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Storytelling and Blogging With Lightroom CC

Let's talk about storytelling as it relates to, uh, blogging so we we definitely have the need to communicate so talked about communicating through stories and books and we've talked about communicating through stories through a slide show or a little movie or something like that, but we we end through print talked about making prints printing prints so that we can hang them on people's walls so they have a passive viewing experience those are all important for sharing those stories, but now we want to talk about sharing those stories online sharing those stories online needs toe happen, but it needs to be easy and one of the ways to do that is through published services so published services can connect to places like facebook or to your block and so we're going to go back into the library and I'm actually going to go here into the grid and look for some images so let's go back to our little salty picnic here on day I'm going to choose an image let's just choose this image here and go...

to ok so that's the image I want to use I like that image I want to share something about it so I want to share things about it and when I share stuff about an image I want to share it with metadata and the reason I want to share it with the metadata is because I want to make sure that that metadata is useful for me later in other aspects of sharing images, so I'm going to put a title. I'm going to put a headline a caption, and that way that information could be shared online. It can be shared in facebook spares can be shared on my blogged and also it's just useful for me to search the images. So I'm going to go in and hit title, and I'm going to say packing his bags for a long journey across the utah salt flats, not flits flats, ok? And so I can say, child and scooter, um, in the salt flats in utah, okay, so now I'm going to just I'm gonna type in a caption for this, so for those of you don't know, title is what's going to be the title of the image itself? So that tells if, for instance, if it's on your block it's going to be what's called the all tag so that's what the that's what, like if someone doesn't someone hovers over the image? That's, what it's going to say? But google reads is what is the information about this photo? Um, you know, for the web to understand, um, the headline is going toe translate into the name of the image. So I've set all of this up in my published service, so in the published service, we're going to tell it what we want to send out and how do we want it to go out on dh? Then the caption is going to be what the caption that would be above or below a image in a block so the caption can be visible, or it can not be visible depending on what service you're using your facebook, the caption doesn't doesn't translate because there's some reason facebook doesn't take in the caption s o I'm going to say, uh uh, this is one of my favorite images is from a child portrait shoot a session of photo session in utah at the bonanno ville had a spoke bonneville bonneville what's that one o e v aioli like that video in an e v I l l e okay, bonneville, so you till utah at the bonneville salt flats, where we shot all afternoon through through sunset, so that gives us enough information and tells people a little bit about it. I could be a little bit more worried about it and, you know, talk about more about it and have fun with it, but for our purposes, that will work, so I want those to be enough information for google to see what that images and understand. What I'm writing about so I want to be conversational but I want to have some key words in it so I put the bonneville salt flats I put a child I put photo put portrait's so that they know kind of what that's all about and then I'm going to take that image and I'm going to share it so the first place I can share it because I can go to the grid, grab that image and just drag it over to my facebook publishing right here that says from creative live click on that and now I have that image and I it's going to be whatever's see why are we not showing that's kind of weird? Oh because I'm that closed okay so so you know I had that closed up there so I closed that panel it was showing me what was going to be published so I want to publish this it's inside of my from creative live published service and so now if I hit published it will literally go to my facebook page right now I'm going to hit published so it's on its way there and by the time when this when this status fargo's done it's on facebook and is being shared it's it's there so that's a very easy way to share the facebook let me show you how to set that up so again just like we set up those hard drive published services earlier with our album production we're going to go to the public service we're going to hit we're going to go we're going toe kick click on plus we're going to go to the publishing manager and inside the publishing manager we're going to go down to the ad button click add inside the ad we're going to tell it we want to publish to facebook if you wanted to publish toby ance if you wanted to publish the flicker those are all things you can do and you can also get more plug ins to other services but flick flick and facebook come with light room there already pre installed and in facebook if I want to create a published collection I will call this face book test groups facebook test and I'm gonna hit creative create and now I've got a created facebook published service that's called facebook test when I go to that I'm already logged in if you're not logged in you would have to authorize yourself and then you would choose the album that's going to go to and so I'm going to create a new album so I'm going to create a new album and we're going to call this album art from uh the r ky ivs and no no album description or location I'm just going to say it's available to everyone okay and it is creating that album right now on facebook it's communicating with facebook now the album is active and so then I can tell it remember we talked about that title so what is the name of the image so set facebook title using what I want to use the title so whatever the title was that's going to be the title for the image that's going up to facebook if I want up though the photos replace existing tile so if I were to upload another photo what would it do and replace the existing title file name aiken say I want to rename this file so that google khun see the file name I want to name it file and then headline if I do that that little area that I typed in that was headline is going to be put into the title are into the j peg name of that image I'm going to make the quality eighty five I'm going to make the size nine sixty because that's what facebook wants and then I'm going to leave everything else the same except I'm gonna put a water mark on it I was one have a watermark on these so I'm gonna put it's on the left hand side and I've created a water mark if you want to create a watermark all you need to do is click the watermark drop down menu and go down to the very bottom of it and you're going to click on edit watermarks inside the watermarks you're going to go in here and you're going make your own water mark, you can see that I've made one here, so that's gotta logo in there and it's, you know, floating and that's because it is a graphic it's a png. So if you click on graphic and then you choose the location of your png, then once you find a png, if you design the png with transparency on it, then it will be transparent here so that it's not like a big square with a logo in it. It's transparent. All right, so now I have my and I could change the size of it, you know, I could make that bigger, smaller, but we'll just keep it nice and small. You can tell where you want it to be proportionally change the size of it. You can also, you know, change where it's going to be located, you could have it right in the middle, on the right, on the left, and then once you're done, you're gonna go click on this drop down and you're going to tell it to save the current setting as a new preset. Once you have that set of the new preset, then it's just a matter of choosing it from this drop down menu and then hit save that didn't publish the photo, all that did is say you now have a published service so that published services right down here facebook test from the archives and then if I were to grab an image so you know whatever image we go to so let's go to and there's some other let's go here look for our flowers so I've got information see, I've already put the information in there so I had to be putting any information in there so I can take this and say art from the archives dragging into there and now that I have it was hit published and now that one's going to facebook from light run mobile on your phone can you publish the same way from mobile directly from might removal to facebook or whatever? Yeah, leiter mobile has the ability to share anything that your phone or your ipad are hooked up to so there's a little share button in the top right hand and it's just an arrow and when you click on it you can share it to twitter you can share it to facebook user to wherever you are connected and so it's just like any other you know image app you could just share it out to it so yeah absolutely you could share it from there as well okay so that's important to share your images from lite rooms so that's very quickly done now the other thing that we can do is we can share a blogged post stas well and so I'm going to go back to our, uh, images from the salty picnic I'm going to choose this image right here and I'm going tio actually let me choose the she's this image yeah, we'll just choose this image and share it on facebook as well because we already have the information in it, so I'm going to go down to my next gen gallery posting and so if you want to know more about this, you can go and learn more about posting and making and setting up a next gen gallery in my workshop called light room cease the ultimate light rooms you see work well, so we covered this a little bit more in detail, but essentially what we've done is we've taken our images and we have connected him through an alley photo a l l o y photo plug in that takes us to next gen gallery when we do that we have another gallery or I mean another published setting, so if we go to another published service, I'm going to show you the edit the settings published services here's the published service again you set it all up just like we did before this one has a little bit more code in it, but you don't need to necessarily touch all that code what you have to determine is how big a file you want to send out what kind of images you want to send out j pegs what size images all of that kind of stuff and then yes, I want to put a logo on it all of that stuff needs to be done and then once you've got all that cess stuff set up and you've got your this goes to a wordpress gallery and so are to your blogged and we've set this up is a blogger post so you get to choose what kind of post you want to make out of it and we've chosen to make it a blogged post so there's the information on the on the gallery right there and so we choose to make it a blogged post and when we do that it's going to literally send this image through the alloy photo plug in which is a public service that goes over to facebook and then facebook sucks it in through the next gen gallery system, which we have installed as a as a plug in on on wordpress that I said facebook network press and so it's actually stalled on wordpress and it goes through to wordpress and becomes a blawg post immediately and so if you want to be able to do this, all you need is the next gen gallery posting a plug in for light room which is made by alloy photo and then you also need the next gen gallery pro system plug in for what for wordpress? Those two things together, we'll make it happen on dh. Then of course you may need you're someone who knows how to work wordpress to kind of connect the two on my web guy's name is isaac bailey, so you can search for him or you can contact me and I will connect you anyway so those things will make this happen. I'm going to cancel out of here and I'm going to go and right click here in the next gen gallery, I'm going to create a gallery, which means I'm creating a blogged post and that block post is going to be done directly from here. I'm just going to post very quickly faster than I could ever post go like instead of exporting ajay peg, then going to my web site on up, loading the j peg and then going in and creating a new gallery and then signing in and typing up what I want to type and put the photo in there and then publishing it instead, I'm going to come here, I'm gonna type the name of this, so I'm going to say aye a portrait and see a child portrait on the salt. Flats so that's going to be the name of the post and then I'm going to tell it if I want to. I want this to go directly to published I don't wanna have to go and do anything I literally don't want have to go there to get it. I'm going to go to I'm going to tell it that it's going to be a portrait? Actually, I think I could go on dio children's portrait ce there, I'm going to tell to post it immediately it's going toe put it as a gallery and this is the information that comes from this kind of a code information that came from the published service. If I wanted to add something to the text that I had already put in there, I could edit here and I could type it right above it, but I'm not going to do that it's it's fine the way it is, I can add a little description for metadata, so I can say a child portrait in the salt flats in utah, and that will give enough information to google to know what it's about and then I'm gonna hit create once I hit create it's going to so it's already moved this photo into there because I had had the button check that said, take the photos that I have selected put him in this public service so now all I need to do once it's done thinking you kind of have to wait for it to finished thinking because right now it is actually building the post so that I can it's in the process of writing my block post right now and then as soon as that's done, I had published and now it's taking that image and it's going to put it on my blogged and it's going to release it as a bloc post and so if you go to jared platt dot com and you go into the blog's section of the website you will find under if you type in if you search for soul salt flats you're going to find a post you probably find more than one post because it's a older shoot but you will find this one image on a post all by itself called well here it's coming up now so we will see it in just a moment there it is it's on my block it's live and that did not take very long at all so the more you can automate the process of sending out images and sharing images to the public the better off you are so again it's all about you want that we're story tellers by nature so we want to tell stories but we want to find efficient ways to tell really good stories so to recap then over the the course of this day we have talked about first off the need to tell stories and the need to tell stories both in one image like this one does just one specific story in one image and then the need to tell stories over the course of a several images or ah, a lot of images and once you've collected enough images to tell a story on how are you gonna tell that? Are you gonna tell that through a slide show? You tell that through a block post are you going to tell it through a facebook post or you're going to tell it on physical paper if it's one image you put it on a piece of paper so that someone can put it on their wall that's a a very good idea because then you have a passive way for people to look at your images or you're going to make a book if you're gonna make a book, how are you gonna make it gonna make it through blur through ah light room you could make it in the book module it's very simple to do so you have a lot of control there and you could make something very beautiful or you could make an album that's even mohr posh and beautiful but then those typically take a lot more effort because you've got to know all the settings and the crop in the bleed and everything that the that the the album producer has tio force you to do so that's why we use smart albums because it's an automated way to do it. So when we have smart albums, they'll remember we're still using light room and smart albums together to do it so that's the most efficient way that we can get our images adjusted into smart albums design, and then if we need to readjust, remember, the best way to design a book is to design the book first, and then start working on whether or not the images they're going to be black and white color. Start fussing with the images and matching him because you otherwise you don't know and never retouch your images until you've designed the book always designed books first, then retouched the images, because that will tell you how much retouching is necessary, and then, once you're done with that, if you need to tweak it even further that's, when you would go into in design and start playing around there, if you wanted to add some kind of multimedia than you could share it out, is a is a publication or as a multimedia pdf of some sort and that's what we've covered today, so tell stories that's what you do, we're story tellers and that's what we're born to do, I think, is to tell stories, just like a musician is born. Toa tell stories through music were born to tell stories through photography, so we really need to, you know, do it. But you have to do it efficiently. Otherwise, it just burns of all your time.

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Photographs are one of the ways we tell stories – assembled together they paint a picture of a time and a place. In Storytelling and Album Design, Jared Platt will teach you how to tell better stories using innovative, easy-to-apply design and compilation techniques.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create compelling photo books using Smart Albums and InDesign in conjunction with Lightroom. You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply the art of storytelling to an album
  • Design a workflow to make the process fast
  • Ensure the album looks great printed
Jared will cover the best methods for designing a wedding album, senior album, and documentary book. The techniques he’ll share will help reduce the time you spend on albums from hours to just minutes.

Don’t let albums overwhelm you or your time – learn fast, effective techniques in Storytelling and Album Design with Jared Platt.


Tanya Lillie

I'm pretty proficient with LR Develop module, but I have not delved into the other modules. This class was introducing those modules and teaching how they can add value to your photography. Jared is a proficient and effective instructor.