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SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

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90 Second Advanced Edit On Signature Color Image

Pye Jirsa

SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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Lesson Info

2. 90 Second Advanced Edit On Signature Color Image

Lesson Info

90 Second Advanced Edit On Signature Color Image

in this video, we're gonna do a 92nd advance edit inside of leg room just to retouch this image a little bit from where we got it in the last tutorial, which was our 12th video to get it to this point. So remember the last video we did in 10 seconds? We got it to our signature color effect. Now what I'm noticing in this image is that there's a little bit of places on the skin that are kind of overly saturated. We have a little bit too much contrast. Maybe up here we have a little bit of stuff on the chest that we can kind of smooth out and so forth. But let's say that I just want to digitally deliver these images or I want to post them on the blogged. My client hasn't yet ordered campuses or albums and selected this image for use yet. I wouldn't take this image into Photoshopped until the client chooses the image to go into the album or chooses like, say, a print product or campus product. And at that point I would do my retouching inside a photo shop because, frankly, you're gonna get...

a better product inside a photo shop, and you got much more refined retouching tools there. But if we want to get it just to the point where it's deliverable and it's a great image, we can use these tools inside of light room with the new basically retouch presets inside of the 2015 versions later in preset system to do a basic retouch on the image and get it to the point where it's really a solid image to deliver or to post on the block and so forth. So let's go ahead and do that. So remember in the last tutorial, we got it from this to this. Let's go ahead, and we're gonna create a virtual copy by pressing control, apostrophe or command apostrophe. If you're on a Mac. That way, we just have basically a kind of fresh palette that we can start with, and we can compare the before and after of the retouched and the non retouched version. Now, with all of our advanced edits, we're gonna do them in 90 seconds or less. So can I have 90 seconds upon the clock, Please let me know when you got it. You got it. All right, let's go ahead. Let's get started here. So what we're gonna do first is click on our brushes. I'm gonna go down, and we're going to select a skin softener first. And they're kind of in the order that we would typically apply these. Now you'll notice that I'm using my mouse because, like rooms not necessarily precise enough of an instrument to require the use of a welcome tablet, even though some of you might prefer using it, I say my walk him for photo shop, and I use my mouse inside of labour with that applied right there, I'm gonna hold down, alter option and click to and dragged to the left or right to strengthen. So I'm going to the right to strengthen this effect. Just a nicely soften the chest a little bit. And that looks really nice right there. What I'm doing now is click new so that we get a new skin softener and the word's gonna bring this kind of just over the face a little bit. Okay? And I'm painting and making sure that I don't cover areas of detail like the eyes, the lips and so forth. Go over that year. A little bit over the chin. Just want to keep those. And then we'll also just kind of drag this and take it and bring it over her arm over here. The right. And we're gonna leave this fairly subtle. I'm just gonna pull this back little bit. So holding down alter option again. I'm clicking on the pin and dragging to the left this time to reduce the effects. I'm reducing it by about 50%. This is essentially how we control opacity of these presets inside of light room. Let's click new once again. And I'm gonna go this time down to a skin de saturate erso. These areas that are a little bit more saturated on her skin. I'm just gonna paint this right over it to kind of just pull a little bit of the saturation out. Okay, so right underneath the chin, there may be a little bit on the cheek there. A little bit in the shoulder right there is great. A little bit underneath the arm in the shadow areas. That's great. Click new one more time we're gonna go down to and little lip enhancer. I'm gonna zoom in we're in a click and we're gonna drag this right over the lip and right over the lip. Then I'm gonna zoom back out by holding down space bar and clicking to zoom in and out. We're gonna pull this just a little bit to the right to kind of strengthen that effects. So let's go to the right to strengthen that lip enhancement effect, and then we're gonna do last is click New again. I'm just gonna do a little tiny general enhancement on theory. Perfect. That looks fantastic. And just make sure that if you painted area areas that you don't want, of course, you hold down alter option and then you just paint out of those areas, OK? And we're done. Hopefully I didn't pass my 90 seconds by too much. If I did forgive me all the better. Let's check out the before and the after of these two images. So I'm gonna go ahead and go full screen and let's turn out the lights. Let's turn out the lights, select these two images. All right, let's jump back and forth between these two. So here is that first version. And here is that retouched version Okay, so you can see in, like, 90 seconds to two minutes. We basically made a very nice image, just directly side leg room. And if we needed to in the future, when she orders a printer when he wants something blowing up for canvas or whatever it is, if they select, this image will take it in a photo shop to do the final steps inside a photo shop to get it toe. Really, that refined point and what I would probably do at that point is actually maybe start back with the previous version, just that color corrected version inside of Lighter. And that's where I would take that, because I would want to basically do all of my retouch inside a photo shop at that point. So I'll just go back to the color corrected version. And then they used that to get to the retouched image. Already we are done with this tutorial. Let's move on to thanks one

Class Description

CreativeLive is excited to bring you the newest SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset system and this is one of the best preset packages out there!

The Preset system can be downloaded and installed within the Bonus Materials for this course. Find how to make the most of this system in the videos that go with the class materials for this course, including tips from Pye Jirsa on how to combine presets for unique and customizable looks. 

SLR Lounge has custom built the Foundation Presets and Portrait Mixologies to give you vivid colors, tonalities, and more. This system also includes more refinement of the film presets for a more accurate emulation of some of the most classic film stocks like Kodak Portra 800, Fuji 400H, and Ilford HP5 in just 1-click.   

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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