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Lesson 1 from: Social Media Content Strategy

Rita Cidre

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1. Welcome

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Welcome to this course on creating social media content with thumb stopping power. I'm so glad you joined some details. Before we get started. In this course we will learn to first, we'll take a step back to set goals and objectives and identify our target persona. This will include digging deep through empathy mapping and customer research. Second, we'll define our content strategy. You'll learn how to conduct competitive research in order to develop your content mission statement and content pillars. Third will go into the funnest part execution. We'll discuss how to plan and organize your posts, select images and write strong copy. We'll also discuss ways to run an efficient content development process because we don't want to be up in the middle of the night and finally we'll discuss analytics, measurement and optimization. Throughout the course, I'll be walking you through a made up but extremely fun case study featuring one of my favorite brands, Starbucks. I'll be sharing the de...

tails as we move along the course, but you can also access the full case in the download section in there. You'll also find a social media content strategy. One sheet that looks something like this. I recommend you print a copy and use it to follow along. Is it me or is it fun to write stuff on pen and paper? It is right, okay, let's get started

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Social Media Content Strategy One Sheet.pdf
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Carolina Sosa

Es una excelente clase, muy didáctica interesante y amena.

Ahsan Mustafa


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