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Can we think are beautiful us you're not beautiful hands you're handsome can we think are models for their time thank you very much on do you have any final questions we want to go over it's a lot huh it's been a heavy day roberto I know I told you this before but tailor made in the lounge had called you the latin clark kent who spicy which I really like and I love that when you come to a crate of five city of u turn into superman here if I'm going to the charity I'll call myself mexican clerk or something or mexico do you know who clark tennis court second the little guy with a little swivel in the middle of the head what a great day. Roberto has been incredible fun you pack a lot of information and it has been fun you make us all laugh at the same time being very great instruction so I I you know I appreciate your teaching style and have a few quotes that I want to read off the internet people that also are really appreciating just read the good quotes that's what I did just teo carr...

ie gray says that she had a light bulb moment now I get it I finally get it I finally understand y eso is increased thank you roberta oh, this guy rocks just ah ha moments are invaluable for people um abby lynn who was a regular in the lounge hi abby says roberto is an amazing teacher and funny too and another comment from gen ninety four hundred who we talked to talked about earlier who says thank you creative live this is only my second time here yesterday was my first I found you through an e mail from adirama I am a student and these classes have been an incredible part of my education so far, so happy roberto has emphasized the importance of education right on o beautiful very close yes, it is nice and we can we also think jeff pope aside isn't jeff is jeff vote for matt matt matt pope yes, that matt if you're listening awesome, that was good you got to say why matt pope from canada you know my whole thing that I'd like to say it's to be a honey badger and honey stuff because honey but you don't care, you know? And so he went and he found a shirt that says honey badger don't care and he shipped it to susan here creative life on without really nice note on they surprised me with during lunch and it was just we had it all on video with hilarious video he was because that's my that's my thing you know, it's fun when I'm with clients I don't let them room I I'm sensitive to what they're wanting, but I'm the artist that they hired to create my job and I don't go on say honey, but you don't care but I mean kind of in my head I'm I'm fast enough to produce quality work without taking all day and I know what I can do if they just leave me alone and let me do my job but when they see me sometimes they just don't see the vision and they have a hard time and sometimes us an artist has to take control I'd be like no, I'm going to do we're going to do this, you will pay off completely trust me the cover of my book was one of those photos when she didn't want to take the picture and I said, no, we have to take this picture she's like yeah, but I'm the bride I was like, honey, but you don't care honey badger don't care we're taking the picture and he became the cover of my book on then she little buying a thirty by forty versions that from her house you know, so you have to have the confidence and confidence comes from practice and practice comes you know, from determination to learn on dh I encourage you guys to watch this course is watch the rest of the speakers here we have tony core bail, which is like one of the craziest, most awesome lighting experts in the world coming here, you can learn from people I came from people like lindsey adler, incredible photographer rick cream and ray was here. Rick was here and then chuckie garland was going to close out the week on sunday. So you got it. I mean there's so many people you could learn from so it's great. Turns out, honey, badger does turns out at the end of the day, the honey but you're alright everyone. Well, thank you again so much, roberto. Everyone what I loved about that last segment was that we were able to see to see roberto be in control and predict what the light was going to look like, and that is definitely a skill that I do not have yet, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all do that? Don't you want to know what your image is going to look like before you even take it before we even click that shutter so you can, you can and that's what roberto has taught us today, starting back from the science behind light and getting that all the way through in one day to the actual practice and getting it right in your vision before you actually click, so you all do have access to be able to learn how to do it like roberto said you have to do the work, you have to do the practice, you have to go get your mannequin and go ahead and apply what you've learned here. But if you plan to do that, purchase the course now, it's seventy nine dollars. Course you could buy it right now for fifty nine dollars. There's a green by button, right beneath the video that you're watching now better yet again for one, ninety nine this week on lee, you can purchase all five classes like roberto said, we really do have the legends of lighting here this week, and you're learning all about from photojournalism. Toa high fashion to speed lights, natural light. Tomorrow it really is an amazing week, so if you know you want at least two, if not more, those that make sense to go ahead and just purchase that collection and there's a banner underneath that'll take you right to that as well. So again, help me with a final round of applause for roberto valenzuela that's all.

Class Description

Speedlights is part of our special bundle Lighting Toolkit.

There are so many options when it comes to speedlighting — how do you know which model to choose? Award-winning photographer Roberto Valenzuela will answer all of these questions and equip you with “go to” settings for any shoot, no matter the location.

Off-camera flashes are powerful tools for creating and complementing available light. While they might seem overly complicated, speedlights are an effective way to precisely control flare and create glow. By simplifying the process and arming you with step-by-step formulas, Roberto will eliminate your fear and give you the foundation you need to take your photography to the next level.