? Periscope was funny to watch this and hans site, because the first time either of us had used the app periscope. And since then, we both really, really fall in love with it, and we both use it every day. And we had no idea what we're doing here, really what the app was. But now we're both utilizing in everyday life, living the way you know, no. So, yeah, let's. Just wing it. So it's on right now, who's up there in my space. Instagram si, u's filming. Yeah, periscope was going on it. It does it. Mere meerkat will live tweets wonder if that has. I don't see any tweets from mia saying it's like you could see that we're clueless about how it worked, which is really funny, but this is kind of the feature now where you're always doing social media on photo shoots. Everybody's, you know, brought gassing. You're tweeting while they're shooting so it's, just another added layer of what goes on photoshoot is trying teo promote market while you're shooting from here, like your twitter on its doesn't know this is happening, we'll figure that out. That's next up. Work. All right, take that. Give let's, go into the pen, the pen pinto, favorite super fancy stuff here, like you keep watching that. Can you keep watching the great in the background? I feel like I first met you like six months ago. You seem like a just excited to be here and how your way you're living the dream. Go and take out the pancake things you don't hear every day. Waffles. I wanted to start with basic shot with just the pencil it's, sometimes good, just to get warmed up with your subject before you do the weird creative stuff. So these world just basic portrait, these aren't requests, so we're gonna play games, turn back towards me, just pretend you're alone. Bathroom, mirror. You're gonna make a cz many facial expressions as you can charity. Wait, we should even time you gave me how many expressions in one minute, give or ready. This is actually really good idea don't know. I've never tried this before, but I want to do this more often, because it was a really good exercise to see the results. This was really fun, and I hope to do it again in the future. Yeah, yeah. I'm good like that lessens the last something that's. Good. Yeah. Let's begin. Yeah. You know. Look at us. We're prison now. We're cruising now meant that I was really starting, have fun and starting to really enjoy the results, and I knew that I was, well, I'm away. Come on. What else, anything. Trent that's, good let's, get a little round. I like it. I like it, that's pushing hard, yeah, that's, fishing hard. Um, I think, ok, real quick. Help me decide which ones you want. Made a print. Okay, so real quick. Go through. You can just use the arrows to navigate, and, uh, I need you to do this really quickly. You hit right to go in a collector and the ones you like, hit five. Just like quick, quick, this is sund's elected the client, do the this makes the decisions right there on the spot way. I know, I know when I had it, something your play with something that I've already chosen, something that they've already changed animation, for sure, they're gonna like what I'm using, because they went through the shoot themselves. It just gives them a little more security in knowing that they're in good hands. You can see that the great in the background is off on a lot of these pictures, which kind of is annoying because he really wanted dead center. But with him moving so much, it was almost impossible to keep it that center to get on with the lesson. That was kind of funny. Yeah, like big tongue, though, megan. I like that like the big wink. Funny, I don't know that one's. Funny, yeah, like hounds again, let's. Get going. Yeah, you get you some started here. Uh, r do you want to go and change way could do the crumpled up desk shot next, bought a paper. So the print is I probably need about ten minutes of print for crews on but we gotta move quickly because we only we only have two hours we're going to move very quick and and then do you like because we have a lot more to do but I'm very happy so far I just have to go print because now we're going to ball up all the prints on paper you know and play with that concept as well with the client requested I'm falling pretty specific direction today which is a good thing yeah santa go print on my fancy epps and seventy nine hundred it's a beast so yeah can't export all these images and then go set them up and see how quickly we can john are there any like specific ones he really loved out of these like I'm basically to pick one or two you want me to print navigate through here getting already it's sort of them by radio I like that one I think I look like a professional writer yeah look happy in that yes I think that one we'll print them both as our give me ten and I'll print real quick so this is me and photoshopped had teo prints and images of him but for us to kind of play with on the shooting ball up these photos and he's going to throw him and but it takes a while to print so and we had very little little time on the shoot only a couple hours, and so it'd be very good with time management a lot of time. That's, the hardest part of a photo shoot, is just managing your time well and staying staying on the clock. So instead of putting one at a time, I just went ahead and printed three so we could try different things. With each print put already interviewed him and the measure his face. I'm gonna, I think you're about to measure the width of a face to match the print. I wanted a print that was the same size is his face so it's, definitely not something you do on every photos you, but this is kind of front calipers. Get to you, all right, six, six and a quarter. Nlc. 00:14:09.72 --> 00:14:14. Don't there's, some literally measuring his face on 00:14:14.92 --> 00:14:19. the computer to match it to his actual face. Faith 00:14:19.47 --> 00:14:22. size, because I wanted, I'm gonna have him hold up 00:14:23.02 --> 00:14:26. his face next to his face, and they need to look like 00:14:26.69 --> 00:14:29. it's. Multiple needs to look like it's multiple jones. 00:14:30.12 --> 00:14:31. So that's, why I was doing this. 00:14:35.86 --> 00:14:39. We're measuring. Wow, it's almost 00:14:40.92 --> 00:14:45. tell my spot on terms of hell. Biggest faces, it's 00:14:45.08 --> 00:14:45. crazy! 00:14:48.22 --> 00:14:51. Six and three it's point three. So, like 00:14:52.92 --> 00:14:54. print, it says, is that, uh, 00:14:56.18 --> 00:14:57. can a spot on 00:14:58.37 --> 00:14:59. that was easy. 00:15:01.92 --> 00:15:03. Measuring johnny cuffs face 00:15:05.02 --> 00:15:07. all right a son should print this one 00:15:08.32 --> 00:15:11. hundred percent it's a part of today's concept in 00:15:11.67 --> 00:15:14. our direction from my client the client being the 00:15:14.83 --> 00:15:18. magazine not john john the subject the client asked 00:15:18.55 --> 00:15:19. for us tio 00:15:20.52 --> 00:15:23. print the photos of jon crumple them up and then he's 00:15:23.47 --> 00:15:25. going to do different things with them he's going 00:15:25.11 --> 00:15:28. to scribble on them like cross out his face first 00:15:28.61 --> 00:15:30. of all his books called do overs the whole concept 00:15:30.87 --> 00:15:33. is starting over and so yeah we're gonna put him up 00:15:33.9 --> 00:15:35. compliment up he's going to scribble on his face as 00:15:35.89 --> 00:15:38. if he's like crossing out you know that one I'm actually 00:15:38.77 --> 00:15:41. gonna have him draw a big x on his face 00:15:42.76 --> 00:15:45. and then this next shot I'm going to shoot my white 00:15:45.55 --> 00:15:48. board desk like over the reflection of the desk with 00:15:48.79 --> 00:15:51. this face right there and then I'm gonna have the 00:15:51.22 --> 00:15:54. crumpled up version of his face next to it on what 00:15:54.58 --> 00:15:58. should be pretty cool and then he's going to be throwing 00:15:58.31 --> 00:16:01. in juggling his face we're gonna try multiple things 00:16:01.73 --> 00:16:04. and then I'm printing another version it's like the 00:16:04.17 --> 00:16:05. actual size of his face 00:16:07.22 --> 00:16:10. so we will be able to play and have fun with that 00:16:10.15 --> 00:16:13. as well not to make an annoying plug but they have this absent here and be able to print on the spot is pretty sweet so so yeah we're off to the races and that way I'll have it it's only a three hour shoot. He has to leave at ten forty five. But this printing time, like I have no choice, I have to do this. So it's killing, probably fifteen minutes of our shoot. But this is the very specific direction from the client, and so, yeah, john's, just hanging out while I do this. Then I need to get the cutter us and cut these. Putting your face, yo, I think there's, a first time I've ever done that's where had to print on a shoot and used the prints in the shoot. But it was really fun. That's. Good, yeah, uh, awesome, right, john, I just showed your dad this photo. He is he's. Not that smart, he said, is that it is made well does, and a lot of that is true. Yeah, get the crumple this up and then and then we'll know that we're just pulling away where it shows your face. This is where we started having some fun, this's, whether she got very defensive, absolute crap. Knights want me to crumple it, son, you're still a will see it so on. Well, uncomfortable, whether we say we just go in, crumble it. Kenard is thick paper. A love of the do over, as the foxes know, clean, clean, corporate god doesn't cut it. Sure that you go the other way. Howard with fox and said, the deal over this is so much better room, you know, I got it that story, our friend's name, like brother name is kate kramer. Danger father. Her middle name is danger five. Well, so our family, that became our catchphrase, that we're gonna do something else, take all this stuff. What would gain your fox? Well, fox, and then we saw this. What? You were just a jerk. A thousand? Yes. Is that desk you just saw? There is amazing you cd because I condemn lower and raise it any time I want it's this house again, it really comes in handy on every shoot I do. So this whiteboard reflection was a good idea, but you'll see in a minute that I ended up kind of killing it's, so I'm using the whiteboard reflection, teo, get literally give a reflection, and so I'm going a little issue right across the surface of the white board and get the crumple up portrait next to his face might be that tall silver stools that he gets a nun because I wanted a face to be right, and we're using a yellow background because that's the cover of his book. So it was all very tying with everything he was doing with the book cover it's, just a bright yellow with blue. I hate that we ripped right across his forehead on my mantle. I have to read, you might have to do over that isn't metaphor. Likes to see if that prints done in there. And if it is, bring me the computer a lifetime. So is trying to use a reflection of that whiteboard desk. And, yeah, justin, end up working. We try to here for a few minutes, but I didn't end up loving it. Crumple it up. John, I'm doing your thing. And do you have a do over in your crumble because he because he tore your forehead halved area. So what did I walk in? The dresser in the mirror is literally just crashing to the floor, and john just john. Just true, you know how it originally cracked my daughter, my daughter and my daughter's head. But hold on. I had to crumple it in a way that they could still see his face, which wasn't easy. But, yes, I'm thinking about this case get some double sided, always way don't want to make him look. He looks like a troll. You look great, chuck. Yes, like it down. Why, john, you and I go and stand in. Oh, yeah, computer about that. Yeah, because I want your shoulders to be. Give me a tricky trickier than I thought. To get this in a way that his ones like crumble, you start to look really weird. Maybe your whole, maybe your hands over your face. In a way, what chose to leave this shot in the video? Because I think it's important for you to see the idea is a miscalculation, and y'all are the ideas that didn't lower me down. So this is one of those times were didn't didn't end up loving this result, but I still wanted to shame the attempt, not your hot photos on beer hot, too, john. No, actually, in a funny, sort of, sure. So, yeah, I think I want your hands on your on your her face and just start start crumbling in different ways, but make sure I'm not looking the back of the white, make sure I'm always looking at the actual print. Smile. I don't know what the expression is, whatever. Whatever do over expression looks like like you're yeah, I may need to restart totally right honors. Can you lift up, raise? You have everything. Okay. Look at the camera. But some of these. Now, just just hold on right of your face. A higher into the right, a little bit now did small increments back to the left, a little more in there four inches higher here, actually, let's, go ahead, just lower the desk award down, I think there, yeah, there is like killing the reflection idea. Things didn't work out the fox wester to so much better than the corporate guy. Yeah, that's me. But this is where the fun really starts with just the paper over the face, because it just looked so ridiculous. Now let mia, monsieur john actually no crumble it a few more times, like you're doing just down below you looking to me, they're smiling at the ass smirk. Make sure I see most of the front of the paper, not the back of the favor. You'll see conceptually that the whole idea of do over he's holding a new john over the old john so that's, kind of while we were doing that, do you want side? You turn the music back. Congo. Yeah, let's. Get the five morning gentlemen, alright, that's on my leg. What's on there like that. All right, so now, let me see it regret. I'm going to tear it right across here. So did you guys shoot all of you? Yes, pretty much. How many videos that end up in about eighty that's unbelief? You are so here I am, tearing around the face and tearing across his face, just trying to come up with ideas like spot, not really. Knowing what was going to work or not work. You just have to keep being creative on a shoot like this. And take the initial direction of the client. Gave you in picture and spend on there's gonna. That's crazy. All right, go and turn your face that way a little bit, just that's, crazy looking on. Push it out towards camera a little bit, little more, yeah, you're doing good. Now, go up a half an inch the photo, and then turned your head more to this way. Dude! That's wild. Now, bring it a little more towards camera. You know, this is when you start seeing the idea work for hire. It looked really, really well, and I had to have him moved that very, very tiny increments to make it look like it was really fun. Yeah, well, grandly. Now it should, ah, good try, try. This is this is my son, michael, a bunch of switzer. We'll crop into that anyway, you're good, and so liquefy us for what I don't look fat. Yeah, feel like I'm having a do over, all right, let's, let's, try. Try top half now. No, you tell me, yeah, all right, so go closer to your face with the with the print, and then turn your face more, more, more kika looking over. Now move the print to your left more, and, oh, gosh, crazy. Then I took picture, chin up a little bit. Now, push the print over to left a little more higher a little bit. Go on, shoot it back to the left, a little, right? I'm sorry, right back to the left. Move your face a little more to the left, down chin down a little bit and then move the print to the left a little bit. And a little print, a little higher. Lower little it's with the different. It's creeping me out, that's pretty weird. Now. Print to the left a little bit now laugh makes me weird, that's. Creepy. It's. Pretty creepy. Printing a little higher. This doesn't make me feel good a little lower. Yeah, I don't know. They use these were still fun, um, all right, that's. Good. So now, let's, where is the very last print? We didn't. The biggest one. Can you find, like the biggest marker you can think, I swore I shave today, do anymore powder on that look like the photo shoots for. He made that one over there, one of those computer hey, one of those gas. So what have you, what would you want to like, scribble like, do you ever see that portrait of tom, you work back in the day? It was genius, things I've ever seen. He was perfectly photoshopped, and he had. He had seen us there's an arrow saying fix bags in her eyes, you know, white whitened teeth. You know, here is all thom yorke's notes around this face and all the perfect photoshopped parking that's. Pretty great, but this needs to just be more. No, not whatever you want to see you cross out your eyes. He can do. Do you want me to write words or no, we can on another print, for sure. So on this one. Like, do I dropped a funny mustache? Yeah, begin like curly, like you need a bar mustache, right? Yeah, because that's, what would you do that? This was so fun just to start drawing on the prince it's, just so different. I don't get to do this every day. So I was really in my happy place printing and drawing and making art and trying weird, quirky portrait's that I've never done before. If I could do these types of shoots every day, be be amazing. May just became like the also line, like finished the mind. Look, you want me to cross now, let's, start with that. But I do think I will do this. This is my my hand photoshopped work here. It's, like our class. I'm gonna have him hold up a little cut out of his face over his face and playing. Basically. Magic the yeah. Can I answer that one? Yeah, absolutely. The gulf. The shot is magic. All right, you find anything else on there, like circles around my eyes, to get certain let's do that. Then we can add more. Go away. Hey, yeah, yeah, don't name or you demonstrated out of print, come out, comes out roles. And so I had to roll up the opposite direction to get laid flat. Pretty good. Reverse rolling the paper. Do this a lot were all. Trust something else. Go and shoot it, and then I'll come back and add more to it. So bring it back towards your face, him a little higher, a little lower, a little lower. It is fun, little to your left. Okay, it's, easy, it's. Done. All right, so add a little more. Actually do kind of like the message, like it's. Ah, both the corporate shirt and the fox, like you're like to me, it's. A. Stop taking yourself so seriously, you know, great. Life drink. Awesome. We have to frame this in our studio, just this soul, forever hanging. Back a little bit toward your face up. So if you can tell the goal, isto obviously make it really matches head shape and body shape towards cam. A little more heffernan's, little more. And I've been loved. How the paper tour with the white edges around the prince, then back to your face a little bit straight back. Going, uh, stand up quick. That'll fix your sweater issues. Take a stool that, yeah, yeah. I'm sorry, okay, so back to your face up in a half an inch. Keep going. There, back to your face a little bit. Okay, and then this last one. Yeah, it's. Pretty good. You see that? So so, um, you know, I won't want to be just like you. Just you just scribble your you're done, did dio doing x first and then under scribble over that? You want the extra go past my face, or just my face, like you want to exit here all the way. I think over the whole thing. You're just you're done with it. You're done with that guy kids. It's go thinker! That's. Perfect that's. Great! Yeah. You want the line thicker? No, I like that a lot. Okay. So real close to your face. That's. A really large print. So they've given more bizarre. Okay. Wells. How make a print of that, this one. So you could see that I was feeling that I didn't like the large print, and that ended up being the case. It just didn't work thing that large, cool. All right, so when something doesn't work, you really have to learn to just move on and not waste your time. Do you think I was still trying one more thing here? I was going to tear this one and tried again with large head, but it's still just it's. Too big, sorry, I'm messing up your face, bro, and say, see, you see there on the table, a scratch, and I went back to a smaller, a smaller version of the two matches, actually, its eyes there. Music goes awkward, a little to the left, now towards camera. More, we should out. Keep going. Keep going to the left a little. All right, then, scribble all over. Kill you. Just scratch that one out. Totally. All right, yeah, this guy super quick, almost done with this whole deal back here. Yes, we are, to the left to the right, dominance to the left, uh, out towards camera, a little more down a little bit. Now, let's, have a collection like right under bread and your face. Like it's, a deck of cards. And you're kind of kind of like eyes, looking over, although still laughing. The foxes are better than the old john. Now, like a big, big eyebrows. Okay, don't actually that's pretty money that is working. Yeah, I like that. I like that a lot. That's it. Maybe this is just that one time with just two this time, these guys are about same a few more. They got eyebrows again, the happy, every face, no, and the porch is a little lower things here, mouth, big smile again. They got big eyebrows again. The porch is a little lower. Yeah, my mom. Yeah, the bottom half of your face. No. All right. Here we go, john. After all those expressions again. Now, just but this time, uh, after you get that expression, just give me several different. Just play. Put him on either side of your face, you know, just higher, lower try. Yeah, yeah, like that. Put him, like, right next to your face, like real close. Yeah, yeah, there they are, that's, good that's, good smiling, looking to the side like that to your eyes. Now, crush us. That's. Good. Raise the right one a little bit. Yeah, crusher has again. One thousand okay. Good. Now, you're saying, start moving around again different. But this guy upside down on the ground like he's in hand side, I can see that my ideas are really flowing here and I'm giving a lot of direction that's when I knew, um, I'm really having a lot of fun because a lot of times when I get quiet and I'm not directing a lot that's when, uh, I can just tell that I'm not feeling it thank you had hired this is really fun, tow enhance light to see all the ideas happening so quickly. Awesome. So this I like this shot, but I think I would actually look who'll cooler if he's wearing the same shirt again. So he's crossed out that version of himself versus just have the option of the fox not being the do over, but just the yeah, I just want the same shirt it's think it'll look a little a little more uniform, little more inching, so we'll see you just gotta try and see if the options work and, uh, go from there, but I'm really happy these air fun bring the two closer are actually wider apart, let's for the middle one shows more paya yeah, yeah, good back here. So when each got peeking over his shoulder? Kind of, you know, forty five degrees. Too small, I guess. Just giving off here. Welcome, welcome, how's it going. Right, let me see your arms folded. Give me, like you have no idea. These guys are behind you. So you're trying to be really slick in corporate and, you know, yeah, very serious. Chin down a little bit. It's. Serious, john. Turn your shoulders this for this way a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, turn the house, the your left, get in towards camera more. There you go. I like calling him guys that guy raise the guy on the right a little bit. Yeah, what else could you do? That's even more trying really hard? No, yeah, yeah. Awesome. You'll see that we never changed. The lighting was pretty much the whole same lighting for the entire set up. But it was more about the conceptual ideas that we had. We had to get through awesome. All right, so I think we're ready, teo all kool aid. Yeah, paper first game. So staying here, so everybody ready, threw paper, and john, you already throws that valium. Fine, now's your chance. Just try not teo. Cut his eyes. No paper cuts on the eyeballs. What's that, um, I don't know yet to your question, it's. A lot of it's, a lot of gonna be a lot about just taking direction from client, putting your own spin on it, like I've I've taken their what they've done, but we've we've added a lot to it already, so I am ready to throw. So I'm going to say once was an idea that another I did the client gave me, they wanted at a paper balls being tossed around him, so he was what I had to get the crew involved and that's his mom behind. So his mom and family get the threw stuff at him, is one of that is that you have to try and multiple times to get the shot john closing is way had to try multiple times, the lights kept up. That was cool, that's, a refreshing okay. I have to get on you, can't you? Can't you keep your eyes open? I came to blue lights, kept up crazy, all right, already throw again. Like the blur on the paper and school? Do it. This is one of those where he could photoshopped the paper together if you wanted to take that time. But I want to. This is just a a smaller editorial shoot. I don't know, probably wasn't worth two time because there's, already so many other good photos that we got that I need, the client would have plenty to work with. But we least gave us a good, uh, kind of a good effort to get the shot way. Had a lot of fun doing that actually kind of works the super serious, like, smouldering. Do it, do it again. Area one, two, three. Throw. Yeah, that one covered his face completely. Get back from goodbye. Your eyes actually wait already again. Hee hee! All right, one, two, three throws the pro photo, be one lights. I was really surprised at how fast they're recycling. Time isn't help, how much they could keep up with what I was doing. They're really, really incredible lights, and I pretty much use them on every shoot, live good clouds as other get back, get back where was theirs to around? All right, totally, actually, that's a good idea. That'd be fun. Photos up one just above it. Just I guess, that kind of works where it isthe. All right, let's, just say one more for kicks. My balls ready. All right, one, two, three. Way to go. B one lights. Keeping up with that. Okay. There's one, I'm telling you. All right, guys, they think we're readyto cut cut through the wall so the seamless the client requested that we get a little instagram video of john tearing through the paper, so I'm going to shoot it while he, uh well, he tears terms so I have to, like at least give you a little sliver of a cut that you can then just, you know, do your thing now, uh, I'll shoot on rapid mood and we'll get a bunch of shots of you being mr cooley what is it, mr coolidge? Cool it, man no, good, perfect. This is pretty much a one take, so I'm going to shoot on rapid fire and hopefully hopefully capture it and then we're gonna film it with our iphones as well as well as you guys follow me. They went there specifically requested an instagram video of john busting through hey go nice work you offered not where maybe one more start coming out yeah, I do think it would be good let's do one where I just need a little cut and I want just your head through I'm gonna have just ahead. Yeah, I did just your head popping, but make the make it really small so they can canada's forces his neck through I don't want to be like you there thanks. Go for it. Let me go into you. You, uh, picking through their their fingers. It's, hilarious, don't even need this is doing anything. Yeah, it is. Okay, hold on, raise it real quick. Okay, that's. Good. You see that? Yeah. Okay, now you gotta start poking your head through there. The birth of john a cuff. No. Yeah, you and pop your head off. Now, take your finger that just send it up. Being the shot at the magazine used this was the opening spread of the johnny gosch particles. So this what you're looking at was the image they ended up using from this entire photo shoot. Look at the watch, the sandbags. Hurd's. Awesome. Um, now give me a real serious now, huh? Miss. Good dinner, but working hard. Thanks. I understand. Yeah, I'm fine. Good, yeah. There's. Another day in the life. All right, so I guess we're ready, tio. No, yeah, you don't think, please. Yeah, thank you. Do you ever feel like you're just, yeah, slide it up for the camera? You feel like one day. Try to put together like it's a sentence of two, and you stick it. Who's in it. Let's. Quit it's blurry. That's for you, john. It's true. Okay. All right, I guess we're now ready to tear through kong. Qiu li, come on, cool it, man. What am I like? I don't know what the face is, who's doing, the video, friends, a gram. I don't think we're even posting. I think we're just filming right now to try to go on like, yeah, perspective, yeah, like, maybe full body captain, no, I think I'm going to take this out so I can shoot full body, too. Is there a, uh, can I get a full apple box? Okay. That's. Good! So. Good. Here we go. This would be good to get the whole. His doubts out of the oh, gosh, I love that one. I'm going to get even water. Smile. Uh, look out the window. Like like you're picking through and even more of the other. Yeah, quick. A thousand. Love it's. Great. All right, man. Yeah. Slowly, they, uh, take one more. Yeah, not safer. Not super fast. Yeah, I think you're yeah, no. Tell me when. Yeah, are you ready? So we let, yeah, I guess we should leave a sandbag there. Can we put the take the orange one out and put maybe the black ones in the middle? David, see this guy up north? Yeah, it's crazy. You hear about that on earth. I had an assistant couldn't find sand bags. We made them, like, sewed them together. All right, man. Last last test. Okay, here we go. Sorry, I know you. Flip that one over on the shooting super wide. Here's. The sandbags were in the shot, and I didn't want to. White tag and orange sandbag to be out. Yep, try not to tear it higher than you try to, like, go lower and down. Yeah, all ready. One, two, three. Look. A camera smiling. Pretty quick, and should have even shut up faster. Maybe smiling. More. That's. Good. I like that. Sounds fun. And as you're looking down. Oh, that's a good one. I like that. You want. Yeah, still still bust through again. Yeah, who said more, yeah, we could do that, couldn't you? Well, just go in fake one more. Just here. Yeah, I like you stepping over and through it. Yeah, okay, one, two, three. That was on rapid part was hold on. I love the engine photoshopped that out right there. That actually looks good. No one looks like a natural. Yeah, it does. Door saturation. Yeah, again, I'll fix that. But otherwise, yeah, we're actually really like that. Another another yeah we'll do one more push the great oh yeah that'd be great yeah we'll roll it out and do that one more time that's our last show kind of a mite shoe I might try one last hail and make sure we got everything on their list you go you'll 00:54:22.372 --> 00:54:25. fix that okay let's roll it one more time and because 00:54:25.5 --> 00:54:28. I guarantee we'll be shooting a yellow seamless anytime 00:54:28.34 --> 00:54:28. soon again 00:54:30.74 --> 00:54:33. oh you know what I do want to do after this so I want 00:54:33.7 --> 00:54:35. to shoot a few with the colored led light 00:54:36.79 --> 00:54:39. thingamajig come closer 00:54:40.54 --> 00:54:44. even closer so this is the custom of wearing light 00:54:44.06 --> 00:54:47. ahead a million weakening and I had already achieved 00:54:47.8 --> 00:54:50. the client's vision at this point I've already getting 00:54:50.14 --> 00:54:53. the shots they liked that I wanted to get this for 00:54:53.31 --> 00:54:56. me to try and you just like I'm sure now and you'll 00:54:56.49 --> 00:54:59. start cycling just ended up being my personal favorite 00:54:59.92 --> 00:55:02. set up really really love you you just keep the way 00:55:02.74 --> 00:55:05. of this thing this light looked in the end 00:55:07.09 --> 00:55:10. I was make mixing the color led lights with a little 00:55:10.84 --> 00:55:13. bit of strobe and the results were just really really 00:55:13.83 --> 00:55:15. fascinating different 00:55:16.78 --> 00:55:20. I was able to get color never would be able to otherwise 00:55:20.95 --> 00:55:24. so a planet like yes I am a lot more on the features 00:55:24.23 --> 00:55:26. are just send it up really coming over the screening 00:55:26.72 --> 00:55:28. in really different really interesting 00:55:31.59 --> 00:55:34. well, how like these colors? So we're see there. I 00:55:34.37 --> 00:55:37. was, discovering it for the first time way, yeah, 00:55:37.71 --> 00:55:40. let's, keep going. The colors are cool. Yeah, there 00:55:41.07 --> 00:55:42. is. Actually, well, they're cool and warm, they go 00:55:42.92 --> 00:55:43. back in. 00:55:50.19 --> 00:55:50. For 00:55:54.16 --> 00:55:55. the sex, come on. 00:55:56.79 --> 00:55:59. This light isn't something you can buy, actually had 00:55:59.87 --> 00:56:03. it custom made and each one of those bulbs, or one 00:56:03.13 --> 00:56:06. hundred dollars. So this is a pretty expensive, custom 00:56:06.43 --> 00:56:08. made light. I mean twelve hundred dollars in light 00:56:08.65 --> 00:56:11. bulbs and then a few hundred dollars in labor. So 00:56:11.69 --> 00:56:14. it's, about a two thousand dollar light, but the results 00:56:14.18 --> 00:56:17. were pretty fascinating. Give me the clock again, 00:56:17.11 --> 00:56:20. but different expressions, not the mug shot serious, 00:56:20.15 --> 00:56:22. but the same angles, like start over there. 00:56:23.62 --> 00:56:23. Yeah, start over there. Again, you see, the colors are changing every time and that's, because the bulbs were changing constantly. So I was able to get different results with each image come even closer. Oh, yeah, that's, right? Gnarly! No, no! Doy, no do ever that forever. Eyes, colors, so wicked way kill, make sure gonna kill the strobe and see what happens this time. Don't move. Don't move this fast. I met a shallow depth of field, so, like everything move off, lucky focus and no something that went down at one point, two here and there was a very, very shallow depth of field, so I always tell my subjects, too, to stay still and don't move as quick that way. I'm ableto lock in, focus off and get the shot that I name wear trying this one last time just to make sure we get it. I'm glad we did that again, because that ended up being the second shot they used. That second round was much better than the first. Okay, I think we're ready, tio. Yeah, yeah, yeah, looking a man. Okay, one, two, three. Awesome. That was on rapid fire. That times, they get a lot of it. Huh? That's, better. You're looking at your works it's going thousand dig it wait did it I think we're good man to wrap dunsky well then all right so it's a wrap with my friend john a cuff uh we've done on one's photo shoot before but this one is much more specific the client wanted a bright yellow you know kind of pastel background they wanted a lot more conceptual stuff with a pencil and the idea when you get direction is to take the client's direction make sure you get the shots that they asked for specifically the client the magazine is christianity today they specifically asked that we film john busting through the yellow same list like he's the kool aid man but then go well beyond that direction try to put your own spin on things try to add a lot so that when they get back the chute it's not like you just specifically followed that exact direction you went over and beyond to try to put your own spin that's part of what we call personal style you know I tried to do my own thing but I also guarantee that they had what they needed so it's all about going that extra mile and I'm yeah john as you saw a za blast he's hilarious and uh it's fun to actually get paid to work with your friends cia when I'm when I'm working on set with and awesome crew and good friends assisting and friend as the subject, you can't get any better than that. So good day. The quick shoot is only about three or three hours, not even forty five in the morning yet, and were then but

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