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Simple Himmeli Mobiles


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Styling Options

So now that we've completed our first family mobile, I want to talk to you about a couple of quick styling options you could style these families for a variety of uses most commonly in the format that we've been building them with these simple, elegant straws they look great is home interior decor when you're looking at the piece that we built the shortest, you could probably go from the top of the hanging structure to the base of one of the suspended diamonds it's probably about a foot foot and a half so you've got some leeway as far as the scale you created for I could see doing a really short space. I'm sorry a really short mobile for perhaps a smaller space where you don't have high ceilings, but you still want the decorative element they obviously can be created as long as you'd like just continuing to build down on the elements. If you wanted to extend these portions out a little bit further to give it a little bit more with what you might want to consider is using some of the lo...

nger straws that we discussed, we went with the smaller size of the straws that are a little bit more than five inches, but we do have them available and straws that are a little bit more than seven inches on dh that would give you a little bit of a larger scale I do like it with the tassels on the base obviously you could leave it without them you might also want to consider adding pom poms to the base and if you want to learn how to make pom poms, you'll want to check out my pie aki chandelier class also here on creative live now color palette is limited only by the color of straws that you're able to find on as I mentioned. Neon straws are very common you can also find them in white's red, red and white striped which could be fun for the holidays and black and I actually really like the black for creating a him early that is going to be hung in perhaps a living room or a little bit more of a sarker spare space you can see have created it here in black and I really love how it turned out for these I did use the larger, more than seven inch long straws so it's a much larger structure. I also left it free of any ornamentation because I think if this scale and in this color palette it's really lovely in it sort of nordic simplicity it would however I think look kind of great if perhaps we did tassels or pom poms off the base perhaps in a natural like a jew twine or a toke colored yarn to get that nice contrast between graphic black and a warmer tone the mobile behind me, which I know is a little bit hard to see hanging in my space, this is one where I just employed all four of the neon colors that came in the straw package. This is a lot more fun in festive, and I could totally see a few of these done as decor for a party or even as a children's playroom, and since we're on the topic of party, I wanted to show you one other formation that you could use for your doctor, he drones, and that is just stringing them end to end, to create a garland thiss came together honestly, pretty quickly. It was something that I did while just sitting and watching, uh, movie and you could make them in any length they're incredibly lightweight, so they're really simple toe hang up in a space you could just loop it over the edges of the window, frame a door frame I know they've got command hooks that won't do any damage to your ceiling that would be perfect for holding these up, but there's a lot of room, I think, for creativity in this project, as far as your color palette, your scale in the configuration, the manner in which you mix and match your geometric elements to create a himal ee mobile that's uniquely your own. So I hope you'll tackle this project again. Be kind to yourself on your first one, it's a new project. You want to allow yourself to mess up and learn, considered a first draft and move on to your second one. And the more you create, the better you'll get.

Class Description

Himmeli mobiles are fashionable, versatile, and surprisingly easy to make! Learn how to assemble these on-trend accent pieces in Simple Himmeli Mobiles with Robert Mahar.

Robert Mahar is an arts and crafts professional who breaks imaginative do-it-yourself projects into easy-to-follow steps. In this class you’ll learn how to: 

  • Build the basic cube form
  • Fashion variations on the cube form
  • Construct the hanging structure
  • Assemble the mobile elements
  • Create ornamental embellishments 

Robert will share this history behind the himmeli mobile and offer tips on the variety of materials you can use to assemble one. 

Learn how to make a traditional mobiles that can be styled into elegant focal points in Simple Himmeli Mobiles with Robert Mahar.



I'm not a crafter but watched this out of curiosity and did not even know what a Himmell mobile was. I have to say I've become a Robert Mahar fan. He explains some of the history behind the Himmell mobiles and makes things simple yet goes into details and gives tips that make for a very neat and lovely and fun art piece. Love the idea of making one of these to hang plants! I will keep an eye out for more of Robert Mahar classes as I love his instruction.