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Lesson 12/26 - Back Side Controls: Control Wheel, Display, ISO, Drive Mode


Sony A7r III Fast Start


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Back Side Controls: Control Wheel, Display, ISO, Drive Mode

The control wheel on the back of the camera, we've seen us using this for a lot of a different functions. The top, bottom, left and right are all buttons, the top button is labeled a display button, but is something that you'll be to reprogram, but it's pretty good as a display button in my mind. So the monitor, which is the LCD on the back of the camera, will change dramatically when you press the display button and you simply press it again, and again and again, and it cycles through the different options here. , you can have more or less information up there, I tend to like to have as little information, but just as much as I need. There's a lot of good different options in there. One of the things to be aware of is that if you have it in the 'For Viewfinder' mode, you can start making all of your function settings over here on the right. In fact, let's do a quick little demo on this. Let me go ahead and turn the camera on for this. We were looking earlier, if we went into the funct...

ion button, that we would press the functions, and we would see all these down here. But, let's hit the Display button. We want to get to the 'For Viewfinder' option, which is this one here, where we don't see what's going on in front of the camera. So this is just where we get lots of information. Now if we hit the function button, it's just gonna highlight, and it's reorganized everything over here on the side. We can jump in here, and start making changes. If we wanna change, let's see for instance the focusing. And then it will jump back there. It's a little different look to the function, but it will just operate differently when you have it in this mode, compared to if we switch the display to this mode here. But it's all the same stuff as you'll see there. So just wanted to show you that real quickly. If you do want to get in and say turn off one of the options. For instance, the Graphic Display, if you think, "Yeah, that kinda takes up a lot of space over my image. I wanna turn that one off." You can go into Camera Settings 2, page 6 of 9, the Display button. Go into the Monitor option, and there's basically check boxes for each of these different screens. And if you don't like it, just uncheck that box, and you don't have to look at it ever again. Alright. On the right hand side, is a customizable button. It currently handles the ISO, which we were talking about earlier in the function section. So if you want to choose your ISO, that's a good button for it. But if you don't like it, you can reprogram a different button that might be more convenient for you to use. Bottom is no specific function at all right now. They did not program it, that is a complete blank. That's an easy one to reprogram. Just jump into the Custom Key Settings and reprogram that. Over on the left hand side is the Drive mode. We talked about this in more detail back when we were in the function settings, and this does the exact same thing, but we do have a little graphics there on the outside, to let us know that that's the Drive button. I tend to want to keep those buttons the same, because then I get confused. It says the Drive, but I changed it to something else. So you have to really remember that if you do want to change that to something else. But if you do want to change it, it is available for you to change it. It's not a hard key that's been locked in.

Class Description

Get the most out of your new Sony A7r III with this complete step-by-step walkthrough of the camera’s features. You'll learn why this camera is highly sought after by enthusiasts and professional photographers alike. Join expert photographer John Greengo as he gives you all the information you need to understand the camera's buttons, menus, and functions.

In this Fast Start class John will discuss:

  • Improved performance at 10fps for shooting action shots
  • High speed continuous shooting
  • Improved 5 axis image stabilization
  • Faster, lower-noise image processing
  • High quality 4K video

John is a CreativeLive veteran instructor and an experienced photographer. With over 50 Fast Start classes in the CreativeLive catalog, he will discuss the complete breakdown of your camera’s exposure, focus, metering, video and more. John will also explain how to customize the Sony A7r III settings to work for your style of photography.


Angela Sanchez

Super great clearly explained guide for the Sony a7r III. John is always a fantastic knowledgeable instructor who knows how to teach all about cameras in a super clear organized way. I love John Geengo classes!

Craig Markham

As always, John shines as a teacher extraordinaire! His visuals, pacing of presentation, clarity, and and adherence to the class objectives are all spot-on. As a devoted A7r II user for the past 2 years, this was a great review of the shared features, and gave me the best information for evaluating the cost/benefit of an upgrade to the A7r III now.


John Greengo is the man. I've been watching CreativeLive classes for years and there is no better instructor than him. I recently upgraded from the A7r II to the III and had been waiting for this course to be offered. John is incredibly knowledgeable and, with great dedication, provides all pertinent information related to operating and knowing your new camera. If it weren't for John, I wouldn't know the ins and outs of my new camera and would struggle with optimal settings which would decrease the best output possible. You rock, John. Thanks again!