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Storytelling and Album Design

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Publishing an Album


Storytelling and Album Design

Lesson 10 of 14

Publishing an Album


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Publishing an Album

What we do is we have to first institute a drop box or I mean a a hard drive published service so we're going to go over to the published services which is on the bottom left hand side of the library module and we're going to click the plus button when we click the plus button we're going to say go to the published manager go to the published manager and you have all of these published services now you may only have one or two of them because you might have never made one but you're going to make a hard drive published service by going to the bottom and clicking on ad you click add and it's going to ask you where what kind of public service you want to do? We're going to do a hard drive and then we're going to name it and I'm going to call it album production because you're going to always use this it's going to be the same place every time I'm just going to keep adding new albums to it. So album production and I've already made one of these simon to say album productions three and we'...

re going to hit create once I've created it then I can choose all of the stuff that's going to go into it how it's sending out images so the first thing I want to do is decide where the folder is going to be so I'm gonna hit shoes and I'm going to go to my pictures folder and I'm going to choose my album production folder if there's not one there, you can always go down and create a new folder and then while you make that new folder, call it album production and I'm going to call the album production three create and I'm going to choose that. So now it's always going to go to a very specific spot on your hard drive it's going toe, you're going to take all your images and remember the raw images, so they're just inside of light room and those photos, those raw photos that light room is referencing are somewhere on a drive somewhere they could be off your computer, they could be on your computer wherever they are. They're over here somewhere, it's going to take the reference to those raw images is going to bring the rot references in and it's going to export some kind of a file to this spot that I've just pointed tio but it's going to remember that spot and it's going to compare itself so it's going to say, I know that I produced images over here that looked like this if I change them, I need to replace those over here, so it kind of talks back and forth and it becomes a collection that's also being duplicated somewhere else and it's paired so it's synchronizing between that collection and that hard drive spot that folder so we're going to go and tell it whether or not we want to rename it now if you went in and started organizing your images and put him you know took this image and put it over here and that image and put it over there remember your images are named and if you send it out with no file name change then the images themselves are going to go out as number two number three number four and your computer's going to put him back in that same order number two number three number four and so any reorganization of the images that you've done is not going to hold true when it gets to the hard drive publishing area and so then smart alums is not gonna know to put it in a different order if you shoot in chronological order and you're always going to keep it that way no problem, but if you're the type that's rearranging stuff and not renaming it to hold it in that order, then what you would want to do is you want to say rename these photos and then you'd want to go and say I want to rename these photos based on a file name and then a sequence or are sorry a sequence and then a file names you'd say it's a sequence and then give me the original file names so that you have zero zero zero one it's going toe pulled it in the sequence and then dash zero zero zero two is the file name, but I generally shooting chronic lotto chronological order, and I've onley swapped one picture, which I can do again later it's no big deal, so I'm just going to leave them in the current name that they have. I'm not going to include any video files I'm goingto have j pegs at one hundred percent quality srg be, I'm not going to resize the images. However, if you're making a really big album, you might want to resize these images so let's say we're going to make a twelve by twelve out album, then we wouldn't need to make sure that the short edge because we may have an image that we want to produce that's twelve inches tall and full bleed on this, but if the image is twelve inches let's say, I'm taking a horizontal image and I want to do a bleed so like, for instance, our very first page here of this album has this photograph fairly large, but if I went for like a full bleed, let me see if I can find a full bleeds there we go, so if I have a full bleed here and this is a ten inch print then I need to have ten inches this way so you need to figure out what your biggest size is going to be so there's going to be a twelve by twelve I need to make sure that my images are at least twelve inches tall on the short side not on the long side alongside is whatever it is it's the short side they had to worry about so if I make sure that it's at least ten inches on the short side then I know that it will be big enough for this print so what I'm going to do inside the computer than is I'm going tio click on here I'd say the short edge in inches needs to be twelve inches at three hundred d p I that way I can make twelve by twelve book and I know that it will always work for a full bleed because it's twelve inches square because I'm gonna make a twelve inch square album and then I'm in not sharpen I don't really like to do a lot of sharpening because I use a lot of grain and when you sharpened with grain it sharpens the actual grain and so you end up with things that look like sandpaper so I don't want to do that I I keep her leave the meditated it doesn't matter really accept that smart albums has some reference to the metadata but I just leave, it doesn't matter and then no water marking obviously because you don't want a watermark on every image, and then we're going to hit save and when we hit save it has created a published service here, and that published service is album productions three I'm going to right click that now, so from here on out, I don't have to do that anymore, it's all set up, and any time I want to make an album, I'm just going to create a published folder, and that published folder is going to be the name of the album, right? So I'm going to call this, uh, the lennon album, so lennon album, and I'm going to include the selected photos, and we're going to hit create so now all of those images are inside of the lennon album, and I'm gonna once you have a published service, you're going to go over here up here and hit publish when you have published it's immediately going to start making j pegs of all those images and it's going to put them inside of that folder. So let's, go to that folder and show you where it is, so I'm going to my hard drive and inside my hard drive in the pictures folder there's, an album productions folder, and in it is a lennon album like it remained that folder and inside of it r j pegs that are being put in there right now as we speak all right, you can see that when you make a published folder when you when you publish stuff it has different areas so look right here says new photos to be published and as it finishes publishing they drop off of this list and they end up going to this list which is the published photos so there's the published photos but if I were to take one of these images that is published currently and if I go back to my published folder it's right there to see that I'm so if I click on this image and then I go to the developed module and I think it's too dark I need to brighten it up just a bit so I brighten it up like this are actually even better than that would be to go in with my brush and I'm going to take my brush and I'm going to make my brush brighter like this and I'm gonna increase the size of the brush like this and then I'm just going to go like that and I'm going to brighten up the train without brightening up the rest of my photo and you can you know have to be exact about it because you can always come back here and then you know re negotiate with that specific a fact okay, so now I've fixed my train but when I go back to the library inside of the lennon album now there's another category of images in that other category of images is modified photos to republish so it knows which ones have been published which ones haven't been published and which ones have been modified and need to be republished it would also know oh if I scan through here and decided you know what? I really don't need this image or this image because that's not really part of the story if I hit delete on those images now it has a fourth category of images that need to be deleted from the published service so those are all things that it's doing and if I go over and hit publish it's going to go in and delete these two it's going to modify and republish this one all at the same time that its publishing these images here so we're just gonna wait and now all of that's going to get republished and published and deleted and moved around and this is happening constantly. So whenever you need to change something, you can come backto light room and work on it and it will then re published two that folders that folder is always up to date based on what you're doing inside of light room which means that the images that smart albums the program that's outside of light room is going to have access to the latest versions of the photos no matter what you've done to him in light room so now that the publication is almost done, we will then open up smart albums and we're going to direct smart albums toe look at the folder we've just created so that's just about done so it's about time for me to go over to smart albums which is made by pixel you I'm going to click on smart albums and when I opened smart albums it's going to it could be opening a previous project or it could open the project window I think it depends on whether I closed the project last time I opened it so let's find out here we go open so it's lee it loading templates and things like that um and now it's going to there so I opened a previous project but let's close that project and let's make a new project and and notice that once you open a project this one told me that there was some feedback because I have it submitted online and so it tells me hey there's feedback on this album if you want to go look at the feedback, you can either open it up here or you can go online and look it's feedback so that link is the link to the online version of the album and we'll show you how to do that so we're going to make a new one click on new and I'm going to choose an album company so the two albums that I have here that we've been talking about today the first one is a kiss wedding album and the kiss wedding album is a very very uh I don't want to say simple because that's misleading simple seems to suggest that it's not amazing but it they kept it simple that's why they used the kiss side it's keep it keep it simple stupid and so it's very, very simple design it's square different sizes of square they want you to build it, get it done get it out but it's very beautiful this is the tuscan design it's their top of the line one it's got those soft pages in it but we can choose anything from a twelve by twelve so we could go all the way from twelve by twelve to four by four on our albums so you can choose those album sizes. There are no cover differences on kiss because it's all pretty much the same like they keep it simple. The other album that we've been talking about today is the leather craftsman album and this is a physical cut matted album and so it has literally matted pages, so there's there's a physical nature to it, so this is a physical matt this is a drop down to the background page and then a photograph is pasted on here so it's kind of that old style but in a modern way, very chic. But this is for that client that has this feeling, you know, that they need that feeling in this particular album. The reason we designed this album as a matter of album instead of a what we call magazine style album or it's just a big picture that's posted to a board is it this is the kind of bride that wants to feel something. So you realize that it was like forty degrees out it was nice and cold, so forty degrees fahrenheit very cold on dh there was a snowstorm the day before it was made, but it was just kind of the, you know, last snowstorm of the year and this bride still chose to go barefoot. She wanted to walk and be completely barefoot as she was walking down this aisle out to the to the point so that she could feel the earth very earthy very, you know, in touch with the earth on dh. This is a very special, totally a special moment too, because you notice that she's walking alone her father has passed away and so she had a drummer representing her father and so she was following the sound of the drum she was going to, you know, her father basically and s o she walked that path alone barefoot following this drummer who was, you know, out here on the point behind that point behind that ridge she's following that so it was a very special moment is very but it's touching, you know, and the things that they did were very, you know, in tune with, you know, the nature and they wanted to touch the earth and they wanted, you know, so so that kind of person wants to feel something, and so I'm not going to give her something that's fairly uh, you know, uh produced I want something that's handmade I want something that has a texture to it. And so that's, why I'm going to choose this over a kind of that standard album for today, which is is more it's, not handmade. It's it's it's made by pasting pictures on a board and it's very computer designed and stuff, although the second book, the kiss book, even though it's very handmade if I go, are not kiss book but the leather craftsman aiken go to leather craftsman in here as well, because you notice that there's a lot of different album makers, some in the u s and some completely out, you know, there's there's uh, there's japanese album makers there are queensberry who's in australia they're all over the place so there's an album maker near enough to your country wherever you are that you khun get an album but leather craftsman actually will allow you to design these matted albums and so I can choose the size of an album, so say a ten by ten and then I could choose the album type and so I can say I want a signature, a signature addition matted album with black mat and that's what you just saw so I'm going teo on this book I'm going to choose to design a one from kiss because if you design a leather craftsman that's cut, then you can't adjust any of the openings because they are you know that they have the template and you put your photos into the temple it's that fit your photos, you don't redesign it for him because they have to literally cut them um but we're going to design a kiss book we're going to design a twelve by twelve and then we're going to hit next. Once we get into here, we get to choose whether or not we're going to use all of the templates or whether we're going to use templates that on ly fit a three by two frame ratio, etcetera, and right now this is smart albums too, which is in beta but in may of two thousand fifteen, they will be and it will be completely operational and so all of the temple it's will be available right now we have a limited number of temple it's because they're still pulled posting, I'm putting him into there, so we're going to you can put a border around all your images or you can leave it without the border I'm gonna leave without the border and then you, khun choose a custom gap between your images. So if the image is there going to be close together, how close together do you want those to be? Do you want a two point space or do you want it to be, you know, thicker so that it's like sixteen points? S o I I'm I like a thin or an extra thin gap between them and then I'm going to hit oh, and you can also choose the background of your of your pages so you could choose red if you were daring, but we're going to choose white, so we're going to go back to our white here and we're going to hit start once we have start, we need to name it, we're going to put it in the same album production folder that the images exist right next to it, so I'm gonna highlight this, I'm gonna say lenin album save and now it's opening up but there's nothing in it so at this point we want to go to file import images we're going to go into that pictures folder go to the album productions and tell it these are the images that we want to import now remember light room is done it's done doing it exporting but look it hasn't deleted these and remove those so we might want to go in and republish those but we can do that later to so but let's just do it now and that way those three won't even be there so there are these two won't be there and this one will already be modified when we get there so this is republishing out its deleting those now you can see that that one's there it's been published the other two have been deleted if I go back here those two are now no longer in there but that one's been re worked and I'm gonna import those so it's going to important there are three areas inside of smart albums that you need to be well it's four areas they need to be aware of the first areas the very bottom that gray square right down here is where the images are going to go and see all of my image options or down inside this area and then above that area there's a kind of a skinny one uh light gray bar that is your timeline and then above the timeline is the actual layouts then over to the right is all of the context sensitive information about what you're doing, so this is kind of your inspector area, so the first thing that we do is we highlight all of our images and we dragged those into our timeline so that we have the timeline of the wedding and they're going to be shown in the order that they were taken you can you can choose to change that order. I congrats on image let's say this one, and I could drag it and it will change the order so that's simple enough to do, but what I want to do is I want to go in and start cutting, so I wantto cut just like I would in film, and I'm gonna cut from scene to scene two seen and as I cut from scene to scene, it is going to then start auto making a design, then I can tweak that design, but I want to first decide what the scenes are, and it was interesting when I first saw the software about a year ago when it was still maybe a little longer than that, but it was smart albums one, and I was at a trade show, and I walked up to these people in this booth that I didn't know and I and I said, well, because it looked clean, it was a nice clean looking, you know program and I said, show me what you've got there and he started working on it and I might charges dropped I couldn't believe how intuitive the process was because it's the way you should be working on an album, you should see it in scenes, you should see it in cuts and so we're going to now cut this album, so we want to look and say, all right, what are the general scenes that we want to have? And so I'm going to say, well, the first thing is route sixty six, so that's, how they got their route sixty six is a big deal all over the world. People want to come and see it. So there's the first seen route sixty six, the next scene is the grand canyon. The next scene is them checking in and meeting their stylist and getting ready and stuff like that, but I kind of like them just checking in and then I like the scene of them getting ready, but the getting ready kind of goes quite a ways over, so I'm in a I'm going to do these three and then I'm going to grab this one and put it into the getting ready so it's part of that scene and then notice I'm not carrying it what it looks like I'm just getting the scenes together and so now I'm going to do just the dress and the dress I think actually could probably work well with the canyon so I can grab this and move the canyon over to the dress and so now there's the canyon, there's the dress and now I'm going to keep kind of scooting through here. Here is what the groom is doing well, this is what the bride is doing then I've got the bride doing more things in the groom and see here's flowers, so I'm going to click on all that that seems to all relate it's all flowers then I've got the bride looking at herself in the mirror I want those together, but notice that this one's out of place I want this one to be on its own going click on that one on its own I'm going to take these three this is the bride leaving, leaving the hotel, looking out over the balcony and then going down all those three can be together. Then I'm going to go to the groom who's now wait ing for her so we're kind of the groom is waiting up here like this and then she's coming down there's the groom waiting for her um so that would be a scene and then here he is looking she's coming around the corner and he's going to see her gets excited he's going to kiss her so we're going to do that all of that and then we're going and some of these things were going to change a little bit once we see the design but right now we're just kind of getting scenes together and then interestingly enough these somehow got are out of order and so we're seeing this again so let's just play this scene out like this and then we may just kind of merged the two together and then we've got this scene where they're just looking out at the canyon then we're going to kind of scan through here and that's them you know, reading their vows that's that whole scene right there just like that and then there is this which is just a detail of the ring box and the valve the thousands you know, this is what they did the wedding from it's like a book and then we've got them working uh them together they're doing their vows there kissing this is all part of the ceremony so I'm going to do something like that and then I'm going to do them exchanging their rings and then I'm going to do them with sand ceremony like that and then I'm going to do them with the nontraditional traditional thinking that they did and then I'm going to do the bread ceremony which is here like that and then I'm going to do that and then I'm going to go into that one could be on its own then we're going to do some portrait ce let's do portrait ce of him then we'll do portrait of them then we'll do purchase of her and will do one of them like a big one then we're going to have the two of them together like that then some little fun ones but let's move this one here and cut it right like that then we're going to do a couple of the canyon itself then we're going to do uh them looking out on the canyon and then the canyon so that you can see kind of the way they're looking on day we're going to do him carrying her away then we'll do and then I'm going to do to portray it's that one and then that one so that I get you know, one after the other than it's them going back to the hotel and then the final one is them having dinner so I'm done cutting and now I just have to start playing around with the design so I go right back to the start of the design and I'm going to use the arrow keys the right arrow key and left arrow key take me back and forth between my you know spreads and the up and down arrow key have me changing the spread I like that one just like that that's pretty cool except this one see how I would prefer that this be a long, full image, but I love what's going on right here and so I'll have to do to change that rather than cycling through and looking for some random random version, all I have to do is double click this and now I can click on here and I can increase the size of this one all the way until it's there and it's full and now I can drag it anywhere on their size it up and you notice how it's a smart guides so that it it hits itself right there and now we're done with that and then we just need to hit and if we like that we like it as a template weaken save it. So I'm going to save that as a template. And now that is now a template inside the system and it's going to defer to that one before it does other things because I made it, which means that as you work in smart albums and get smarter because starts to recognize which ones like the other thing that you can do is you can come up and click on this little area right up here it's these little squares if you click on that, you can see the designs that already exist right here so you can kind of scan through those and if you hover over a design has something you like there's a star on it and if you click on that star now it becomes a favorite so smart albums is going to look at your designs by certain criteria first off the first criteria is going to be does it match the images that you have that's first criteria so it's going to look for verticals for verticals horizontal for horizontal zx and it's going to try and fit them together in the best way possible? But it will be overridden by your templates if you make templates it will put those first he'll still look for ones that are horizontal for horizontal and vertical vertical but will choose your templates first and it will also choose templates of its own that air starred first so it's your templates than start templates than every other template and that's the hierarchy of selection all right, so we're scan through here I like this one but I think I want it to be, you know, completely different I want him tio I like that one right there, but instead of being over here I want them to be on the other side so I'm just going to scan over until I find it on this side I want them to be on that side so any time, any time I want one picture it's always going to be the right side. It's very rarely going to be on the left unless I'm doing it to make things kind of different. And then if I want to change the cropping on something, I just want to move the crop and I just go over to my inspector, grab it, moving around if I want to change it, scale it up, scale it down, I could do that. If I want to england, I can change the angle of it. I'm just gonna go back to zero on that. If I want to change the opacity of it, I could do that as well on dh. Then, of course, if I need to them design something where I double click, redesigned something, then I can take an image and drag it in and just put it inside of that design. And I could put it over the top of things. So if you had taken this image and scaled it back so that it was, you know, like that, and then you wanted to have her ironing, you know? And you took her and you wanted to have her ironing, you know, you could you could have her ironing right there, I suppose I don't know anyone just so you know, you can, uh they give you the option to make horrible design as well. So it's it's it's not just beautiful design is also bad design if you want it to be so you can scan through these I like that one just fine. I like that one well, so in most cases I'm going to let if I like the design was going to go for it because there's no reason to like, you know, fuss over something that's that's already really great this one I really like except that I just wish that her cheek wasn't hitting that line and so for that I'm going to increase the size like that and then hopes and then move it over see how I was able to do that, so by increasing the size, I was able to move it over, and that looks good too. So go with that and then I'm going to scan through I really like the way that's flushing out right there, it's all about flowers except I don't really think that this one needs to be in there, someone to delete it and watch what happens to the design so it now it needs for instead of five and so once once I remove one of those images, so I'll show you what they're wass so we had one, two, three, four, five click on one of don't delete and then it redesigns it and then I just need to cycle through and decide you know which there that looks pretty good I like that oh, I like that one even better okay, so now I've got pictures of her hair I've got pictures of him getting his done and I just all I need to do is just kind of cycle through these and make sure that there crop in the best way possible there I really like that that looks good, so now I'm just going through I like that one except I think that this one could be I don't know that I want to put her on the other side so I don't I don't want her mere on that there I like that a lot except I wanted to reverse, so I double click it grabbed this move it over here like that and then they're arranged send back grab this on of it over here they're so now I go back here so you can you can do is much customization as you want or you can just kind of cycle through and that's kind of cool I like that good. So a lot of the times what happens is you end up finding that it suggests things that you you know haven't thought to do and you and it and it really looks quite nice so that random you know suggestion by the software actually gives you a really good perspective on what? Because you would have done this that or the other thing and you realize oh, you know, some random computer did a better job at designing than I would have and so that's really good it's nice toe it's nice too now that you can have a computer do that um but again it's not it's not like some computer just decided what you were doing your photos we're going to look like you still got a lot of say in what you were doing but it just kind of helped you along so I'm going to double quick this one because I definitely want this to be the full image so I need to see the entire thing and then I'll go back and then keep going all right now this is that area where we had a problem because we have this is before this and really we have to figure out what to do with the time line on this and so we're going to go I like this image like this image like this I think we can lose that one um I love this one so I think that may be what we want to do is just say let's get rid of this one let's get rid of this one I want her coming around the corner and then I want a kiss of some oh no I like that one better so we're just gonna keep going so now this one right here we're coming around the corner just needed to put into this over here and now that I've done that I could just kind of I don't need either of these so I could believe both of those and so now I have a design of both of those put together and then it's just a matter of cycling through those and I want this to be over here so it switches um so she's coming around the corner and then he's going to see her well let's do she's oh so you can't do that because it is the wrong type c that now if I want to force it if I hold the option or the command key it'll force it to drop it in there but it's telling me it's a vertical this is horizontal spot so I'm going to say let's let's read designed this page a little bit so let's go up here and see if there's a better way to redesign that page so that I can see that happening so that might be better right there just keep moving so you can see right here are matches and here is a re orion range the timeline so this matches the timeline order and this rearranges it so we're going to match the timeline order that makes things easier for us you can go in a line remember we talked about that that's kind of just a uh down the line kind of design on dh then these air more hierarchal so the one thing's bigger something smaller on dso the bigger thing obviously makes more sense it's like that's bigger so there's the egyptians did that so the egyptians would like the king is important so you'd make him big and then all of the slaves are not important so you make them small all right and so they were just doing that we're just doing you know kings and not kings and all right let's let's go with something like I like uh you know what? I'm not finding anything I love at all well maybe no find anything so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take what I had just going to double click it and now I'm going to design it so I'm gonna leave this where it is I'm going to take this this needs to be nice and big but it needs to be on the bottom so I'm going to drag these up to the top this needs to be the final image coming down like that so you notice also that the gaps are matched it stops me when the gaps are correct so it goes bam like that see the yellow marks tell you that the gaps are the same and so then I can I'm kind of look and see, ok, this is ah vertical that is a vertical that is a vertical so now what we're going to do is we're going to design this page, bring this down and bring this up all of these up actually, so let's go this one this one and this one we're going to bring him up and then we can bring them all down see, I'm doing it all at the same time and then gaps her there we go now we've got a really nice see now I can see the full scope of what this image really should look like, and I can see the scope of what this image should look like like that and I've got him and I could probably scale him up a little bit since he's so small they're now I just need to take this one move it sorry I'll do that when I get back to the so if I move, this is going to move the design at the wait till I get back to move the pictures back and forth. But I've made a spot now where I can take this one and move it back and forth and so now I'm going to take this whole set right here and I'm going to shrink it down and then I'm gonna move it into the center that's a nice design okay, so now I'm going to save it as a template cause I worked on it again just like in in light room any time you work on something you want to make sure that you completely you know, you lock it down as your own template and then you're going to go back here and then once you're back in here I can just simply take this guy and move them over so then she comes around the corner she's walking he caesar then you see that like interplay between them and then that's what happens in the end so that's a really nice story right there so you come from this page where she's wandering all on her own she comes around the corner and then boom and then there's that beautiful moment right there and then the next thing is a big, huge page where there's a moment, but just between the two of them and you khun I kind of like a square, but I need that square tio be on the other side so I'm gonna look for the big square here and then I'm just going toe reframe it like that that's a nice empty, you know, clear moment all right, so that's, how we design and you can go through and do this the whole way it usually takes me about what did it take me like five minutes to go through and do the first cutting and that's if you're really taking your time to cut it's pretty easy to cut and then after that if you if you want to get through an album really fast you can do it pretty well in fifteen or twenty minutes you're you're done but if you really want to fuss with it and you know set it up and make it perfect you might spend a half hour on designing your album but it's it's a very easy intuitive process because you're using smart albums now if you want to connect the two then what I do is I have to two monitors so I have my my desktop monitor and then another monitor this monitor has light room on it this monitor has my smart albums on it and so I have the two of them open at the same time but this is what it looks like that and then that on that so now if I decide that when I'm up here that I want this image here and you see how I've got this kind of warm tone whatever and I and this one's not so if I decide that I want those two images toe look more appropriate together I simply go backto light room and I see those two images here and here so I'm going to take those two images and I'm going to go into the develop module, and I'm going to say, ok, here is the two images, this one has a specific style to it, and I know what that style is. S o I can either, uh, highlight both of them, you know, a little there we go and aiken turn on sink, and then I just check none and then synchronize what needs to be synchronized. Or I can simply say, I know what that preset is, and so I'm going to go over to this one highlight that one, and I'm going to go up to my presets and I'm going to go and click on that pre set which this case waas a warm they're now they're going to look look more appropriate together. So now when I go back to my library, I'm looking at that image. It says it's modified, it needs to be republished. I hit the republish and it's sending it out to that to that folder and once it gets to that folder, smart albums is going to see it, and smart albums is going to republish to itself it's going to pull it out and in a second you're going to see this change it's just going to go oh, there we go. So as long as I have the two of them open I could just be working on my design here and when I need a change I go over here and do it but that means that I'm changing the raw not the j peg because otherwise you would have had to go to this image you have clicked on it you would right click that you would have said edit this in adobe photoshopped it would have taken a photo shop your editing and j peg that's not where you want to go so you want to edit from the raw images much as possible so that then when you are finalizing and sending out the files it is the absolute cleanest most beautiful j peg you can have because it has never been retouched ajay peg should be a read on ly print only document should never actually be adjusted because it's just not a they're not good all right, okay, so that's how we design and once we're done designing our our smart album we're going toe obviously save it so make sure you save and then once I have saved I want it export this and they're different things I could do an exporting when I click on export their two options this one says that there's one spread containing an up scaled image that needs to be so I've got an image that's bigger than it should be so somewhere in here, if I look there will be an exclamation point on one of the images that's maybe too big for what it should be and that's a good warning toe have so that it won't be pixelated when you print it but right now we'll free forget it pretend it's not a problem so I couldn't go to the spread but we'll just ignore it on dh then we have a kiss book it's an exclamation that says on a kiss twelve by twelve in an album there's must be in increments of five current pages count seventy two and so I don't have the right number of pages and so there's so it knows all the rules as to what you can and can't do so I want to go and fix that or ignore the limitations, so I'm going to ignore the limitations for now just because we just want to show you how to published this then there's another warning that says by the way, if you send a spread that's over fifteen megabytes, they will reject it. So make sure that you put your quality at such and such because you could probably gonna be sending out to bigot so I mean it's warning you all the time these are the rules for this particular you chose kiss here's their roles I'm giving you the rules because you're breaking a couple so you can go fix those so it's important to know that it's going to warn you on all of those if you're not breaking the rules, it won't they won't warn you ok, so then I've got here is the album I can export for print when I do so I can choose whether I'm sending out a pdf a j peg or psd or I can send it to in design we'll show that in a minute, so if I hit print t j peg and I hit choose going to go to the place that I wanted to go, which I'm going to put it right in the album production area the same place and I'm going to tell it to send all the spreads and I'm gonna hit export that's going to send all of the j pegs that I need and then I can upload those to kiss if for some if I'm going to let the craftsman it's going to make a zip file off all the individual photos and a little thing that tells them where to put the cuts and it will send the zip file to them so everyone has a different type of delivery system. They know what the delivery system is, so you don't have to know it and that's really good on dh then you can choose your color profile we're going go with as rgb because there printing this out on dh then at the bottom there's also the option for exporting for a cloud proofing and if I export cloud proofing as a new on album it's going to put it online for me to view so that I can look through it myself or so that my clients I could send them a link and that link well then be sent out of the client I'm sending the client the link and then that length click on it they'll look at it they'll review it they can type in comments there they can flip through it and they can and then those comments will literally come right back here into this inspector and it will you'll you'll be on a spread and you'll see their comments right here you can come back to them you can make the changes that they've requested and check it off it actually gives you a little check box and so you can check it often on so you're like oh I did that and then check it so it's a little to do list and then you're done as soon as you're done then you export for print and send it off to whoever you're going to so we're going to skip that portion because it's pretty easy to do just export it it puts it online and it goes through that whole process and I think that's really important getting that feedback from your client so use the export cloud proofing option if you're going to do smart albums now let's say that we're going to go we want to do something even more then we can do in smart albums and by the way and smart albums you do have the option to put in text so if you double click a spread, you can also go and work on text so I conclude context here and I could type in text here like that and then aiken move that text around that text can be completely changed, I can change two georgia I can, you know, increase the text I can't make it bold, I can increase the tracking on it so I can do all that kind of stuff to my text moves around oh, somehow I made an extra text in there no well, we are in a beta so apparently is doing a little weird thing there, so I'm gonna make another text there and we're going to get a text and by the way, if you've got all this stuff in your way and you do you want to see what it looks like without that? If you hold down the uh I always forget which one that says it's the options are the control key, then this will disappear and this should disappear, but we are in beta, so we're getting a weird little result there so anyway you can work on text so those of you who want a little text usually it's you know like for instance here we use text on this one so in this album at the very beginning I really only want text in one place and it's right at the beginning and you can see I have temin samantha at the top and then right below I have right england and then over here wedding blessing two thousand fourteen I like to be really subtle about the text that I'm putting into an album I don't think albums or a great place for text so but people do want to do this and so an intro pages good and then on the back at the end I have my logo which is simply just an image and so you just bring that image in with the collection and post it wherever you want it to be inside of your album so so that's that I love this this is the little boy was running around he's being the photographer too and so I would take pictures of him taking pictures of them I thought was fantastic so okay so you can also put text but let's let's get rid of this text we don't wantto mess with it right now and we'll go back to this and we're going to then go to file export and in the export ignore this ignore that and say, ok, and we're going to go export for print. But now we're going to instead of exporting on j peg, we're going to send it to in design.

Class Description

Photographs are one of the ways we tell stories – assembled together they paint a picture of a time and a place. In Storytelling and Album Design, Jared Platt will teach you how to tell better stories using innovative, easy-to-apply design and compilation techniques.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create compelling photo books using Smart Albums and InDesign in conjunction with Lightroom. 

 You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply the art of storytelling to an album
  • Design a workflow to make the process fast
  • Ensure the album looks great printed
Jared will cover the best methods for designing a wedding album, senior album, and documentary book. The techniques he’ll share will help reduce the time you spend on albums from hours to just minutes.

Don’t let albums overwhelm you or your time – learn fast, effective techniques in Storytelling and Album Design with Jared Platt.


Tanya Lillie

I'm pretty proficient with LR Develop module, but I have not delved into the other modules. This class was introducing those modules and teaching how they can add value to your photography. Jared is a proficient and effective instructor.

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