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Show Up Like a Boss: 10 Days To Big Confidence

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Balanced Leadership Day

Beate Chelette

Show Up Like a Boss: 10 Days To Big Confidence

Beate Chelette

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9. Balanced Leadership Day

Lesson Info

Balanced Leadership Day

Hello and welcome back. Today is balanced leadership day. I want you to take a look at the slide here for a moment and look at all these different people. So each one of these people has something to bring to the table that is uniquely theirs. You have heard me talk about super skills before, and that's what we're looking for in balanced leadership. We're looking for in what each off the people that were connecting with on a daily level can bring to the table for us or for the project or for the team instead of running around and judging or finding things that are wrong with them. Let's look for the really good stuff because it's important to understand who people are in their essence and where they are actually coming from. I call this the power off human connection and the power of human connection starts with empathy and compassion. There is, and I can guarantee t this always another side to the story. We have a tendency is people to have our opinion, and then we look for the facts ...

that support our position. What about if there was a completely different position about this that you know we may not agree with. But that is equally valid two hours so it doesn't take away from your idea or who you are or you're leadership abilities or you as a person when you allow other people to contribute what they can contribute. Even though we disagree, it's imperative in feeling confident about yourself is to understand why you feel the way you feel and how why they feel the way they feel. So you want to learn the story off the other side because instead off making you look like you don't know what you're talking about. It actually gives you the arguments of the other side that you probably can use to mount your case, because then you can say things like, Well, I understand where you're coming from. However, here is my argument, or here are my points on why I believe that my position still is the correct position. And when we do that, we allow people to have this sense off belonging, because here's sort of an interesting fact that has to do with employee engagement right when you work at an organization or when you are business. Lee don't you have people working for you. You want them to be as passionate about the project as you are. And your company wants you to be really passionate about the project. But if they don't see who you are and how brilliant your and all the things that you're bringing to the table, why would you ever give everything you have? Why would you give 100% to them? So the point here is to give every person the opportunity to shine and demonstrate who they really are, no matter how outlandish you're crazy. This because it has somewhere a spot somewhere, a valid opinion without any judgment and just knowing about it not necessarily agreeing, but knowing that this is important because somewhere in your clientele or the people were buying a product or your company's product, there's probably a lot of people that think like that, too. That's why that really really matters. And today, today I'm gonna push you really out of your comfort zone because I'm gonna ask you to connect with someone that you normally would not connect with, and I'm gonna take it even a step further. I'm gonna ask you to actively find one person at work who you do not normally connect with, who you do not know. How about you don't even like them or you have had this, you know, instant dislike off that person and get to know him or her. I know that's a tall order, but the reason I want you to do this is because you don't need to Nome or off what you already know. But you need a lot more of all the stuff that you don't know. But you don't know what you don't know because you're not going out and learning new things from people that you don't have that instant connection with, because people we have often instant connections with our people that are very much like us. So how would you learn the other side unless you actually learn the other side doesn't make sense to you. All right, so let's do this. Let's go to page 11 in the workbook and figure out you know, some somebody on the team or on the floor, or or or wherever in the company who you may not like or you have reservations or people are saying things about and you don't really know this person and haven't really wanted to get to know them. But now you're gonna make this conscious effort off actually learning about this person because balanced leadership is not about constantly supporting what we believe. But it is about adding all these different elements to our knowledge base so that we can really step into that balance leadership. And guess what that does That gives you the confidence to say I can handle anybody in my team. I can get along with any type of person. And that's what's building confidence. Do this now and I see you again for the next lesson. Thank you.

Class Description

It's common for people, particularly introverts, to feel like they aren't being fully seen or heard at work. They might even experience being bullied, made fun of or singled out to do the most demeaning office chores.

If you want to be taken more seriously at work, increase your confidence and feel better about yourself, this course is for you. We'll take a methodical, business approach to confidence building, helping you develop that skillset in a simple, straightforward, implementable way.

This 10-day boot camp is led by Beate Chelette, a respected entrepreneur, consultant, author and teacher. It will provide you with a concrete, confidence-building exercise each day so that by the end, you'll feel more empowered and able to take charge of your destiny at work.

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Build strategic relationships with those who can help advance your career.
  • Improve your visibility throughout your organization by connecting with people outside your department.
  • Showcase your natural superskills.
  • Collaborate and support your team members.
  • Listen to others to gain deeper insights into their needs.
  • Be diplomatic through your communications.
  • Get involved in socially responsible volunteer projects to build connections with likeminded people.

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