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Just want to continue on with a few more thank you's to folks who have been sponsors for this workshop sponsored prizes you brought a lot of these folks in so let's just do a quick thank you to these folks that are on the screen right here so rogue has definitely produced quality products and although stuff and I'm using although the modifier since stuff like little jails have bean come from rogue line is it's just a beautiful fast easy to use album to sign you should definitely not be doing your own you should delegate that words of somebody else west god is awesome company very supportive company they're the ones that provided all this equipment for us you know there's a polish all come from westcott not only they produce great products but they're also not crazy expensive you know they make it so people can use them and for them and of course think tank and big volume which is what think think it's one of the best camera bag companies out there and you will know their bags and they'...

re very well thought out that's what they're called think think because they I thought about it I love the rags as well and just again another quick shot out about westcott is giving away fifteen thousand dollars worth of prizes in something that they're calling light appaloosa two thousand thirteen goto light appaloosa dot two thousand thirteen dot com for all the details as well, rogue is giving away ten percent on the road excel pearl diving kit with the promo code x l pro ten that expires six seventeen june seventeenth so check those out creative life dot com slash block will give you more information fifteen thousand dollars, fifteen thousand dollars or given away. Incredible, incredible! Alright, next thank you is to our creative live audience both our studio audience in here today thank you all for coming back and joining us, or for a new folks as well and thank you, especially to our creative live internet audience it's, because of all of you out there that we exist, but it's also because of all you that we're able to keep bringing back people like roberto valenzuela. So thank you for joining us. Thank you for being part of this social experience and thank you for asking all of your questions like teo, say a special shout out to the creative live crew. As roberto started saying this morning, started out the day saying that there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes here to put on these events it is, we are here to be high, high quality. This is important to us, and it shows especially folks who are cameramen like alex here who is pointing at himself and giving a thumbs up love it, alex good job, great job, good man a good man but no, seriously people it takes a lot to put these on and we have a very dedicated crew and so kudos to all of them. Finally, roberto valenzuela, you are such a pleasure to work with not only susan and I get it sighted when you're coming back to creative live, but you are a pleasure to work with across the board. You bring such a special way of educating and of course, your classical guitar background just is it isn't attention to that is tells us yeah, it did, and you're passing that along to educate people around the world and your dedication to that too. Shooting a mannequin on your roof for an hour a day, every day. I mean, who does that? You thank you again for your fast. We got that's, right? That's, right. So thank you again for proposing us with your presence once again, roberto, you can, you know it's always an honor for me to be here. Wonderful and, you know, I feel like you guys are my second family. We feel and you guys work really hard. I mean, people don't realise that when all the work and detail against goes into this class's on to have them available for free on the life broadcast isn't insane gift on having the ability to buy the course and and review the concepts that are complicated over and over and over. It's an incredible opportunity as well, because you can just keep question themselves. Great job. Well, thank you. And before we head into our very final segment, roberto, please help me with one more. Thank you for our producer. Did he just walk away? It's his birthday? Aaron anderson has been producing this entire way. Boy a birthday, please. Everything's aaron is producing this entire lighting tool kit he's been working probably eighteen hour days. And we thank you for doing that on your birthday. I am happy to this man makes the magic happen yesterday. Hilarious. I show up from the airport. He takes me he's like roberto he's, a self producers thing. This is aaron thing that kills me. Roberto, how many times are you gonna walk from that room to this room? How many times in a single day you're gonna walk from that? I need to know the exact number. I was like, fourteen point five times that point final. Just stay right in the middle there, he's. Like got it. You make that work, you make it all work, so thank you, everyone random applause for these two gentlemen.

Class Description

Speedlights is part of our special bundle Lighting Toolkit.

There are so many options when it comes to speedlighting — how do you know which model to choose? Award-winning photographer Roberto Valenzuela will answer all of these questions and equip you with “go to” settings for any shoot, no matter the location.

Off-camera flashes are powerful tools for creating and complementing available light. While they might seem overly complicated, speedlights are an effective way to precisely control flare and create glow. By simplifying the process and arming you with step-by-step formulas, Roberto will eliminate your fear and give you the foundation you need to take your photography to the next level.


a Creativelive Student

I liked this course. Except I think on segment 3 of the lighting, as stated by one of the studio audience he got the color balance of warm wrong and blue when he was talking about balancing the light (at 30 minutes in). Having said this I got the theory of balancing, and the rest of the video was excellent. It really does help to see flash as photons and understand what science behind it, to understand how light works and how to use it to your advantage. This a a great course in order to revisit now and again in order to become competent on lighting when put on the spot of having a difficult situation.

user a391f8

This class is like shopping at Marshalls: there are some valuable things to buy but you have to go through a lot of crap to get to them. The production value of this class is awful. The folks at Creative Live must not have a class on video editing to follow because not enough material was left on the editing room floor.. Roberto is fabulous but it must have been one of his earlier forays into teaching because he was scatological in many areas. Creative Live could have minimized this by doing some editing. He's a fabulous photographer and an even better teacher and this class would be much better if it followed the format of his 3 books: orderly and succinct. Learned a lot from this class. I just wish I didn't have to work so hard for it.

CJ McBrown

I have to say upfront that I have not purchased this course but the brief information he gave is spot on! I'm a sr. photographer for a large beauty company and I have to give him kudos for how detailed and accurate his explanations are. If the entire video is anything like the preview I highly recommend it.