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Craft your offer

Lesson 4 from: $200M Storytelling Formula to Build Belief and Convert More Customers

Christian McLeod

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4. Craft your offer

<span>Covers the essential components of a strong offer and introduces a strategic formula that factors in the consumer's desired outcome, belief in the product, effort, risk, and speed to outcome to create an irresistible offer.</span><b><br></b>

Lesson Info

Craft your offer

No, let's chat about the secret sauce to crafting an absolutely killer offer. It's not just about slapping a price on a product. It's way way deeper than that. So just before we dive in, I want you to remember everything I've said about storytelling thus far, including the little marketing insights that begin weaving a killer offer. It's the foundation so quick pop quiz. Do you know what your market really wants? Like deep down? Well, no need to guess, right. We've already gone over that. It's in the mind Navigator that you should have already filled out. Now, I don't, I don't expect you actually have it filled out that can take quite a while, but it is our gps. So make sure you do fill it out. It guides us through the desires and needs f fears and pains of our audience and now sizing up how is our offer actually going to reduce risk? How can it bring them closer to the desired outcome faster and with little effort compared to the market, this is crucial. So this is where the competito...

r awareness map shines. It lays out everyone you're up against to find out where you can outshine them. And with this intel, we'll be able to jump into the offer making equation. So, stick with me. It is simpler than it sounds. So, first, if you're not making a dope offer, it's likely you're missing out on the party of the year. That's how it is. Now, if you're just making a crappy offer, you know, you're, you're at the party, but you're stuck cleaning up. So if you're making a killer offer, an absolutely undeniable irresistible dis insatiable offer, then you're owning the dance floor and with everyone wanting to join in. So I'm being serious with this, I'm, I know it's an analogy but it is the reality of offer making you need to make an offer that is so good that people would basically feel silly turning it down. So I want you to think about something. If you don't have an offer that's obviously a no go for business. You, you can't sell anything, right? But if you have an awesome offer, that's cash flow growth, freedom, all on your terms. This is the difference between the, the scale of absolutely nothing and absolutely everything. And a killer offer is right up there at the top and there's many in between that you're probably in right now. Now, just remember this golden mantra you're either growing or dying and any business owners that have been around for a while will respect that. I did not get this for a very long time until I started uh entrepreneurial endeavors and working under founders and just seeing how everything worked this statement hits home hard. I want you to aim for that growth. Always looking to tweak and level up the offer. So my quick tip do not play the price game. That is not what this is about. You're just slashing prices, you're in dangerous territory. It's literally a race to the bottom, whether you're a product or a service, it does not matter. And it ain't about thinking about the cheapest, right? It's about offering kick ass value. So let's dive into the equation. Here you go. I wasn't lying. There is actually an equation, desire, belief, speed, effort and risk and how they all tied together to create something extremely powerful for your business. So top of the list, we have desire, right? That desired outcome, strength, we're talking about urgency and impact. So if your product solves a big problem fast, then you've hit gold, right? That's just matter of fact, our maps help us pinpoint those fast acting game changing solutions that our audience urgently craves. Next. We have belief. Now this is in both the product or service and the brand selling it. This is rooted in storytelling and this is where the magic happens. We're gonna go over all storytelling and value later to build belief as well. Now the higher the belief, the lower the doubt, keep your hunter with your stories that you tell and believability is going to be your best friend. Believability is a massive staple in the full-fledged Ecommerce marketing system that we work with and built and it's V Os, you can see it right there. This is the, the core of everything. Yes, we know all the little technicals and all those, you know, bits and pieces. But believability is at the heart of it and it's also at the heart of storytelling and they, they intertwine really well. And that's why I decided to do this course with creative live. Now, we're going to dive deeper into believability in a, in a later video where I'm literally gonna hand you a tool that will make this super, super simple. You can see it right there. Now, time for the flip side, right? What was underneath that equation? There were two factors or actually three factors that we want to keep on the low, got risk, speed and effort. Now, first risk, right, you've got to make them feel secure in their purchase or there's a product service doesn't matter, lessen the risk with a rock solid guarantee and we're gonna go over how to build this in a moment. So the next would be speed more specifically how quick can we get them to their outcome, their desired outcome. This isn't just about slapping on a fast shipping or free shipping, that kind of stuff. This is more about how quickly your products and services can actually deliver the results. Yes, fast shipping. If you're e-commerce out there, that does matter, free fast shipping, being able to get it to them quick. That will, you know, if it takes 14 days just to get the product to them, that's obviously gonna affect how quick they can see the results from that product. But if we can mitigate that and then have the product also provide value, which I'll show you in a moment, then we can make it many, many strides depending on the product and the industry this has there's plenty of different forms here. So we need to get the customers as close to that desired outcome as quickly as possible. And the great way to do this in e commerce is just adding extra content, right? So, you know, let's say it takes 14 days. Can you provide them content with their purchase that helps them feel like they get the results before even receiving the product? Because if you can, that's a winning formula, right? You'll see many brands that uh offer performance, they'll offer a course or something with it or they'll give them extra value or they'll send out something quick and then they get a second piece later. Now, what about for service businesses? Well, add extra content value before they even become a client. It's pretty simple, right? You can with service, you're much more free to drive home value. Think of Voa or even my agency Anzel is like we can do growth strategy sessions or we can give them a free ebook or a master class. You know, there's a lot of things we can do free ad build outs. We can even do things like this where we give them a proper course on how to do something to help them get results. I'm driving home value strategy sessions are a perfect example of that. So last but not least we have effort. Now, effort is on achieving the desired outcome. If I receive a product or, you know, hire someone for a service and it takes me a lot of effort to get the result, then that's obviously going to hinder my, my impact. And so we want to reduce the effort and especially the perceived effort. So if they feel in the purchasing decision that it is going to be a lot of effort to get this, so let's say it's a product that they must use every day for seven months to see results. That's a large effort and it's not very quick, right? Speed and effort. And that's kind of a bad mix. Now, if we said, hey, listen, top uh least effort would be you sign the dotted line and you get six pack a in like six minutes and you just went like this and you're like, holy crap. I got six pack in six minutes and I didn't do anything that would be like magic worth a million many millions of dollars right now. You got to think of it this way, the less sweat for your consumer, the better. So we're gonna make the journey extra, extra smooth. So we're gonna craft that offer by marrying what your audience audience deeply desires from the Mind Navigator with a powerful story. We're gonna reduce those roadblocks, reduce the risk, reduce the effort and time to achieving the outcome and then you're setting up for a home run. That's it. That's the equation. So just a quick recap. This formula isn't just about numbers. Now, you could uh equate numbers to those and kind of do a calculation, but it's about connecting on a deep level, that's more important. So stick with me and together we're gonna transform your offers into absolute game changer. So we're gonna dive into the desired outcome strength and I'm sure you're asking, well, what is that? What is the desired outcome? Strength? Well, it's the burning desire, the burning need that your market has and you got to think of it like hunger, the hungrier. Someone is the more they'll crave a good meal and similarly the stronger the desire for an outcome, the more irresistible your offer becomes. So you need to get into your customer's head and figure out what keeps them up at night. That's basically it, know what solutions are they desperately seeking for. And you can go gather this. You've already probably gathered in the my Navigator map. Go back, take your top three and pull them out of the biggest issues that they need. Resolving. You can also do the biggest goals as well. That's your starting point. Once you've nailed the hottest, most urgent and potent problems to be solved in the market, then it's time to talk about the unsung heroes, which is the guarantees. Now, you need to think of them as insurance for your buyer. When someone is about to drop some cash, whether it's on a product or service, they want to know they're making the right call. That's where your guarantee steps in whispering, you know, you're safe with this choice. We're here for you and the gold standard of that is the unconditional guarantee. Now, this is what I would say, the bad boy because like, it's kind of risky in a sense, it's basically love it or your money back and this is really, you know, up for opinion, right? It's not based in logic and if someone's just like, upset and they, or they're like, didn't realize how short they were on cash and they're like, I want my money back, but you've already spent money to do the service. It can be quite risky. Now, that's a, quite a straightforward and, and pretty powerful one that definitely works. But I would say before you panic and I'm gonna get into some other guarantees in a sec. Most brands panic when people start taking them up on these, on these guarantees and you need to remember that you can't just let your emotions run wild because most business owners freak out a little bit when they see some returns. It is natural, but it's not quite logical. Now. You need to make sure your, your guarantees are buttoned up. But I need you to focus on the big, big picture more people will buy because of a powerful guarantee than will ever avail of the guarantee if you're doing a great service and you're guaranteeing it, it's extremely unlikely. They're gonna start pulling this guarantee. Everybody's just gonna start doing it. You're gonna get way more purchases than you will ever get the guarantees in the or avail of the guarantees and refunds. You need to make sure that your services A plus brands great and your, you know, your guarantee will hold up. Now you have, let's say 30% uptick in sales from a guarantee, but you only go from 1 to 2% in returns. That's easy math, right. Easy math. So I would run that guarantee every single day of the week and twice on Sundays. There's also other guarantees which I'm more personally, uh attuned to which is conditional guarantee. And this is basically like if you do X and still don't get why, then we got you. We, we'll refund you no problem or we'll do this or we'll work for free until we do whatever it might be. Now, this is essentially a promise and it's very inclined towards results, but it has those terms and conditions attached. Now, there is a cheeky one which is the anti guarantee. Now, this one is about highlighting what you don't do. What, what do you not do as a guarantee if you're completely opposed to a guarantee or there's a reason in your business, you absolutely cannot do it. It is very rare. So I would press you to really think. I like, how can I craft a guarantee? And if in the end you're like, hey, listen, there's absolutely zero way I can do it because our costs are so high or whatever it may be, then you still have to address it. And I would run an anti guarantee. You need to be proud and clear of why you can't even offer a guarantee because it's so high quality or you invest a lot and you put a lot of time. How much time do you put in on these clients, et cetera? Now, my personal favorite is guarantee stacking and this is where we would take like an unconditional with a conditional. So I limit with via, for example, uh it, it is a double safety net. We use this all the time and we say if you find absolutely no value in the 1st 14 days, then you can have 100% money back. No questions asked, no problem. So if you go to our site and you see that you will see the, the second part to the equation because if you stick with it and you can't double your money on what you invested in the program, then we'll pay you back double what you paid. That's how confident we are. And that, that's crazy, powerful. I have the privilege of doing that because I know this system works and I've crafted it to the point where I know for sure we can get results. Some brands can't, maybe you're at the beginning of your journey, I get it. You want to craft these guarantees to suit you. Um But also help your customer. So it's very, this comes down to crafting offers for the market or crafting for yourself. Now, you've pretty much heard everything that there is for stacking an offer from understanding the desired outcome, the risk, speed effort and of course belief, which we'll tackle shortly. But there is a catch that you have been waiting for. I'm sure. And you're like, this is too simple, Christian. Well, there is one thing that will overrule your offer and it's your market. That's it. I'll explain essentially if you pick the wrong crowd, it can be game over. Now, I always think of the old story of Gary Halbert, famous copywriter. He was lecturing one time and he asked his classroom, he said, listen, here's a hot dog stand, you know, you and I open one up and we're competing and I'm gonna give you the choice if you could have one advantage to guarantee your success, what would it be? And people in the crowd were saying, like better hot dogs or faster service or a killer marketing strategy or eye catching stand. You know, the list, the list seriously went on. It was like long, long, long and Gary just paused and he said, well, I would just want one thing and it would totally top all of that. He said, I would just ask for a starving crowd. That to me, when I first heard this, I laughed so hard because it is so true. That is really it. You know, you gotta think about this. If you could have the juiciest hot dogs, the most cheerful vendor song, throw in some like salsa dancing with every order. But if your audience isn't hungry, all that razzle dazzle means Jack like pointless. You know, Hubert's point was super clear. The most critical element in a business success isn't necessarily the product or like the fancy like clear offering the power of that offering it. It really is the market. You know, you've got to find people who are hungry and starving for what you're having to offer, you know, or better build your offer to suit what is already starving in that market. Right? Lucky for you. You took this course and we're gonna walk you through how to discover what your market's hungry for. You know, we already did that. In the Mayan Navigator, we've done it in the Competitor awareness map. You know, we're looking at multiple areas so that we can craft these offers, craft our products, craft our services that are tailored to the market because you could be the best chef with the gourmet hot dogs, truffle oils, all these sorts of stuff. And if you're just selling them to a crowd that just had a seven course meal, good luck. You know, on the other hand of that is that if your hot dogs are just me, well, you're surrounded by people that are, haven't eaten in days, you're gonna sell out in seconds, right? It's gonna be like, boom, you're just out top seller. Now, tie that into our chat with offers and guarantees. You know, you have this sort of trifecta where there's desire, belief, speed, effort, risk and you're, you're cramming that all in and you're throwing it to a starving crowd, right? You can have the world's most irresistible offer, but ironclad guarantees all that stuff. But if they're not just hungry for it, you're yelling into a void. We need to find uh and put an emphasis on finding that right market. So here's what we look for in a starving market. Now, number one is a massive pain and we've identified this in the mind, Navigator and all the other research that you've done. Now, number two is purchasing power and they should be willing and able to spend I remember in college we had this idea, my buddy and I to create a product or a service for college students. And we quickly realized that college students were just not willing to pay, they had no money, bro, college students, they don't want to pay for XYZ. And so that was not an ideal market to present, like, even if it was a great idea, it didn't matter. The next is, are they easy to target? And this basically you want to know where they hang out and chat them up? So are they on Qura? Are they in youtube? Are they in Facebook? Are they in like some special forums? Are they on Reddit? Where are they? You need to find them and you need to work with them? Maybe they're in a local community, maybe they're in something that wouldn't be normal for most businesses. The last piece is, are they growing, is this market growing? And if they're on the up and up, you can ride that wave with them. And the opposite is the case if it's shrinking, you know, the the saying is a rising tide raises all ships, but if the tide's going out and you're trying to swim against it, it's very, very hard. So, all right, we've lined everything up and it's time to craft that power offer. So let's break it down. Using a simple example. This is a statement we like to use to just kind of get foundations for any clients and we recommend for our clients to, to do it. Um in voya is target market. So, you know, let's say it's moms achieves fit body, let's say after pregnancy in nine months or it needs to be like nine days, right? Let let's say 30 days without having to work out every single day for multiple hours. Right. So you could say pregnant moms or newborn moms achieving a six pack abs in 30 days without having to work out every day or with only working out twice a week. Let's say now we could take this example like entrepreneurs, right? Hitting $10,000 a month in 30 days without the hassle of cold calling day in day out, right? You want to highlight these big pains and just tell them that you're moving away from that. It doesn't involve that and you're calling them out, they're entrepreneurs or their pregnant mo you know, mothers or whoever they are. And then you're saying we want to achieve this big goal in this specific time. Now, this obviously won't fit for every brand. Exactly. So you can just fill in the blanks for your product or service, just do it and then you can make it, remove some stuff and kind of play around with it and make it to your brand. Maybe it's not even something that's in your hero, but I do recommend it's in your hero of your site. You know, this is, who is it for? What's the big result they're gonna get and how quickly? So that's pertinent information that should be instantly seen on your site because people won't scroll that far. So what are the common pains they avoid, you know, answer all those and you basically got a backbone to an offer and then you can work on tweaking it later. So here's the deal. Your offer is not just about a product. It's obviously it's a promise, you know, a promise that your product or service is the solution that they've been looking for. So if you know that, promise you back it up with belief, have a killer guarantee, then you have a winner. No questions. Yeah, I, I've been through hundreds, many hundreds coming up on thousands of brands and this has worked every single time. So there, what is stopping you? Let's make your offer. Uh not just another choice but the choice for your target market. So here are your action items. I want you to take those top three most pressing issues and goals from your market, uh using the Mind Navigator and some of the other research you've made. I want you to revaluate your market and whether it has a massive pain, what is it? Note it down? Strong purchasing power and if it's growing easy to target, we can get away with that in like Facebook and Google and all those. So that's not a problem. Massive pain. Strong purchasing power and is growing. Then I want you to craft your offer using the equation and kind of note those things down from desire, belief, all that stuff. We're gonna get into belief shortly and then assess your current guarantee and refine that. Try and do a guarantee stack if you're like me and then I want you to watch the next video or upcoming video on belief because that is the one that's gonna fill that whole thing together. And once you have an offer, it's gonna drive up sales because you're building belief and reducing doubt, which we'll get into shortly.

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