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Shooting Leading Lines

Lesson 5 from: Shooting and Editing for Mobile Photography

Elise Swopes

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5. Shooting Leading Lines

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Lesson Info

Shooting Leading Lines

I'm noticing that this side of the alleyway is little more eye appealing as right now, what we can do is really use our grid tow line up all the buildings and that you'll tap all the way to the back. Bring that exposure down and I might even actually come in a little bit because I see there's like this cone here. And then there's also this red that's kind of in the way. So maybe I wanted a little more brown green and have maybe an object or something come from the background. And what you want to do is also my tip and trick for capturing the greatest detail of a photo is actually tapping the lightest part of the image. So whatever is just like the whitest I'll probably tap on that. Probably shoot that first, maybe bring the exposure down a little bit and shoot a little more. I might even try to shoot a little bit instead of shooting in the puddle that we were in. Maybe I'll shoot a little more higher up just so we have more options. I want to bring that exposure down again to bring tha...

t bring out the background. This is also another tip. You get low and lift your phone up a little bit. It will give you bit more length in your shot so that we've got the truck in the biker. They're as our subject. Yes, who played in this alley? And I think we had a bit of fun. I just walked up on the spot. I'm super inspired by it. What I first did is instead of seeing, you know, how's it gonna work? I actually picked up my phone and just kind of looked at it through my actual screen to see how it's gonna work. A few things that I really like about it. I love the leading lines of the wall here as well as coming from that way in the leading lines of the train tracks, which is really cool. Um, I also like the graffiti that's coming down, but my favorite thing about all of this is the buildings that are coming up from behind. And today we've got a really nice white sky which is super easy for me to kind of replace the sky, put something different and more exciting in the shot, but also what I did want to talk about a little bit. Is the concept oven add being in your shot and later on, I'll definitely show you how to take ads out of a shot out of edited out. Really simple with the top of your finger. So I'm just gonna line up this shot. Like I said, the best thing that we have is the grid on our camera, and it always makes it really easy for us to line up the shot. So I'm gonna go ahead in line up the shot nicely with my grid capture of couple photos. And I love to also make sure that I tapped the lightest part of the image and maybe bring down the exposure. It's a little bit and I'm good to go.

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Kate Crossley

Found it very interesting how Elise translated Photshop style art composition onto her mobile and how she scouted for images. It would have been good to have had a list of the apps she uses in the class information page. I had to go to her website to find them. I appreciate she mentioned them in her tutorial but a list would have been helpful too. Having been doing composite work on my iphone recently it was great to see another artist at work and their approach. All in all, very enjoyable class.

Jennifer Pinter

I think the class could have been longer with more detail about the editing. I am glad I purchased the class and can go back to watch again because she goes through the editing process very fast. Overall some good tips about shooting with your phone and worth $25 to me.

Ken Hattie

I cannot attest to the course content as I tuned out after and left after the 10the use of the irritatingly over-used word, by videomakers, "super". By god, get a thesaurus, people.

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