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The Power of Story

Lesson 1 from: $200M Storytelling Formula to Build Belief and Convert More Customers

Christian McLeod

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1. The Power of Story

<span>Explores the intrinsic human connection to stories and how they shape our beliefs, influence our emotions, and drive purchasing decisions. This lesson delves into the science behind storytelling and its powerful impact on marketing.</span><b><br></b>
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Lesson Info

The Power of Story

Stories are at the core of our universe and our very being. So why do we feel so connected to fictional characters and get swept away in books? Well, the answer lies in our brain's chemistry and its reaction to tales. Historically stories have been used as the backbone for preserving knowledge. And today there are lifeline in this digital age, facts and knowledge and logic, they might inform, but it's stories and emotion that truly resonate and inspire action. Every interaction, every click to a purchase all have a narrative behind it and storytelling isn't just an art. It's also a science. And in this lesson, we'll explore the blend of creativity and structure that creates compelling stories and how you can harness its power, prepare to deep dive into the world of stories and discover how to use them effectively in this digital landscape. Even today, we're fundamentally linked to stories. And this particular quote has always made me think of where stories fit into our world. And it's ...

that the universe is made of stories, not atoms. Have you ever wondered why you feel a connection with a movie character or get lost in a book? Well, if it's not obvious, it's all in here, it's in the brain. And when we're engrossed in a compelling tale, our brain releases Oxytocin, giving us that sense of empathy and connection. You know, MRI studies have even shown that engaging stories activate the brain, you know, from the parts of processing and touch all the way linked to things like emotion and the brain doesn't just distinguish between reading it about an experience and actually encountering it in real life. It's as if the brain is actually experiencing the story firsthand. It's immersive stories that are our secret weapon to forge connection. You know, just think of our ancestors sitting around campfires, passing down tales, stories that were their version of the internet, you know, ensuring knowledge was shared and preserved. You know, Pla Plato even gave us a powerful insight when he said those who tell stories rule society, let that sink in storytellers have always held this unique power jumping to our era, you know, think of radio TV, mainstream news, social media, you know, even think of Netflix marathons or short viral tiktoks, the complete polar opposites of each other. But our love for stories just hasn't waned. There are connection in this vast and sometimes impersonal digital age and you really need to understand how these human brains work. You know, we remember stories 22 times more than mere facts and a whopping 92% of people want brands to craft ads that feel like stories. Does that sound like a hint? Right? You know, Blaise Pascal once remarked that the heart has its reasons, which reason knows not, right. The reason is logic, the heart is the emotion and while facts and logic definitely have their place, stories that captivate the heart in unique ways. That's what matters. Every click share and purchase in the digital age has some sort of narrative behind it. And the question isn't, if you tell a story, the question is, what story do you choose to tell? Because telling no story also tells a story of its own bear that in mind, a story is more than a tale. It's a bridge. It's something that connects the practical need with an emotional desire for an experience, you know, as a brand, our mission is not to just tell stories for the sake of telling stories, that's not what this is about. It's about creating narratives that resonate influence and imprint on people's lives. You know, brands that intertwine facts with feelings are the ones that resonate and drive home belief and subsequently action to craft those compelling offers and connect deeply with customers. We have to dive deep into their tales, understanding their wants, their needs, pains, fears, hopes, dreams, and their stories. You know, I'm gonna show you how to do all of that. So you don't need to just be like, oh he's just talking out, you know, making this whole thing a story and making it interesting but not really giving you the details. I'm gonna give you that we're gonna build belief, we're gonna reduce doubt, we're gonna craft offers that actually resonate with your ideal customer and weave stories that connect with this market. And many assume that storytelling is some sort of like divine gift that the only novelists have and or it's some mystical talent that just comes from inspiration. But the truth is, that's a myth that is absolutely not true. There is an art and storytelling for sure. But there is also a science and unlike the common belief, we're going to use proven structures and methodologies to craft narratives that actually captivate. So I'm gonna show you exactly how we can craft them step by step. All right. So let's get started. Mhm.

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Jessika Dolph

So much valuable information and resources in this course. Christian is a wealth of information and a wonderful instructor.

Taiwo Femi

He is a great teacher and he is give all the strategy he is using in his agency, thanks alot.

a Creativelive Student

Huge strategic flaw. Being the same as everyone else is not a strategy. Sure it may seem out of date, but go read Michael Porter. Differentiation is the only way to win

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