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Verse 2, Chorus and Middle 8

Lesson 41 from: Songwriting in Logic Pro X for Electronic Music Production

Tomas George

Verse 2, Chorus and Middle 8

Lesson 41 from: Songwriting in Logic Pro X for Electronic Music Production

Tomas George

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41. Verse 2, Chorus and Middle 8

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Verse 2, Chorus and Middle 8

OK. So now we're gonna move on to verse two. We're gonna stick with the same structure of having an A section and A B section. But like before we've got the, the bass idea, but the lyrics are slightly different. So our rhythm will probably change. So taking on the lyrics that I had from before I had the idea of smothered layers of emotion and scenarios. So, but that didn't really fit with what we were trying to say. So I've added an a, a little extra bit. So let's, let's see if it will work. And OK, so right here we've got a little breakdown. Now, Mama, I think that works. But then we've got another break. I've just rearranged the track slightly so that it fits more with my lyrical idea, my melody idea. It just makes a little bit more sense with our verse A B pre chorus structure. We may come to edit a little bit later as well. So let's go from that post chorus. No. So again, you can see that I did a bit of a theme and variation there with a slightly different second line to my verse s...

ection. This is because I really like the line that I've written, but it doesn't have as many syllables than is needed for the original melody. So let's just go through that again. No, don't be. So that's a nice little variation of what we had in verse a one. So now verse a two is another theme of variation and then moving on to verse B two. So in the structure, we've got a bit of a cool down when it comes to the, the music. So perhaps we can change the style or the way that we're uh singing and performing this line and even the lyrical content could change. So the words I have and out escapes a piece of me that's calling, can't ignore what my body was made for. So repeating that second half of, of verse B one, but perhaps we could perform it in a slightly different way so that it fits in with the instrumentation. Yeah. Me that OK, my body was made so doing it slightly softer so that it's in line with the drop that's in um the music instrumentally really helps with the whole tone of the song. And then I think we need that nice Precose build up again. So instrumentally, we've got a bit of a funky rhythm that comes in and it continues. So perhaps we could double up the pre chorus from that we used from the previous verse and add even more of a crescendo melodically because remember this was our call. This was our, oh, so perhaps the melody could ascend. I think we need to make the whole track longer as well just to fit in the, the structure of a traditional pop song with verse, pre chorus chorus, verse, pre chorus chorus, mid late chorus. So we'll continue working on this Precose and then add a little bit more in a second Precose variation. So suddenly we've got an elevated melody that really builds up to that chorus again. So I'll do that one more time and in comes the chorus there. So we'll just do a quick switch around now. So we've just restructured the song so that there is a chorus, a middle eight and then a double chorus followed by an outro. So the song is slightly longer. So let's just sing through this idea from the second verse starts here. Yeah. And it, now what my body was made for double Precose and then we've got a middle eight section which is essentially just the repeat of the pre chorus from previous. So let's develop the core idea this. Oh So there's a few different things that we could do to develop this idea. We can take the melody up either a third or 1/5 to add a bit of a lift. We could add harmonies, we could slightly change the melody as well. I think the rising melody of this call is, is quite nice and you wouldn't want to change it too much because at this point everyone's heard it a few times they recognize what's coming. So, perhaps developing some harmonies for it just to add that real anthemic feel to it. Think of stadium calls, think of when you're watching live performances of bands and you want to sing along. So let's have a little sing along and I can play with some harmonies. Maybe start, I, you could eat smother this section or the whole middle eight with as many harmonies as you want, making sure that they all fit within the song, obviously. So let's record those in and then we'll add in a harmony part. I will add another harmony. Mm And perhaps I'm not really a fan of it going down at the end as well. So maybe this top harmony could go up. Hello, just like the chorus. So you're actually mirroring the chorus melody. So you've got the idea there and you can add even more harmonies to this. You could go really extravagant and add some low harmonies as well as even more high ones. And now we're going to record in verse two with the double pre chorus and the second chorus. Get up me that what my US made. So now we're gonna record in the harmonies for the second chorus. OK. And then we'll do the harmony. So we're gonna add a new track for the harmony and, and mid late section. So let's have a little listen and see if we can hear another one upon listening to the track again. I think the double pre chorus needs a harmony on the second half just to add progression and growth to the song. So let's have a go. OK. So let's record that in. So just in case we're going to record the chorus melody at the end. So we've got a double chorus at the end there. So with a little ad lib and a fall just to uh bring the song nicely into the altro. OK. So let's add a harmony to that. So we did yearn to be oh and, and, and, and, and I think this chorus would probably work nicely with a third harmony as well. So we are in c minor. We're gonna add one in the middle yearn to be all yours, yearn to be all yours. And this is just gonna add an even more thickness yn. Here we go. And, and with that is OK. So let's listen back and, and to, and yeah. So upon listening back to this, I think you can also hear that the third harmony is a little bit out of time, but we've always got a backup with things like flex time that we can edit that with in post production. But just as an example to add three harmonies on the very last chorus there, I think you've got a clear idea there. Thank you for watching this lecture on songwriting and how you can develop melodies, how you can develop lyrical content, rhythms and harmonies over a dance track. I hope you found it useful. Thank you very much.

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