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Show Up Like a Boss: 10 Days To Big Confidence

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Communication Day

Beate Chelette

Show Up Like a Boss: 10 Days To Big Confidence

Beate Chelette

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Lesson Info

7. Communication Day

Lesson Info

Communication Day

welcome to Communication Day, so let's just get the tough stuff out of the way here. Communication Day isn't about you being the jukebox, handing out cents, hoping that somebody says a key word that then goes into your jukebox. And then you get to tell the same old story again. That's not communication, but communication, rather, is a deeper engagement with other people really having a two way communication, not seeking an opportunity to just talk. So what do you need for that? While the number one thing you need for that is active listening, that is an important ingredient to communication because sometimes we have a tendency to fill in the blanks. Sometimes we wonder, What is this person really saying? And we don't dare to ask very fine questions. So this is what this is about. Active listening Is your job to make sure extra extra extra sure that you actually understand what is being said by the other person now, but one be open and curious about who it is that you're talking to and...

what it is that they actually saying. Number two ask lots of questions. Sometimes we're a little concerned about you know, asking questions because we feel it makes us look stupid if we ask these questions. But when you ask questions in a way, that's a well, let me just let me just make sure I understand this correctly. So what you're saying ISS Because that gives a signal to the other person that you actually paying attention to what they're saying to you, and it makes them feel very important, which is in communication on Lee the key. Because have you ever been in a meeting? And people are talking and you know, the guys not even listening or they're like on their phone or their like, typing away in their computer and they're going, Yeah, yeah, yeah, and you go like I've made it my as well. He saved myself the time because they're not paying any attention to you. And then it is about listening and learning. Some of the information that I have used in many off my businesses is by really listening and learning what other people have said, especially people from other departments or people from outside the industry and what that does. It gives me examples to use in a communication that they haven't heard and that there really interesting interested in. And today our lesson is I want you basically to be the vice president off listening. So here's your task. You get toe only ask questions for an entire day. You do not get to talk about yourself at all, except when somebody asks you a direct question and then you answer it as short as possible and you bring it back to the person that you're talking to. And this will really help you in getting sort of into this habit to just diving deeper into what other people are saying and really understanding and hearing them precisely. That's what it's about, you know, giving them that feeling off importance. So today I want you to go to Page number nine in the workbook and write down a couple off questions that you could ask and let me just give you some examples. So one could be, you know, standard questions like what made you take this job? Or what do you like about your company? Or who are the people that you like working with the most? And why is that? Who are your favorite departments and just go and see that you can go a little bit deeper instead of just the standard surface questions and understanding the person, not just them in their job, but getting to know that person. So you can really communicate with a person who has wishes and feelings and thoughts and desires, and then when you complete it, you come back for the next lesson, and I know it's a hard one. But again, it's questions all day long and you do not get to talk about yourself.

Class Description

It's common for people, particularly introverts, to feel like they aren't being fully seen or heard at work. They might even experience being bullied, made fun of or singled out to do the most demeaning office chores.

If you want to be taken more seriously at work, increase your confidence and feel better about yourself, this course is for you. We'll take a methodical, business approach to confidence building, helping you develop that skillset in a simple, straightforward, implementable way.

This 10-day boot camp is led by Beate Chelette, a respected entrepreneur, consultant, author and teacher. It will provide you with a concrete, confidence-building exercise each day so that by the end, you'll feel more empowered and able to take charge of your destiny at work.

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Build strategic relationships with those who can help advance your career.
  • Improve your visibility throughout your organization by connecting with people outside your department.
  • Showcase your natural superskills.
  • Collaborate and support your team members.
  • Listen to others to gain deeper insights into their needs.
  • Be diplomatic through your communications.
  • Get involved in socially responsible volunteer projects to build connections with likeminded people.

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