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Clack Crush B&W

Lesson 15 from: SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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15. Clack Crush B&W

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Lesson Info

Clack Crush B&W

welcome to another 12th mixology where we're creating the black crush black and white effect that you see in this little image here, where we go from this lovely little raw file of our portrait of our bride to this awesome, soft and beautiful black and white with crushed attacks. We're gonna create mixology in less than 10 seconds. Then we're gonna go and apply it to these three different images to test them out. We're gonna talk about the settings along the way as well. So let's jump in. We're gonna get started. I'm gonna go ahead and select all my images, press control, shift our command, shift our view on a Mac just to reset everything out. And we are back to start. The first thing I'm gonna do with this particular image, it gives me an opportunity to show you all one of the new tools. Which a friend showed me this Ah, Matt Roberts, one of my good buddies. He showed me this way of kind of adjusting exposure, and I thought, Hey, that's really cool and would make for a great tool. I d...

idn't mean for it to rhyme, but it does, and that's awesome, because rhymes are awesome. But all you do is basically de saturate the image by clicking this tool, and then you adjust the exposure from there, and then you can re saturate the image. Now, the reason why you do this because basically where we started on the image was right here, and it actually looks like an okay exposure. But in reality, we were basically has stopped down almost a full stop down when we were de saturated. And then we can re saturate and be basically to a much better overall exposure. And then, from here we're just dialing a temperature just briefly and again. The whole point of this is to have a good starting point for when you're creating your presets that you can really get an idea and engage of whether that preset is working effectively with correct exposure and temperature dialed in and so forth. Because otherwise you're kind of shooting the dark, and when you apply that preset to other images, it may be off. So the preset that we are creating is the one that's already included in the preset system. Right here it's the black crush, black and white. Let's take a look at this one single click we get to this beautiful black and white conversion. If I press j to bring up my highlight clipping alert, you can see that some of our blacks are indeed crushed. That's the name of it. It's called a black crush. So it's okay if some of your blacks are crushed. And, you know, some of you might have different stylistic preferences where you want deeper blacks than others. This is based on my stylistic preferences and where we're at in the studio. So let's go ahead and work into how to create this look using the present system. So again you can better understand the presets. And then we'll walk over the settings so you can better understand that as well. What I'm gonna do briefly is just press controls your command. Zito, undo that last step. We're gonna press V right now. Just a switched over the standard black and white conversion. And then what I'm gonna do is save this as the black and white. So right here we're gonna right click and impress. Copy history. Step two settings before Okay, let's go ahead and create our preset now this crease preset is create with a few simple steps. All we're gonna do is go into the foundation. Let's get 10 seconds upon our clock. And if I get a tiny bit over, please don't hate. Don't play hate. I'm not a player, maybe Lightning player. All right. Black and white. Natural. Tony, all we're going from here is just add in crushed blacks in our base tones. And for definition, we're gonna basically kind of give it a little bit more contrast. The last step of this is in color toning. So this is kind of part of the advanced framework. There is a dramatic, uh, warm are sorry. A warm kick right here. And what that does is it basically boosts our overall warm tones in the image. And it's also adding, If we go down here, let's just show you that kind of what is doing so up in our age of cell is pulling the reds oranges and yellows up. So we're basically brightening them up a little bit. And that's for skin tone. Okay, so we're get basically giving skin tones just a brighter and better and more flattering look. The other thing that we're doing is in the camera calibration. We're doing a shift. So we're doing a huge shift in the reds and in the greens and the blues. And once again, this is to kind of pull down non, basically non skin tone colors while making those skin tones a little bit more flattering and a little more soft and so forth. So there's two pieces to that that's basically being added in this. And so you could really say that this black crush, just like everything that we're creating the black crush that we haven't here is for portraiture. And that's why we call this the porter mixology because these are all designed specifically for portrait based images. So if I select this black crush, you'll notice that nothing happens, because this is indeed the exact preset we got there and four simple clicks to say that out. If you do want to save it or just know how to say that, simply click create a new preset. You guys can screenshot this in every single video. We've basically covered this. So these are the settings that we use to save out a foundation or a mixology, Okay, and then you just give it a proper name and save it into the correct folder. Now let's talk about what other settings are basically being applied to this to get it to this look. So with the exposure, we dial it in on an image demand basis. We did dialing and temperature. That was a little more appropriate. But what's going on here mainly, is that we're pulling down highlights and whites while dropping shadows and black significantly. Now that what this does, is it? Basically crushes are blacks, but it also pulls down some of the highlights and some of the white. So that way we can bring the exposure up a little bit and not have blown highlighting white points. Basically, we're also adding a quite a bit extra contrast. We leave clarity neutral. We have a standard s shaped curve that boost. Our contrast were to talk about the black and white mix. Details are standard detail for basically portraiture, and then we also have the camera calibration which is going to create that effect. So comparing this now to the black and white conversion for light room, you can see how massive of a difference that IHS Okay, so I'm just pressing back slash to go back to that previous before. Fantastical. All right, let's go on to the next image again. Black crush is fantastic for flares. It's fantastic for silhouettes. Here is a flare image. So we're gonna go black crush. All we're gonna do from here is simply dial up our exposure. And if you'd like, you can drop a little radio filter on it as well and put in a negative 0. stop just to bring out the edges or bring down the edges a little bit. I'm gonna probably brighten that up. Just a little more to so right here is great. Now, if you want to tweak and adjust contrast and definition on an image damage basis, you can. You can do that. You can simply go down here or you can dial it in on the right side. Either way, it's up to use If I want to tweak my contrast and see what I like better. Maybe for this image, I want to go up to 100. I can do that. I can leave the preset where it works for most images and then simply tweak on get two different balances for a specific image on that, you know, image damage basis. All right, let's go on to are actually a story that black and white the before and after this one. Let's actually create thesis. Oh, we went up 1.88 Let's go ahead. And what we're gonna do is let's copy all these settings. I'm gonna show you a little different way of getting to where we're at right now. I'm gonna click. Check all this. Go around. Were you click on copy and what we do is reset this out. Now let's dialing that exposure of 1. Let's switch this to black and white by pressing V were to go down in our history press copy history. Step to before and then we're gonna paste are setting back over this. So now once again, I can press back slash and get to the before and after. So that's the standard black and white conversion. Here is our black crush black of my conversion. Pretty big difference. All right, let's go into this final image right here again. Silhouette shots fantastical for these type of effect on Go ahead. Press are just fixed my horizon line a little bit and really, all we need to do this image is just click Black Crush. I think it should be pretty solid. Yes, we get this beautiful, gorgeous silhouette effect looks really fantastic. Like I love my silhouettes to be just a little bit on the brighter side than most people. I don't like to crush all the detail in my shadows on a silhouette type shot. I feel like it looks better when we preserve a little bit of that detail. And that's right. At this point, we can still see some of the detail in the back of the dress. We can still see some of the detail just a little bit in the face and so forth, so that would win a prince. It's not fully crushed where subjects are OK, But if we look, you'll see that most of the other areas of in shadow that are not in directly in front of flair are indeed crushed. Okay, that is the black crush effect. Hopefully you enjoy this little preset and how we got here into this black of my conversion. All right, so that's it for this tutorial. Hopefully you all enjoyed and I'll see you all in the next video

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