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What Is This Course About?

00:00:02.27 --> 00:00:04. So of course I'm bridget lions and I've been doing 00:00:04.86 --> 00:00:08. public relations outreach for the last thirteen years 00:00:08.23 --> 00:00:11. and this pitch yourself is where my company really 00:00:11.67 --> 00:00:14. specializes in helping people shine because this is 00:00:14.55 --> 00:00:18. really about coming out there and strongly representing 00:00:18.62 --> 00:00:22. your expertise you know what air you're anything from 00:00:22.01 --> 00:00:25. your opinions your methodology to your ideas to your 00:00:25.88 --> 00:00:28. insights that's what we're really going to be talking 00:00:28.18 --> 00:00:30. about here what are the ways that you can personally 00:00:30.51 --> 00:00:33. shine and put your best foot forward out in the media 00:00:33.74 --> 00:00:35. before we go in the content I love to talk to the 00:00:35.72 --> 00:00:38. people who are here in the room and just hear what 00:00:38.07 --> 00:00:41. your experience has been ifyo...

u've ever pitched yourself 00:00:41.52 --> 00:00:44. whether it's to a block or two traditional media outlet 00:00:44.4 --> 00:00:46. and really quickly like what what you'd like tio walk 00:00:46.78 --> 00:00:48. away with in learning and pr 00:00:50.67 --> 00:00:53. so my name is jess lane and I'm interior architecture 00:00:53.61 --> 00:00:56. er I'm specializing in design build remodeling and 00:00:56.55 --> 00:00:59. I've I know nothing about pr I've never pitched anything 00:01:00.0 --> 00:01:03. so awesome well could she ready to pitch yourself? 00:01:03.92 --> 00:01:06. I'm rachel schaffer I'm an illustrator and pattern 00:01:06.21 --> 00:01:10. designer and I have pitched myself too different companies 00:01:10.14 --> 00:01:13. for licensing and I would just like to hone my, uh 00:01:14.27 --> 00:01:19. home my stuff very cool I'm jen vasquez with jen vasquez 00:01:19.0 --> 00:01:22. photography and I've never pitched myself to a media 00:01:22.61 --> 00:01:25. outlet or a blogged but I'd like to so that's why 00:01:25.07 --> 00:01:28. I'm here awesome um antonay from the counter burger 00:01:28.85 --> 00:01:31. um I haven't had to pitch anything just yet but we're 00:01:31.82 --> 00:01:34. doing a grand opening next month so I'm looking to 00:01:34.28 --> 00:01:37. do that fabulous great we'll give you a lot of techniques 00:01:37.6 --> 00:01:39. that you can use in the next couple of weeks 00:01:40.84 --> 00:01:43. I'm melissa did woody my business is living a creative 00:01:43.38 --> 00:01:46. life I'm an artist and creativity instigator on a 00:01:46.1 --> 00:01:48. mission to empower people to feed their creative hungers 00:01:48.61 --> 00:01:52. and I have pitched myself two bloggers for guest posts 00:01:52.46 --> 00:01:56. okay cool I'm kidney staley of the artist j d and 00:01:56.14 --> 00:01:58. I am on a mission to teach creatives that the law 00:01:58.58 --> 00:02:01. doesn't have to equal scary and I've done some guest 00:02:01.29 --> 00:02:03. posting and pitched myself that way great I think 00:02:03.97 --> 00:02:06. we have similar missions hears about law lines about 00:02:06.19 --> 00:02:09. pr about empowering people in a new way that's great 00:02:10.4 --> 00:02:13. I'm tiffani with tiffany and studios and I'm a jewelry 00:02:13.15 --> 00:02:16. designer metal smith but I also think pitching myself 00:02:16.67 --> 00:02:19. to do maybe some guests post would be beneficial so 00:02:19.26 --> 00:02:22. it's interesting in this ground this well great I'm 00:02:22.3 --> 00:02:24. tosh wang and I have a company called posttraumatic 00:02:24.87 --> 00:02:27. where you can make instagram you could put your instagram 00:02:27.19 --> 00:02:30. images onto coasters and um I'm really interested 00:02:30.06 --> 00:02:32. in finding ways that I can pitch myself as an entrepreneur 00:02:32.86 --> 00:02:35. kind of in this tech room and finding ways to guess 00:02:35.23 --> 00:02:38. guess block around that great my name is bridget terrio 00:02:38.91 --> 00:02:43. and I'm a personal chef and a meal planner and I haven't 00:02:43.7 --> 00:02:47. really pitched myself but I've been working on creating 00:02:47.45 --> 00:02:51. relationships with specific journalists that's fabulous 00:02:51.22 --> 00:02:53. that's great who have you been working on? I'm 00:02:54.92 --> 00:02:59. people from where I'm living right now just the local 00:02:59.01 --> 00:03:02. paper perfect awesome well we have a great cross section 00:03:02.91 --> 00:03:05. of the different kinds of people in this room who 00:03:05.05 --> 00:03:07. will be pitching themselves and working with this 00:03:07.53 --> 00:03:10. program everybody with physical locations you know 00:03:10.71 --> 00:03:13. you could be pitching your location as the solution 00:03:13.35 --> 00:03:15. to people's problems or something unique that you 00:03:15.47 --> 00:03:17. have if you have a product you know there's also an 00:03:17.98 --> 00:03:19. expertise that you're able to come out there and of 00:03:19.96 --> 00:03:22. course if if you have any sort of mission you know, 00:03:22.76 --> 00:03:25. few a personal mission or message you really want 00:03:25.12 --> 00:03:27. to get in the world that's what we're really honing 00:03:27.77 --> 00:03:30. and on and that's what I'm doing another thing that's 00:03:30.08 --> 00:03:32. kind of exciting to me is that a lot of people don't 00:03:32.32 --> 00:03:35. have a lot of experience already and that's another 00:03:35.05 --> 00:03:37. area where I love to work with people because you 00:03:37.33 --> 00:03:40. don't have to hire a publicist to get public relations 00:03:40.42 --> 00:03:43. and you also don't have to spend a lot of money so 00:03:43.35 --> 00:03:45. what you know I've worked with a lot of major media 00:03:45.96 --> 00:03:50. everything from cnn to bloomberg to fox news but what 00:03:50.15 --> 00:03:52. really lights me up are working with people who are 00:03:52.85 --> 00:03:55. creative entrepreneurs who are going out there and 00:03:55.01 --> 00:03:58. getting their own press so here you can see a couple 00:03:58.4 --> 00:04:01. of different you know representations you know we 00:04:01.42 --> 00:04:03. worked with michele you are who works with people 00:04:03.52 --> 00:04:06. on speeches and she pitched herself too fast company 00:04:06.58 --> 00:04:09. and was in fast company with a thought leadership 00:04:09.74 --> 00:04:13. piece we have mind baggy green so meghan group who 00:04:13.84 --> 00:04:16. was working with actually me and terry gentilly who 00:04:16.6 --> 00:04:19. you're gonna be hearing from a little bit later in 00:04:19.18 --> 00:04:21. the second lesson all she talks about how she pitches 00:04:21.87 --> 00:04:25. herself and creates ideas so megan had just sort of 00:04:25.26 --> 00:04:27. blogging and within a month of blogging was on mind 00:04:27.69 --> 00:04:30. body green so you know you don't have to have a lot 00:04:30.98 --> 00:04:33. of experience even creating your own content before 00:04:33.48 --> 00:04:35. you go out there and do this and the last person I 00:04:35.79 --> 00:04:38. wanted to share with you is dr samantha brody I know 00:04:38.31 --> 00:04:41. it's a little cut off but she was using help a reporter 00:04:41.51 --> 00:04:44. out to get great press which is something that will 00:04:44.04 --> 00:04:46. be talking about in the second segment how you use 00:04:46.84 --> 00:04:49. different tools and different kinds of contributions 00:04:49.03 --> 00:04:52. you can use to pitch yourself so this is really what 00:04:52.19 --> 00:04:54. we're focusing on what are the things that you can 00:04:54.38 --> 00:04:57. do what air this simple techniques you can do to get 00:04:57.64 --> 00:05:00. your ideas to get your story to get your message is 00:05:00.29 --> 00:05:03. out there in the press and move people so before we 00:05:03.66 --> 00:05:05. get into that I just want to give you a very quick 00:05:05.51 --> 00:05:07. overview of what public relations is and what it's 00:05:07.91 --> 00:05:11. good for and I love this quote here advertising is 00:05:11.1 --> 00:05:14. saying you're good public relations is getting somebody 00:05:14.32 --> 00:05:17. else to say you're good and that's the essence of 00:05:17.31 --> 00:05:21. why people dio pr in what makes pr so effective so 00:05:21.54 --> 00:05:24. pr is helping you get in front of you know influencers 00:05:24.76 --> 00:05:27. like it influencers to recommend you to the people 00:05:27.79 --> 00:05:30. that you're trying to reach for most of that's customers 00:05:30.74 --> 00:05:33. but sometimes it's also people like you know people 00:05:33.61 --> 00:05:35. who might license our products it could be people 00:05:35.52 --> 00:05:37. who can hire you to speak on a bigger stage it could 00:05:37.84 --> 00:05:40. be book publishers there's so many different people 00:05:40.32 --> 00:05:43. that you can use to influence through public relations 00:05:43.61 --> 00:05:46. and public relations is all about that earned media 00:05:46.69 --> 00:05:48. unlike advertising's this is media that you can go 00:05:48.88 --> 00:05:51. out there and earn and get for yourself and you don't 00:05:51.29 --> 00:05:52. pay for it you don't spend any money on it 00:05:53.96 --> 00:05:55. then in mind you know what are the things that public 00:05:55.6 --> 00:05:57. relations can actually do for somebody who's trying 00:05:57.94 --> 00:06:00. to build their personal brand or put their message 00:06:00.05 --> 00:06:03. out there so one of the main things people use p r 00:06:03.46 --> 00:06:06. for his reputation building right you want to build your reputation you want to be known as an expert on something or you want people to know what you stand for that's one of the biggest things that people use proper relations for the other thing is getting your message a larger platform so there's a lot of um press going out about you know how viewership numbers are dwindling for tv and for magazines but there's a lot of studies that show that more than the majority of american households still to tune into their nightly news stations so those people watching the station's millions of viewers are tuning in the morning shows millions of people are picking up magazines and so you just are able to amplify your message on a much larger larger pact form when you're pitching herself and then the last thing is of course bringing in traffic bringing on referrals and bringing in clients so one of my favorite things about telling people what pr khun dio is the story I have about my hairdresser back in chicago and he's not the one who's done my hair now I'm not in chicago anymore but when I moved into chicago I was looking for somebody you know to go get my hair done with I've been like at college so I was in my early twenties moving into the city and I moved into this neighborhood and I didn't know where to get my hair done and I'm kind of vain about my hair right so it was pretty important to me to find somebody good so I don't know where to go and I didn't have anybody to make a referral so one day I was flipping through an allure magazine and there was actually a segment about up and coming hairdressers in different cities and there was this guy rob reyes who was listed in chicago and he happened to be in my neighborhood was a ten minute walk away for where I lived so I read about him in allure magazine I went into those salon I got my hair done I loved him I was with him for seven years the whole time was in chicago I followed him to three different salons so he brought me in but also when I was there there was this really cool thing happen that he got featured invoke he got a feature and vogue magazine and this guy was like so good s o he was featured in vogue magazine and you know what happened when I found that when I found that coverage I bragged about right I told all of my friends like any time somebody has said like oh bridget I like your hair like yeah you know mike I rob he was in vogue magazine you want to go see him I heard like three different people to him and that is the power of public relations people can discover you but it also it gives people something to get really excited about and a reason to talk about you and it can spur a lot of word of mouth marketing too so those were some of the great benefits that you can have you can have that you know, rob effects that he had to find some loyal fans but also give them a reason to talk about you and your ideas so together what we're going to do now is put together your pr platform and look at the best ways that you can break into the media with your ideas so there's a huge landscape of different ways you can do public relations and we're going to hone in on the most simple and effective methods you can use to pit yourself we're goingto go over your unique positioning on the market so how do you find that how do you find your voice so that you can see the media how do you create your irresistible story angles that you can sell to the media how do you dissect that different elements of perfect pitch so we're going to do some pitch practicing here on the fly we're going to look at different options for sharing your message so we're gonna look at four different ways that I recommend people get started when they get started with pitching for their personal brand or pitching their ideas and then finally we're going to develop your personal plan for creating momentum in the media so you can carry this plan forward what I recommend to you as we go through this program is take these pieces step by step so take it lessened by lesson you know go through a lesson and do the action I did the end maybe sleep on it after you've done it kind of let it sink in because public relations is really a creative discipline and so like every creative discipline when you start doing it thes tools and techniques might feel foreign or uncomfortable or tough but the longer you spend with them in practice and hone your craft the more second nature they'll become so you want to work at it consistently you know it's like if you were to go take a painting class you wanna work at your painting pretty consistently but you don't want to force it and struggle it and try to make it come all at once so if you're getting to a point where you're working on your messaging or your story angles and you get a little stuck, take a break or pick up some different magazines and take some inspiration and have some fun with it give yourself some time to play so we're going to go right into this first segment which is developing your personal platform so our first lessons are really going to be focused on the foundation of your p r program you're uncovering your positioning, massaging your message right? So how do you turn your message what you want to say into unique media angles? Um getting ready with cover ready headlines that sell your ideas were going to write your expert by what we're going to draft an email pitch so we have a lot to cover in this first segment.

Class Description

Building a presence as a thought leader and influencer is a powerful way to attract clients. An appearance in publications and programs your target demographic likes and trusts is an ideal way to build your audience and genuinely connect.

In Simple PR: Pitch Yourself, veteran PR expert Brigitte Lyons will help you develop a framework for establishing expert authority and getting covered by the press. You’ll get insights on developing your voice and “expert” bio and how to tie those efforts back to your business. Brigite will detail the range of opportunities available – podcasts, webinars, media interviews, etc. – and help you tailor a pitch for each of them. You’ll also get tips on using tools like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to target the right opportunities without becoming overwhelmed.

There are ample opportunities for creators and entrepreneurs of all stripes to connect with a larger audience. Simple PR: Pitch Yourself will teach you exactly how to do it.


christa Clark

I don't know what the other reviewers are talking about - this is a gold mine of information for someone like me, who is very unfamiliar with PR! I can see this helping me out in many facets of my business. Brigitte is an excellent speaker.

Manu Jünemann

Good information. As a women, fashion Stylist who worked for big advertising campaigns like BMW, Nivea... I can´t get over the part that what your wear is part off your success! It makes her for me less believable!