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Small Changes, Big Results

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Noticing Small Changes E-Session

Roberto Valenzuela

Small Changes, Big Results

Roberto Valenzuela

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Lesson Info

3. Noticing Small Changes E-Session

Lesson Info

Noticing Small Changes E-Session

All right, guys let's take a look at some of these small changes that happen in engagement sessions you can sit if you want good uh any questions before I break into a different subject no are you going to talk at all about hands and with regard to small changes yeah, I could do that in this in this next were questions about that. Okay, great. All right guys move on move on here's an engagement session take a look at this session. This is that this was a very nice couple but very complicated couple they're not exactly the most patient people on dh I was nervous when I was shooting this because they as soon as I arrived to the photo shoot the groom the groom for the engagement session the groom said after literally five seconds no more than five seconds had passed that took one photo he goes when are we gonna be done? Like when are we going to finish this? I I was warned by the friends of the bride that this guy's a real piece of work okay, so I decided to make sure he was my friend dur...

ing the photo shoot but that makes me nervous. Yes, I get nervous before a photo shoots people ask me that you I get nervous but not because of my skill I get nervous because I want to do a good job that's all so we start out like this now we're going to make small changes to this post and we're going to make it look a lot nice and I remember this guy's not willing to move elsewhere he already we already started there. He doesn't want to move. Okay, so now I gotta make this pose work these numbers basically reaper sent that the problem areas that my brain saw when I was taking this photograph. Now if you have a microphone, can you grab it and somebody that wants to volunteer and try to figure out why some of those numbers are there? Does anybody want to give it a quick shot? There's no wrong answers anyway, you have to stand if you want your nervous right? Alright, john for the sake of time number four for me, I can't see her legs. Um number three on our arms a bit straight number two you're getting a lot of highlight their same too well too for both of them, him and her and then one. Um I would like to see his body turned a little bit more towards camera or way a little bit, but it's it's ah, a lot of white it's just my quick back on thanks that's very nice and that's actually right she's got nice legs and she's got valentino shoes and they're hiding you're hiding the shoes behind the column, not gonna work. So remember, I'm looking through my frame like I'm literally like this. I think I'm about to take a photo and I'm literally like this. I'm just looking at the whole frame on, I'm taking a breather, I'm not letting him intimidate me or the bride or anyone and I just talked to see ok, but it could be better. His head and her head are not even tilt it towards each other. They're almost hilton away from each other. He's communicating with me, she's communicating with me. The only point that they're connecting with each other is the hand it's only that one hand right here this hand is the only hand that you can tell if they're a couple right? Her arm it's totally straight there's no curvature to it. So we start making small changes. Look at it. Look at it now. Legs still hiding but you could see more of it. So, so much just some some improvement. Her hand is still there. His head is now engage with her and she looks more engaged with what he's doing he's kissing her head but now you have a bunch of hair on his mouth, some sense now to most people, this would have been good enough and you're like okay it's a nice picture right? But guys it it could be better it could be improved in two or three more little lines of instruction so we know what we gotta do is to me I gotta show more her legs second I gotta make sure that her hand is is curved the best way to get so much timeto curve is not to make him do the typical pope moral post where they go like right, you know the typical thing kiefer hands an excuse to be where they are so I just told her too if she can grab her dress and just kind of pick it up a little bit that picking up of the dress curves for fink curves her arm that's it and the next I want to see he's I don't want to see a bunch of hair in his mouth I don't want to see his mouth but I don't want to see a bunch of hair in his mouth but I like to kiss so I told him I started making them laugh by asking him if he can smell the oils in her head because he was hot and he left when he laughed he separated I could see his mouth she laughed, they look engaged but before I did that I told her toe pick up her pick up her dress by an inch and it looks like this now you see her legs, you see her shoes, you see her arm, you see here, engagement ring. Um, her hands are still touching. Now it feels like a true organic moment that happened in the staircase. So we start out with, we start out with that, and we small changes you end up, which is really nice, cool. You got like that. I think what I'm trying to say is, don't freak out, take a moment to look around the frame on dh, make adjustments, okay?

Class Description

You can make a big impact on your final images by making a few small changes while shooting. Learn how it is done in, Small Changes, Big Results with Roberto Valenzuela.

In this class, you’ll learn tricks and techniques for getting an incredible image without relying on extensive retouching. You’ll get to watch Roberto at work as he discusses what he looks for in-camera and the eye he brings to lighting, posing, and framing. He’ll demonstrate how minor adjustments to each of these elements can really make an image pop.

Get better at getting it right the first time in, Small Changes, Big Results with Roberto Valenzuela.  

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I can always depend on Roberto Valenzuela to come up with great content. This short lesson really got to the essence of making those small adjustments in posing and lighting that refine your photo. He shows what bringing creativity and not settling for the usual can make on your photography. I just watched Robert Scott Lim in Real World Lighting: Advanced Techniques and he was saying something similar and showing how making small changes to refine the shadows in your photo can take your photo from ordinary to world class. Roberto is one of favorite photographers and he always get to the point and I don't get the feeling he is saying things just to fill up time, brag about himself, or mainly to sell you on buying his gear or whatever. He is true generous teacher.

a Creativelive Student

It is a short but nice course full of tips to improve my photography. Very basic info but valuable for sure

Rafael Santiago

Nice short course on not overthinking and keeping things simple.