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SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

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Ilford HP5 Deep Black Matte

Pye Jirsa

SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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29. Ilford HP5 Deep Black Matte

Lesson Info

Ilford HP5 Deep Black Matte

Welcome to the Ilford HP five deep black fade, preset mixology. We're gonna create this mixology in about 10 seconds again I'm saying about and we're gonna apply it to other images that kind of well fit the look. We're gonna do that in less than 10 seconds apiece unless we go into some advance editing. I'm giving, like notes here, just in case these things happen. But this is what the preset does. Look at this before and the after. It's fantastic. I love the way the deep black Ilford HP five rendered down and converts. It's a fantastic fort. I keep saying lots of fantastic. It's getting late, So I happen to use the same words over and over and over when it gets late. But, yes, let us move into this image. I love this look. It works really well for a low key black and white type image. You can also brighten it up. You could do really whatever you want, but I love this present. When do I like to use this preset once again, when our images fit this timeless kind of quality, or if there's ...

black and white, or if there's color that basically doesn't really work or any of these reasons. We haven't really natural. Look that we want to just make look timeless and vintage. It's a fantastic preset for that. Would I go and take? You know, something that's meant to be modern and make it this preset? Probably not, but it works in all of these cases. Let's go ahead and reset everything out on this image, and I think our exposure is is pretty close to good. I might brighten it up just a little bit so I can dial in my preset, But let's go ahead and put 10 seconds up on the clock. We're gonna go with my version of the Ilford HP five Deep Neck met and actually, you know what? One thing I wanna do is possibly go back. And whenever we're using a certain type of curve, I'm gonna change this from Fade to Matt. Or from you know, I think it should it make more sense if one of these said HDR Matt versus a share fade, fading Matt, like Matt, is a higher contrast version. Wash was the lower Congress version, so I want to be consistent with that naming so if the names slightly changes. You know what I mean. Already, folks. Editors! 10 seconds on the clock. Let's do this. Ilford, HP five for our foundation. We're going to select a dark Matt to give us that darkened Matt. Look to the image. I'm gonna choose to crush the blacks on top of that, and we're gonna go in hard in our mid tone definition a bit at a little bit of contrast. And you know what? I want to boost migraine just a bit and we're done. That is the deep dark met. Let's go ahead. And just what I'm gonna do is you already know how to save this out. Just in case you're wondering. Click check all these like white bounds exposure, graduate filters, radio filters and select chromatic aberration. If you all don't know, there's been a l. I wonder where you've been for the last, like, 28 videos. Give it a name saving no folder, and you're good to go. But of course, it has already saved under the Ilford HP five deep black fade. I'm going to right click this actually gonna click it once just to make sure our settings are good and they are going to right. Click this and rename this to Deep Black Matt. And just so none of your confused Almost going to the same thing cause the HDR fade actually was a Matt. So let's do that to you. I'm gonna right click and rename that way. When you guys see this, you guys know why which selected and changed a couple of names. As I've gone through and done all my testing and creating of presets, I've kind of refined things and seeing things that I don't know, they bother me now. They probably don't bother you guys, but it bothers me. Someone fix it. Okay, so there is our deep black Matt. This looks fantastic as a low key image. Look at this. Here's the before. Here's the after we could leave it as a low key image. We could also brighten it up a little bit. We could even brighten up a lot. It really doesn't matter. I'm gonna go with somewhere in between. So right about here, and what I'm gonna do is pull out a little advanced brush not to do this crazy whiteness stuff. That's just ridiculous. We're gonna do a 0.5 exposure burn right along the outside. And again, if you want to adjust the strength of that hold down, alter, option, click. And then dragged the left or drag to the right. So dragging the left is going to continue to strengthen that which I'm gonna put it right about there. Let's get 0.57 That looks awesome. I love this black and white conversion. Okay, let's go ahead and select this image. Actually, just like these two, and reset both of those. I forgot to do that at the beginning. Editorial, Forgive me. Let's go ahead and jump onto this one. And again, This is our same couple. Fantastic couple loving to death. I can't wait for their wedding and he's also a photographer, which is awesome. I love shooting other photographers because makes me feel special. It truly does that, and someone else appreciates our work. Okay, so Ilford, hp five deep black Matt And then once that's in there, you see, it's gonna pull down the exposure quite a bit again that deep black that that dark matter, we added, darkens and adds a matte finish to the image. Now, once we have this image dialed in. Let's go ahead and talk about the what is going on in the settings because we haven't done that yet. I'm also gonna add in just that same exposure burn on this image. By the way, isn't this cool? I thought this was a really cool scene. I had him looked to the left kind of while they're walking just because there's a red hand right here. So I thought, like that whole stop thing kind of has this cool meaning and vibe like Stop. Give him all your attention or they're stopping traffic. You know that kind of a feel to it anyway. Now let's talk about what's going on in this preset. You'll notice that we have a heavy, heavy pull on the shadows in the blacks. This is that black crusher point on highlights and whites a bit, but we're really crushing the shadows in the blacks a lot. We've added some clarity as well to kind of boost up that mid tone detail that mid tone definition. And we have this Matt, this darkening Matt that's basically pulling down the highlights or the whites on this side raising up the shadows on this side and then pulling down all the other tones, which is again darkening down everything while keeping this matte finish to the curve. So there's some magic happening there. We also have our standard Ilford HP five color mix for the or the black and white mix and the count camera calibration that comes with that. This is the last video in our standard Masalit ease, which I'm super excited about. But that means that it's like 12 oclock and I can't really talk right Right now, we have also reduced are sharpening 20 We've added a little bit of noise reduction and added some grain again. We added him or grain in this because it kind of fits it. It deserves a little more green. I like that grain, but if you want to make it more subtle, if you want to remove it, that's totally up to you. But I like it this deep Black Matt really fits well with this amount of grain, and that's what's going on to get to this. Look, let's go ahead and compare the before and the after of this image. It looks awesome. Okay, and let's go over to this image right here with us press D to jump into the develop module and lets get started. And what we'll do this time is let's go ahead and just adjust in an exposure setting. Let's press V. I want to show you that before, in the after comparison of the black and white conversion between the standard versus the Ilford hp five deep black man. Okay, I'm just right clicking there to convert to black and white to set that as the before point. We're just like this HB five deep black Matt. And look at this. Okay, So obviously, this is a low key version of this image, right? And you can leave it there if you want to. There's a lot of photographers that leave. Their low key image is very, very low key, and it looks fantastic. I really like it as a look. You have to have clients that air into that look, so just make sure, obviously, that your clients fit that look, OK, but all we're gonna do is brighten this up a little bit. So about 22.52 That's actually a lot, but look at the beautiful conversion here in that black and white. This is a great filmic quality. You can see a suit, just kind of clips out and just loses detail that I love that Look for what this is. It's a deep black matte finish. So, yes, you're gonna have clipping in the details in the shadow area, but it looks absolutely awesome for this image. I'm gonna go ahead and just put a stylization and we're gonna do a radio. Actually, let's do a square. We haven't done a square yet, So with a square, I'm gonna decide where I want it. So the nice thing with the squares that automatically defaults to If you select the graduated filters, it will default to the center of the image. Basically. So if your subject is in the center same thing with the radio, they defaulted the center. So when your subject of the center you don't need to make any adjustments, you just simply select the level of graduate filter that you would like. And it'll add in those points accordingly. If you want to just remove them than similarly to the radio filter, you press em and then just move these into position. I'm gonna use a square. Plus I really like that look. And here's our final before and our final after I love that. That looks really cool. Hopefully you all enjoyed the Ilford hp five at deep black matte, preset mixology tutorial miners pie. See you all in the next video.

Class Description

CreativeLive is excited to bring you the newest SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset system and this is one of the best preset packages out there!

The Preset system can be downloaded and installed within the Bonus Materials for this course. Find how to make the most of this system in the videos that go with the class materials for this course, including tips from Pye Jirsa on how to combine presets for unique and customizable looks. 

SLR Lounge has custom built the Foundation Presets and Portrait Mixologies to give you vivid colors, tonalities, and more. This system also includes more refinement of the film presets for a more accurate emulation of some of the most classic film stocks like Kodak Portra 800, Fuji 400H, and Ilford HP5 in just 1-click.   

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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