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SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

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Fuji 400h Plus Rich Tones

Pye Jirsa

SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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21. Fuji 400h Plus Rich Tones

Lesson Info

Fuji 400h Plus Rich Tones

It's foodie foreign H rich color time. We're gonna go from this lovely raw file to this by creating a mixology, preset in under 10 seconds, using the processes. Um, we're also gonna talk through a little bit of what is going on in the right side of these panels and then process a couple more images using this same style and talk about when and where we like to use this preset. Let's jump in and get started. I gotta shoot today. That's going to be happening a little bit. I'm kind of excited to go on. All right, So let's select all of our images first. I'm gonna reset all of these out. And, ah, let's go ahead and select This first image will use this to build our preset. Now, let's talk first about when I like to use this preset over, say, the standard Fuji 400 h. And we have both rich and standard tone versions of both food You Kodak Port 800. Some people have asked, why didn't we include the other portrait's? Because I feel like Porta owner was the most unique to me, and again I chose...

my three favorite film stocks for this first version of the preset system. And the rich color version of that is really, um, or warm and saturated version on both sides of the spectrum on the Fuji and Kodak side. So I love using them in scenes where I just want to maintain a more rich tonality, the image, and especially when we have sun flares and stuff like this where I just wanna have this, like, kind of golden glow. I love using this preset. So let's go ahead and jump right in. I'm gonna select the food you 400. Just you can see what this preset is gonna dio, and it kind of creates this lovely little warm glow to the image. I'm gonna just my my temperature right from there. And really, it's done. OK, so that's the one single click that we do with the mixology. Let's create that mixology. Now, this is gonna be a very simple one. Easy peasy. But we can still talk through some of the details. Put 10 seconds. I'm gonna be sure to keep it under 10 seconds to not get penalized by my editors. Okay, So what? We're going to first is just go ahead and select Fuji 400 rich tones and then all I'm gonna do here, watch. This is gonna be so easy going a definition and select harden a little bit. That's basically the only adjustment that I made for this image to get from the foundation to kind of my tweaked version. Now, of course, if you'd like you can boost contrast, you can fade. Contrast. You can do whatever you like. And that's what great about the presets is. You can quickly move between them and see which version of of this 408 rich tone do you want to create. It kind of looks nice with boosted contrast, but how's it like that? More subtle and kind of faded look. So this is really where you define the overall definition that fits your style. Now, quick little note. In the previous tutorials, we showed you how to create like that, like kind of D sharpened, adding film, grain and noise kind of look to the image it's already done for you with the film color. So basically with standard color, standard black and white film, color, film, black and white, we dial in a standard amount of sharpening. That's appropriate for the type of image that we're talking about for that type of foundation preset that were mentioning. So the film colors actually already have that built in. You'll see that we have the grain. We have zero on the sharpening. We have also let's see noise reduction. But if you want to tweak that, you can so you can go. In a definition, you can add more grain. You can modify, remove the grain. You can increase the sharpening. You can do whatever you like. This is just a standard setting that we use to get to a very neutral point on the image. But that's it for our mixology that was saved out under Let's see here, Fuji Forward H rich colors delicious, actually think are rich Color had a little bit less contrast. Looks like we had 25 contrast instead of beauty mus press plus, Save this out. Here are the settings again. If you want to know just simply positive video, dial these things in, give it a name, selected folder and so forth. I'm not gonna go in too much because we've repeated that several times on the course. So here's that before and after has a very soft and beautiful glow to it. I really like that. Look a lot. Let's like this image and apply it to this one. I love it for close ups like this I'm gonna do with this Images is pulling a little bit so that we don't have this white space right behind his head right there. And we're just gonna use that rich color. And I love it on, you know, stuff like this because it's just it creates a beautiful tone with skin and so forth. But what we need to do is just a just our temperature. I'm like, I'm talking too fast. I can't get my words right. So remember that these types of presets, they add a lot of greens. They modify a lot of the inter cell, so we really need to dial in a good temperature and tint to get to the right skin tone for the image. So right about there is solid. We have this beautiful kind of it's a it's a pastel image. It still has that nice pastel look to the image, but it's more saturated so we have kind of mawr skin tone and more of that kind of stuff. So it's just a little bit more color and vibrant. Let's check out that before and the after. Very lovely. Actually Think the before is not the correct before. What before is that Let's go ahead and I'm gonna reset this out. Okay, So before and after, I'm just pressing control shift our to reset it and undoing the recent already Let's go on to this final image and for this again is another beautiful kind of glowing image Has really great tonality to it. I just want to make those colors a little more rich, and that's really pretty perfect right there. I like that right there. I might warm it up a little bit more. I love that kind of golden look, but this preset has I'm just gonna drop It may be a little bit beautiful. Now I like personally this kind of subtly darker look to images like this. I don't like necessarily blowing everything out. I like retaining detail in the shadows and keeping detail in the highlights and that kind of stuff. And having this very flat look to my images. I think it looks really cool. Looks very filming. So that's it for this lovely little tutorial on We kept that one short for y'all. So hopefully that's appreciated. My name is by as if you didn't know and I'll see you in next video.

Class Description

CreativeLive is excited to bring you the newest SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset system and this is one of the best preset packages out there!

The Preset system can be downloaded and installed within the Bonus Materials for this course. Find how to make the most of this system in the videos that go with the class materials for this course, including tips from Pye Jirsa on how to combine presets for unique and customizable looks. 

SLR Lounge has custom built the Foundation Presets and Portrait Mixologies to give you vivid colors, tonalities, and more. This system also includes more refinement of the film presets for a more accurate emulation of some of the most classic film stocks like Kodak Portra 800, Fuji 400H, and Ilford HP5 in just 1-click.   

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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