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Verse B and Pre-Chorus

Lesson 40 from: Songwriting in Logic Pro X for Electronic Music Production

Tomas George

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40. Verse B and Pre-Chorus


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Verse B and Pre-Chorus

OK. So we're going to develop the verse idea now and have a B section. So the reason why we do this is to create a bit of theme and variation. So later on in the song, you hear another Marimba part that has a little bit more of an exciting rhythm and melody to it. So it's that second half of it's called Marimba Two. So this was the inspiration for the second half or verse B of my verse. So I'll just do the melody, might actually see if that can come in when the drums come in. OK. So upon listening to the audio again, I think that I want the B section to start when the drums come in. So here, so we're going to shimmy along verse A but we'll do that in post production. So I'm going to start my verse B section round with the drums. So here we go. So you can hear it's taken inspiration from that Marimba two. And again, I've got lyrics from um the same theme that I was using before. So I'm going to use, there's a hunger ringing through my soul and I don't know if you can see on the camera, ...

but I've already scribbled through and, and changed the rhythm of that line. Um So let's go for that. Bring in through, I've got different lyrics for the next bit, but we've got more words. So we need either faster rhythm or a slightly different melody and I don't really want to change it. So this is the improvisation I came up with. So can it not work body was made for, can't ignore what my body was made for. So, again, you've got a slight theme and variation even within the B section just creating a little bit of interest with the melody that you write. So let's try those two lines together. Bring in was end of verse B and then we're gonna move on to a pre chorus sort of sound. So it's quite popular in a lot of dance music to have a call of some sort or un vocal part that everyone can sing along to. There's a really famous song by the Lumineers that has a call in the melody line that everyone tends to sing along to. And it's really quite popular. So that's where my idea for this section came in. So if we've got body was made, it's really short, really sweet, but it just breaks up the verse through to the chorus. But also in a live aspect would give the singer a chance to rest and let the audience sing. Now we're gonna record this in and like I said previously, we're going to shift verse a over a little bit in post production. So I'm gonna start my verse be when the drums come in, the, bringing through what my body was made. So that's the end of verse a verse b and pre chorus writing.

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